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Annular Solar Eclipse 2010
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Annular Solar Eclipse 2010


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A presentation accompanied with music O sole mio.

A presentation accompanied with music O sole mio.

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  • 'Anular Solar Eclipse'... I really like these pictures ... are very beautiful...!
    Thank you for your appreciation for 'Wisdom.'
    His words are welcome for me.
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  • 1. 多美丽的光环啊! What a beautiful blazing ring 配乐 : 我的太阳 Music: O Sole Mio
  • 2.  
  • 3. A Total eclipse in the umbra. 日全食 B Annular eclipse in the antumbra. 日环食 C Partial eclipse in the penumbra 日偏食
  • 4. 非洲和亚洲有千万人在星期五见到了日食。日食路径从非洲乍得开始,经过刚果共和国、乌干达、肯尼亚和索马里进入印度洋,再经过亚洲马尔代夫、印度南部、斯里兰卡一部分、缅甸和中国都能见到日食。 Thousands of people in Africa and Asia viewed an eclipse Friday as the moon crossed the sun‘s path blocking everything but a narrow, blazing rim of light. The path of the eclipse began in Africa - passing through Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Somalia before crossing the Indian Ocean.The path then continued into Asia where the eclipse could be seen in Maldives, southern India, parts of Sri Lanka, Myanmar and China.
  • 5. The moon passes between the sun and the earth during an annular solar eclipse over the skies of the Rift Valley town of Nakuru, 160km (99 miles) west of Kenya's capital.
  • 6. 马尔代夫 Maldive
  • 7. 印度 India
  • 8. 缅甸 Myanmar
  • 9.  
  • 10. An image of the annular solar eclipse is seen on a shadow falling on the ground formed by a bifocal spectacle in Bangalore, India.
  • 11.  
  • 12.  
  • 13. The sun is seen partially blocked by the moon through ceilings of Chinese ancient buildings during a solar eclipse observed in Kaifeng, in central China's Henan province, Friday, Jan. 15, 2010. The eclipse is known as an annular eclipse because the moon doesn't block the sun completely.
  • 14. Hankou
  • 15. 天津 Tianjin
  • 16. 大连环食日落 An eclipsed sunset at Dalian, China 昆明 Kunming
  • 17. Sunset on the Yellow River Drops into the sea at Qindao
  • 18. Sunset at Weihai beach
  • 19. Sunset in Yantai, China
  • 20. Good bye, Blazing Ring
  • 21. Meet next annular solar eclipse on May 21, 2012 (China local time) in South China, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan It would be an eclipsing sun rise in the morning. 下次日环食将于 2012 年 5 月 12 日发生,广东省香港澳门台湾将能见到带蚀的日出。