Ill Bill - The Grimy Awards (Digital Booklet)


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Ill Bill - The Grimy Awards (Digital Booklet)

  1. 1. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?What is “The Grimy Awards”? The best way to describe it is a collection of songs I wrote in tributeof my life’s most important influences. It’s kinda like my own personal awards show deliveredthrough beats and rhymes.NOTES ON “PAUL BALOFF” I was always creative, even as a kid. At age three or four, I regularly destroyed my bedroom walls with crayons, leaving crude Gene Simmons and Maurice Sendak inspired hieroglyphics splattered across any blank surface I could find. Through my early obsession with KISS, I got into music. I had a portable AM/FM radio before any kid I knew had one. Then I got a Panasonic boombox & started making my own mix tapes. I really dug Michael Jackson, Blondie, Hall & Oates, Billy Joel & KISS. Before I knew it though, my favorites flipped to Run-DMC & Iron Maiden. I was already jamming out on the used bass guitar my Uncle Howie had recently given me. At the same time, instead of paying attention during 6th grade math class, I was scribbling raps in my notebook, trying to create my own version of “Jam On It” or “Roxanne, Roxanne”. Growing up in NYC during the ‘80s was crazy. Hardcore hip hop was happening right outside my window around the same time I first heard that story about Ozzy Osbourne - the insane maniac biting the heads off bats and throwing them into the audience. This blew my mind and captured 100% of my attention. Musically, anything defined as either subtle or introspective was not for me. I gravitated towards the more aggressive stuff. Back then, my favorites were Slayer & Rakim. Those were my heroes then & they still are now. So are Public Enemy, Cliff Burton and NWA. So is Rick Rubin. And so is Paul Baloff. As a writer, this song is exactly where my head was at in the mid-80s. When I was fourteen, this would have been my anthem. No chorus, no traditional structure, just one long-ass verse of uncensored mayhem over grimy drums. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The 1986 radio conversation between me & Paul at the end of this song was found accidentally when I was finishing up “The Grimy Awards”. It was on a dusty TDK cassette that I hadn’t listened to in twenty-five years and luckily never got rid of it. Salute to 93.5 WRTN for keeping me up ‘til 6am every Saturday night with my finger on the record button. “Midnite Metal” & U68’s “Power Hour” were my heavy metal holy grail. So was Metal Forces Magazine, L’Amours & Zig Zig Records on Avenue U. Rest In Peace and a “Kill All Posers” salute to the late, great Paul Baloff. This song is for you.
  2. 2. paul BaloffDisastrous appetiteThe last massacre fantastica ambassadorMy castle’s like Vlad Dracula’sBath of blood - Blast the snub - Plastic gloves - Laugh at loveMy heart is pitch black like a panther cub or a cancer lungCall me acid tongue - Hit hard like Black Sabbath drumsLike an assassin does - Big silencers & massive gunsCooked in the mind - The first to blast ‘em & last to runLook in my eyes, you’d think that Manson had a bastard sonCast aside after dancing out a rancid cunt WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?Tabs & lines got me ranting & trashed inside a trance on drugs (W. Braunstein)I shovel snow up to my dome until my hands are numb Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)Bundles of dope I know my uncle would be amped to touch Produced by ILL BILLA smorgasbord of enormous whores & trashy sluts Voiceovers by Mr. & Mrs. QuilesNasty ass & jugs happily jack me ‘til I’m blasting cum Cuts by DJ EclipseAnd stay swerving into murder & perversionUrgent when we’re inserting lysergics in the virginCadaveric maverick savages ravage the average PAUL BALOFF (W. Braunstein, J. Connoy)Evangelist family to famished cannibal sandwiches Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/Edible funerals - Turn terrible to beautiful MoSS Appeal Music (ASCAP)Sever dudes for food - Several medical tools are suitable Produced by MoSSTroubled times - Some will live, some will dieChewed out in a tomb found mummifiedShootouts in the summertime - Bubble crimeDevils might drive by - Genocide cenobiteRebels strike hard like a metal pipeBark like a kennel fight - Sharp like a venom biteDark like an ocean filled with sharks in the dead of nightLevitate & write everything God said to ChristHell awaits like Kerry King rocking metal spikesLike Paul Baloff at Studio 54 live“Ultimate Revenge Tour” VHS, all time greatestSpray death here - Shoot the Llama from the elbowLike James Hetfield produced the Piranha demo
