Brand	  Advocates	  on	  Facebook:	  Timeline,	  EdgeRank,	  and	  Leveraging	  Your	  Superfans	   Tami	  Bhaumik,	  Zube...
Today’s	  Speakers	              ScoE	  Meldrum	                       Tami	  Bhaumik	               Founder/CEO	         ...
Main	  Messages	     1.  Brand	  Advocates	  are	  a	  different	  breed.	     2.  Timeline	  =	  More	  real	  estate	  to...
Meet	  CDW’s	  Best	  Marketer	     Jus9n	  Dorfman,	  support	  engineer,	      NetDNA	     Generated	  hundreds	  of	 ...
What’s	  a	  Brand	  Advocate?	     Highly-­‐sa9sfied	  customers	  and	     others	  who	  pro-­‐ac9vely	     recommend	  ...
Brand	  Advocates	  are	  a	  Different	  Breed	                                                           50%	  more	  li...
Advocates,	  Fans	  have	  Different	  MoYves	       Why	  People	  “Like”	  	                                             ...
5	  Reasons	  to	  care	  about	  Advocates	    1.    3X	  more	  trusted	  than	  ads	    2.    #1	  influencer	  of	  pur...
Advocates	  are	  9s	  &	  10s	    “UlYmate	  QuesYon”	  for	  Customer	  Loyalty	       How	  likely	  are	  you	  to	  r...
Advocate	  IdenYficaYon	           Email	           Web	           Social	           In-­‐product	           Call	  ce...
Advocacy	  Process	      IdenYfy	  Advocates	     “How	  likely	  are	  you	  to	                                         ...
New	  Timeline	  Features	  and	  OpportuniYes	  to	  Leverage	         Brand	  Advocates	                                ...
New	  Feature:	  Pinned	  Posts	    What	  is	  it?	       –  Pages	  can	  choose	  one	  post	  to	  remain	          a...
New	  Feature:	  Starred	  Posts	    What	  is	  it?	       –  Starring	  a	  post	  means	  that	  it	          will	  b...
New	  Feature:	  Milestones	    What	  is	  it?	       –  Special	  types	  of	  posts	  that	  allow	  brands	  to	     ...
New	  Feature:	  Direct	  Messages	      What	  is	  it?	       –  Users	  now	  have	  the	  ability	  to	  send	       ...
Update:	  Facebook	  Tabs	    Update	     –  Tabs	  moved	  from	  lep	  hand	        side	  to	  boxes	  beneath	  the	 ...
Update:	  RecommendaYons	    Update	     –  “Recommend	  this	  Place”	  is	        now	  displayed	  in	  a	  box	  belo...
Update:	  RecommendaYons	                                                               [Re-­‐engagement	  Email	  to	  Sa...
Timeline	  is	  Awesome	  But…	     88%	  Facebook	  fans	  never	  return	  to	      the	  brand	  page	  aper	  clickin...
How	  Brand	  Advocates	  Help	            EdgeRank	                                          21	  
What	  is	  EdgeRank?	     EdgeRank	  is	  Facebook’s	  algorithm	  that	  determines	  what	      content	  will	  show	...
How	  Brand	  Advocates	  Help	  EdgeRank	    Advocates,	  by	  nature,	  love	  to	     create	  and	  share	  content	 ...
How	  Brand	  Advocates	  Help	  EdgeRank	    Increase	  Reach	    Giving	  Advocates	  content	     increases	  probabi...
Brand	  Advocacy	  Success	             Stories	                                     25	  
Box	  Advocates	  are	  Highly	  InfluenYal	     Case	  Study:	  Box	  Advocates	  Drive	  Sign-­‐Ups	                    ...
Rubio’s	  Leverages	  Advocates	  to	  Build	  Brand	  Army	    	  Case	  Study:	  Rubio’s	  Drives	  Traffic	  &	  Email	 ...
Blurb	  Doubles	  AOS	  at	  Half	  the	  Cost	     	  Case	  Study:	  Blurb	  energizes	  Advocates	  to	  reduce	  cust...
