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LIB100 Fall 2010 Fansler Yun
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LIB100 Fall 2010 Fansler Yun


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Using Primary Resources- Lib100 – Fall 2010Craig Fansler, Preservation LibrarianAudra Eagle Yun, Digital Projects LibrarianAugust 25th 2010  Welcome and introduction  Group assignments  Intro powerpoint and videoAugust 30th 2010  Handout: "What Your Professors Are Saying"  ZSR Toolkit  Tour of ZSR and exhibit spaceSeptember 1st 2010  What are primary resources and archives?  Researching primary resources online  Image research  Assignment #1 dueSeptember 6th 2010  th Meet in Special Collections Reading Room, 6 Floor  Intro to the Dolmen Press & its artists and poets  Groups work on developing topic for exhibitSeptember 8th 2010  Narrowing a topic  Information timeline  Wikipedia?  RSS feeds, aggregators and email alertsSeptember 13th 2010
  • 2.  Library catalog  Exhibit tips, ideas, and techniques  Visit PreservationSeptember 15th 2010  Databases and scholarly journals  Groups work on exhibit titles  Assignment #2 dueSeptember 20th 2010  Zotero and citing research  Alexa Toolbar  Doomsday Pizza videoSeptember 22nd 2010  Groups work together on exhibit topic and exhibit headings  Work on a rough draft of your exhibit designSeptember 27th 2010  Work on exhibits  Each group meets with Mr. Fansler to draft exhibit design  Assignment #3 dueSeptember 29th 2010  Work on exhibitsOctober 4th 2010  Work on exhibitsOctober 6th 2010  Work on exhibits  Finalize installation
  • 3. October 11th 2010  Exhibit presentationsFinal Assigment- Dolmen Press Exhibit due Wed. Oct. 11th  Working with your group, design, research and install a library exhibit on Reynolds Level 4 in the display cases.  Your exhibit on the Dolmen Press artists and poets should contain all the elements we discuss in class: the heading, focal point, photos, an accompanying book, text summary, etc.  In designing your exhibit on Dolmen Press artists and poets, you should use at least 10 scholarly sources which you will list in a properly formatted bibliography according to MLA style as part of the exhibit project. These should all be sources that you are confident in their ability to help you answer your research question, not just sources that are vaguely about your topic!  On the day your exhibit is due, the class will assemble by the exhibits, and each group will give a short presentation to the class (5-10 minutes) about their work.