  3. 3. Acceptance Speech featuring A-TrakFirst & foremost a toast to my Mom & my Pop Lastly, I’d like to thank all my influences &My daughter & my wife - There’s no one more important in my life various inspirational individualsWithout them I wouldn’t be alive in the literal sense & in the mind that got me in the music business -They are my inspiration to grind - My reason to live I’m a fan first so I appreciate minesRest in peace to my grandmothers & my uncles Thanks to my fans, you’re my family -Y’all molded the person I became & for that I love you I take pride in your support & every album you boughtIt’s difficult to explain through lyrics how much I miss you Down for life - I love ya’ll for never doubting ya boyPlease accept any success I’ve achieved as a tribute Same way I love LL Cool J & KissA testament to your impact & influence on everything I’ve ever did One made me wanna rock - The other made me wanna spitYou’ll forever live Rick Rubin made me wanna flip em both at the same timeI never been a religious person but still bear witness to a higher power Slayer & Scarface inspired me to write insane rhymesSome only pray in their final hour - But I remain grateful for my blessings Thanks to L’amours in Brooklyn accepting my fake IDThankful to the most high for the many gifts whether present, past or futuristic Opened for Sepultura there when I was only seventeenBlessed to be able to express myself through words & give thanks using lyrics Thanks to my band Injustice Thanks to Ace London studios for letting usSecondly, I’d like to address where It all popped rehearse when we ain’t have nothingFrom Farragut Road to your block & shouts to all of ya’ll who said I couldn’t do itGargling booze & saw god sparking a doob You gave me the fire to kick down the door & walk through itMarketing crude - Sharpening toolsWe’re martyrs & goon shooters that shoot constantmodern day Goose Gossage NOTES ON “ACCEPTANCE SPEECH”Ice cold though Siberian summers appear hotterQuite bold like a Nigerian underwear bomber Musically, this is a tribute to the DJ. Big ups to A-Trak forDope war folklore - Coke whore smoke more blessing this joint with his turntable wizardry & salute toMorbid epitaph - Sordid tortured past provoke more DJ Eclipse for doing the same throughout the entire album. These guys are geniuses & deserve massive props for alwaysTry to stab me with a knife to be exact killing it.Spitefully attacked - trifling & wack - grimier in fact than any award or any rapAny whore or any rat - Close the door on petty crap Lyrically, this song is saying a lot. Not only am I acceptingVery happy, thankful to my best of friends my own award, I’m also presenting awards to many people,Had to cut ties with any of the very many snakes in the grass that left me for dead from family, to friends, to every one of you. Much love toDumped in the river - Swept in the ocean anybody that digs what I do & thanks for the love & support.Heavy emotion - Stand firm though the end is approaching, I’m open I sincerely appreciate it.(W. Braunstein, J. Makhno) Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/Junior Makhno Publishing Designee (SACEM), Produced by Junior Makhno, Cuts by A-Trak
  4. 4. TruthI seen it all from what the truth should be, to what the truth is The only sure thing in life is death, shooters & bricksAs we evolve from what we used to be, onto some new shit Coka pure - Sniff white - Respect Lucifer’s giftRewrite the blueprint with true grit Death is only the beginningStudents of moving bricks & full clips or otherwise we just threw fists Heads exploded & spinning like the exorcistBeen breaking bad ever since before I became a dad or made it in Rap possession unholy & grinningIn truth, I still cater to that - Root for the villain getting paid in full spraying the gat Tell em welcome to hell - Enter the ceremony of winningOn the roof of my building getting brain - Taking it back Where I’m from sharks fly & the vultures are swimmingI was that projects professor The truth is gangraped while the world watches it horrorifiedA white kid digesting Five Percenter lessons I copped from the brother selling incense Compulsively taped with flip cams then watch it tomorrow highextensively studied Rakim & other emcees Shoot it like Columbine - Edit it & uploadEventually discovered I spit rather intensely Then Youtube it online for derelicts & cutthroatsNow here I am speaking to everybody that be listeningThat hardcore Hip Hop with heart like nitroglycerinThe type of Rap you feel in your cardiacThat grimy illmatical boom bap - Mathematical goon rap (W. Braunstein, P. Phillips) Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/Soul Brother #1 (ASCAP)I rise & laugh at the lies, analyzing the science of things Produced by Pete Rock for Soul Brother #1 ProductionsIn the land of the blind, the man with one eye is the kingThe path of the divine crash into gunfire & brimstoneAdapt to survive - The spilled blood drys when the wind blowsLook to the past, see your future staring back at you holding a gat NOTES ON “TRUTH”Holding you back and bearing ample fruit & opportunityGet in where the fuck you fit in with unity I hadn’t worked with Pete since “The Future Is Now”, so I wasWe stand tall - What the fuck could you do to the assault literary? amped when he sent me this beat. It has that signature PeteSlaughtercult military - Necronomicon don Rock sound & I instantly heard the “...what the truth shouldOccult visionary - Conspiracy host behold secret mystery scrolls be” line from “If You Got Love” as the set off point. The restSeen black satanic lesbian titties explode of it just fell into place. This is my tribute to truth. Everyonefuck living on your knees, I’d rather die on my feet is in search of their own truth. My belief is “to each his own”.Riots in the streets - Fistfights with riot police Follow whatever religion or belief fulfills you. As long as youThese lines I wrote potent like lines of coke aren’t hurting anybody, peace be with you, Kum Bay fuckinA collideascope of the violent prone Yah & Hallalujah! Unfortunately, one man’s truth is anotherThat’s just me on a beat by Pete Rock n roll man’s lie, which always leads to a shitstorm of problems between people. That’s why I also believe that “get in whereThe excellence & inspiration of truth is the pursuit you fit in” is never bad advice.It’s like an exercise for the mind like a .9 when it shootTestify with lies implied beside a mountain of proofEye for an eye, tooth for a toothMany have died for the fruit, organic & naturalHarvested from off the vine of verified indisputable factual & actual
  5. 5. Exploding OctopusHe was accepted to Harvard at 16 - Child prodigyMath whiz specializing in complex analysis geometryEarned a PhD in mathematics earlyYoungest professor ever hired by UC in Berkely - A shortlived positionHe resigned in ‘69 with no apologies, without an explanation givenSocial anxiety mutiplied silently - Disconnected entirely from societyBuilt a cabin - Became a survivalist - Rejected electricty & modern scientistsHe cooked his dinner in a fire pit & watched the stars from afar where Orien sitsThe wilderness where the lions livePrimitive like the times of the giant pyramids the Mayans builtThen something caused his mind to tiltA cause solidified successfully the very first time he killed (W. Braunstein)(CHORUS) Billion Dollar Bill (BMI) Produced by ILL BILLWhat would YOU do? How far would YOU go? MOOG Liberation Keytar by Scott StalloneIf you thought that you could change the world for the greater goodHow would YOU know what’s right or wrong?Try to play God - Mail a bomb to the CEO of a school or an airlineDo you justify murder for peace?Do you believe that technology is the Beast?Imagine if your iPhone disappeared - that would be weirdcould you function in the world without technology or would you be scared?Exploding octopus - Blockbuster in a six fingered handBooby trap a box & shock the populace with wishful plansInitially ignoredIndustrial society & it’s future, the manifesto of Kaczynski’s warLife in seclusion - Bibles & bruises - Rifles & uzisDevices with clues are designed to confuse the FBI & throw em off planBlowing off handsBlinding people first - Soon the results were even worseBecame obsessed with teaching society a lesson with homemade weaponsTo reach society’s perceptionThe Washington Post & the Times finally printed his manuscriptThat was the tipping point that notified his familyWith suspicion leading to his arrestHis brother recognized his writing style & mission of deathRan up in his cabin & discovered undeniable proof of his guilt16 bombs, 23 injured & 3 killed
