The american    revolution
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    The american    revolution The american revolution Presentation Transcript

    • The American Revolution
      Joey Zurawskyj
      EDU 290
      2:00-3:15 p.m. T/TH
    • French and Indian War(1754-1763)
      War Between France and England
      England wanted to expand their land
      England wins war
      Treaty of Peace signed November 1763
      England has major control in America
    • Stamp ACT(March 22, 1765)
      War amassed huge debt
      Tax on all public documents
      Parliament’s first attempt to control colonies
      Colonists outraged by parliament
    • Townshend Acts(June 29,1767)
      Tax on glass, paint , paper, tea
      Response to hostilities of Stamp Act
      Colonists acted out
      Boycotted British goods
    • Boston Massacre(March 5, 1770)
      Unwelcome British Troops in Boston
      Fifty colonists attacked British Troops
      Soldiers fired into the mob
      Royal Governor evacuates British troops
    • Boston Tea Party(December 16, 1773)
      Colonists angered by tax on tea
      British sold tea at bargain price
      Supposed to encourage tax payment
      Colonists outraged and seized British ships
      Tossed tea into harbor
    • King George iii(1738-1820)
      Kingof England during American Revolution
      Angered by colonists for Tea Party
      Passes Intolerable Acts
      Limits colonists freedoms
    • Lexington & Concord(April 19th, 1775)
      First military engagement of American Revolution
      British troops destroy militia supplies
      Militia were outnumbered and fell back
      Open battle of American Revolution
    • Second Continental Congress
      First congress convened to voice grievances
      Second congress established continental army
      Appointed George Washington as supreme commander
      Intention not to break from Britain
    • Battle of bunker hill(June 16, 1775)
      British drive colonists from Breeds Hill
      Many British soldiers killed or wounded
      Showed colonists could compete with Britain
    • Declaration of Independence(July 4th, 1776)
      Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia
      Thomas Jefferson drafts a declaration
      Congress revises Declaration of Independence
      Declaration of Independence is signed
    • Crossing the Delaware(December 25th, 1776)
      Continental army crosses the Delaware River
      Attacked and defeated Hessian troops
      Saved Washington’s army from defeat
      Major victory for continental army
    • Valley Forge(December 1777-June 1778)
      Continental army camps at Valley Forge
      Soldiers were cold and starving
      Many died
      By summer soldiers become more disciplined
      Stronger army emerges
    • French Alliance
      U.S. pleads to king of France
      Treaty signed between France and U.S.
      France promises to aid United States
      Brought hope and joy to army
    • Victory at Yorktown(OCTOBER 19, 1781)
      Washington traps British General Cornwallis
      French and American troops bombard British
      Cornwallis officially surrenders
      War of Independence ends
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