GMC	  Advocates	  Share	  Reviews	  on	  Facebook	    	  Case	  Study:	  GMC	  Leverages	          GMC	  Advocate	       ...
Key	  Takeaways	     1.  Go	  beyond	  simply	  racking	  up	  “likes”	  and	  let	  your	         Superfans	  drive	  you...
Learn	  More	           Visit	  us	  at:	   Twi<er:	  @Zuberance	                         Pre-­‐...
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Slide Presentation from Zuberance Webinar- Brand Advocates on Facebook: What You Need to Know About Timeline, EdgeRank, and Leveraging Your Superfans


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Slide presentation from Zuberance Webinar about Brand Advocates on Facebook. Watch the recorded version of the webinar here:

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Slide Presentation from Zuberance Webinar- Brand Advocates on Facebook: What You Need to Know About Timeline, EdgeRank, and Leveraging Your Superfans

  1. 1. Brand  Advocates  on  Facebook:  Timeline,  EdgeRank,  and  Leveraging  Your  Superfans   Tami  Bhaumik,  Zuberance  VP  of  Customer  Success   ScoE  Meldrum,  Pollin8  Founder  &  CEO   April  18,  2012  
  2. 2. Today’s  Speakers   ScoE  Meldrum   Tami  Bhaumik   Founder/CEO   VP  of  Customer  Success,   Pollin8:  Social  Content  +   Zuberance   Communica9ons   @TamiBhaumik   @Sco<Meldrum   2  
  3. 3. Main  Messages   1.  Brand  Advocates  are  a  different  breed.   2.  Timeline  =  More  real  estate  to  boost  brand   advocacy.   3.  Leverage  your  Brand  Advocates  to  improve   EdgeRank.   3  
  4. 4. Meet  CDW’s  Best  Marketer     Jus9n  Dorfman,  support  engineer,   NetDNA     Generated  hundreds  of  thousands   in  sales  for  CDW  as  result  of  his   advocacy     CDW  has  paid  Dorfman:  $0     Recommends  CDW  because  of   reliable,  personalized  service   ►81%  surveyed  CDW  customers  are  Advocates   4  
  5. 5. What’s  a  Brand  Advocate?   Highly-­‐sa9sfied  customers  and   others  who  pro-­‐ac9vely   recommend  brands  or   products  without  being  paid.   ►Beyond  like,  follow,  or  love:  advocacy   5  
  6. 6. Brand  Advocates  are  a  Different  Breed     50%  more  likely  to   Fans   influence   purchases  than   other  customers     2X  more  ac9ve   Engaged   Customers   Advocates   Followers   content  creators     75%    more  likely  to   share  great  product   Loyal   experiences   Customers   Sources:  Nielsen,  Comscore,  Yahoo!;  University  of  Rhode  Island  research  study   6  
  7. 7. Advocates,  Fans  have  Different  MoYves   Why  People  “Like”     Why  Advocates   Facebook  Brand  Pages   Recommend  Brands   %  of  US  Facebook  users   I  give  my  opinions  online  regarding   products    &  purchases  because..   Let  friends  know  products  I   I  want  to  help  people   58%   support   41%   Ive  had  good  experiences  with  a  product   57%   Get  coupons  and  discount   offers   37%   Others  could  benefit  from  my   perspec9ve   54%   Stay  current  on  new   I  would  want  to  know  before  I  buy  things   53%   products   35%   Ive  had  bad  experiences  with  a  product   50%   Learn  about  company/ I  want  others  to  make  smart  purchase   47%   organiza9on   31%   decisions   It  feels  great  to  be  heard   36%   Meet  people  with  similar   28%   interests  as  mine   Feel  connected  to  other  people   33%   Source:  ExactTarget   Source:  Zuberance  Study   7  
  8. 8. 5  Reasons  to  care  about  Advocates   1.  3X  more  trusted  than  ads   2.  #1  influencer  of  purchase  decisions   3.  Empowered  by  social,  have  massive  reach   4.  Surprisingly  large  segment   5.  Your  most  valuable  customers   8  
