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Eating our 2&5: Designing to change food behaviours using mobile devices

Eating our 2&5: Designing to change food behaviours using mobile devices



Case study on user research and designing for behaviour change, presented at UX Australia 2011. Download + presenter notes at http://zum.io/uxaust2011/

Case study on user research and designing for behaviour change, presented at UX Australia 2011. Download + presenter notes at http://zum.io/uxaust2011/



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    Eating our 2&5: Designing to change food behaviours using mobile devices Eating our 2&5: Designing to change food behaviours using mobile devices Presentation Transcript

    • Eating our 2&5Designing to change food behavioursusing mobile devicesUX Australia 2011Grant YoungEmail: grant@zum.ioTwitter: @grantyoung or @zumio
    • The Design Challenge
    • FlavourCrusaderhttp:// avourcrusader.com
    • Other Retailers
    • Other Supermarkets
    • Distrust of Health corporations Provenance Supporting Social justice & local economy equityConnection to producers Food miles Improved Carbon taste & quality emissions (Lack of) convenience Low self- Distrust of e cacy "organic"/ certi cation (Perception of) increased cost
    • The Approach
    • For more on the Fogg Behavior Model, please see: http://www.behaviormodel.org
    • Farmer selling strawberries TRIGGERBought some ABILITY(because he was right there)They were amazing! MOTIVATION
    • 5 Doors: An integrated theory of behaviour change (Les Robinson)http://www.enablingchange.com.au/enabling_change_theory.pdf
    • FOOD AND LOCAL PRODUCE THEMESIn uence of family (social)Sense of community (authenticity)Support for local productionSelf-efficacyPreparedness, time & convenience
    • Food is central to Rachels enjoyment in Rachel’s situation life. If shes not talking about it, shes Goals/Motivation • Enjoy great food to share with friends and family thinking about it. • Find new ingredients or techniques (to share with other foodies) • Increase knowledge about food — cooking, preparation, seasonality, provenance etc. What is getting in the way? • Forgetting, or lacking time, to plan food for the week ahead Frustrations and pain points • Eating out • Not being able to nd good quality, locally-sourced and • Lack of time to cook more complex meals a ordable produce between market days • The "cult of organic" — people who dont really "get it"Rachel • Friends not being interested in food as much How will Rachel interact with • Online recipes and sites (like Epicurious) so American-centric FlavourCrusader?Cooking foodie Key words chefs, restaurants, recipes, cookbooks, ingredients, seasonal, local, Referrer Twitter mention farmers marketsAge 28 Introduction touchpoint iTunes pageOccupation Government policy advisorEducation Bachelor degree Questions Rachel’s storyFamily status Defacto • What produce is currently in season?Location Surry Hills, NSW • When is a speci c ingredient come into season?Challenges Mildly dyslexic • What can I do with a speci c ingredient? What goes with it? Food was always a big part of family activities — a chance each day to How do I prepare/cook it? meet around the table — and Im continuing in that tradition. OnOnline locations: Work, Mobile • What can I do with the food I have in the fridge? weekends Ill often spend the whole day going to the markets,Computer type: Windows desktop, iPhone • Where is a speci c ingredient grown in Australia? preparing then cooking in the afternoon to host a dinner with friends.Connection type: ADSL2, 3G mobileInternet usage: 5–6 hrs Reasons to return My friends were getting sick of me talking about food, so I was really • Checking whats in season when planning the weeks meals glad to connect with food bloggers and people on Twitter who shareTop ve bookmarked websites: • Finding when something comes into season to know when a my passion for food. I love the stories behind food — whether from• Twitter • Gmail recipe can be made food bloggers or the producers at my local farmers market. That direct• Facebook • Food blogs (various) • Finding recipes for a speci c ingredient connection to producers is much more important to me than if• Epicurious • Post a photo of a cooked meal from a listed recipe something is certi ed or not. I learn so much from them about • Post own recipe (via website) seasonality, techniques and tips on preparing and cooking food, and • Post a photo of interesting produce found at a market just whats involved in getting the food on my plate. I appreciate their e orts so much more since Ive got to know some of them better. Who in uences Rachel? I really enjoy simple, produce-driven recipes and I get excited nding new ingredients and avours and trying new techniques. Im alwaysTechnophobe Wired learning. I have so many cookbooks, but I dont really get into them as Friends Other foodies much as Id like. RachelMainstream retailers Farmers markets I dont like buying fresh fruit and veg from supermarkets because I nd Cookbooks TV the quality and taste of the produce is pretty poor. I try to stock up at the farmers markets on the weekends instead. Its a bit more expensive, but it tastes soooo much better, and lasts longer anyway. I ProducersBeginner Expert Chefs & try to get to the local greengrocer instead of Coles or Woollies for the Ingredients Restaurateurs things I cant get elsewhere or if Ive not been able to get to the markets for the week — but I wish there were more options. This work is licensed by Zumio under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.
