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Shrewbury pupils
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Shrewbury pupils


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  • 1. Where is Slovakia?
    • It´s in the middle of Europe
    • It´s the heart of Europe
    • it´s a small country
    • 5million people
    • Neighbours: Poland,Hungary, Austria, The Czech Republic, Ukraine
  • 2. How do we say goodbye in Slovakian?
    • Goodbye-Dovidenia
    • Hello-Ahoj
    • Good morning- Dobré ráno
    • I´m Zuzana-Ja som Zuzana
    • I´m from Slovakia- Ja som zo Slovenska
    • One, two three, four, five, six-jeden, dva, tri, štyri, pať, šesť
  • 3. Flag of Slovakia
    • Colours: white, blue and red
    • Stripes and the national emblem
    • National emblem: 3mountains-The Matras, The Fatras and The Tatras,a double cross
    • The Ukraine flag is similar in stripes and coulours
  • 4. What country is Slovakia?
  • 5. Basic informations about Slovakia
    • A small country- UK, Poland, The Czech republic are bigger than Slovakia
    • A young country-We have lived in Slovakia since January 1993
    • We had one common state with the Czech republic. It was Czechoslovakia till 1993.
    • It´ s a hilly country.
  • 6. What ´s the capital of Slovakia? BRATISLAVA
    • It is the biggest town in Slovakia but not the oldest one.
    • Half million inhabitans
    • Cetre of the President, the goverment, universities, museums and galleries
    • The river Danube
    • The biggest part of many blocks of flats-PETRŽALKA
    • The old town and the new town
  • 8. What´s the most popular sports in Slovakia?
    • Footbal-we aren´t good at football enough
    • Hockey-We are good at hockey
    • - many hockey players play in NHL-Šatan, Pálfy, Chára, Višňovský
  • 9. What is our national food?
    • Dumpling with sheep cheese
    • Ingrediences- wheat flour, onion, water, salt, slices of bacon
    • We drink žinčica-liquid from sheep cheese or with sour milk
  • 10. Christmas dinner
    • We decorate X-mas tree at 24 th december in the morning because at 5pm we have got X-mas dinner, after we unpack presents.At midnight we go to the church.
    • X-mas dinner-potatoes salad with fish-carf, honey, nuts, cabbage soup, spirit
  • 11. Primary school Dr. Janský no2 Žiar nad Hronom
    • In the centre of the town Žiar nad Hronom
    • Žiar nad Hronom-an industrial town
    • -a big steel factory SLOVALCO
    • There are an old castle , an observatory, a big park
    • 4 primary schools. Our school is the oldest one in the town
    • 595 pupils and 52 teachers
  • 12. Basic information about my school
    • Ages 6-15
    • No school uniform
    • Lessons start at 7:45
    • Lesson takes 45 minutes
    • Foreigh languages-English, Germany, Russian
  • 13.
    • 2 stars
    • Separate the waste- paper , plastic and bio waste
    • Eco garden- plants, herbal plant-we prepare herbal tea for our pupils
    • We often go to the school trip, the observatory, the castle
  • 14. Our climate connects us – the exhibition at my school
    • September- the exbition The climate connect us
    • It was for two weeks at our school
    • There was the model of the greenhouse
    • Pupils tried the experience how does the greenhouse effect work
  • 15. We know how does the greenhouse effect work
    • Pupil sit inside of greenhouse with many holes on the roof.
    • We covered the holes, they were inside after few minutes they tried how does the greenhouse work
  • 16. The Amazon´s indians
    • The learnt about Indians and their hard life near the Amazon
    • They could sit in the typical shelter of Indians, could see some product of these people
    • They tried some information about fair trade
  • 17.
    • Where is situated Slovakia?
    • Can you tell me three neighbours of Slovakia?
    • How many people live there?
    • What is the capital of Bratislava?
    • What can you visit there?
    • Which river is the capital on?
    • What is PETRŽALKA?
    • Who is on the head of Slovakia?
    • What money can you use in Slovakia?
    • Where is situated the Primary school Dr. Janský no2?
    Quiz about Slovakia
  • 18.
    • What colours can you see in Slovakian flag?
    • What country is Slovakia?
    • What is the national food and X-mas dinner?
    • What school is slovakian school?
    • Can me tell me any differences between your school and Primary school Dr. Janský no.2
    • What did pupils learn in the exbition The climate connect us?