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Yelawolf - Radioactive
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Yelawolf - Radioactive


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Yelawolf - Radioactive

Yelawolf - Radioactive

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  • 1. 1. Radioactive Introduction 2. Get Away (feat. Shawty Fatt & Mystikal) 3. Let’s Roll (feat. Kid Rock) 4. Hard White (Up In The Club) (feat. Lil Jon) 5. Growin’ Up In The Gutter (feat. Rittz) 6. Throw It Up (feat. Gangsta Boo & Eminem) 7. Good Girl (feat. Poo Bear) 8. Made In The U.S.A. (feat. Priscilla Renea) 9. Animal (feat. FeFe Dobson) 10. The Hardest Love Song In The World 11. Write Your Name (feat. Mona Moua) 12. Everything I Love The Most 13. Radio 14. Slumerican Shitizen (feat. Killer Mike) 15. The Last Song BONUS TRACKS 16. Whip It 17. I See You 18. In This World Executive Producer: Eminem Co-Executive Producer: Kawan "KP" Pratherwww.yelawolf.comInterscope Records. 2220 Colorado Ave.,Santa Monica, CA 90404. Manufactured anddistributed in the United States by UniversalMusic Distribution. ©2011 InterscopeRecords. All rights reserved. Unauthorizedduplication is a violation of applicable laws.
  • 2. RADIOACTIVE INTRODUCTION mud for giggles (huh)/What a son of a bitch my mama raised into aI am, I am The American Eagle, eyes of a sparrow,/Right hand rapper/Who could tell a story like my uncle when hes drinking/Product of abranch, Left hand arrow/Chasing a dollar, in an Impala/White Trash working environment/Fuck is y’all thinking?/Meaning, I’m working, workingheart-throb, Mellow Yellow/Drinkin hard liquor, broads get on my harder than any artist could ever do, its simply cause I’m made that way/Illlevel/Im hotter than the bottom side of of a whistlin Kettle/They build a house around your ass before you could realize/You’re in a neigh-threw a mountain at me, I got hit with a pebble/They sent me to borhood that Yelawolf made/So call me a redneck and tell your boys aboutHell and I shit on the devil/Tried to bury my Chevy box but I won’t it/Tellem I’m an Alabama wannabe, I’ll be that!/I’ll just take it to the studiobuckle/Hey thats a deep hole bitch, bring a long shovel/Im long and drop a bomb on you/From a muthafuckin beanbag, I need that!gone, Im grown-up and Im gone cut you/Wit a chrome blade if youwanna play then homes Fuck You!/Fuck you til you cant take a Hookshit,/Yea Ima fuck everybody Tsunami, better anchor the ship/And Get away, tell my folks roll up the J’s/Bring Yelawolf a deuce, well sit up onaim for the ankles & wrists, I came for the dangerous shit/I claim to the roof or the broken Chevrolet/Talk til theres nothing left to say/Cause ifbe named for the hits, the game is a chain that I grip I don’t get away, you gonna see my trailer park ghetto ways/Then you gonSlain from the pain of a trip it took to see Wayne in a whip/I became have to get away from me/Drink some, smoke some/You gone have to getwhat I came to get the change for the the change I give/a quarter away from me, load up the gun, load up the gun/Then you’ll have to getfor your thoughts preciate the contribution/Slumerican, I depreciate away from me/Drink some, smoke some/Cause if I don’t get away, youthe the Constitution/alleviate the crew when I leave a page a gonna see my trailer park ghetto ways/Then you gone have to get awayruins/to each his own I guess I own each and every room in/the from mehouse I built is full of hopes no "ifs"/So I stand with a giant like aking, no stilts/If Im generation X Im selling X no pills/Dope man Shawty Fattchoppin up lines ya dont sniff..You readem/Im bringin back book- (Yeeeaaahh)lets and hook-less lyrics/so you can be certain just in case you did- Man, I done been through it all/I done been up and know what it is tont hear it/the "what he says", "come agains", "What is that"/come fall/Punk police feeling all on my balls/Without a probable cause, cause ato Earth, Touchdown! I might be your running back/Because you n---a sittin tall/"Dawg, you gotta do something Fatt./On the road with Wolf,hollerd "run it back"/Stay cool enough to wear toboggans as a Why did you come back?"/Cause them up there, don’t wanna play fair/Gotsummer hat/steady on the drum I rap, hope theres no one under me pinned to the wall, like a fucking thumb tack. "Dumb Fat!"/Dumb hell,that/rock that I roll mosh-pit thowd,/girls on ya shoulders get top- criticize a n---- for the crack I sell/Like you could give a shit if A n---- eatless at the shows/fuck your mop & glow, cant mop a dirt road/It well/or eat at all, wanna see me fall/Letem see that? Naw Dawg, themonly makes mud, raised around deer I know how to chase lies./long as I got Catfish on my side,/Bitch I’m headed up, up, up to thebucks/baby sitter 16 taught me how to make 7/I been rais- sky/Roll up, lets get high, wave at em bye I need that!ing hell so I can make it to heaven/pick up a 2 liter but I only needthe plastic/know how to make bombs with aluminum & acid/but- Hookterfly effect of a hurricanes magic/tornado path in the rear viewmirror of my 87 classic/Im talkin bout Gadsden, Look Mama no Mystikal 20 plus 20 still spittin em out/Still piss on your porch and still shit in yourhands, Im Radioactive! house/Then put my dick in your mouth, take it back out, put it back in/Fuck on the floor, skeet on the couch/Which one of you ugly muthafuckers thinkGET AWAY (FEAT. SHAWTY FATT & MYSTIKAL) you thugg enough or rugg enough or gutter enough/gutter enough fastYelawolf enough to keep up wit me/The most retarded mutherfucker in the whole(Yeah) wide world/Ain’t stupid or dumb enough to fuck with me/If you in say youHell of a day to load a 22 and take it to the woods/And let it ring in, and if you is handle your mutherfuckin business/Knuckle up, buckle up,into the night and break a bottle with a bullet/Yes I’m ‘bout it hustle up, huddle up. What we gone do? WIN!/Not a nan’ nother n---- outtamutherfucker/Not a single solitary thing is missing from my south- there can compare/To what I do to these boys on these bars and theseern roots/I’m liable just to take a Chevrolet/And run it through the scales/In these clubs in these bars/on these tables and chairs/I need that!
