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Blind musician Ah Bing and his most famous music-Moonlight Reflexcted on the Second Spring. 盲人音乐家阿炳及其二胡独奏曲二泉映月。

Blind musician Ah Bing and his most famous music-Moonlight Reflexcted on the Second Spring. 盲人音乐家阿炳及其二胡独奏曲二泉映月。

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  • 1. 二泉映月
    Moon Reflected On The Second Spring
    Composed by HuaYanbing (Blind Ah Bing)
  • 2. He was born in a Taoist family in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province China. His mother died when Ah Bing was only four years old. Tao priests were good at playing musical instruments and initiated him into the world of music.
    Ah Bing, real name HuaYanjun, (1893~1950), a blind musician especially specialized in erhu (Chinese violin)
  • 3. Traditional Tao religion music performance
    By the age of 18, Ah Bing's skill had been acclaimed by other musicians and became the an excellent player in Taoism music community. At the age of 21, his father died, leaving Ah Bing to fend for himself.
  • 4. His activities in playing with local bands displeased other Taoists, he was driven out of the temple.
  • 5. In his thirties, Ah Bing lost sight in both eyes due to illness. To survive he, became an itinerant street performer.
  • 6. In 1950 the Shanghai music college sent professors to record Ah Bing’s music. Six pieces of music were recorded including the most famous piece ErquanYangyue(Moon Reflected on the Second Spring). Unfortunately Ah Bing died soon after the first recording.
    Ah Bing’s former residence
  • 7. ‘Moonlight Reflected on the Second Spring’ soon became popular in China, and was introduced internationally and gained popularity all over the world. People are touched by the sadness beauty of music and the legendary life of Ah-Bing,. The first performance of the erhu concerto Moonlight Reflected on the Second Spring was played on September 11, 1983 in Shanghai to celebrate the 90th anniversary of his birth.
  • 8. “I should kneel down to listen to it!” —Ozawa Seiji
  • 9. The music shows the mood and experience of a blind artist’s uneasiness in Ah Bing’s life and a hopeless yearning for a different world.
  • 10. Ah Bing museum, rebuilt at the former Ah Bing’s residence site
  • 11. Ah Bing statue erected before the main building of the museum
  • 12.
  • 13. Inside the museum
  • 14.
  • 15. Ah Bing’s Musical Instrument
  • 16. The former Tao temple which Ah Bing and his father had worked for is also located near the museum.
  • 17. Second Spring is the place where Blind Ah Bing had always performed his music since he became blind.
  • 18.
  • 19. The spring source
  • 20.
  • 21.
  • 22.
  • 23.
  • 24. Ballet—Moonlight Reflected on the Second Spring
  • 25. Thanks for Enjoying
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