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Ek 2012

  1. 1. Call For ParticipationDeadline for applications: March 25, 2012 Dear Colleagues! We are pleased to announce the 3rd International theoretical and practical conference “e-Kazan 2012” to take place from Monday, April 24th to Thursday April 26th, 2012. The International Conference “e-Kazan 2012” invites researchers, practitioners andacademic staff to present their research findings, works in progress, case studies and conceptualadvances in areas of work where education and technology intersect. The main objective of “e-Kazan 2012” is to highlight, promote and disseminate the newtechnologies and innovations in the field of e-learning. The wide scope of “e-Kazan 2012”should provide an excellent opportunity for sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas amongstresearchers and scientists from academia, practitioners, vendors and government departments.Venue description Kazan is the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. With a population of1,200,000 , it is the sixth largest city of Russia. Kazan lies at the confluence of the Volga andKazanka rivers in European Russia. In April 2009, the Russian Patent Office granted Kazan theright to brand itself as the "Third Capital" of Russia. In 2009 it was chosen as the "sports capitalof Russia". The Kazan Kremlin is a World Heritage Site. There are 44 institutes of higher education in Kazan, including 19 branches ofuniversities from other cities. More than 140 000 students are educated in the city. Kazan Federal University, third oldest university in Russian Federation was founded in1804. Kazan is unique multi-national and multi-confessional city. Major religions in Kazan cityare Sunni Islam and Eastern Orthodoxy. Minor religions are Catholicism, Protestantism,Judaism, Krishnaism, and the Baha’i Faith. The conference will feature several excursions to the Kazan Kremlin and the Qol SharifMosque, Kazan museums, and Raifa Orthodox Monastery near Kazan.
  2. 2. All Religions Temple. A building and cultural center built by the local artist Ildar KhanovSupport This year as usual the International Conference “e-Kazan 2012” will benefit from specialsupport from Russian State Duma’s (Parliament) core committees and Education and ScienceDepartment of Republic of Tatarstan.CONFERENCE ORGANIZATIONOrganized byInstitute of Social Sciences and Humanities (Kazan, Russia),Kazan Federal University (Russia),Economical University (Bratislava, Slovakia),TOPICS OF INTERESTSTopics of interest include but are not limited to:* Learning Systems Platforms and Architectures* Rethinking Pedagogy in Technology-enhanced Learning* Adaptive and Personalized Technology-enhanced Learning* Intelligent Educational Systems* Computer Supported Collaborative Learning* Wireless, Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies for Learning* Web 2.0 and Social Computing for Learning and Knowledge Sharing* Semantic Web and Ontologies for Learning Systems* Virtual Worlds for Academic, Organizational, and Life-Long Learning* Technology-Enhanced Language Learning* Technology-enhanced Science Education* International Alliance for Open Source, Open Standards, and federated repositories* School of the Future and Future Classrooms* Cloud-based Learning and AssessmentSUBMISSIONSWe invite submission of papers reporting original academic or industrial research in the area ofAdvanced Learning Technologies. The expected types of submissions include:* Full paper: 5 pages
  3. 3. * Short paper: 3 pages For registration please visit www.ksu.ru/conf/ek2012/ . Registration is required for participating in the Conference. For more information pleasevisit http://www.ksu.ru/conf/ek2012/. If you don’t speak Russian, you can fill the registration form below and send it tocommittee secretary via email ekazan@bk.ru. Please, make sure your report is attached to emailwhen you send it. Submitted conference materials shall be published in a form of a journal byApril 24, 2012. We look forward to welcoming participants from across the globe and we hope that youwill be able to join us. Please, inform committee staff in case you need a hotel reservation and specify the dateand time of your arrival. Contact via e-mail ekazan@bk.ru . For accommodation alternativesvisit http://www.ksu.ru/conf/ek2012/. Contact Information: Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities (Organizational committee) 10 Dostoevsky Street Kazan, Tatarstan 420012 Russian Federation Tel +7 (843) 236-88-23 Fax +7 (843) 236-88-23 e-mail: ekazan@bk.ru Committee secretary: Rita Alexandrova
  4. 4. REGISTRATION FORMFields marked with * are obligatory *Name: (up to 100 characters) *Surname: (up to 100 characters) *Position: (up to 50 characters) Academic degree (up to 50 characters) e.g. Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Economics, Candidate of History, Master of Arts Academic rank (up to 50 characters) e.g. Professor, Associate professor, Academician, Scientific associate *Company: (up to 100 characters) *Address with zip code: (up to 250 characters) URL: (up to 250 characters) *Phone: (up to 100 characters) Fax: (up to 100 characters) *Email: (up to 100 characters) *Country: (up to 50 characters) *State / Province: (up to 100 characters) *City: (up to 50 characters) Comments (up to 250 characters)INFORMATION ON REPORTAll fields are obligatory. Author(s): (up to 250 characters) Title of report: (up to 250 characters) Type of report: Traditional Poster(both types should be published) Comments on report: (up to 250 characters)