9 Ways to Recover from Manual Link Penalty


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Check out the surefire ways to recover from manual link penalty. This is so helpful for the website that has been slapped by Google major updates of Penguin and Panda!
Check out the Google's advice and suggestions on how to remove your unnatural links from the search engine results.

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9 Ways to Recover from Manual Link Penalty

  1. 1. 9 Ways to Recover from Manual Link Penalty
  2. 2. Google’s Unnatural Link Penalty • Google always warns not to violate their guidelines and they punish websites with unnatural link penalty. • In order to drive website back to their set, search engine has a process for recovering that is very difficult. • Here are a few ways to get back from Penalty:
  3. 3. #1 Job is to Remove Links • Your first duty must be to remove the inorganic links from Internet. • Don’t go with Disavow, because it is only used when you need to remove poor backlinks. • It seems that Google considers the inorganic links that are removed overtime as a reconsidering factor.
  4. 4. Be Clear in Pruning Effort • The more backlinks you get, the better is the chances to show Google a pruning effect. • Don’t completely rely on Google webmaster tool. • Try considering third source of links from Bing webmaster tool, Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, Open site explorer, etc for gaining backlinks.
  5. 5. Don’t Remove NoFollow Links • No Follow links don’t pass any link juice and so it is not required disavowing. • But it is important to note Google webmaster tool don’t provide data related to no-follow. • So it is necessary to crawl every page and check whether your link is alive or not. • Looking accordingly you can remove non-relevant links.
  6. 6. Ensure to Check your Links are LIVE • Just because you find links on Google webmaster tool it does not mean the link is active. • You must crawl the list of links to ensure they are live. • There are many tools available like Screaming Frog to check it.
  7. 7. NoFollow or Remove Links? • Some webmasters get flooded with link removal requests but this does not mean the site is spammy. • Oftentimes their only mistake was to allow comments Do-Followed. • So be professional while asking for removal. • Some ask for money, or scream and spit on your request, so put them on to the disavow list.
  8. 8. Disavow on Domain Level • If you need to disavow a link or set of links that does not have any value, just disavow the entire domain. • Because sometimes the link that appears on blogs can be saved in archive pages or republished which are not listed on any backlink report. • So when you think the link has no value, remove the entire domain.
  9. 9. Track your Report and Share • Note down your link removal details in a sheet ▫ All the data gathered about every link ▫ The value that you have assessed for that ▫ Your trials to get it removed ▫ The result of your efforts • Keep track of the progress and report down everything you do that might be useful for sending reconsideration request.
  10. 10. Know your Mistakes Never do it Again • A few aspects to overturn your penalty ▫ Check how and why you are penalized ▫ Know the details on how the issue is fixed ▫ Assure Google you will not violate again • Make sure you jot down these in the body of your reconsideration request. • Make it easy for Google to review your request.
  11. 11. Be Patient! Auditing Links take Time • If it fails to remove links, take necessary action to fix them. • It takes time to audit links. • Google always expect you spend time for removal of the links before you resubmit another.
  12. 12. Get help from Outsourcing • If you still face manual link penalty and having drops in your search ranking, go experimental with outsourcing companies. • We, ZuanSEO USA, the SEO Company in New York can help you out in removing the unnatural links and overturn your penalty.