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Article submitter platinum free download

  1. 1. Article Submitter – ReviewWriting articles is an essential tool forthe majority of Internet marketers.Whether you are using them for yourown blog, submitting articles tohigh-ranking directories for some good,old article marketing or just usingthem as part of your link-buildingstrategy, there’s almost no way around writing articles. Article Submitter (made by Brad Callen) is a pieceof software that allows you to submit articles to many directories with just a few clicks. In today’s review,I’ll be taking a look at what the free version of this software has to offer.OverviewName: Article SubmitterAuthor: Brad CallenMedium: Software (Windows)Price: FreeThe free version of the Article Submitter is not time-limited and there is no catch involved. However, itcould be described as a limited-functionality version. There are two paid versions, called ArticleSubmitter Gold and Article Submitter Platinum, that offer more features and more directories tosubmit to.What’s It About?When you submit an article to an article directory like Ezinearticles or Articlesbase, that content is meantfor repurposing. It often happens that your article gets picked up and republished by some blogs, forexample. Since you get a new backlink (the one you get to place in your “bio box” or “resource box”) eachtime that your article is republished, this is great for improving your website’s pagerank.To get more links, you can simply submit your article to more than one directory. Since you have thecopyright to the article and it’s meant for repurposing, there’s no reason not to (no, not even duplicatecontent). The only problem is that you have to register for each directory, navigate to each one in yourbrowser, log in, copy and paste your article and then submit. This takes a lot of time.Article Submitter simply aims to make this process easier and quicker.Some ScreenshotsHere’s what you see when you launch the Article Submitter:
  2. 2. As you can see, there is a list of directories on the topframe (a total of 77 directories in the free version, at thetime of writing this) and a browser window in the framebelow. When you double-click one of the directories listedin the top frame, it opens up in the browser windowbelow.Article Submitter will then fill in all of the fields in the forms,if possible. You pre-enter your article title, description,tags, the article itself as well as the resource-box, linksand a category in this “Add Article” window:There are several tabs for easier navigation and for yourarticle description, body and bio box, there are separatefields where you can enter HTML and non-HTMLversions of the texts. Article Submitter will automaticallysubmit the non-HTML versions to all directories that don’tallow HTML input.The same principle applies to login andregistration:You simply enter your Username Password emailaddress, etc. and Article Submitter will auto-fill thedirectories’ login screens. If you want to submit to adirectory where you aren’t registered yet, you canmanually navigate to the “Register” or “Sign-in”page and Article Submitter will fill out all of the necessary information for your registration. All that’s leftfor your to do is to tick a box, agreeing to the terms of service and sometimes solve a Captcha. Then, youwill receive an email and once you’ve confirmed it, you’ll be ready to log in and submit your article.This only applies to the first time you visit each of the directories. Once you have registered, the log inand submission process becomes much faster.Does It Work?The big question is, of course, what it’s like to actually work with the software and if the submissions worksmoothly. The most time-consuming task you will face when starting out with the Article Submitter is thatfirst round of registering.I suggest doing this in bulk for all of the directories. Make sure to open a new e-mail account, just forthese article-based mails. You’ll get a ton of mails, even just from the sign-up process alone. Onceyou’ve done all of the registrations, go to your inbox and confirm them all. This whole thing takes quite alot of time, but once it’s done, you’ll never have to do it again.
  3. 3. After the registrations are done, each article submission will require only a few clicks. Sometimesyou need to select a more suitable category manually (about 30% of the times I tested) and sometimesyou need to tick a “agree to TOS” box. Apart from that, I found that the Article Submitter is spot on withthe auto-filling.So, yes, it does work and quite well, at that. The only problem I have with it, is that it still takes quite sometime to do dozens of submissions. Nowhere near as long as it would take to do them manually, butwaiting for each directory to load so that you can check the form and click submit gets quite boring,quickly. Realistically, don’t expect that you will submit each one of your articles to all of the 77 directoriesavailable. Pick your favourite dozen or so among the directories that have good traffic rankings andsubmit to those.One thing that I really miss in Article Submitter is an option to spin or rotate your link’s anchortext. As it is, every single article will backlink to a page or website of your choosing using the exact sameanchor text. If you do lots of submissions, this could raise a red flag for search engines because it doesn’tlook natural when you get all these identical links.RatingsSpam-FactorIt’s too early to rate the spam-factor. So far, I haven’t been flooded with emails, which is a good sign. Iwant to give it a few weeks before I make a final verdict, however.Scam-ScaleNot much scammyness to be detected, here. There are reallyonly two factors:1. The pitch page clearly states that you’ll be able to submit articles to 374 directories. Only onceyou’ve downloaded the program do you learn that the free version is limited to 77 directories.2. There is an instant upsell, once you sign up for the free version. It’s what I’d describe as an honestupsell, though. The second pitch page simply promotes the two paid versions of the ArticleSubmitter, which have more features. I’m not rating this as particularly scammy because there’snone of that “discover the real secret!” bullcrap going on and the products offered are actuallyvery reasonably priced.So, I give it a very good two out of five on the scam-scale.Overall RatingThe free version of the article submitter does, what it’s supposed to do: Itsubmits your articles to lots of directories semi-automatically. The software isvery easy to use and I was impressed with how well it auto-filled all of the forms for each directory(including the categories).The only problems are that it still requires human input and there are no options for spinning the text or atleast rotating titles and resource box info. So, while it makes article submissiona lot faster than you could
  4. 4. ever do it manually, it’s still tedious to submit to more than a dozen or so directories and you might stillhave to do some manual tweaking.A big plus is that it’s free. So, go ahead and give it a try. If you don’t like it for some reason, you’ve lostnothing.This is for you if: You do article marketing / bum marketing You would like to use articles for link-building purposes You would like to submit your articles to more directories, but can’t be bothered because it’staking too much time You want to make article submission easier, but don’t want to spend moneyThis is not for you if: Articles are in no way a part of your Internet marketing strategy You are looking for a fully automatic solution (in that case, you might want to give the Platinumversion a try – or wait for some of my upcoming reviews)ConclusionThe Article Submitter is a very useful tool for anyone using articles to build links or direct traffic to theirwebsites. Best of all, it’s free. So just give it a try and see for yourself, if you like it.One thing I can tell you is that I don’t see myself going back to manually submitting articles to multipledirectories anytime soon.Click here to find the free version of the Article Submitter.