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Enjoy my latest blogs on affiliate marketing, blogging and how to use Camtasia.

All in all, affiliates that are doomed to fail in this business are those who do not exert enough effort to understand everything involved in the industry that they are in. Knowing their path step by careful step will prove to be beneficial to them, as there is no other way to succeed than to go through any path slowly but surely.

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Ztroger ss e book 13-mar-2013

  1. 1. March 13th, 2013 Published by: ZTROGERSZTROGERSs eBook like any other business, there are dos and donts involved in This eBook was created using the Zinepal Online eBook this one if they want to make each of their steps count. The Creator. Use Zinepal to create your own eBooks in PDF, first common mistake affiliates make is their lack of knowledge concerning principles involved in their business. This refers to ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket formats. the affiliate’s knowledge of search engines in particular. Upgrade to a Zinepal Pro Account to unlock more Affiliate marketing involves advertising, and advertising features and hide this message. through the internet could not have been better without the existence of search engines. What every affiliate has to do is to make these search engines his best friend through studyingDon’t Make These 4 Affiliate search engine optimization closely. This way, he is able to know what to do in connection with building a better websiteMistakes to ultimately use for his business.By zanetta on March 8th, 2013 The second is that affiliates make the mistake of stuffing theirMyths concerning affiliate marketing are appealing and sites with banners that do not provide enough informationattractive. People who do not know the entire system the about the product at hand. The best way to battle this mistakewrong way round are prone to believing that it is something is to provide good content hand-in-hand with such banners.capable of giving them great fortune overnight. Stories It is important for customers to know and understand theconcerning affiliates who earn tremendous amounts of money features of a product, and good content will be able to helpswim in their heads, and while these stories are as true as they them realize this goal.can be, there are those who believe that they are going to have The third is that there are affiliates who make the mistake ofthe same fortune once they indulge in this particular business. promoting only one product. Consequently, customers are notIt is true enough that affiliate marketing is financially given enough options to choose from. There is also the risk ofrewarding. People who have gone through everything to be generating fewer sales as compared to having more options forable to succeed in this business are reaping the seeds that they customers ponder about. It is always better to give them a fewuntiringly sowed. Many of them enjoy the kind of existence better alternatives than to give them only one.that was not possible for them to have had under ordinary The fourth is that there are affiliates who make the mistakecircumstances. Having gone through the A-Z of affiliate of promoting too many products. As a result, customers aremarketing, however, these people are the ones who know that confused and end up beyond making a choice. It is perhapswhile such business is lucrative, there is absolutely no easy good to give them only the best choices. This is because it ismoney in it. ultimately up to them to judge which one is the best for themIgnorance of this fact is one of the main reasons why there to patronize.are people who fail miserably in the internet business. There All in all, affiliates that are doomed to fail in this business areare those who believe in myths concerning the easy money those who do not exert enough effort to understand everythinginvolved in systems such as affiliate marketing. They do not involved in the industry that they are in. Knowing their pathknow that there are those who have wasted time, effort and step by careful step will prove to be beneficial to them, as theretoo many resources in trying to pursue the life of ease that is no other way to succeed than to go through any path slowlythey believe this business will give them. And so they go but surely.into affiliate marketing armed with nothing but myths andfantastical notions of wealth swimming in their consciousness, Would you like to make money by sharing blogs like this one?never realizing that they bound to make mistakes that would As a member of Empower Network, I have the freedom toprove to be their downfall. choose whatever topics or videos I want to share and blogWhat may be the reason why in businesses such as affiliate about, and I’m compensated by the advertising you see on themarketing, many are called but few are chosen? Perhaps the side of each of my blog posts. When people click on the ads andanswer lies on the fact that many affiliates make mistakes enter their email address, they are automatically sent a seriesthat result from their ignorance of facts concerning how the of highly converting emails, all with my affiliate code. Whenentire business runs. Affiliate marketing is not as simple as they decide to click on an ad and purchase anything, then I getan affiliate promoting a merchant’s wares through his website paid a 100% referral commission.and getting paid for it. It is also about knowing the market and Take Action Now! Click here to watch the video, entire yourthe customers at hand. email address and become a member of my team Today!Discovering what the most common mistakes affiliates makecan perhaps dispel the gloom about myths surroundingaffiliate marketing by correcting some wrong notions about it.It might also be able to make those concerned understand thatCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 1
