Ultimate guide to creating amazing contents


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Ultimate guide to creating amazing contents by Zuan SEO UK

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Ultimate guide to creating amazing contents

  1. 1. Tips on creating amazing posts Intro:  Does your blog lack something?  May be you post unique content but it is not getting proper exposure and recognition as expected.  It is all due to the reason that it does not seem to be a “Pillar Content”.  Every blog requires strong support that takes it to move itself forward to have a great online presence.
  2. 2. Objectives and Ideas on blog post  Think hard before you start-up and don’t just write for the sake of it.  Have a clear vision in mind before starting to write.  It is often beneficial if you cope up with whole ideas before setting on. Following slides provides few tips on how to create a pillar post.
  3. 3. Crafting the title  Though many bloggers used to write the title after finishing the post, I recommend you to make up a perfect title before starting your post.  Be sure to make your title that is  Clear  Specific  Interesting  Hype up
  4. 4. Structuring the content body  If your post is well structured then it is easy to write as well as exciting to read.  Have a simple introduction, actual concept with proper spacing under their sub headings.  Point up your ideas precisely that makes the reader to have a quick look on your story.  Split your long sentences and make it short and sweet to have a greater impact.
  5. 5. Plan your post and draft it well  Draft your post with care by following some tips:  Plan clearly  Avoid distractions  Jump into your major concept  Imagine you are writing to your friend  Have a great beginning that impress readers to continue listening.  It is also essential to have a great ending for those who skip the body and look on the end to know the quick recap or summary of your concept.
  6. 6. Format your post and include relevant pictures  Once you finish up writing your ideas it essential to format it in order to look attractive.  High important texts with bold, italic and bullet key points to make it eye-catchy.  A picture can worth a thousand words. So provide pictures with appropriate pixels but make sure that it must load faster.  It is only images that grabs the attention and drags the readers into the post.  Provide thumbnails of images for making it short.
  7. 7. Get feedback and reply to the comments  Only just writing a post will not grasp the attention of viewers.  If you intend to get their feedback and value their comments by giving warm reply, it will inspire them to love you more.  Approach people normally without asking bloggers in your niche to comment on your post as it will look artificial.
  8. 8. Promote your pillar post once its published  Link your post to famous social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or in your newsletter and share it among your niche bloggers.  You may also go back to your old post to link on to the newer one.  Link your post to a guest piece of another blog.  Aware of spam content and remove it as soon as you recognize it.
  9. 9. Conclusion  Some pillar post requires bit more time to overcome many stages in order to make it a grand success.  Sometimes getting reviews from experts and waiting for their responses may take lot of time.  I hope these tips are helpful in making a quick post and that hopefully find best results and worth well for the time you spend.  The best SEO Company always provides excellent services for link building in which blog post also takes a key role in achieving backlinks.