    • Braiden is passionate about social and Braiden’s situation environmental sustainability. He is looking Goals • To live life with a light eco-footprint for ways to make a positive impact. • Bypass the middleman to pay farmers a fairer wage Frustrations and pain points What is getting in the way? • Hard to nd sustainable options • Limited budget to pay a premium for more sustainable options • Lack of information about products sustainability • Limited experience cooking meals without meat • "Inauthentic" food (e.g. waxed apples) at mainstream retailers • Sometimes hard to nd time to go out of his way to research/ locate/purchase sustainable options Keywords • Di culty in balancing myriad ethical choicesBraiden vegetarian, social justice, fairtrade, food milesEthical shopper How will Braiden interact with Braiden’s story FlavourCrusader?Age 26Occupation NGO Fundraiser Referrer Internet search I try to live as sustainably as I can — I ride to work or take publicEducation Bachelor degree Introduction touchpoint Android app market listing transport, and have GreenPower and recycle water at home and thatFamily status In relationship sort of thing. So when I buy stu I try to buy ethically — looking forLocation Indooroopilly, QLD Questions Fairtrade or more sustainable options, like organic or recycled productsChallenges Limited access to computer • Where is a speci c produce grown in Australia? etc. • What are the environmental factors involved in producing aOnline locations: Work, Internet cafe, Mobile speci c type of produce (e.g. should I be buying rice grown in Im concerned about climate change and have read about how muchComputer type: Windows desktop, HTC Australia)? food impacts emissions, so I want to try to reduce the "food miles" by Android • Which certi cations can I trust? buying more locally-grown produce. I nd it di cult to weigh up all ofConnection type: ADSL2, 3G mobile • What are some good vegetarian recipes? the positives and negatives to make ethical decisions. For example,Internet usage: 1–2 hrs supporting artisan cheesemakers in Italy is a good thing — and I love Reasons to return their cheese! — but youve got to balance that with the emissions fromTop ve bookmarked websites: • Look up where speci c produce is grown importing. I think all those issues are really complex, and its hard to• Facebook • ABC Australia news • Find local independent retailers to buy from arrive at a suitable answer.• Twitter • Treehugger • Look up pro les on producers (Tweetdeck) • Rate a recipe I recently decided to go vegetarian, but after growing up eating and• Gmail • Contribute a review of a farmers market or producer cooking meat Im nding it a bit hard to adjust — its quite a di erent way of cooking, so I nd Im relying a bit too much on the processed soy-meat substitutes. I want to learn how to cook nicer vegetarian Who in uences Braiden? meals that dont rely on that.Technophobe Wired Magazines It annoys me how major grocery retailers like Coles and Woolworths Market basically dictate the conditions under which things are produced and Partner producers dont necessarily pay a fair price. I sometimes see them promote localMainstream retailers Farmers markets produce, but it seems such a side thing for them, I dont really trust it. Braiden So I prefer to go to local farmers markets or independent retailers so that they get more of the money I pay. I know that buying local doesnt TV solve all the problems, but it does feel a bit like its outside or removedBeginner Expert Online media from the capitalistic system somehow. I cant always spend that bit Friends extra, but I do when I can because I know its supporting the people that are producing the products I use. This work is licensed by Zumio under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.