  • 3. LET’S ROLL (FEAT. KID ROCK)HookYeah, I’m throwed off,/it ain’t about the money/I’mma blow it all/Imade my own lane/Let’s roll! Let’s roll!/Yeah, I’m going off/Ain’tgot a whole lot/But I’mma show it off/Better recognize game/Let’sroll! Let’s roll!Verse 1Yeah, now let me welcome you to my small town/Big trucks in theyard, big bucks on the wall/Country folks all around/How I wasraised, 808 drums quake and they shake that Box ‘88/And the dopeboys’ hotter than Hell’s gate, but I,/Still in the shade, with a fold outchair and a 30 pack on the back of that tailgate/A-L-A –B-A-M-A,I’m off, I might pee in a lake/I might go to Talladega and see me arace/And bring me a case/Yeah, I’m bringing a case, I’m gettingthrowed offHookVerse 2And I’m all the way throwed off/Z-71 take the bow off/Dipped inmossy oak with a mullet Mohawk/With a bright orange hat and abat underneath that Chevy seat/Yea buddy might go off, split youlike a bowling ball/Spit to you in my overalls/Home of theGummo/Gotta couple a folks thatll do it to you for the hundo/andwhen them elephant feet rumble/That Dixie cups gonna fall out ofthe console/You dont wanna have a convo/And not understand that‘Bama slanguage like/“Holler” and “ain’t it”,/but I come to paint/Soyou won’t get throwed offHook
  • 4. Verse 3 feeling./They done broke me down so many times before that I’m noI’m just a kid that rocks/I’m just a boy with a dream/That bet it all with longer rapping I’m building/with one brick, two brick, three brick, four.the last bill that I had hid in my socks/Used to keep a 22 in a shoe Underneath the steps of my singlewide door./Raised by the dope boysbox/Now I bang Beretta/She’s twenty-two but I keep her in a tube so I know how them thangs look, thanks for the recipe rest in peacetop/White trash and all/Take us all the way to the top and then laugh it Wayne Bush./I don’t cut my shit. I don’t break it down for you mother-off like/How the fuck did I get a catalog/With more hits than a fuckin’ fuckers out there waiting around for some rap savior,/you better lookjack hammer dog/Cause I planned it all/Crimson Tide standing tall/Shit up at what it is that you’re facing now,/cuz Jesus drives rides a Harley,I’m another lit cannon ball/Fuck around and I’m a go off and I’m getting the devil wears Prada,/if God was one of us, he’d probably drink Vodka./Ithrowed off still kick at the party when I get rich, cuz rich or broke, I’m still as dope. The realist ain’t as real as this./Dead or alive I put a stamp in this bitch,Hook you’ll never see rock n’ roll do hip hop like I did I’m HookHARD WHITE (UP IN THE CLUB) (FEAT. LIL JON)It’s your boy Lil Jon, got my partner Yelawolf with me, what’s up Yela, Two bottle shawty, two bitches waiting, two tens that’s a win, win situ-you know it’s time to crank the club up again. ation./Happy Birthday, I’m feeling brand new, drinks on me, for me, not you./Up in the club, don’t give a fuck, up in the club, don’t give a fuck,Verse 1 up in the club, still don’t give a fuck. Yeah, yeah we don’t give a fuck./It’sYea, yea you aint gotta lay down your back to know you already fucked Ghet-O-Vision, Shady, Happy Birthday, Alabama!/Still don’t give a fuck,up./Letting me in the motherfucking game is like letting me drunk drive naw your boy Lil Jon, you know we rep the south!/Up in the club, don’tin your truck./When Yelawolf arrived in this club/I already had 5 in my give a fuck! Up in the club don’t give a fuck! I ain’t in the building I owncup, I done took another hit, I done ran into a bitch that’s looking lifeless the building bitch!!!and stuck,/baby what’s wrong with you now, what you ain’t happy withred bottoms,/mad cause I’m in VIP with a fucking jack bottle, with Tom,Dick, and Harry; but I got up in this bitch with Tank Top, cuz I spit so GROWIN’ UP IN THE GUTTER (FEAT. RITTZ)very. Dumb Quick and Scary./That’s why they so quick to compare me. YelawolfBut fuck the critics, with a spike dick, when it can fit barely./They prob- Once upon a time in an apartment home/Lived a little girl with a heartably think I’m a limp biscuit that spits jelly./But I put them in the woods, of stone/Cause part of her heart was partly gone/Rarely seen and hardlyI’m a redneck. I’m a hick tell me, go ahead./What the fuck does it matter known/Treated like a mat on a boxing ring/Blood drop stains on the twinto me, cuz after me theyll only be wannabe’s, and mostly ain’t never box springs/Daddy came to visit it’s not a dream/She thought to herselfgonna be’s./Yea, in this forest I’m a lonely tree, my limbs are covered in what is happening?/Above her head is a crucifix/But Lucifer loosens uptattoos, and my roots they run deep Im his wrist/Lays her down with an open fist/And all that was left was hopelessness/Little girl, where’s your loving mother?/Under the covers,Hook under the covers/Little girl what have you discovered/She stuttered…Two bottle shawty, two bitches waiting, two tens, that’s a win, win sit-uation/Happy Birthday, I’m feeling brand new/Drinks on me, for me not Hookyou./Up in the club, don’t give a fuck, up in the club, don’t give a fuck, Growin’ up in the gutter/No more, fairy tales, and so/No place like hell,up in the club, don’t give a fuck, up in the club still don’t give a fuck. no place like home/Growin’ up in the gutter/Black and white, in a frame/There we are, safe and sound/Stray guns, no aim, yea!/Growin’Verse 2 up in the gutter!I don’t know what to say after that first verse, I mean like damn I justkilled it/What the fuck am I supposed to do with this cow/I done alreadymilked it./Smoke another cigarette unfiltered,/let go of anything that I’m
  • 5. (Yelawolf) YelawolfAnd you ain’t gotta be from the projects/To deal with this nonsense I already got/2 cars in a yard that dont run/So why would I wanna breakRittz shit down for you/Better be confused with the punch lines and bars thatCuz even in suburbia somebody will murder ya/Over nothin leave your I lunch/Here the king if archery come/Wit a cracker dick to fuck youbody slumpin/In the parking lot of your complex/Violence is a hard pill and that pussy carpet you munch/If Im not hardly the one/You must beto swallow and digest/My town is full of drug dealers/Most of them get barely the one/Billy if really youre kiddin/Bitch Im the prodigal son/Andshot in the process/Hustlin and stackin up profits/They robbin muther- Im stuntin like my daddy/Dr-dr-drinkin like my mama/Cu-cu-countryfuckas like they havin a contest/Shit, he took a bitch to his apartment like my uncle/Stuttering like a cd in a dunk/P-p-p-punk/And Im in ato brag/A week later he tied up on the carpet and gagged/Cause he blue Chevy runnin over motherfuckers in first/I aint even shift gearsshowed her all the pills he had for sale for the low/She told her cousin yet, I aint even here yet Im outta this earth, right (yeah Ho)/But I justthen her cousin grabbed a glock and a mask/Kicked in his door laid him hit the surface and Im bout to walk into a bank, wit a shank and a blackdown/Then he shot him and dashed/Ran off with all that he had/He used can of paint/and check the clerk WHERE THE KEYS?/Bitch you betterto be ballin now he got a colostomy bag/What you know about that/Mid- check your purse, I got a brick of herb, And I hit the syrup/And Im feelingdle class white bitch slangin her body for crack/Mexican drug cartels, like I might just hit the curb/So get the fuck outta my way buddy/Youyou hear the buck shot shells/and then the blood clot fails/There aint dont wanna walk around the chicken house with a hawk little puppyno healin the wounds/Biggest meth bust on the east coast right here in dog/Yelawolf and Eminem shit/Sufferin succotash, yeah, suck a dickDuluth/My lyrics are proof/of growin up in the gutta bitchYelawolf HookYou think you can define how hard you got it?!/By what neighborhoodyou live in muthafucker/Wake up in the gutter! Gangsta Boo Bitch please, you don’t want to step up to this Mrs. G-A-N-G-S-T-A BooYelawolf make a n---- hit his knees When/I’m up in the building/Preaching toSlumerican indeed, I am/Drug through the mud like a weed, what I my children/I don’t be taking no shit from you haters/Youll make meam/Was child who was beat, I am/Leather belts that made me, I hurt one of your feelings (ha, ha, ha, ha, ha)/Naa, naa, ne, naa, naa/Pickam/Home alone again at 8, I am/Somebody’s life to rate, I am/Given to yo face up off the flo/I got you feeling sad naa/You be on thatthe beast by fate, I am/The one who did escape, I am/A voice for the hokeewag/Hokeewag is bullshit/Run into this gangsta have yourcold in the dark, I am/The one who sold his heart, I am/From a family preacher at the pulpit, Bitch!/I was born on the Mississippi River/Taketorn apart, I am/A target for your dart, I am/Sick again from the whips, no shit from a bitch or a n----/So, so crazy got a fucked up tem-I am/Head to the gun and click, I am/A soul that don’t run from shit, per/‘Bipolar, Not Nikki, I’m worsa, I’ll hurt cha/I gotta crazy ass mindI am/Exposed to the g.o.a.t.s. of sin, I am/Met a ghost and he game/My n----, I’m a lion untamed/Hunt your ass down in my jungle/Isaid, I am/In the basement in red, I am/Dead cause the Ouija do this, I tell them hoes……You ain’t ready for it Bitch! Hookboard said, I-A-M EminemTHROW IT UP (FEAT. GANGSTA BOO & EMINEM) Me and Yelawolf tear the roof/of this motherfucker you ain’t got theHook oomph you’re a hoof to the foot of an elephant/hello toots you look soI see you bitches talkin’ loud, but you ain’t sayin shit/Get the fuck from eloquent that’s what I tell a cunt/come sit up front cause your kickin’‘round here, you don’t rep my shit/You ain’t from my city, you don’t know my seat and I’m tryin’ to tell the cashier what I want/they say I act likeabout this/You don’t want that drama, you ain’t ready for it bitch!/Now an asshole when I pull up at the Whitecastle and I ask for anthrow it up (yeah ho)/Throw it up/Throw it up (yeah ho, you ain’t ready appli/cation throw it back in their face and tell the bitch I’m a rapperfor it bitch) then I wrap her/in the head with a Whopper that I bought from BK you(repeat) expect me to be proper/bitch you better pop in a CD of me immedi
