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Quizlet project

Quizlet project



This presentation was an assignment of summer course project in Zayed University.

This presentation was an assignment of summer course project in Zayed University.



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  • The goal of Quizlet is to make education different than what it is used to, by adding leaving the choice to the students to choose how they want to learn.For example, students in Art History can learn paintings, students who are learning languages to develop their vocabulary, and it provides auditory materials for those who are auditory learners. Quizlet is suitable for all the levels and ages.Quizlet was initiated by 15 year old student for a French class to help him improving his vocabulary, then he shared it with friends. The headquarter is in San Francisco.
  • (Using the website quizzes) in the website there are a variety of quizzes in many fields which can serve kids and adults.(Mistakes and correction) in this website everyone can learn even if their answer is wrong because the website designed to show you your mistake and to show you the right answer.One of Quizlet features is everyone can create his/her quiz to study or to share, teachers can use this facility also a group study can do it and share between each member.
  • (Learn from mistakes) one of the best strategy to gain the concept of the information is to know the wrong answer so in the future you will avoid it which will improve your grade.The video which show you an example of these benefits.
  • (Creating account) quizlet opened free accounts and easy form with less recommends.(the creator could be) different ages can create quizzes, such as teachers, student, group team, human resource department, and many others(Sharable) this website allow you to share your quiz through the website of Quizlet when you add to group, Facebook, Twitter, and you can share the link via the E-mail.
  • Quizzes – You can see how much you scored to test your own knowledge in a specific subject, and to see your mistakes and learn from them.Friendly Competition – Competing with other people helps you in knowing where are your weaknesses, and compare your level of knowledge with other people.Group or Individual Exercises – Encourages group brainstorming which helps in realizing your level of knowledge compared to other people, and brain storming with a group helps in enhancing your own level of knowledge.
  • Browse by category – For example choose art and literature or math and science.Search for your subject – after choosing a category many subjects come up to bee chosen.Choose sub-topic – helps you in finding what you’re are searching for exactly.
  • Flashcards – Helps in familiarizing with the terms and definitions of words in the subject your studying.Speller – Type what you hear ( with any language ), and if you had a mistake “speller” will correct it for you. After finishing 7 words it gives you a recap of what you did right or wrong, and this will help you in knowing your mistakes and learn from them.Learn – Helps you learn from your mistakes and track through your progress. Type the term for the definition or vice-versa, and this mode will give you the right answer when you answer wrong to type it so you get more used to it and learn. After each stage “Learn” mode gives you a progress report of what you got right and wrong, and you can retry the stage.Test – Gives you the real experience of being in a test. You can make your own test or choose one that is already shared by others in Quizlet. You can choose the type of question you eant, for exaple True and false or multiple choice etc.
  • Scatter – Is a game where you matchwords with their definition. Scatter game is a game against time which excites players to challenge with their friends to get high scores. Space race – Is a game where you should type the definition of the picture in front of you before it vanishes into the other side of the screen. This game gives you an incentive to try more than once to master the material, and this gives studying a new phase.
  • “If you want to improve your memory or learn anything new, Quizlet.com lets you creating sets of flashcards on any topic, with image and text prompts to help the learning process” (BBC, 2012).It is almost free, because if you want to have some extra features same as adding your own images to your quizzes or to have unlimited group participants, you have to upgrade your account.It works with iphone, iPad and windows 7.

Quizlet project Quizlet project Presentation Transcript