    • James enjoys shopping at farmers James’ situation markets for the atmosphere and Goals • Stop eating out so much experience. • Eat more healthily to lose weight and support personal training • Make veggies and salads (part of new diet) taste better • Feel more connected to the place and community where he What is getting in the way? lives • Limited cooking skills • Reluctance to buy food that might go o Frustrations and pain points • Convenience of shopping at mainstream retailers • Throwing out unused food • Being too busy to have time to enjoy the marketsJames • The chore of shopping at mainstream retailers KeywordsExperience shopper How will James interact with masterchef, jamie oliver, tv, celebrity, recipes, community, experience, place, cafe, relaxing FlavourCrusader?Age 32Occupation Account manager Referrer Word of mouth James’ storyEducation Bachelor degree Introduction touchpoint Facebook pageFamily status SingleLocation North Fitzroy, VIC Im a bit surprised, but Ive really been getting into Masterchef and Questions other cooking shows like Jamie Olivers. Ive just started on a healthChallenges Colour blind • What can I do with the food I have in the fridge? kick, signed up for a personal trainer and all that, and Im really trying to • Are there other markets I can go to? eat a lot better, and that means more vegetables. I dont really likeOnline locations: Work, Cafes etc., Mobile • Whats in season? (so I can get fresher options that last longer inComputer type: Windows laptop, Samsung them though, so watching the show has helped expand my ideas about the fridge) how I can cook them to make nicer meals. touch phoneConnection type: ADSL2, 3G mobile Reasons to returnInternet usage: 2–3 hrs I noticed that they were really pushing seasonal and locally-grown • Look up recipes based on ingredients veggies on the show, and heard from some friends about the local • Finding out whats in season to know whats good to get when farmers markets. Now that Ive been there a few times, Im reallyTop ve bookmarked websites: at the supermarket• Facebook • Internet banking starting to enjoy the atmosphere — it feels a bit like a weekly • Tips on cooking techniques and unusual ingredients "pilgrimage", a real grounding experience. I get a chance to slow down• SMH • Masterchef• Work webmail and have a co ee and these great macarons that they sell there, and ease into the weekend. Its cool that Ive been bumping into people I know there too — its got a real community vibe which Ive really connected with. Who in uences James? As a single guy living by myself I dont go through a lot of food,Technophobe Wired especially when I have a busy week and eat out a bit too much. I really TV hate throwing out veggies that go o , and Ive found that the ones I get Mum from the markets last longer, which is great.Mainstream retailers Famers markets James Its great to talk to the people at the market — Ive picked up some Mainstream great recipes there and learnt how to cook some things that Ive never retailers really come across before. I still nd I buy most of my stu from ColesBeginner Expert Market or Woolworths, but its a di erent thing really: I go to the markets Friends producers because I really love it there — I like to make time for it — whereas going to Coles is much more like a chore. This work is licensed by Zumio under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.
    • Annalise is conscious of looking after her Annalise’s situation childs health and increasingly her own. Goals • Look after her familys health She is looking for healthy food options. • Find healthy foods and recipes that Sienna likes to eat • Reduce the hassle of shopping and cook What is getting in the way? Frustrations and pain points • Limited time to shop and cook • Siennas ckle tastes • Reliance on mainstream retailers for shopping • Di culties in tting shopping in • Extra cost of certi ed organic produce • Lack of time to spend with friendsAnnalise Keywords toxics, chemicals, pesticides, GM-free, health, baby, natural, kids, parentingNew Mum How will Annalise interact with FlavourCrusader?Age 33Occupation Primary child carer (Trained Referrer Magazine article as a teacher) Introduction touchpoint Home pageEducation Bachelor degreeFamily status Married, 1 Child (Sienna) Questions Annalise’s storyLocation Alexandria, NSW • Are there any good fresh-food recipes for kids?Challenges Interruptions while • What "quick and easy" meal ideas are there? browsing • When is the next market on? Since having Sienna Ive become more and more conscious of the • Is there anywhere local I can pick up some fresh, healthy veggies safety of things we buy — Ive read about issues with BPA plastics, GMOnline locations: Home, Mobile in between markets? foods and that sort of thing, and also the bene ts of organic foodsComputer type: iMac, iPhone • Which market is most kid friendly? having far less chemicals and having more nutrients in them. I dontConnection type: ADSL2, 3G mobile really have time to look into all the details, but I do look to buy certi edInternet usage: 1–2 hrs Reasons to return organic products when I can. • Finding new recipesTop ve bookmarked websites: • Finding local family-friendly markets and special events Theres actually a lot of things that weve started to change since Sienna• ninemsn • Lassoo • Tips on cooking kid-friendly meals came along — Ive gotten into complementary medicine more too, and• Internet banking • Taste Im just generally Im more aware of my body, how it works and what• Natural goes into it. Weve been gradually changing what we cook and eat as a Parenting result and were feeling better for it. Who in uences Annalise? I nd it hard to keep on top of it all though. While we love to go to the local markets — Sienna has a ball whenever we do — most often wereTechnophobe Wired cramming in a trip to Coles to do our shopping in between other General TV things. Buying organic can get quite expensive, especially at the Friends supermarkets, so we have to choose what we get thats organic versusMainstream retailers Farmers markets Magazines the normal stu . Annalise Like most kids, Sienna is pretty picky about what she eats, so while wed like to try new things it often comes down to whats going to get eaten.Beginner Expert Friends who Market Im always looking for ways to create fun meals and cook things are mums producers di erently to see if I can get her to eat more veggies. But its a nightly battle! This work is licensed by Zumio under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.