  • 6. ately slut/hoe skeedideedada/ Prada not a chance I was thinking about and all of your friends hate me/Then you show up to my room and damnbuying you some clothes but Target was closed/so I decided to mosey near rape me/And then goes from fuck you, to fuck me baby/You leaveon over to K-mart but the doors/was locked what about some shoes I early so nobody sees you at the spot/Now you’re stuck between a hardthought great I suppose/so I go to Payless but what do you know they place and a rock/You call me a player, but I have lied to you not/Causedidn’t carry a size 8 in hoes/oh this is ugly boy swag putting toe tags/on I’m not a player, I just crush a lot. Holler!you motherfucking hoe bags/what a trailer trash pioneer I am yeah that’swhy I’m here/I don’t got a rhyme book it’s more like a motherfuckin’ Hookdiary that diarrhea/me Yelawolf and Gangsta’ Boo came here to showyou a thang or two/about sign language middle fingers aimed at you so Verse 3we don’t gotta scream at you/ow I just bit my bottom lip it was an acci- I’m in jail again, on my Johnny Cash/Some dude was talking shit, I haddent I went to go tell ‘em all to go get fucked/but I’m never gonna bite to whip his ass/Called you in the morning, and you just fuckin’ laugh/Youmy tongue little bitch throw it up think it’s cute, you love my crazy ass/And I wonder if you’ll ever leave my side/Cause the more that I ignore you, the more you wanna ride/I tell you that I’m bad but you never ask why/Cause you just want theGOOD GIRL (FEAT. POO BEAR) good from a really bad guy/You want to rock, let’s rock and roll, justThis ain’t for the good girls gone bad, this one’s for the bad girls trying know/I’m only good at one thing and it’s not control/But I am consistent,to go good that’s something to be proud’a/Cause I ain’t shit with you and I ain’t shit without yaHookHow could someone like me so bad like get such a good girl/Such a Hookgood girl, you’re a good girl/And I know that I don’t treat you like I shouldgirl/Like I could girl, like my good girl To all the bad girls trying to go good/There’s no such thing as good girl gone bad girl/Just a bunch of bad girls trying to go good/Alabama,Verse 1 mane!/Hello, my name is Yelawolf, I’m a sex addict/It’s a disease, there’sHere I go again, on my shit again/Walking through the mall, acting like medication for it and everything/To all the bad girls trying to goa prick again/You had a halter-top; I had my Famous socks/You came to good/There’s no such thing as good girl gone bad girl/Just a bunch ofshop; I came to ho hop/You had your girl witcha/Both looking great, I bad girls trying to go good/Alabama, mane!/Hello, my name is Yelawolf,wanted both of y’all/How about a double take/She was hating looking I am a sex addict/Here take these, there’s medication for it and every-at me like a scumbag/But something made you want to turn around and thingcome back/Prob’ly cause I just don’t give a fuck/I just want to see oneof these hookas in my truck/So tell your girlfriend tough luck,/She justwanna see you with somebody dressed up/Well, I really ain’t into that MADE IN THE U.S.A. (FEAT. PRISCILLA RENEA)type of shit/I’m into tattoos and drinking ‘til six/Fucking ‘til nine, sleeping Yeah, land of the free, home of the hard, home of the tough, survivors‘til twelve/And going back to my homies with a story to tell Verse 1Hook We some gun toting, church going, 18-wheel rolling/Bag slanging, flag waving, at the dinner table praying/Old school yard fighting, beerVerse 2 drinking, hell raising/Hard working, blue collar, earn it all dueThis shit should’a been finished/I’m as surprised as you are, that you paying/Illegal weed smoking, dope cooking, dirt dealers/On the cornerstill let me in it/But you continue to text message me/Right after saying bible preachers/Hollywood dream seekers/Muddy water swimmingthat we should both move separately/But you don’t want to see me in/Rockin Roll all the time/Straight from the assembly line/And that’sgo/Even though I’ve only given you dick and cold cereal/So you must how it’s made!have a thing for lucky charms/Or the bad girl in you just fell into my luckyarms/You love to cuss me out and call me crazy/Say I’m no good
  • 7. Hook Verse 1That’s how it’s made in the U.S.A., the U.S.A./A manufactured dream, Here we go (Alabama’s own buddy) Promenade/(And I’m in a zone now)a fraction of a thing/We got it made, in the U.S.A. the U.S.A. Everybody (Bringing them home baby) To the stage/Slick Ricky BobbyIsn’t it great? How we got it made in a NASCAR/Running over mutherfuckers like I’m in a bar/Sentimental mutherfuckers in a cookie jar/Be the late night snack I’m SantaVerse 2 Claus/Down in Panama Beach, drunk, in my under-alls/Playin under-We some 9 to 5 back breaking/Food Stamp line waiting/Convict time wear volleyball with your broad/I ain’t bothered by youre triple D’s, notgiving/Underage time taking/Neighborhood gang banging/Subway graf- at all/Let me hold’em up for ya baby while you walk/Wanna get thefiti painting/Big cars, street stars/SCYoung dirty money making/Old party bumpin, let me do my thing/If the marijuana plant needmoney home taking/Clothes in the yard throwing/Late on the rent pay- watering/Throw it in a bong let it start bubbling, know what I mean/But-ing/Foul mouth word saying/One-way street paving/Road to success, ter bean Badda Badda Bing/Trashy white pass the mic, yeah I’m doin’mbut you gotta do some concrete laying/That’s how it’s made! dirty/Fists start pumpin when I’m in the lights, like I’m rapping in Jer- sey/Never get elegant in elementary never learned to write inHook cursive/Raised by the country B-Boys, I’m elegantly perfect/Rack it in, pack’em in to the back again, rap it up,/wrap it in sicker than a pack ofPriscilla Renea 10 Mini-thins/You’ll get when I win, but I won’t loose in fact I’m gonnaShe’s been eating lies we fed her/Shoulda been full/But nothing’s help- win/Win again, with another hand, here’s another hand, here’s anothering/Knew she wanted something better/Still she took the second help- hand/Dealer can I get another hand, here’s a hand King, King, King,ing/Now she’s well known, broke and cold/Fendi jackets, full of holes/No King/Bitch Ghet-O-Vision in the Dirty South and you know we’re gettin’one knows clean/Rich Yeah!Verse 3 HookSingle mother child raising/From the stripper poll swinging/Daughter in the red light/Coals for the cold season/She don’t speak, Verse 2no reason/Why? Cause no one will ever know Candy-coated whip runnin over candy coated rappersThat’s what? That’s how it’s made! (vrooom)/Panties on her drip do a back flip for me, baby be an acro- batic actor, Action!/Do a cart wheel on a bar will you do a cart wheelHook while I chill on a bar stool/Will I throw a dart at a wet seal, well if I see a whale I’ma throw a fuckin harpoon/Go looney toons and lose yourThat’s how it’s made, in the U.S.A. the U.S.A./It’s every mother’s fruit of the looms to prove you’re in the room you’re shroomin to thedream/To see her daughter on her knees/Well we got it made, in the moon/But in the morning you’re wakin’ up like a broom, swept off yourU.S.A., the U.S.A./Isn’t it great? How we got it made/That’s feet cause Yelawolf ain’t a groom/I ain’t poppin the cherry, I’m poppinhow it’s made in the U.S.A. berry moonshine, hop in the bedroom, let’s move/If you wanna com- pare me, compare me to a legend, don’t compare me to a youngANIMAL (FEAT. FEFE DOBSON) fool/Go get a gun, go get a gun, I’ll get a cinnabon and sit upon ya fuckin roof/I live it son, I get it done, Fuck anyone yea fuck anyone whoHook ain’t fuckin with the crew/Yea throw another bucket in the pool, dry itThey should’a never ever let you out/Cold animal with a mouth from the out now everybody skate/Cause I’m a lord, I’m a doggy town (Wolf!)South/Whatcha gonna say? Whatcha gonna do?/Cause you know they A-L-A-B-A-M-A My state/My state of mind 1985 wide body, lookin forcoming, coming after you/Watch out for the D-Boys/Watch out for the the little small town keg party/Wanna get drunk wanna fall up in a hot-boys in blue/You better keeping it moving/You know they’re taking shots tie, get shitty like a port-o-potty/So jump on the paddy wagon like aat you/Cause you’re an animal Pakistanian packin’ a Mac 11 Wit a pack of maniacs/11:30 back at it again/I’m ready for the battle when and where muthafucka, they let