  2. 2. March 13th, 2013 Published by: ZTROGERS you can already concentrate more on the content of the pageHow To Build An Affiliate rather than the design.Marketing Website The key to draw visitors to your website is to have highBy zanetta on March 6th, 2013 quality content; thus, the next thing you must pay attentionThere are some myths in affiliate marketing, which attract a to in building your marketing website is this. There may belot of people to it believing they are true. First is they think several other factors that contribute to the success of yourmanaging an online business is easy and second, they think affiliate marketing site, but a good content tops the list. Thisthat one can make a fortune through online marketing in an is precisely the reason why users choose to enter your site.instant. Probably not even 10% of those who are into affiliate They want to get information and so when they don’t find it,marketing became rich overnight. There may be some who they would definitely go elsewhere. Write interesting articlesfortunately achieved overwhelming success in just a short span related to your theme as this would make them frequent yourof time after setting up an affiliate program, but not a majority site. If you have already looked for affiliate programs thatof them can confidently say they only had luck. Anyone who is complement your site, add links to the business sites and othersuccessful in this kind of business would say he worked hard very good informative sites. Links contribute to how well youto get to where he is right now. Success in affiliate marketing will be listed in major search engines as well. Also, create pagestakes time and hard work, but it’s worth it. for the products you are endorsing, but don’t just promote the products by putting hyped-up ads. Keep your readersIf you are planning to start an affiliate program, one of the interested by injecting lots of relevant and useful information.things you have to consider is having your own website, not This would make them click the link to the business site andjust an ordinary website but a professional looking one. How buy the product. Remember that no good content means nodo you build an affiliate marketing website? What are the easy frequent visitors, no sales and ultimately, no commission.steps to build one? First, you must have already decided onthe theme or niche of your website. It would be better if you Make your site simple yet not without a touch of class in orderalready have an idea what products or services to promote as to make it appear more of a business website rather than athis would help you plan the design and lay-out of your web personal website. This would be pleasing to the eyes and morepages. The next thing to do is to choose a domain name and interesting to browse. To help you with the design, you canget it hosted. The domain name is a unique name used to label check some successful online stores to get an idea on how youthe actual address of your website on the Internet. In deciding can make your site look better. Make sure you don’t place toowhat domain name to register, look into the type of products many banner ads since these could distract some site users;you are endorsing and the theme of your site. Having the right and thus, instead of clicking your ad, they might just leave yourkeywords in your domain name would give you better chances site and look for other interesting websites. After all, bannerof drawing more visitors to your website. Also, choose a top ads are not the only means of advertising your products. Nowlevel domain or extension, such as .com because it is more your website is complete, submit its URL to major searchpopular. In selecting your web host, consider the security of engines to increase your traffic.servers and up time guarantees. Grow from where you started. Learn about use of keywords forNow, you can start creating your webpages. Don’t be search engine optimization and apply them in your content.disheartened when you know a little in this field. There are Update your site regularly or add new webpages. Make surepage generation tools and fast launch sites available online; to inform your prospects about the latest updates in your site.you just have to search for them. Countless online sources You can use newsletters to accomplish this. The Internet offerscould help you build an affiliate marketing website, though you a huge source of information about just anything, make usemight need time to study and learn the whole process. This is of it. Continue to educate yourself on how to improve yourone of the reasons why your site or the products you are going website and soon you’ll find yourself successful in affiliateto promote must match