  9. 9. Advocates  are  9s  &  10s   “UlYmate  QuesYon”  for  Customer  Loyalty   How  likely  are  you  to  recommend  our   brand  or  products  to  your  friends?   9  
  10. 10. Advocate  IdenYficaYon     Email     Web     Social     In-­‐product     Call  center     Physical   10  
  11. 11. Advocacy  Process   IdenYfy  Advocates   “How  likely  are  you  to   Energize  Advocates   Advocate  Reviews   recommend  us?”   Advocate  Stories   Social,  Digital,  Mobile   Tracking  &  Insights   Advocate  Answers   Advocate  Offers   11  
  12. 12. New  Timeline  Features  and  OpportuniYes  to  Leverage   Brand  Advocates   12  
  13. 13. New  Feature:  Pinned  Posts    What  is  it?   –  Pages  can  choose  one  post  to  remain   at  the  top  lep  of  the  Timeline  post   sec9on   –  Designated  with  a  small  orange  arrow   in  the  top  right  corner   –  Remain  for  7  days,  or  un9l  another   post  is  pinned   –  Used  to  showcase  important  posts    Advocacy  Opportunity   –  Pin  posts  such  as  Advocate   Iden9fica9on,  Offers,  Educa9onal   Content,  Advocate  Tes9monials     13  
  14. 14. New  Feature:  Starred  Posts    What  is  it?   –  Starring  a  post  means  that  it   will  be  expanded  to  fit  across   the  width  of  the  Timeline   –  It  will  remain  in  its   chronological  order   –  Used  to  showcase  previous   posts  that  aren’t  pinned  but   deserve  special  highligh9ng    Advocacy  Opportunity   –  Another  opportunity  to  post   Advocate  Iden9fica9on,  Offers,   Educa9onal  content,  or  to   highlight  Advocate  tes9monials     14  
  15. 15. New  Feature:  Milestones    What  is  it?   –  Special  types  of  posts  that  allow  brands  to   showcase  important  markers  in  the   company’s  history      Advocacy  Opportunity   –  Brands  that  have  long  standing   rela9onships  with  customers  can  ask   Advocates  to  contribute  photos  that  can   then  be  re-­‐posted  as  part  of  the  Page’s   history   Coca-­‐Cola  creates   milestones  focused   on  their  fans   15  
  16. 16. New  Feature:  Direct  Messages    What  is  it?   –  Users  now  have  the  ability  to  send   private,  direct  messages  to  brand   pages   –  Brands  should  view  this  new   capability  as  an  enhanced   customer  support  channel   –  Brands  cannot  ini9ate  contact  with   their  fans    Advocacy  Opportunity:  Turn  Detractors   into  Advocates   –  Aper  a  customer  service  is   resolved  via  direct  messaging  >  ask   customer  to  write  a  review   95%  of  dissaYsfied   customers  would  do   business  again  with  a   company  if  their   problems  were  solved   quickly/saYsfactorily   16  
  17. 17. Update:  Facebook  Tabs    Update   –  Tabs  moved  from  lep  hand   side  to  boxes  beneath  the   cover  photo   –  4  tabs  displayed  on  home   page.  Users  can  access  more   tabs  by  clicking  on  the  drop   down  arrow   –  Wider  dimensions  for  tabs   (Max  width  now  810px   compared  to  520x)   AnyYme  Fitness   enhances  credibility    Advocacy  Opportunity   by  showcasing   –  Dedicate  one  of  the  top  four   Advocate  Reviews   tabs  to  advocacy  (Advocate   Iden9fica9on,  Advocate   reviews,  etc)   17  
  18. 18. Update:  RecommendaYons    Update   –  “Recommend  this  Place”  is   now  displayed  in  a  box  below   friend  ac9vity   –  Only  enabled  for  pages   associated  with  loca9ons   (Pages  with  an  exact  address   in  their  about  sec9on)   –  Recommenda9ons  also  posted   to  an  individual’s  wall  and   Newsfeed    Advocacy  Opportunity   –  Drive  Advocates  to  the   “Recommenda9ons”  sec9on   of  your  page.  (If  brand  page  is   not  a  “place,”  drive  to  the   page’s  wall  instead.)   18  