  • 8. another cracker in/Yea! WRITE YOUR NAME (FEAT. MONA MOUA) HookHook I’ll write your name across the sky/And take away the stars cause you light up the night/Feel as high as the moon when you’re here withTHE HARDEST LOVE SONG IN THE WORLD me/That’s why I’m gonna write your name for the world to seeI usually don’t do this but fuck itVerse 1 Verse 1You like the hardest thing I ever seen/And I’m from the gutter, so believe Another old man on the porch with a bottle/Wind blows and the oldme, I’ve seen some hard things/You come from where the black flower rocking chair wobbles/He’s just a waving, everybody’s welcomed/Allgrows/I wanted to cut you down and take you home/Call me Axle Rose/I he can say about the youth is Lord help ‘em/Gotta couple grandbabiescan see you in a 1976 Camaro/Me and you sipping whiskey, getting but they never call though/Let him in the South and they moved todrunker than Jack Sparrow/Is Black Sabbath how you get mellow?/Huh, Chicago/Wife’s in Heaven and he says every since/Vietnam life’s beenthen put your feet on my Harley Davidson petals/And rock and roll girl hard as a veteran/Simple life just a 6-pack, ice cold/Crossed the Georgia line for a ticket for the Lotto/Probably never see his name in the head-Hook lines/But if I had a plane I’d put it in the skyLike a diamond cuts through a pearl/This the hardest love song in the Alabama!world/You can get it in with your girl/To the hardest love song in theworld, ah yeah,/Hardest love song in the world, world!! HookVerse 2 Verse 2You don’t gotta drive a Fleetwood Cadillac/You just gotta know some of She’s in love yeah, friends call her crazy/Met him at a party they startedthe words to Fleetwood Mac/Horror movies turn you on, pull the sheets dating/Daddy’s little angel, mama’s little lady/Only sixteen now Brenda’sback/Fuck it I’ll roll play, do it to you in a Jason mask/Your switch walk gotta a baby/She can’t afford to, drop out of high school/Jimmy’s not ais like a switchblade/You walk into a room/And its like these other man and he can’t provide you/He doesn’t want to, but you kept it any-bitches get hit with a grenade/With that said, let me pull them spandex how/Nine months down the road, whatcha gonna do now?/Go to thepants off you with my teeth/Like Ozzy did a bat head/I’m rockin roll food stamp office and apply/If you find a job it’ll help you get by/Andbaby, let’s go! you made it when you didn’t know how/Now that’s a real star, put her name in clouds/Alabama!Hook HookVerse 3You ain’t concerned with new clothes or salaries/You’d rather run Verse 3across the country like Mickey and Mallory/Be the natural born killer You may never be on television/Or be the one your boss at workthat you are/We’ll hang out the window with a pistol and I’ll drive the loves/Giving you employee of the month/You may never be the firstcar/We’ll rob the Dollar General for nothing but snack food/Shoot any- string on a champion team/You may be the star the world just hasn’tthing that moves, dogs and cats too/Re-enact the hardest movie seen/But that don’t make you any less of a star to God/Being rich isscene/Bloody shirts and holey jeans/We the hardest you and me rock only realizing it’s all a facade/You’re richer than you think in that oldand roll, baby! small town/Cause people like you make the world go ‘round/Alabama!Hook Hook (repeat)
  • 9. EVERYTHING I LOVE THE MOSTHookWhy is everything I love the most/So wrong from me?/And everythingI’m holding close, is so far away from me/They don’t want me to lie,but they don’t wanna hear the truth/It never made sense to me/Whyeverything I love the most is so wrong for meVerse 1Problematic, I’m so problematic that I’m probably a problem addict/Pop-pin aspirin cause my head is hurting/Hotel bedroom missingcurtains/Sheets everywhere like a storm has passed/In fact it looks likeI got into a wrestling match/Empty bottle of Jack, I can tell I did that/Ican smell it in fact, its like death and ass/Think for a minute, then rollover and look/To my left, is an open book, the Bible/To my right is aguilty conscious her name is Brook, my rival/At least I think her nameis Brook?/She’s asleep and I’m givin’ her the lamest look/Move her hairback so I can see her face/Cause it was dark when I met her at thegame/It took about five minutes to get her inside the whip/Another fiveminutes to get up inside the lips/Never tried, really man I really tried toslip out/But it was just thighs and hips/Okay, I was high and shit/On al-cohol and a Yelawolf ego-trip/Leave her lying in bed, cause I don’t needno kiss/And it’s the walk of shame againHookVerse 2Smokin out throwin up/Keep a fifth off in my cup/Trying not to be asimp/But every time I take a sip/I think I’m gonna fall in lust/I’m backand forth like I’m packing a truck/In a house that never runs out ofboxes/Knowing that if I put on my tennis shoes/And a fresh fit, I’ll endup sockless/By the end of the night, flip flopping/I’ll B-Boy if you let meHip Hop in/Alligator skin cowgirl boots only means let’s get crockin’That mini skirt makes any man a flirt/Manicures animal furs and apurse/What could a little bit a smoke and Henny hurt?/You make anyjerk make a penny work/Sinister with sin in her/She can leave a devilsitting in the church/On another level not in the earth/Jessica Alba hadtwins at birth/Trippin sure, piles of E, ménage trois, Piles of three/Wak-ing up again not proud of me/Yeah, I’m a lousy fiendHook
  • 10. RADIO Hook Hook Verse 3 I can’t seem to get you off my mind/Turn on the station and I’m still fac- Pick up the change, pick up the change! Ridin a Chevy cause I sick of ing you and/Everybody seems to lost their mind/Its hard to handle so I the Range/Catfish Billy come pick up the name, come on inside if change the channel on the/Radio Cause Internet killed the radio youre sick of the rain/Turn the radio off and dont complain, its all a star/Radio and youtube killed the video star/Hit the radio then we make replay, it’s all the same/got one track on a runaway train on a one way a (make a) video now Im a star/HIt the radio Then you make a (make street better pick your lane/Yeah but you can let me pick your brain a) video now Im a star and we could be that rolling stone/mixem up with Janice Joplin, and letem harmonize like bone/or we can just leave it alone and let it take Verse 1 a life on its own/or we could be that world class wreckin crew & tellem Picture me rollin Pac, Its funny how time has changed/Everybodys a turn the lights back on...come on critic now, its all a debate on the internet wave/It used to be you & Big- gie, Chili Peppers "Give It Away"/Now we got 10 year olds sittin back in SLUMERICAN SHITIZEN (FEAT. KILLER MIKE) the chair like "those were the days"/And though it seems so amazing Hook to me that the labels lost the touch/And Im in the AM flipping through Slumerican/Shitizen/Slumerican/Shitizen/Slumerican the AM like I lost my crutch,/Limpin cause I cant even walk straight if Shitizen/Slumerican/Shitizen I cant turn it up/Sippin I need some gin & juice Snoop Dogg I bought my cup/Whas Up, Uh Huh, OK, Shut Up Cause I think we had enough Verse 1 of/Radios in lust with the lust with the love bugs/Well let me give you a I’m on the sidewalk with this fuckin’ skateboard/and these dirty ass big hug, a bag of mushrooms, here take some drugs/And play some jeans/I’m the boy that stole a pack of Twinkies/and a bottle that’s Group Home or something/Shit that Goodie MoB Soulfood is green/I never gave a fuck about environmental shit/throw my empty bumpin....Rewind bottle in the gutter/Rednecks four’ wheelin’ screaming “skate or die dude”/Fuck you motherfucker (fuck you motherfucker)/I’m a car Hook wreck in a swamp I drown victims slow/with these words that I lay/Pigs on the corner got an eye for my kind/cause we ignore laws Verse 2 everyday/What do you mean I’m white trash?/Grab my nuts and kickYeah, your poodle in the face/I’m sick to the soul with hate/Cause I’m theYoull never hear Black Star cause the program directors mostly bitch that society raped/So what’a ya say?def/And youll never hear Triple Six cause we live in the mist of the HookBible belt/But thats where the light is felt, so let it shine, letemrhyme/Letem hustle, letem grind, nothin wrong with the truth some- Verse 2times/Sometimes the truth is dark, but the darkness sparks the true- My body is covered in tattoos/that are totally offensive/If I didest art/And you didnt even know you had a window til the tornado it, I did for life/No regrets, you know that I meant it/I ain’t bothered byblew it apart/If Eric Clapton can sing about cocaine and theres no racist/My family is worldwide, ho come get it/I’ll take you to the gutterharm/Then I can write about guns I can rap about girls I can sing about like a cigarette butt in the rain/Let Shawty Fatt spit it (Yeah!!)/Youmoney & cars/Not that my money is large, lets talk about broke as a motherfuckers are lost, get your maps out/And follow me into thejoke/Lets talk about gettin evicted, everything you own thrown out on creek water/I didn’t forget where I came, jus how to ignore my/mythe road/And maybe that there goes gold, shit maybe its platinum musical calling/That crack on the window on the Chevy’s/Been theresold/but they dont wanna see the green rings from the pirates gold/no for over 7 months/Along with Jon Newport’s beer bottle caps and thehold up rewind roaches of WillPower’s blunts/So what’a ya say?