  6. 6. Forty Deuce Hebrew ft. HR of Bad BrainsThe truth has been cast aside - We’ve been duped into a vast mirageI’m a cross between Master Fard and an astronautMurderous appetites - War games with transit copsVirginal sacrifice coronate satanic godsfather of abombation like Manson’s popsBlood ceremony homie - Make sure the dagger’s sharpCrocodile briefcase - Exchange cash with sharksDiamonds & golden guns - Smashing you with hands of bronzeRather calm with the cameras onTrapped between Tetragrammaton & BabylonI’m a thousand horsepower when the Magnum bomb (W. Braunstein, P. Hudson)With more than enough fire power to splatter ya’ll Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/It was a shootout at the Grimy Awards - I spent $90K in court Paul D. Hudson Publishing Designee (ASCAP)Attempted murder & a prior assault Produced by ILL BILLBeat the case - Rolled the dice & I walked Additional production + ARP Odyssey Mk IIIlike a Forty Duece Hebrew, play the corner with a mic when I talk by Scott Stallone Cuts by DJ EclipseFrom gutter to glory - Another young hustler’s storyLearned from the mistakes of my uncles that done it before meBlitz out with razors - Death, horror - Leave children cryingSkitz out like Slayer’s Felt Forum seat cushion riotYoung shooters bring a pistolfulCaught up in their crucifixion rituals, while worshipping Lucifer habitualthe streets raised me - I’m from Brooklyn like Jordan or Jay-ZTo be where I’m from is a great thingWhile ya’ll daydream, I make things happen - Get things clappingSpray things laughing - 18 I stopped takin acidBut it left a stain on my brain that remain massiveDoors of perception open ‘til they lay me in a casketUntil I stop making murder rapbecause the bible was written by those who were convinced the earth is flat& I’ll be dead before this war stopsPraying at the altar of the war gods - L’Amour Rocks
  7. 7. How To Survive The ApocalypseIf the apocalypse started today NOTES ON “HOW TO SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE”Some of us would try to hide & some of us would cry to God & prayIt’s a dangerous world on a fragile axisMost of us aren’t prepared if society ever collapses I had this concept sitting around for a while before I finally wroteMajor volcanic or earthquake events it. It was just waiting for the perfect beat to come along & whenTsunamis swallowing cities - Drown entire populations to death Les gave me this one, I knew it was the joint. Along with “FortyIt could be nuclear, biological or chemical war or martial law or Deuce Hebrew” & “Exploding Octopus”, this song represents my love for skepticism, for questioning the status quo. It alsoWe could just run outta oil represents my love for books. I have a huge library at the crib. IThose with major health issues won’t survive have so many books, I probably still haven’t read over half of themAnyone on dialysis or a respirator device will die yet. I believe being surrounded by books sparks creativity. Both ofWhen the power grid fails for days, weeks or months or years my uncles gave me their entire comic book collections when I wasThink about that possibility with fear a kid. I loved comics books even more than music back then, butPower failure leads to no food or water, leading to collapse of law & order what I realized later is that more than just comics, I really lovedThen massive robbery & slaughter reading. I hated most of what I was assigned to read at schoolRiots & looting, widespread violence & shootings though. I was more into playing Dungeons & Dragons and readingGun shop battles - Survivors take rifles & uzis Stephen King. Then I got a little older & discovered “Pimp”, “Dopefiend” & “Behold A Pale Horse”. These books all struck aHaving guns ain’t the key to survival though chord with me & influenced my music heavily. So did theThey’re just a piece of a big puzzle cos it’s more about what you know Five Percenter & Ansaar books I used to cop on Rockaway Parkway in Canarsie. They tookPractical skills are your most valuable tool my mind into previously unchartedDon’t fall into the same traps the amateurs do territories and beyond.Buy your beans, bullets & band-aids cos in the last days money’s worthlessWhat’ll matter is what you have to tradeSo practice raising a vegetable gardenAfter apocalypse you could survive if you’re an exceptional farmerOld technology could be your salvation (W. Braunstein, L. Fernandez)study how the world survived before before modern civilization Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/PsychoGaining water, food, shelter, fuel, communications Les Publishing (ASCAP)& build weapons & tools they once used to rule nations Produced by Psycho LesShare & watch each others backs Cuts by DJ EclipseChoose your friends wisely increasing probability of everyone survivingBut most of all build your self-relianceProtect your family & make sure to always be prepared for violence
