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Endangered Species Slideshow by Zoya Rajput
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Endangered Species Slideshow by Zoya Rajput



Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. By: Zoya RajputEndangered Animals There is still time...
  • 2. What are endangered species?A group of organisms that are at risk of being extinct. %40 of all organisms are said to be endangered Many countries have made safe places for endangered species to live Many endangered species need more help than this
  • 3. D id y o u k n o w a sy o u r e r e a d in gt h is m o r e a n dm o r e a n im a l s a r eatg e t t in g a t r is k o f
  • 4. Good & Bad News . . . The good news is that some species have made a comeback. The bad news is that many more species are now under threat, including indicator species and evolutionarily unique species. (When an indicator species becomes threatened, endangered, or worse, extinct, this means an entire ecosystem faces collapse.) The consequences can have global impact.
  • 5. Causes of endangermentChanges in environmentChanges in weather/climateLack of food/waterHabitat lossHuntingPollutionCompetition from other speciesPredationDiseases
  • 6. S om e E nd ange re d Anim als G iant P and a P and as are rare to b e gin with . Th at m e ans th e re we re ne ve r a lot of th e m , b u t along with a los s of h ab itat, p and as d ie t cons is ts of 100% b am b oo. Bam b oo b loom s and d ie s off ap p roxim ate ly e ve ry 1 2-17 ye ars . H u nting is anoth e r cau s e of e nd ange rm e nt of p and as . A p and a s kin can b ring a lot of m one y to a p oor farm e r in th e re gion. Alas kan Wolf Th e Alas kan wolf nu m b e rs are d e cre as ing b e cau s e h u m ans fe e l th e ne e d to h u nt th e m d own ne ar e xtinction, ye t th e y continu e s e arch ou t th e ir fam ilie s . Th e wolf h ad once live d p e ace fu lly with h u m ans m any ye ars ago, wh y h as it ch ange d now? Bu t e ve n with ou t h u nting, th e wolfs p re y is h ard e r to find for it
  • 7. K oala Be ar Th e K oala b e ars we re ad d e d on th e e nd ange re dlis t in M ay 2000. S cie ntis ts th ou gh t e ve ryone wou ld b e m ore aware of th e d ange rs of cu tting d owntre e s . K oalas live on e u calyp tu s tre e s , and a large p e rce ntage of th e s e s p e cial p lants are b e ing cu t d own. S ib e rian Tige r S ib e rian Tige rs are d is ap p e aring b e cau s e of th e following factors : d e fore s tation, p oach ing, p op u lation d e -fragm e ntation, and s om e oth e r factors . Th e ir b od y p arts are wid e ly u s e d in As iatic folk m e d icine s , and th e ir p e lts are ve ry valu ab le am ong afflu e nt p e op le . Am u r s u b s p e cie s are alre ad y gone in C h ina and K ore a, and can only b e fou nd in th e S ikh ote -Alin re s e rve , R u s s ia.
  • 8. Th e re is s till tim e ...S o wh at can you d o to h e lp s ave th e e nd ange re d anim als ?
  • 9. Write about how important it is to help endangered speciesT friends and family ell to helpLearn more about endangered species and learn how you can helpWrite to your senator or representative
  • 10. L e all the facts abo t arn u endange d spe s. re cieDedicate yo rse to he u lf lp o t w sav u ith ing endange d spe s re cieM ake cho s in life ice
  • 11. Share it!Th ink ab ou t h ow m u ch can b e d one to p rote ct th ee nd ange re d anim als if you ge t e ve ryone involve d . Start an endangered species program at your school Get your family & friends involved Teach others about endangered species Learn more about endangered species so you will be able to answer questions asked by people who are interested in helping or getting involved.