  • 11. Hook Hook:Verse 3 (Killer Mike)People why shit is so wrong/Why they won’t let all our soldiers come Daddy can you see me/I’m putting on a show/In the magazines/Hearhome/Why them boys who get caught with such small amounts of me on the radio/So what’a you think?/Well I hope that you’re prouddope/on the Ave do bids so long/They bids so long by the time they get now/to watch it all go down/I’m sorry Daddy/You didn’t get to watchto come home/Mamas is gone and babies is grown/And baby mama me grow/Now I’m always on the road/No time to say hello. Bye/And Ithat was tight in that thong/Fat as a fuck and her body all gone/Pay for hope that you’re proud now/To watch it all go downit cash her ass is gone/She never worked so the stash isgone/Government rations she gets on/Year after year she get check Verse 2after check/A gangster come home already in debt/The government Yeah Mamma you look great, perfect/Be safe on your first date, for cer-say you owe $50k/For all the free lunches that yo baby ate/Do you go tain/If he brings you home too late, I’ll hurt him/Don’t worry bout’ melegit, and never have shit?/Or G’ up and re-up and get you a brick? I’m safe, I’ll close the curtains/And I feel like I’m raising you, but what(yeah)/Get you a brick (yeah) do I know, Baby Blue/All I know is that I was made in you, so I put all my faith in you/Yea I was only 10, but I felt like a man and I had to letHook you go/All I wanted was for us to be rich, tear drops in my cereal bowl/So I turned into an asshole, young and dumb smokin’Killer Mike weed/Vandalizing, robbing houses, stealing cars that was me/ButSee what you suckas don’t understand is/This ain’t even about everything I did I had to see, feel the pain had to grieve/To become whorace/This is about who got it and who ain’t got it/So if I’m on the bot- I am, and I’m proud of the man I came to be/Cause what I’ve learned,tom/and you on the bottom/We’re the same color... cannot be taught, what I’ve earned could not be bought/JustifiedDirty Fuckin’ Poor!! deserved it all so don’t be concerned, It’s not your fault/I never counted sheep, I count my blessings/So if you see him out Mamma, don’tTHE LAST SONG give him the cold shoulder, give him my message/Just tell him...HookVerse 1Everybody’s asking me lately, where I’m from/They wanna know whatI’ve been through and what dirt I’ve done/But man if I told you whatI’ve seen and been through, then you’d probably run off/You’re scared WHIP ITof the truth, so it’s dead in secret lined in chalk/See I’ve been lost ever Ye, ye, Ye- Yela, ye, ye, Ye- Yelasince I could walk/lookin’ for my daddy in any one of mama’s boyfriend Verse 1who would talk/Or listened to me when I spoke instead of looking at We hit the club, tore it up/Mally Mall’s got model sluts/Fearin’ &me like a joke/Or leavin’ me behind, leavin’ me to cry when you treat- Loathin’ in Las Vegas, party, party, bottles up!/I’m feeling like a king,ed my mama like a ho’/But I learned quick that my daddy wasn’t never someone tell me where my robe is?/This nitrous oxide got me feelinggonna come around/And I didn’t give a shit cause me and my mama like Moses/Laugh’in it up, laughin’ loud/Twist it up until you tappin’we held it down/No new kicks, first day of school I’m good will out/But Yelawolf ain’t throwing in the towel/Take a pull buddy, how youbound/But when you come from the trench that’s how you learned to sound?/My voice feeling like I just swallowed a frog/I think I’m Mr. T, Iwalk around/So I don’t give a fuck if you ever lay eyes on top of my new think I’m Boss Hog/(Get, get, get) getttie up, promenade/Rip it up, hitshoes homie/I just wanted you to know that I didn’t need a dollar the stage/Outta my mind yeah, wanna go craze/Feeling like I wannafrom you I got’em myself/So if you find yourself in the middle of the float around for days/She’s all about it, she’s getting rowdy/She like tofloor, with a bottle, drinking yourself lonely/then you can keep company party! So whip it shawty!with a picture of me in a magazine on the shelf/Turn the page... Hook
  • 12. You gotta charge, I gotta charge!/Whip it real hard, whip it, whip it real too cool/I see you!/I see you! /I see you!hard/Whip it real hard, whip it, whip it real hard/Whip it real hard, whipit, whip it real hard/You gotta charge, I gotta charge/Whip it real hard, Verse 2whip it, whip it real hard/Whip it real hard, whip it, whip it real hard/Whip Baby girl don’t know much about/What it would take to become ait real hard, whip it, whip it real hard star/Hollywood is so far fetched/Too long of a drive in an old car/Work every day but you barely eat/Going over lines from a script youVerse 2 read/Your boyfriend said it’s a silly dream/But how can you dreamBaby you and maybe you/Need to come back to the naked room/Whip when you never sleep/You’re looking in the mirror and your picturingit, whip, get with it/I’ll open you up like a Baby Ruth/She’s getting ripped, a light show/A glimpse in the lens of a camera/Behind the scenes of lifeshe’s getting striped/Swimming in a funk/I watch her skinny dip/You as a tightrope /Yea you walk a thin line/But a thin line is all you need/Awanna feel ill, wanna get real/Wanna pop a pill feel out of control/Wanna thin line in an Indy movie/Just a break for somebody to see the/Talentknow what I’m into though/That N2O/And cloud nine is somewhere inside, the ballad of a diary you write/The by and by is just another daydown below/Get on my level, look at the light show/You lay back in the for a normal girl/But for you it’s another day that you tried/Aside fromway back of the Maybach or lay back on the Lazy Boy/You can pay me the fact that you ride in the back of a bus/Sometimes cause your carback with a bj in the ‘Lac here enjoy!/She’s all about it, she’s getting won’t work/Well maybe you should take that bus to L.A./And put yourrowdy/She like to party! So whip it shawty! dreams first because…Hook HookVerse 3Crazy youth, yeah, that trashy life/I’m getting high, I’m in my after Verse 3life/Rock star no holds barred/Got new hoes sitting in old cars/And I’m Black and white, everything is black and white/Broke down, simplefeeling like the world is mine/Arms wide open/One country at a time, and plain/Most of us lost with a curious brain/Curiosity is looked at asmiddle fingers up/Fuck critics, nitrous in a bottle/Bitch whip it! strange/Stuck in a lane, but you can’t complain/While you look at another passing train/Wondering how, where’s it going?/Wishing youHook were inside, packed and rolling/To another place, but your time is cho- sen/To live low key, ‘cause your dream is stolen/They don’t under-I SEE YOU stand, they believe in loathing/Lounging, loafing, waiting, hoping/Homie if the grass in greener/Look, the gate is open/You’reVerse 1 waiting for God to release the ocean/Sitting on the beach two feet fromYeah, Once upon a time not long ago,/My grandmother told me one day floating/But I see you..I’d change/I felt like she was coming down on me/So I told her no, I’dbe the same/Not knowing she was only trying to help/Motivate me to Hookexcel and climb/I was thinking she was the one trapped/While I wasstuck in the cage of my mind/Man if I would’ve known what I knownow/I would have brought my head down out of that cloud/Told her IN THIS WORLDthank you and that I loved her/But I was too cool and too damn Hookproud/What a fool I was in fact/I’ve changed so much, now looking It’s getting hard to be me/Every where I go, somebody’s looking atback?I wish somebody I thought was cool/Was cool as she was when me/And If I ever need something, I’ma get it for myself/Cause I’m theshe told me that only person thinking ‘bout me/It’s getting hard to be me/Every where I go, somebody’s looking at me/And if you gon’ compare me at all bestHook compare me to myself/Cause I’m the only person fucking with me!I see you, I see you, the real you/Trying to cover up what’s inside of Verse 1you/But everything you do, is make believe/Yeah you’re hot, but you’re In this world of sticks, hicks and chicks with aqua net spray/Sh sh shh-