  8. 8. Vio-Lence ft. Shabazz the Disciple & Lil Fame of M.O.P.(LIL FAME) (SHABAZZ)I’m from where the murderers ride - If you heard that I died I’m from where the murderer’s ride - If you heard that I diedYou probably vision me shot up & laying on a stretcher You’ll prolly picture me slumped over the wheel of my rideCos I ain’t the nigga to die from high blood pressure Drugs planted in the trunk being accused of a crimeMy demise in the midst of a crime’s more fresher Orchestrated by Cointelpro The FBILook at his eyes - He’s ready to die, lord bless him Brains all on the dashboard cause my spirit to flyIt is what it’s gonna be - Ain’t much that worry me Wanna see me scalpelled wide, filled with formaldehydeGet down whether it’s twenty of us or one of me Police the modern day Romans, stoning prophets with .9sGun boys ride with us - Niggas still get yapped Like the prophets and Black leaders for what they propheciedPistol whip the hall monitors - You know what time it is Hood Christ crucified - 2 G’s on my sidesLittle nigga run up - Squeeze a couple shots in your shirt My Peter’s heater’ll slide cause my Judas demiseTest your vest out to see if it work (Cong Cong) I Pray I look my Angel Of Death right in his eyesMy niggas get high, get drunk, go ape You coming with me muhfucker - Finish this beef in the skyWhip you out for about 20 minutes straight, then we rotate His last earth memories, the sight was frighteningStraight put the beats on `em, no breaks Hear thunder when the Hood Christ strike the lightningSince way back in the days, nigga name hold weight Ain’t no fucking Hail Marys, It’s hail of slugsAnd we still active, still mashin’, still aspirin’, still shinin’, still firin’ Braindead on your deathbed - Family pulling the plug(CHORUS) (CHORUS)Violence is a universal languageNah nigga, you done picked the wrong nigga to bang with (W. Braunstein, D. Collins, J. Grinnage, Z. Raemer) Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/(Glung Glung) We murda ya, BK niggas get down & dirtiest Denysha,Ya-Ya Music Publishing (BMI)/Bamako Sounds Inc. (ASCAP)/We bang, we give ‘em the whole thang Blind Man’s Bluff Music (ASCAP) Administered by The Royalty Network Produced by DJ Skizz(ILL BILL)I’m from where the murderer’s ride - If you heard that I diedyou’d probably picture a hollow bursting out of a .9 NOTES ON “VIO-LENCE”& splatter me when it pop - Jerk me outta my prime Some people will say this song glorifies violence. They’re right. I’d beMy fam’d be mad at God - Cursing out at the sky full of shit if I told you it didn’t. But violence is necessary sometimes.Cos violence begets violence & death rules everything around me Bottom line is, I don’t trust a grown man that’s never thrown a punchD.R.E.A.M.S. are really nightmares in Kings County or been punched in the face. Anyone who’s ever been in a fight& even though my daughter was born here, slaughter & war go on here knows that civilized society is a fragile agreement between goons -You get your fucking wig blown off here an agreement to behave accordingly. That agreement can be brokenLet’s put a mirror to the violence - An electrifying spirit of defiance at any time though, and you should always be ready with firsthandVisionary riots - Military science - Dignitaries silenced experience when it is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you have toAmbassadors are assassinated be a killer or the biggest tough guy in the world to earn my respect,From the boardroom to the block, assassinations are created but you gotta be willing to throw down when you’re pushed upMurders are premeditated & orchestrated against the wall. Words are just words. At some point, words gottaBy symphony conductors sorta but sawed offs are spraying be backed up & that’s when joints get thrown. Nelson Mandela saidThe rhythm of the gunshots is like a song is playing it best, “Non-violence is a good policy when the conditions permit”.Speaking in the same tongue that God like to talk to Satan You shouldn’t have to do twenty-seven years in a South African prison to appreciate that sentiment. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I(CHORUS) can relate to it perfectly.