  19. 19. Update:  RecommendaYons   [Re-­‐engagement  Email  to  Safelite  Advocates]    Safelite  re-­‐engages  Advocates  to  post   posi9ve  reviews  directly  to  their   Facebook  wall    Great  way  to  outweigh  nega9ve   comments  on  a  brand’s  Facebook  wall   26%  Conversion   Rate   19  
  20. 20. Timeline  is  Awesome  But…     88%  Facebook  fans  never  return  to   the  brand  page  aper  clicking  “Like”   bu<on     Most  Facebook  users  will  consume   branded  content  in  the  Newsfeed     Only  16%  of  fans  ever  even  see   branded  content  due  to  EdgeRank   20  
  21. 21. How  Brand  Advocates  Help   EdgeRank   21  
  22. 22. What  is  EdgeRank?     EdgeRank  is  Facebook’s  algorithm  that  determines  what   content  will  show  up  in  a  user’s  Newsfeed     Affinity  (u):  How  open  you  interact  on  Facebook  with  that   par9cular  user  (or  brand  page)     Weight  (w):  Amount  of  interac9on  on  that  par9cular  post   (likes,  comments,  shares)     Time  (d):  How  long  ago  post  was  published   22  
  23. 23. How  Brand  Advocates  Help  EdgeRank    Advocates,  by  nature,  love  to   create  and  share  content   –  Advocates  are  2-­‐4X  more   ac9ve  sharers  of  content   than  other  consumers   –  Advocates  tell  2X  as  many   people  about  their   purchases   –  Facebook  (35%)  is  the  2nd   most  popular  channel  where   Advocate  recommend   23  
  24. 24. How  Brand  Advocates  Help  EdgeRank    Increase  Reach    Giving  Advocates  content   increases  probability  your   posts  will  be  seen  by   Facebook  users  not  currently   fans    Advocates  have  on  average   300-­‐600  people  in  their  social   networks   24  
  25. 25. Brand  Advocacy  Success   Stories   25  
  26. 26. Box  Advocates  are  Highly  InfluenYal     Case  Study:  Box  Advocates  Drive  Sign-­‐Ups   10,429   Offers   Shared   15,139   In-­‐bound  Clicks   5%   Conversion   Rate   26  
  27. 27. Rubio’s  Leverages  Advocates  to  Build  Brand  Army      Case  Study:  Rubio’s  Drives  Traffic  &  Email  Sign-­‐ups   52%  Conversion  to   Email  Sign-­‐up   55,000     Advocates   63K  Offers  shared   32%  Inbound  CTR   5,139   In-­‐bound  Clicks   27  
  28. 28. Blurb  Doubles  AOS  at  Half  the  Cost      Case  Study:  Blurb  energizes  Advocates  to  reduce  customer   acquisi9on  costs   17,000  Offers   Shared   112%  Inbound   CTR   Customer   Average  Order   AcquisiYon  Cost   Size  Doubled   Reduced  by  50%   28  
  29. 29. GMC  Advocates  Share  Reviews  on  Facebook      Case  Study:  GMC  Leverages   GMC  Advocate   Reviews   Advocate-­‐Generated  Content   displayed  on   Facebook  Tab   3,100  Reviews   75%  of  Advocates   Created   choose  to  share  on   224%  CTR   Facebook  (vs   TwiEer,  Email)   29  
  30. 30. Key  Takeaways   1.  Go  beyond  simply  racking  up  “likes”  and  let  your   Superfans  drive  your  Facebook  marke9ng  strategy.   2.  Leverage  Timeline’s  new  features  to  display  and  boost   advocacy  for  your  brand.   3.  Energize  your  Advocates  to  create  and  share  branded   content  on  Facebook  to  increase  reach,  boost  conversion   rates,  and  build  your  Advocate  Army.   30  
  31. 31. Learn  More   Visit  us  at:   Twi<er:  @Zuberance   Pre-­‐selling  now  on   Facebook:   Brand  Advocates:  Turning  Enthusias5c   ZuberRants  Blog:   Customers  into  a  Powerful  Marke5ng  Force   Contact  sales:   -­‐Rob  Fugge<a,  Founder/CEO,  Zuberance   31