  • 13. hhhh shut up muthafucker don’t disrespect these country ways/Yeah! “Radioactive Introduction”Alabama, if yeen know,/I ain’t hiding a damn thing, I just like to lean (M. Atha & W. Washington)low/Yeah, I’m the theme show/Stereotypical beanpole/Slim, tall, tatted, Archibald Highwater/Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision/Bug Music (BMI) Administered bylet me add that I gotta green glowFrom all the Mountain Dew that I Bug/My Inheritance (SESAC)/Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision (BMI)/Bug Music (BMI) Ad-consume/From a mason jar, in a racing, chase it with a tall ice brew ministered by Bug PRODUCED BY: WillPower for SupaHotBeats/Ghet-O-Vi-Let me not leave you confused, what I represent culturally/Trash bag sion Entertainment/RECORDING & MIX ENGINEER: Matthew Hayesfull of Freon, I’m huffin’ puffin’ on potpourri/That gummo’s squeaky RECORDED AT: Tree Sound Studios, Norcross, GA/MIXED BY: Matthewswingin’ gate in front of that trap house/Trailer park is sewed up and Hayes/ASSISTED BY: WillPower, Irvin Johnson and Jason WilsonBilly done pulled that Lac out MIXED AT: Tree Sound Studios, Norcross, GA/BACKGROUND VOCAL: Nikkiya/ALL MUSIC & PROGRAMMING: WillPower/MASTERED BY: DaveHook Kutch at The Mastering Palace/PRODUCTION COORDINATION: Regina Davenport for Ghet-O-Vision EntertainmentVerse 2Wonder what I got inside this Chevrolet Trunk I’m hiding/About ten “Get Away” (feat. Shawty Fatt & Mystikal)bodies on a fishing line with baby clothes on consignment/Came to the (M. Atha, D. Barnes, J. Horton, M. Horton & S. Otis)game so broke that I still find one-dollar bills and get a thrill/That’s the Archibald Highwater/Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision/Bug Music (BMI) Administered by Bug/Slapademiks (SESAC)/The Braids Publishing (adm by Zomba Enterprises Inc.)kind of shit that leaves my pickle dilld/Siding on the single wide got (ASCAP)/Jerrico Horton (BMI)/BMG Rights Management on behalf of itself and BugIcicle steel, too cold/Gotta kerosene heater to heat up the grill, meat- Music (BMI) PRODUCED BY: Phonix Beats/RECORDING ENGINEER: Phonixloaf?/Daddy’s in jail again for shuffling pills, we know/Man I’ve only Beats, Matt Hayes, Sasha Sirota/RECORDED AT: Kitchen 213 Studio, Loscome to give you a peep show, (in this world ) I run across the South, Angeles, CA/Tree Sound Studios, Norcross, GA/Future Music Recordinglike a wild stream, smiling/I’ve seen more colorful mushrooms than a Studios, Las Vegas, NV/MIXED BY: Leslie Brathwaite/ASSISTED BY: Muzzychild’s dream/On an Island, desolate left behind/Cause my state, is a Solis & Michael Pratt/MIXED AT: Patchwerk Recording Studios, Atlanta,state of crime/God said, 1979, go change the minds ( in this world ) GA/ALL MUSIC PROGRAMMING: Phonix Beats/MASTERED BY: Dave Kutch at The Mastering Palace/Mystikal appears courtesy of RCA Records, aHook division of Sony Music Entertainment Contains elements of “Strawberry Letter 23” written by S. Otis and published by BMG Rights ManagementVerse 3 on behalf of itself and Bug Music (BMI). Used by permission. This trackYelawolf. Hi, my name is/President O ‘Bama I’m so shameless/I’m taking contains a sample of the recording “Strawberry Letter 23” as performedit all so what am I saying/I’m the voice of every small town (in this by The Brothers Johnson. Courtesy of A&M Records under license fromworld )/Like a light and a pipe with a mic and take flight in this life/What Universal Music Enterprises. Used by permission. All rights reserved.a sight, put a vice grip lock on my right to fight despiteThe way you may feel about sights and sounds that I might put down “Let’s Roll” (feat. Kid Rock)About prices found on a sack of that white/Heaven is a place in a 7/11 (M. Atha, J. Giannos, D. Jordan, D. Simmons & J. Boyd)I can never get away from hell/Found hell in the bible-belt and found Archibald Highwater/Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision/Bug Music (BMI) Administered bylove in a 6-pack up on the shelf/Went to the seashore to see more but Bug/Will Work For Pub (ASCAP)/Will Work For Pub (ASCAP)/Universal MusicLeroy didn’t seem sure to me/So I took Leroy to Alabama, he bought Publishing Group/U Can’t Teach Bein The Shhh Inc. (ASCAP)/POO BZ Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP) and Bug Music-Hitco South (ASCAP) All Rights On Behalf Of POO BZthe hat and bought the Tee/Converted him Y’all, I gave him convertible Publishing, Inc. and Bug Music-Hitco South Administered By Bug Music-Music Ofthoughts/When he saw that big buck hangin’ on the wall (Yeah)/I’m off Windswept (ASCAP)PRODUCED BY: The Audibles & Mr. Pyroby a millimeter/I’m on by a Million light years and 2 liters a pint of CO-PRODUCED BY: Eminem/RECORDING ENGINEER: Sasha Sirota,moonshine/I ride a 2 seater Take a ride/In this world.. Mike Strange, Al Sutton/RECORDED AT: Future Music RecordingHook Studios, Las Vegas, NV & Effigy Studios/MIXED BY: Eminem & Mike Strange/MIX ENGINEER: Mike Strange/
  • 14. ASSISTANT MIX ENGINEER: Joe Strange/BACKGROUND VOCALS: Herschel Boone/MUSIC & DRUM PROGRAMMING: Jimmy Giannos and Do-minic Jordan/ADDITIONAL KEYBOARDS: Luis Resto/Kid Rock appears courtesy of Atlantic Records/MASTERED BY: Brian “Big Bass” Gardnerat Bernie Grundman Mastering/Kid Rock appears courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corporation“Hard White (Up In The Club)” (feat. Lil Jon)(M. Atha, L. Grant, M. A. Jackson, A. Cartagena & J. Smith)Archibald Highwater/Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision/Bug Music (BMI) Administered by Bug/Jam 88 Publishing Company (ASCAP)/Lil Jizzel Music Publishing; adm. By Songsof Universal, Inc. (BMI) PRODUCED BY: Tha Hydrox/RECORDING ENGINEER: Sasha Sirota and Cristian Delano/ASSISTED BY: Eric Weaver/RECORDEDAT: Future Music Recording Studios, Las Vegas, NV/Conway Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA/MIXED BY: Leslie Brathwaite/ASSISTED BY:Muzzy Solis and Michael Pratt/MIXED AT: Patchwerk Recording Studios, Atlanta, GA/ALL MUSIC & PROGRAMMING: Tha Hydrox/MASTEREDBY: Dave Kutch at The Mastering Palace/Lil Jon appears courtesy of Little Jonathan, Inc.