Brainstorm and Thesis Statement
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Brainstorm and Thesis Statement






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Brainstorm and Thesis Statement Brainstorm and Thesis Statement Presentation Transcript

  • Brainstorming Class 213-02-19 Zsolt Almási: Writing I 1
  • Brainstorm Finding a topic Focusing a topic Constructing a Thesis Statement Exploring a Thesis13-02-19 Zsolt Almási: Writing I 2
  • Finding a Topic Brainstorm the What 3 subjects do I enjoy reading about possibilities most? Browse in the What [] do I know the most about? library What [] do I enjoy Use the arguing about most? internet13-02-19 Zsolt Almási: Writing I 3
  • Focusing the Topic Do not try to tell everything you know Highlight a single portion of it Tree down the topic Cluster or mind-map13-02-19 Zsolt Almási: Writing I 4
  • Tree Down c u s to m R e n a is s a n c e fin a n c e e th ic s lin g u is tic s s o c ia l tra d itio n E n g lis h L a tin G re e k F re n c h A ris to tle M o n ta ig n e F ra n c is B a c o n S h a k e s p e a re H a m le t T ro ilu s a n d C re s s id e13-02-19 Zsolt Almási: Writing I 5
  • Cluster or Mind-Map13-02-19 Zsolt Almási: Writing I 6
  • Constructing a Thesis Statement Make a strong point Write a complete sentence (succinct and comprehensive) Be sure your point is worth making Place it sensibly (last third of the introductory paragraph)13-02-19 Zsolt Almási: Writing I 7
  • Exploring the Thesis Statement Brainstorm Journalist’s questions Invention of classical rhetoric Reading (Library & Internet) Ask someone13-02-19 Zsolt Almási: Writing I 8
  • Journalist’s Question Who? Why? When? Where? What? How?13-02-19 Zsolt Almási: Writing I 9
  • Invention Description Definition Cause and Narration effect Process Comparison and Contrast Classification Testimony13-02-19 Zsolt Almási: Writing I 10