A2 dance mock prep


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A2 dance mock prep

  1. 1. Looking at what you need to know to answer the exam paper  Considering how to approach the exam paper  Analysing the essay questions and how to answer them  Looking at example essays 
  2. 2.       Issues surrounding the creation of the company Subject Matter of the works (including dates) Stylistic features of AAADT (characteristics of the style reflecting the range of the genre) Two practitioners of AAADT and their backgrounds, influences and techniques Contribution and impact of the practitioners on the company including their works and the importance of their work in the development of the genre History and context of the company; how the context influenced the development of the company and how the company reflected and challenged society
  3. 3.  Section A – you will have the choice to answer one essay question out of two in relation to AAADT  Section B – you will have the choice to answer one essay question out of two in relation to Zero Degrees.
  4. 4.  Section A – This section is worth 40 marks. You are advised to spend 45 minutes on Section A.  Section B – This section is worth 40 marks. You are advised to spend 45 minutes on Section B. I am going to focus on AAADT; if you would like exam prep on Zero Degrees, please speak to Helen on Thursday.
  5. 5. Grade Points you need to get in order to reach this grade A* 51 A 47 B 42 C 37 D 32 E 27 U Up to 26
  6. 6.  Siobhan, your knowledge of the origins of AAADT is severely lacking. The information your provide is either irrelevant, extremely vague or completely incorrect. There is no way that at A2 you will be able to achieve a decent mark unless you better your understanding on the company and Ailey.  Cherilyn, you were able to make some relevant points but did not write enough information, and some of it was not in enough detail. You did not talk about the dance styles that the company exhibited in the early performances, you didn’t talk about the early works that debuted, you did not talk about the dancers that were part of the company or Ailey’s influence/s or background….. We have covered all of this!
  7. 7.  You need to remember to use the P.E.A. system when answering questions; Point, Evidence, Analysis  You need to arrive to your exam on time so you are not rushed and disorientated. Both of you arrive at the start of the exam or late, you were not on time.  You need to consider the key words in the question so you know what you are expected to do.  You need to be completing regular homework in your theory prep book twice a week from now on.
  8. 8. When you plan your answers, you jot down what you need to include in your answer and what order you will talk about them in.  This way you will not forget to include something and the answer will be well structured.  This also helps to make sure you stick to what the question is asking as when you write freely it is very easy to go off-topic. 
  9. 9. Examine the range of factors which affected and contributed to the creation of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Compare the contribution of two practitioners you have studied to the development of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
  10. 10. Discuss the subject matter used in the choreography of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater 1958 to the current time. You should refer to examples from the works of at least two practitioners to show how the subject matter is communicated. Discuss the influences which affected the development of the movement styles of two practitioners from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (1958 - current)