“Growin’ Up In The Gutter” (feat. Rittz)(M. Atha, W. Washington & J. McCullom)Archibald Highwater/Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision/Bug Music (BMI) Administered by Bug/My Inheritance (SESAC) / Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision (BMI) / Bug Music (BMI)Administered by Bug/Johnny Valiant Productions (ASCAP) PRODUCED BY: WillPower for SupaHotBeats/Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment/RECORD-ING & MIX ENGINEER: Matthew Hayes/RECORDED AT: Tree Sound Studios, Norcross, GA/MIXED BY: Matthew Hayes/ASSISTED BY: WillPower,Irvin Johnson and Jason Wilson/MIXED AT: Tree Sound Studios, Norcross, GAALL MUSIC & PROGRAMMING: WillPower/MASTERED BY: DaveKutch at The Mastering Palace“Throw It Up” (feat. Gangsta Boo & Eminem)(M. Atha, W. Washington, L. Mitchell & M. Mathers)Archibald Highwater/Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision/Bug Music (BMI) Administered by Bug/My Inheritance (SESAC) / Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision (BMI) / Bug Music (BMI)Administered by Bug/Lady Kash ASCAP/ Shroom Shady Music, admin. by Songs of Universal, Inc. (BMI) PRODUCED BY: WillPower for SuparHotBeats/Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment/ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION: Eminem/RECORDING ENGINEER: Matthew Hayes, Tristan McClain & Mike
  • 15. Strange/RECORDED AT: Tree Sound Studios, Norcross, GA & Effigy Studio, MI/MIXED BY: Eminem & Mike Strange/MIX ENGINEER:Mike Strange/ASSISTANT MIX ENGINEER: Joe Strange/MIXED AT: Effigy Studios, MI/ALL MUSIC PROGRAMMING: WillPower/ADDI-TIONAL KEYBOARDS: Luis Resto/MASTERED BY: Brian “Big Bass” Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering“Good Girl” (feat. Poo Bear)(M. Atha, J. Giannos, D. Jordan, J. Boyd, K. Prather & C. Sills)Archibald Highwater/Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision/Bug Music (BMI) Administered by Bug/Will Work For Pub (ASCAP)/Will Work For Pub (ASCAP)/POO BZ Publishing,Inc. (ASCAP) and Bug Music-Hitco South (ASCAP) All Rights On Behalf Of POO BZ Publishing, Inc. and Bug Music-Hitco South Administered By Bug Music-MusicOf Windswept (ASCAP)/In Thee Face Music Publishing (ASCAP)/Bughouse (ASCAP) Administered by Bug/C. Sills Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)/PRODUCED BY: TheAudibles/CO-PRODUCED BY: Poo Bear/RECORDING ENGINEER: Sasha Sirota/RECORDED AT: Future Music Recording Studios, Las Vegas,NV/MIXED BY: Leslie Brathwaite/ASSISTED BY: Muzzy Solis and Michael Pratt/MIXED AT: Patchwerk Recording Studios, Atlanta, GA/PRO-GRAMMING: Jimmy Giannos/KEYBOARDS: Dominic Jordan/MASTERED BY: Dave Kutch at The Mastering Palace“Made In The U.S.A.” (feat. Priscilla Renea)(M. Atha, E. Kiriakou, C. Dwight & P. Hamilton)Archibald Highwater/Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision/Bug Music (BMI) Administered by Bug/Roditis Music (ASCAP)/Courtney Dwight/Isaiah 431920 Publishing(BMI)/Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI), POWER Pen Biz Publishing (BMI) and Priscilla Renea Productions (BMI). All rights on behalf of itself, POWER PenPublishing and Priscilla Renea Productions Administered by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. PRODUCED BY: Produced by Emanuel Kiriakou forModSquad Music Inc/CO-PRODUCED BY: BLAQSMURPH for PoSMoV/POWER Entertainment, LLC/ENGINEERED & EDITED BY: EmanuelKiriakou & Sasha Sirota./RECORDED AT: Studio E at Chalice Recording, Los Angeles CA/Future Music Recording Studios, Las Vegas,NV/MIXED BY: Leslie Brathwaite/ASSISTED BY: Muzzy Solis and Michael Pratt/MIXED AT: Patchwerk Recording Studios, Atlanta, GA/AD-DITIONAL VOCALS BY: Priscilla Renea/KEYBOARD PROGRAMMING, BASS & DRUMS: by Emanuel KiriakouADDITIONAL KEYBOARD PROGRAMMING PIANO & DRUMS by: BLAQSMURPH/MASTERED BY: Dave Kutch at The MasteringPalace/Priscilla Renea appears courtesy of Capitol Records“Animal” (feat. FeFe Dobson)(M. Atha, A. Borger, T.W. Pentz, F. Dobson & N. Brooks)Archibald Highwater/Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision/Bug Music (BMI) Administered by Bug/Buygore Music/Downtown Music Publishing/Suave Ink (SESAC)/FeliciaDobson/Sony/ATV Music Publishing Canada (SOCAN) PRODUCED BY: Diplo & Borgore/RECORDING ENGINEER: Tristan McClain, SashaSirota,/RECORDED AT: Tree Sound Studios, Norcross, GA/Future Music Recording Studios, Las Vegas, NV/MIXED BY: Leslie
  • 16. Brathwaite/ASSISTED BY: Muzzy Solis & Michael Pratt/MIXED AT: Patchwerk Recording Studios, Atlanta, GA/ALL MUSIC PROGRAMMING: Diplo &Borgore/MASTERED BY: Dave Kutch at The Mastering Palace/Fefe Dobson appears courtesy of Island Def Jam Recordings“The Hardest Love Song In The World”(M. Atha, W. Washington, J. Boyd, K. Prather & B. Miller)Archibald Highwater/Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision/Bug Music (BMI) Administered by Bug/My Inheritance (SESAC) / Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision (BMI) / Bug Music (BMI) Administeredby Bug/POO BZ Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP) and Bug Music-Hitco South (ASCAP) All Rights On Behalf Of POO BZ Publishing, Inc. and Bug Music-Hitco South Administered By BugMusic-Music Of Windswept (ASCAP)/In Thee Face Music Publishing (ASCAP)/Bughouse (ASCAP) Administered by Bug/Chevis Publishing Corp. (BMI)PRODUCED BY: WillPower for SupaHotBeats/Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment/RECORDING ENGINEER: Sasha Sirota/RECORDED AT: Future Music Record-ing Studios, Las Vegas, NV/MIXED BY: Matthew Hayes/ASSISTED BY: WillPower, Irvin Johnson and Jason Wilson/MIXED AT: Tree Sound Studios, Nor-cross, GA/DRUM & MUSIC PROGRAMMING: WillPower/BASS: Ben Didelot for Tree Leaf Music/GUITAR: Matt Barrett/MASTERED BY: Dave Kutch atThe Mastering Palace/Contains elements of “Always Together” as written by B. Miller and published by Chevis Publishing Corp. (BMI). Used by per-mission./This track contains a sample of the recording “Always Together” as performed by The Dells. Courtesy of Universal Records under licensefrom Universal Music Enterprises. All rights reserved. Used by permission.