Will your next strategy workshop be another talkfest?


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Is your next strategy workshop going to be another talkfest? At Zumbara, we've run strategy workshops for leaderships teams at Australia's largest companies. We've seen five common mistakes that will turn your strategy session into a talkfest. Read on to find out more about the services we offer.

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Will your next strategy workshop be another talkfest?

  1. 1. Are your strategy workshops falling in to these traps? All ideas and no action Failing to allow time on the agenda for action planning, or failing to follow up and implement after the workshop Packed in like sardines Trying to pack too many topics into your workshop, or packing too many objectives into your business strategy Veering off topic Constantly getting bogged down in the detail, or going into solution-mode, so that it becomes impossible to get through your scheduled agenda The wrong room Fresh ideas need a fresh environment. A stuffy, everyday boardroom will stifle your team's creativity Too many cooks Having too many attendees, or too many people trying to direct discussion will make it hard to stay focussed
  2. 2. •Do your team’s strategy workshops often turn into talkfests? •Do you have great ideas that don’t always see the light of day? •Is your team frustrated by changes that don't stick? •Is there never enough time to get everything done?
  3. 3. •Do you want a strategy workshop that clarifies where you're heading, and what you need to do to get there? •Do you want a strategy the whole team can commit to? •Do you want tangible, achievable KPI's that set you up for success?
  4. 4. •Does your team struggle to keep up, when the world is changing faster than ever? •Are you constantly having to do more with less? •Does your team have too many things to do? •Is your strategy crystal clear to everyone on the team?
  5. 5. •We'll facilitate your strategy workshop so you stay on track •Stress-test your strategic objectives •Turn your strategy into an elevator pitch for your team •Provide ongoing advice, so that you stay on track as you implement
  6. 6. When you follow Zumbara’s Innovation Recipe, your team will get:
  7. 7. Jenny Vandyke is Zumbara’s Principal Innovation Consultant and the author of The Innovation Recipe: Key ingredients for world-class results in big business. The Innovation Recipe is based on more than 10 years’ senior level experience on major innovation projects at companies such as National Australia Bank, BHP Billiton and KPMG. In addition to Jenny’s hands on, practical experience, over the years she has delivered hundreds of workshops and keynotes, including a keynote at the 2013 Australian Innovation Festival. Jenny is also a judge for the Anthill Magazine SMART 100 Awards, judging the most innovative products in Australia. Zumbara is Spanish for buzz, and Jenny get businesses buzzing.
  8. 8. JENNY’S PAST ENGAGEMENTS HAVE INCLUDED: That was one of the best workshops I've been to. Group Compliance Manager Your candour, professionalism and commitment to delivery were very much appreciated and helped us stay on track. The flexibility you afforded us when discussions needed to take longer was right on the mark | Cassandra Hewett, Deputy Group ML Risk Officer Your business knowledge was apparent and your clear direction throughout the day helped us stay on track and meet some clear objectives for the group moving forward. We achieved a lot in a short period of time and I felt your calm and assertive nature encouraged thought and positive discussion. Milan Gigovic Manager - Institutional Banking Your skills in maintaining the momentum and keeping the group on task were second to none. We had a lot to get through in a short time, and the success of the day is measured by the valuable outcomes we came away with. Wendy Barnes, Analytics Analyst, ANZ Institutional Bank
  9. 9. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor a workshop to fit your team’s needs 0412 602 362 | contact@zumbara.com.au In the meantime, you can download our free strategy workshop guide: www.zumbara.com.au/strategy-workshop-guide.html