your interest. Building your marketing marketing.website for the first time would be a lot more fun if you know As a member of Empower Network, I have the freedom tovery well the theme of your site. If you don’t have time to make choose whatever topics or videos I want to share and blogyour own website, you can use templates or purchase readily about, and I’m compensated by the advertising you see on theavailable websites. The latter, however, is a more expensive side of each of my blog posts. When people click on the ads andoption. enter their email address, they are automatically sent a seriesCreating an affiliate website on your own would be cheaper of highly converting emails, all with my affiliate code. Whenand more interesting. In the process of building your they decide to click on an ad and purchase anything, then I getwebsite, you may also increase your knowledge in Information paid a 100% referral commission.Technology and the use of computers, softwares and the All I do is blog about topics I’m interested and passionateInternet. As you educate yourself in these fields, you are about, and get paid for it. In fact the entire blogging platformincreasing your advantage against other affiliate marketers. that you see here was created for me! All I do is log in to theIt helps a lot, though, if you already know the basics in web system and enter my articles and then share them on Facebookpage development like programming languages and graphics and other social media sites. We have a Step by Step Bloggingsoftwares because you can make your site extra corporate- Guide that shows you exactly how to get started. Get Your Basiclooking, more convenient to use or easier to navigate. Blogging System for only $25!Furthermore, if you are knowledgeable and skillful in this area,Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 2
  3. 3. March 13th, 2013 Published by: ZTROGERS affiliates and those under that same program. This is where they can discuss things on how to best promote their products. There are things to be learned and it is a continuous process. Sharing tips and advices is a good way of showing support. There may be others out there wanting to join and may be enticed by the discussion that is going on. There is no harm in assuming what opportunities ahead. The newsletters and ezines were updated days ago, so it is time for the affiliate marketer to see if there are some new things happening in the market. This will be written about in the marketer’s publication to be distributed to the old and new customers. These same publications are also an important tool in keepingA day in the Life of An Affiliate up to date with the newly introduced products. The marketerMarketer has put up a sale and promotion that customers may want to know about. Besides, they have to keep up with the deadlineBy zanetta on March 5th, 2013 of these sales written in the publications.Being in the affiliate marketing business is not that hard nowwith the internet at your disposable. It is much easier now It is that time to show some appreciation to those who havecompared to the days when people have to make use of the helped the marketer in the promotions and sale increase.telephones and other mediums of information just to get the Nothing like mentioning the persons, their sites and thelatest updates on the way their program is coming along. process they have done that made everything worked.So with technology at hand, and assuming that the affiliate Of course, this will be published in the newsletters. Among theis working from home, a day in his or her life would sound more important information that have been written already.something like this The marketer still has time to write out recommendationsUpon waking up and after having breakfast, the computer is to those who want credible sources for the products beingturned on to check out new developments in the network. As promoted. There is also time to post some comments on howfar as the marketer is concerned there might be new things to to be a successful affiliate marketer on a site where there areupdate and statistics to keep track on. lots of wannabees.The site design has to be revised. The marketer knows that a Two objectives done at the same time. The marketer gets towell-designed site can increase sign ups from visitors. It can promote the product as well as the program they are in. Whoalso help in the affiliate’s conversion rates. knows, someone may be inclined to join.That done, it is time to submit the affiliate program to Time flies. Missed lunch but is quite contented with the tasksdirectories that lists affiliate programs. These directories are done. Bed time.means to attract people in joining your affiliate program. A Ok, so this may not be all done in a day. But then, this givessure way of promoting the affiliate program. you an idea of how an affiliate marketer, a dedicated one thatTime to track down the sales you are getting from your is, spends the marketing day.affiliates fairly and accurately. There are phone orders and Is that success looming in the distance or what?mails to track down. See if they are new clients checking the PS: If you already have a blog you might as well be makingproducts out. Noting down the contact information that might money from it. Click the banner above or HERE, fill-in your e-be a