“Write Your Name” (feat. Mona Moua)(M. Atha, K. Bartolomei, E. Ortiz, K. Crowe, G. Cihumsky, C. Nwagbara, U. Nwagbara, R. Harrell & W. Smith)Archibald Highwater/Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision/Bug Music (BMI) Administered by Bug/Kenneth Bartolomei (BMI)/Warner Chappell (BMI)/Gabriella Publishing Designee Adminby Warner Chappell (ASCAP)/MissChas Publishing/Young Pen Publishing/Bug Music publishing /BMI Affiliation Admin by Bug Music/Only the lomie Publishing (ASCAP)/Rozzy-RocksMusic (ASCAP)/Sitting on the Moon Music (BMI)/PRODUCED BY: J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League/RECORDING ENGINEER: Mike Wilson/RECORDED AT: PatchwerkStudios, Atlanta, GA/MIXED BY: Leslie Brathwaite/ASSISTED BY: Muzzy Solis and Michael Pratt/MIXED AT: Patchwerk Recording Studios, Atlanta,GA/ADDITIONAL VOCALS BY: Mona Moua/ALL MUSIC PROGRAMMING: J.U.S.T.I.C.E. LeagueMASTERED BY: Dave Kutch at The Mastering Palace“Everything I Love The Most”(M. Atha, W. Washington, J. Boyd & W. M. Joel)Archibald Highwater/Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision/Bug Music (BMI) Administered by Bug/My Inheritance (SESAC) / Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision (BMI) / Bug Music (BMI) Administeredby Bug/POO BZ Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP) and Bug Music-Hitco South (ASCAP) All Rights On Behalf Of POO BZ Publishing, Inc. and Bug Music-Hitco South Administered By BugMusic-Music Of Windswept (ASCAP)/ Impulsive Music (ASCAP) PRODUCED BY: WillPower for SupaHotBeats/Ghet-O-Vision EntertainmentADDITIONAL PRODUCTION: Eminem/RECORDING ENGINEER: Sasha Sirota/RECORDED AT: Future Music Recording Studios, Las Vegas, NV a& EffigyStudios/MIXED BY: Eminem & Mike Strange/MIX ENGINEER: Mike Strange/VOCALS BY: Yelawolf/MUSIC & DRUM PROGRAMMING: WillPowerBASS & GUITAR: Sasha Sirota/ADDITIONAL KEYBOARDS: Luis Resto/MASTERED BY: Brian “Big Bass” Gardner at Bernie Grundman MasteringContains elements of “The Stranger” written by W. Joel and published by Impulsive Music (ASCAP). Used by permission.“Radio”(M. Atha, J. Scheffer, D. Morris, M. Mule, I. De Boni)Archibald Highwater/Fellowship of Ghet-O-Vision/Bug Music (BMI) Administered by Bug/Jimipub Music /EMI Music Publishing (BMI)/Hypnotic Beats/Rebel Made/Kobalt(BMI)/Retromono/Rebel Made(BMI) PRODUCED BY: Jim Jonsin for Rebel Rock Productions/PROGRAMMING BY: Jim Jonsin, Finatik N Zac/KEYBOARDSBY: Danny Morris/GUITARS BY: Dave Karmiol/PERCUSSION BY: Finatik & Jim Jonsin/RECORDED BY: Jason Wilkie and Nikolas Marzouca at ParklandPlayhouse/ASSISTED BY: Matt Huber/MIXED BY: Robert Marks at Parkland Playhouse/ASSISTED BY: Matt Huber
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  • 18. THANK YOUSThank You Jesus.Mom and Pop, and my babies Rico, P Bird and Dippy And their dedicated Mother Meca.MawMaw and PawPaw, Jazmen, Amy, PJ, Uncle Bud, Aunt Terri, Uncle Critter, Uncle Mouse, Jim Garner, Sue Garner. Carmen, Jared, Cole-Blooded, Jordan and ATTo my best friend Jon Newport and all my homies: Jacob (hiccup) Burton, Christ Bothwell, Shock G, Walter, Snake, Bug, GrassHopper,NateDog, Red, Luke Fife, Shorty, Betty and Man, Dirt Shawty Fatt, Big Fittz, Big Henry, Diggy, DJ Bob, Dead Man, Mario Rubicabo, NathanBrown, Sean Stockton, Derek Dingman, Will Lotes, CoCo, Payton, Keen, Nathan Smith, Mike Devine, Ricker, SweetWaste, Frankhouse, MattK, Kevin, Jimmy Lannon, Josh Dowd, Mancini, Joel Mindhold, 30Pak, JackCurtain, Stevie Williams, Jason Ellis, Ean @ Ruin, M.I.A, FTC,Westside Skateshop 510, Mike Diamond, Supreme, Antwan Dixon, Felix, Giavonni Reda, Thrasher and Transworld, TK, JayJay, Kevin De-laney, Rob Dyrdek and DramaBeats. P-Rod and Rainbow, Mike Mo, Collin McKay, Brandon Bieble, Josh Kalis, Danny Way, Zered andSkatePark of Tampa, SlaughterHouse (2.0!!), Bun B, Raekwon, Juelz Santana, Travis Barker, Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Big Boi,3000, Gucci Mane, Mr. Finley, CyHi Da Prynce, Pill, SugarToungeSlim, B.O.B, Wiz Khalifa, Jackie Chain, 6Tre, Bubs, Maurice Garland, GrooveChambers, Mali and the whole TreeSound Studios staff, Leslie Brathwaite, Curtis Daniels, Mike Wilson and the entire Patchwerk staff,Bobby Straightedge and Tyler (thanks for the amazing cover art homie). Sway, Whitney Gayle-Benta at MTV. Paul Wall for letting me inon CSI. Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere , Stacy A. Littlejohn, Tamra Davis Stacey Dash, Kassandra Clementi and the cast of Single Ladiesfor letting me “do it in a car” on TV. And to Mally Mall, thanks for letting us use the studio, the house, the pool, the cars, the monkey, thecheetah, and the wolves to make this project (sell that shmell!!) ..To all The artists that helped to make Radioactive: Eminem, Kid Rock, Poo Bear, Mystikal, Gangsta Boo, Lil Jon, Killer Mike, Rittz, ShawtyFatt, Priscilla Renea, Nikkiya, FeFe Dobson (333) and Mona Moua (you’re a “Real”star!!).To the Producers: Eminem, SupaHotBeats, Jim Jonsin, DipLo & Borgore, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Track Bangas, Phonix, E-man & Smurph,The Audibles, Sasha, Pyro, & Tha HydroxTo the DJs: DJ Dirty, DJ Ideal, DJ Artime, DJ Swiff, DJ BurnOne, DJ Greg Street, DJ Frank White, DJ Craze, DJ Klever, Frank Ski & Wanda,Ebro, Mary K, Dough Boy, Michael Long, DJ Fresh, Joski Love, Big Ant and all of Alabama Radio and every DJ’s that Rocks Hip Hop!Shade 45, Famous, Monster, Brisk, Fader, The Source, Respect, XXL, DJBooth, RapRadar, TheSmokingSection and all the digital media outthere supporting real art!!Our Beats By Dre Fam: Todd Parker, Karen Civil & Luke Wood (thanks for my headphones…and everything else)Interscope: Jimmy Iovine, Steve Berman, Dennis Dennehy, Barry Williams, Ray Alba, Archie Davis, Jason Sangerman, Don Clemons, DonRobinson, Jericho Adams, Susan Hilderley, Jeanne Venton, Todd Douglas, Brian Alvarez, Gary Kelly, Garnett, Nino, Dee, Shadow, Mar Brown,Enrique, Moetown, Jen Zeller, Karen Rait and the entire Interscope StaffMy Shady Crew : Paul, Tracy, Riggs, Mark Labelle, Dart and Dro.My Ghet-O-Vision team ... Look what youve created !!!! I love yall for putting up with my shit ... Thank you all. Each of you deserve apage: Seneca Doss, Regina Davenport, Jeremy (J.Dot) Jones, Courtney (BrotherBear) Sills, Kawan (KP) PratherMy lawer: Denise BrownMy accountant: Lisa AlexanderMy Agents: The Agency Group-Peter, Zach Q. and Josh DICK, James Rubin and the good folks at Bug MusicTo Marshall .. It means more than words I can write that you put it on the line for me dog .. Being apart of your legacy is an honor .. Thankyou for helping me light this torch ... What you have done will never be repeated ... now youre genius is an instrument to my music .. Aninstrument that will open millions of people to my culture and my perspective .. My brother from another .. Thank you .. - whitedog !!!
  • 19. Dedicated to my Calling Angels: Wayne (Weezy) Bush and MeMaw my great Grandaddy OtisTo All the landlords that put me and my family out, all the jobs/bosses that hired and fired me. THANK GOD !!! Management: Jeremy “J-Dot” Jones & Courtney “Brother Bear” Sills Booking Agent for Yelawolf: The Agency Group Art Direction: for Cover Art: Tyler Clinton @ Watercolor: Brian Nelson Photography: Lionel Deluy Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment: A&R: Kawan “KP” Prather A&R Coordination: Regina Davenport Digital Marketing: Seneca Doss Legal: Denise Brown, Esq. Shady Records: A&R: Riggs Morales Project Coordinator: Marc Labelle Legal: Theo Sedlmayr, Esq & Lisa Donini, Esq for Sedlmayr and Associates, P.C. Effigy Studio Manager: John Fisher Interscope Records: Marketing Director: Jason Sangerman Publicity: Ray Alba Production: Andrew Van Meter International: Don Robinson & Jericho Adams Legal: Susan Hilderley, Brian Alvarez & Todd Douglas Tour Marketing: Don Clemons A&R: Archie Davis Executive Producers: Executive Producer: Eminem Co-Executive Producer: Kawan "KP" Prather P© 2011 Interscope Records. All rights reserved.