World Covered Bridges世界廊桥


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A presentation on world covered bridges

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World Covered Bridges世界廊桥

  1. 1. 世界廊桥 World Covered Bridges
  2. 2. 廊桥遗 梦 (Lang Qiao Yi Meng), the title of ‘The Bridge of Madison County’ translated into Chinese means Remaining Dream of the Covered Bridge. 廊桥遗梦 The movie has spurred the renovation of ancient covered bridges in China.
  3. 3. 廊桥在中国南方可能最为普遍 Covered Bridge may be most prevalent in southern China
  4. 4. 有些廊桥是近年来新建的 , 作为标志性建筑。 Some covered bridges in China are built in now-a-days by modern technologies as landmarks. 成都廊桥 Chendou covered bridge
  5. 5. 白帝城风雨廊桥 Baidi wind-rain bridge in Chongqing
  6. 6. 大多数现存廊桥是近年来重新修缮的。 Most existing covered bridges in China have been are rebuilt or renovated recently. 福建省政和县一古廊桥于 2007 年重建 An ancient bridge in Zhenghe county, Fujian province was rebuilt in 2007 土法修桥 Rebuilt by traditional skill Before renovation After renovation
  7. 7. 浙江西南泰顺县有 900 多座古廊桥,堪称浪墙博物馆。 There are more than 900 ancient covered bridges in Taishun county, Zhejiang province. Taishun is known as museum of covered bridges.
  8. 8. 泰顺镇中的古桥 An ancient Taishun bridge in the midst of the town
  9. 9. The Xijin bridge, crossing the Yong river in Zhejiang Province is the longest covered bridge in China. It was constructed in 15 th century and rebuilt in 1718. It had a total length of 166m, with 15 stone piers and 16 wooden spans. 西津桥 Xijin Bridge 横跨浙江永康和的西津桥是中国最长的廊桥,建于明代,清雍正年间重建。桥全长 166 米, 15 个石墩, 16 跨。
  10. 10. 泰顺永庆桥 , 鉴于嘉庆二年 Yongqinf bridge in Taishun County, built in 1797
  11. 11. 泰顺刘家宅桥 Liu family ’ s bridge in Taishun 桥内的 祭祀室 A room inside is used for holding family memorial ceremony
  12. 12. 程阳侗族风雨桥 Chengyang Dong minority wind-rain bridge 程阳桥位于贵州省,连接两个大村庄,全长 64.4m 。至今每天交通都很繁忙。 The Bridge is located at Chengyang, Guizhou province. It links two big villages, has a total length of 64.4m and height 10m. The bridge is still busy in traffic every day.
  13. 13. 侗族风雨桥 Dong minority wind-rain bridge
  14. 14. 升平桥是福建省寿宁县现存最古老的廊桥,建于明天顺元年 (1457 年 ) 。 Located at Shouning county, Fujian province, Shengping bridge is the oldest existing covered bridge in China.
  15. 15. 浙江省庆元如龙桥,建于明万历二年 Located at Qingyuan county, Zhejiang province, Rulong (dragon like) bridge was built in 1574.
  16. 16. Hoi An Covered bridge in Vietnam built in 1590s is still incredibly well-preserved. 越南会安桥建于 1590 年代,一直保存良好。
  17. 17. The Ponte Coperto “covered bridge“ is a brick and stone arch bridge over the Ticino River in Pavia, The previous was heavily damaged by Allied action in 1945. The new bridge is based on the previous one , completed in 1951. Ponte Coperto (意大利语:廊桥),位于帕维亚,砖石结构拱桥,横跨提契诺河, 1945 年毁于盟军炮火。新桥安原样重建, 1951 年竣工。 Ponte Coperto 意大利廊桥
  18. 18. The Bridge of Sighs (Italian: Ponte dei Sospiri ) is one of many bridges in Venice. 意大利威尼斯惊叹之桥。
  19. 19. Bridge over the Saane/Sarine river, near Fribourg, Switzerland 瑞士弗里堡附近横跨萨嫩 / 萨林河廊桥
  20. 20. Irgandi bridge was constructed for the son of Ali of Irgandi , Hacı Muslihiddin in 1442. 土耳其伊格甘迪廊桥建于 1442 年。
  21. 21. The Bridge of Sighs in Cambridge is a covered bridge belonging to St John‘s College of Cambridge University. It was built in 1831 . 英国剑桥大学校园内的惊叹之桥建于 1831 年。
  22. 22. Покрит мост , the Bulgarian covered bridge is the symbol of the town Lovech. The bridge was destroyed by a flood in 1872 and rebuilt in 1874. 保加利亚廊桥是洛维奇镇的标志建筑, 1872 年毁于洪水后 1874 年重建。
  23. 23. The Cogan House Covered Bridge in Pennsylvania was built in 1877 and had a major restoration in 1998. 美国库根豪司廊桥建于 1877 年, 1998 年彻底重修。
  24. 24. 美国佛芒特州最长的廊桥, 1998 年彻底重建 The Dummerston bridge in Vermont, USA. It is the longest covered bridge in Vermont and had a complete renovation in 1998.
  25. 25. 奥勒冈廊桥
  26. 26. Opened on July 4, 1901, the (391 m) Canadian Hartland bridge is the longest covered bridge in the world. 1901 年通行的加拿大哈德兰桥全长 391 米,是世界上最长的廊桥。
  27. 27. The Bloor-Danforth Line in Toronto, Canada. 加拿大多伦多 地铁廊桥
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