viable source in the future. mail address, and watch the video.There are lots of resources to sort out. Ads, banners, button Once you become a member, my assistant will set-up a timeads and sample recommendations to give out because the for you to talk with me about your goals.marketer knows that this is one way of ensuring more sales.Best to stay visible and accessible too.The affiliate marketer remembered that there are questions toanswer from the visitors. This has to be done quickly. Nothingcan turn off a customer than an unanswered email.To prove that the affiliate is working effectively and efficiently,inquiries would have to be paid more attention on. Nobodywants to be ignored and customers are not always themost patient of all people. Quick answer that should appearprofessional yet friendly too.In the process of doing all the necessities, the marketer islogged on to a chat room where he or she interacts with otherCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 3
  4. 4. March 13th, 2013 Published by: ZTROGERS Complaints will also be minimized because all the facts and theHow Using Camtasia can presentation are there for the customers to just see and hearIncrease Your Business about.By zanetta on March 10th, 2013 Promote affiliate products and services using visualSince there are already lots of people getting into affiliate presentations. This is an effective way of redirecting yourmarketing, it is no wonder that the competition is getting stiff. viewers straight to your affiliate website after they are finishedThe challenge is to try and outdo other affiliates and think of with the video. Make the most of the presentation by puttingways to be able to attain this. your site location in the end and make them go there directly if they want more information.There are also many tips and techniques being taught to theseaffiliate in order to best plan their strategy for their program Multiple your online auction bids exponentially when youto work effectively so that more earnings will be achieved. give your readers a feel of what you have to offer. Based from reports, auctions that includes pictures increases biddingWhat better way to wow your prospects and customers than percentage by 400%. Imagine how much higher it will be if itto record and publish top notch, full motion and streaming were videos.screen-captured videos. Nothing like feeling your hard workgetting paid by having your customers jumping up excitedly in Publish valuable infoproducts that you can sell for a muchgreat anticipation to buy your product right there and then. higher price. It will be all worth the price because of the full colored graphics menu and templates that you will be using.This is Camtasia in action. It Minimize miscommunication with your customers. Instantlyis a proven fact; giving your showing them what you want they wanted in the first place is making them understand clearly the essence of your affiliatecustomers something they can program. The good thing about multimedia is, nothing much can go wrong. It is there already.actually see can explode your These are just some of the things you can do with Camtasiaonline sales instantly. that can be very helpful in your chosen affiliate program.You do not need to have trainings and education to be able Note that the main purpose of usingto know how this system can work for your affiliate program.Anyone can create stunning videos, from multimedia tutorials Camtasia is to boost the income thatand step-by-step presentations available online. The process is generated from your affiliate program.is like having your customers seated next to you and looking Although it can be used for entertainmentat your desktop, as you show them the things they need to see and enjoyment purposes, which is notand hear. All this done step by step. really a valid reason why you choose toFor those who does not know it yet, get all through that trouble. P.S. How you would like to get paid for sharing blogs like thishow does Camtasia works? one? As a member of the Empower Network I get paid for1. It can record your desktop activity in a single click. No need sharing articles and videos.to have to save and compile all your files because it is recorded Try to focus on the goal that you have set upon yourself to andright there and then. achieve that with the use of the things that may be quite a lot2. Can easily convert your videos into web pages. Once of help in increasing your earnings.converted you can have your customers visiting that certain Join My Team Now! Once you have become a member of mypage. Videos are easier to understand and take in unlike team I will send you a link to join our Dream Team Group.reading texts which oftentimes is a trying thing to do.3. Upload your pages. Publish them through blogs, RSS feedand podcasts. You may want your Camtasis videos to get Here’s Why You Need To Usearound and reach out to other people that may be potential Landing Pagescustomers in the future. Nothing like being visible in many By zanetta on March 11th, 2013sites and pages to advertise yourself and get your message All the products that you want to sell online are ready. Youthrough. have already signed up with the Google Adsense program orThere are other things you can do with your affiliate program with other affiliate marketing programs and you have