    • 5 Doors: An integrated theory of behaviour change (Les Robinson)http://www.enablingchange.com.au/enabling_change_theory.pdf
    • Image: http://www. ickr.com/photos/90124154@N00/4405120042/
    • Image: http://www. ickr.com/photos/manchester-monkey/4780318445/
    • Image: http://www. ickr.com/photos/visualdensity/304805779/
    • Image: http://www. ickr.com/photos/47222633@N05/5190144865/
    • ✓ ? ✗ ✗
    • Image: http://www. ickr.com/photos/mythoto/3487809360/
    • KEY USAGE SCENARIOS:At a store and you want to know what isgoing to be fresh & deliciousOn the bus home from work and youwant to cook something delicious fordinnerPlanning a dinner party with friends andyou are working out what to cook
    • http://zum.io/fc
    • http://zum.io/fc
    • Hello Guest!About Organisers What is Social Innovation? Join our email list Contacts EventsHelp create the future of food Recent PostsBy Michelle Williams February 17, 2011 Thank-you to our ‘lightning talks’ speakers #sibsyd 1 Thank-you Anthony Baxter from Google #sibsydSocial Innovation Sydney is proud to have showcasing FlavourCrusader at next Saturday’s Social Innovation Tweets from #sibsyd unconference 13 AugSydney: 2011 Unconference 13th of Aug – where, when &Sharon Lee of Flavour Crusader took some time to write what inspired her, and what her Social Innovation will what?do. Keynote 13 Aug: Anthony Baxter, Google Crisis Response TeamA lone strawberry farmer at a bric-a-brac market planted the seed for FlavourCrusader.His strawberries were amazing–oozing with sweetness and a depth of flavour I had never experienced. Thestrawberries were soft; their colour dyed my fingers. I told my friends. I emailed others. I blogged it. Go to Rozelle Twitter Updatesmarkets for the strawberry man! Error: Twitter did not respond. Please wait a fewI had gotten out of the habit of eating fruit after living in London; it was tasteless. It was pointless. The delicious minutes and refresh this page.strawberries were the catalyst for me to begin eating fruit again.Deliciousness can be a catalyst for change.Deliciousness plus the interwebs = WIN! ArchivesThus, the FlavourCrusader concept was born — exploring how social and mobile technologies might answer the August 2011questions: July 2011 June 2011How do we encourage people to be healthy by eating their 2 and 5? May 2011How can we help small business compete against the big guys? April 2011How do we persuade people to eat more in tune with nature? Social Innovation Sydney March 2011 February 2011The vision is to create a mobile application to make it http://socialinnovationsydney.org/ January 2011easier to get fresh, delicious produce and to create December 2010
    • Photo used with permission. Please contact the copyright holder if you wish to reproduce this image:http://www. ickr.com/photos/tonyhollingsworth/5477999365/
    • Image: http://www. ickr.com/photos/halans/5477965781/
    • What worked?
    • Pathway 1: “Bus” Recipe Where to buy? Prepare & Ingredients at Theme Additional incl. known convenience: Shopping cook hand e.g. Italian ingredients? options on way home immediatelyPathway 2: “Dinner party” Constraints Recipe Ingredients Shopping Shopping Theme e.g. guest incl. known may involve Store Prepare Cook requirements e.g. Italian options required? planning multiple shopsPathway 3: “In-store” Produce Ingredients Recipe Companion Shopping available qualities? incl. known Store Prepare Cook price, freshness, ingredients? at store options providence
    • What worked?
    • What didn’t work?
    • raw/4837128695/Image: http://w ww. ickr.com/photos/ind Image: http://www. ickr.com/photo s/brianfelix/4943963330/
    • $ ?Image: http://www. ickr.com/photos/h-bomb/4103370822/
    • What didn’t work?
    • Where to from here?
    • http://www.seasonsapp.com/
    • Enter a recipe name, keywordcountry uk sign in newsletter jamie recipes foundation books & tv restaurants party plan shop share more jme shop fifteen shop mobile apps jamie oliver products wood fired ovens sms recipes Jamies Recipes app has now been updated to take full advantage of the iPad. New Features include: Browse and cook recipes from all new full-screen modes Cover-flow view of recipes The favourites such as shopping list feature are also still included. Dont forget that if youve already purchased recipes on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can access these for no extra cost. Just go to the more menu, then settings, and tap Restore Purchases. Jamies Recipes is available to download here from iTunes now.
    • 5 Doors: An integrated theory of behaviour change (Les Robinson)http://www.enablingchange.com.au/enabling_change_theory.pdf
    • I8DAT research projecthttp://eprints.qut.edu.au/43739/
    • With thanks...Sharon Lee @richapplefoolPenny Hagen @pennyhagenAngela Jann @jannhealthMiream Rabba @mireamTony Hollingsworth @hollingsworthJJ Halans @halansMichelle & Kate @sibsydRMIT Masters of Sustainable PracticeMore information...http:// avourcrusader.comhttp://zum.io/uxaust2011grant@zum.io@grantyoung // @zumio
    • Small LocalOpen Connected
    • This work is licensed under the Creative CommonsAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 UnportedLicense. To view a copy of this license, visithttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ orsend a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street,Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.