alreadyusing Camtasia. You can prepared the ad you want to post on your affiliate’s site. YourCreate stunning multimedia presentations that are proven to mind is now set to being the next most successful onlineincrease sales because all the senses are engaged. This also businessman. But is there anything else that you might havehas the tendency to reduce skepticism among hard-to-please forgotten to prepare? Maybe none. But how about your landingcustomers. pages? Are they all set for your business?Reduce refunds and other customer issues by demonstrating Landing pages are simply web pages where visitors arevisually how to use your product and how to do it properly. directed to whenever they click a result in a web search or whenever they click a web ad. For affiliate marketing,Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 4
  5. 5. March 13th, 2013 Published by: ZTROGERSlanding pages would refer to the web page where you, as a or to other websites. The same is with the other two pagesmerchant, would want your potential customer to be directed mentioned. If you want to be successful in an affiliate program,after clicking your ad on your affiliate’s website. Landing pages we’re sure that you don’t want your landing page to cater toare, at most times, nothing really different from other web the needs of various people, most of which may not be reallypages in a particular website, especially if the said website is interested with your product.an e-commerce site. Some online businessmen would even usethe homepage of their websites as the landing page for their When choosing a landing page, you mustads. Are these businessmen making a big mistake? Or should always have the customer directed intoyou follow their method in creating landing pages for their that page in mind.ads? Therefore, your landing page must be relevant to the keywordsWell, you can always follow what most online retailers do, and the contents you placed on your ad. It is also importantdirecting their potential customers to the homepages of their that the landing page can induce your visitor to take action-websites. But if you want to achieve something more from your that is to purchase your product or at least provide leads foronline business, and if you want to earn a lot of profits, you potential customers.better create a special landing page for your web ads. Why? Final WordHere are a few reasons why you need to use landing pages foryour web ads. And take note, it would do you a lot better if you You probably entered into an affiliate marketing program withcreate a great landing page than a so-so one. these things in mind: to save on advertising expenses and to gain more profit. But if you get into an affiliate marketingReason no. 1: It is the only program without actually having a landing page, you’ll end up paying too much without getting anything in return. So if youway you earn conversions in an still don’t have a landing page for your ads, you better startaffiliate marketing program. creating one now. And don’t get us wrong; it isn’t enough for you to have just a landing page-it should be a great landingThere are a variety of affiliate marketing programs today, but page!most of these programs let the merchant pay the affiliate in a PS: If you already have a blog you might as well be makingpay per click basis. Basically, all you have to do is sign up with money from it. Click the banner above or HERE, fill-in your e-the program and submit your ad. The program owner would mail address, and watch the video.then distribute your ad to various affiliates who would thenplace your ad on their websites. Whenever your ad is clicked, a http://jvz5.com/c/72697/12141visitor would be directed to your landing page and you would Solo Ad Secretshave to pay the affiliate for his service. http://jvz3.com/c/72697/22753As a merchant, you earn in an affiliate program throughconversions-that is whenever a visitor that is directed to Long Tail Pro -Keyword/Niche Research Toolyour site actually buys a product on your site. Without theseconversions, you actually earn nothing from the program.Also, the more visitors that your affiliates have directed to yoursite, the larger would your expense be. And the only way thatyou can recover from these expenses is through conversions.Now, you sure won’t get any conversion if you have postedan ad on your affiliate’s site without an actual landing pagefor the potential customer to be redirected into. It’s just likeadvertising a product without actually having a store to sellyour product. Your advertisement may be enticing enoughto encourage people to purchase a product, but without thelanding page, how will they know how to purchase the productIt is therefore important to have landing pages for your adsbecause it is the only way for you to earn something in anaffiliate program. Without landing pages, all you do is spendmoney paying your affiliates without actually getting anythingin return.Reason no. 2: Other web pages mayjust not be enough.Many people make the mistake of making their website’shomepage as the landing page for their ads. The same is truefor those who make use of other pages like a “contact us”page or a product page. Homepages are often designed toserve multiple users and contains a lot of links to other pagesCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 5