  9. 9. Acid Reflux NOTES ON “ACID REFLUX” I was probably 15 or 16 the first time I dropped acid. Looking backReek of putrefaction & drugs, the acid taste often lingers on it now, it was a turning point for me. It somehow opened my mindSusan Atkins licked the blood of Sharon Tate off her fingers & allowed me to immediately see through a lot of society’s fuckery.Off the hand of Satan - Hot corpse masturbation That probably sounds crazy to someone who’s never tripped before;Get my rocks off sparking a golf course assassination but those that have, know exactly what I’m talking about. I was alwaysPistol whip & kill the rich - Triple 6 extra careful not to OD and take too much though. I’d seen people goExtremely horrible like a beautiful bitch with a dick overboard with horrible results. Some of them never came back fromEvery society receives the criminals it deserves the trip. Some either took too much or did it with the wrong peopleSubliminal with the words & every visuals absurd at the wrong time. I was kinda like a scientist with it though. I alwaysDope dealer storm dancers rain down chronic showers managed to keep the situation somewhat controlled.The cult leader cure cancer with hypnotic powers After a few years of fun with LSD, I finally had my first bad trip. IGoon druggie tie-dyed psychedelic paint job knew the best place to drop acid was home or among people I knewDune buggy drive-bys, heretics that hate God I could trust if things went south of heaven. I held myself to thatRed spider acid tongue - Death rider bastard son rule for a long time until one day I got bored & decided to trip atEmpire stand as one - Hellfire Canyon Club rehearsal with my band Injustice. We always had mad people comeCrocodile confessions occupy obsessions through & get smashed with us while we played. 40s & trees wereWe personify homicide - We’re the essence normal during practice, but never acid. Long story short, a bunch of weirdos I wasn’t kool with showed up & the vibe just got wack. I“Death To Pigs” written on the wall in blood ended up hallucinating a whole bunch of fucked up & bizarre shit thatPestilence & sickness - The war’s begun - Tripping in a coffin numb day. I slowed down big time after that trip. Around the same time,Lift your tongue, put this underneath a good friend of mine got locked up for attempted murder underOrange Sunshine - A hundred sheets the influence of enough LSD to kill an elephant. I’ve done aMorbid dungeons & demons, a hundred deep shitload of acid over the years, but never a shitload all at once. Doing that will fry your brainGrimy tornado tyrants & independent souls beyond the point of no return. That’s what IHawaii volcano - Private Jimi Hendrix shows call Acid Reflux.I seen the symmetry of infinity clearly like Timothy Leary wearyQuestioning every existent theoryThen we enter to the hallways of the alwaysTwisted like corn braids - Tripping like Grateful Dead tour datesI seen Satan & God raping your mom (W. Braunstein, W. P. Mitchell)Then they all melted away in globs & claymation blobs Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/Simulation - Playstation X-boxing - Death doctrine The Large Professor Music (ASCAP)Altamont angels to murder sprees with Tex Watson Produced by Large Professor forThe shepherd sent a lamb to Bethlehem Paul Sea ProductionsPentagon - Nephilim - Sitting in the center of a pentagram Cuts by DJ Eclipse
  10. 10. L’Amour East ft. Meyhem Lauren & Q-Unique(MEYHEM)E train, last car - Ten deep - Left em drippinBlackin’ out - Catchin wreck - Fly tags - Peace to GriffenSneakers was Scotty Pippen - Denim was probably Guess (CHORUS)I’ve been Laurenovich since then, rocking my Snow Beach vestDolo fresh ox on - Polo Bear socks on (ILL BILL)Freak dancin’ in the bashment with our glocks on Double L train Canarsie - FIB tags, drippy markersHard rocks, hammers and heaters - They kept the blocks warm Albee Square, Colosseum, 50 deep at Kings PlazaDaily objective, being gone before the cops swarm Flat leavers, crack slingers, gat peelers, rap singersHoldin’ techs - Never sex, we was not porn Blasting desert eagles - Turning tracks forever etherStreets made us, then they raised us - We are not born While the war plane scatter nukes - Corpse paint splatter goonsGang shit was on the rise, but most my click was neutral Sauteed magic shrooms - More strange antics soonDon’t get it fucked up nigga, why? Most my click will shoot you Blasting “Paid In Full” - Dog day afternoon(Blaow Blaow) without beads or a bandana Had to pay my dues, fought James after schoolBullets will make your face blurry like a bad camera I snuffed John Hayes in front of Captain Video, next to the Arch DinerPeace to Queens, nigga, home of that fly shit Joey Haskell was with me tooCop killa central - You die quick, what up though! That was before the gunplay & Dapper Dan jackets Bootleg Timberland leathers & automatic ratchets(CHORUS) before Artie Artalino blew his face off, playing Russian Roulette after he vacuumed up an 8-ballLatin Quarter to L’Amour East - We all beasts From childhood to manhood in Kings CountyFrom across seas to cross Queens - We all creeps From my hood to yours, we represent it proudlyCBGBs to L’Amour East - We all beasts Represent New York - Represent rowdySmoke PCP, kids got stabbed over graffiti beef Represent my whole crew - Represent Howie(Q-UNIQUE)I took the 6 train to the Bronx for infinity lessons (CHORUS)Where the rise of the crack rock had the vicinity stressingMy Zulu medallion over whatever we was wearing in the late 80’sWe wasn’t born wild, we was made crazyThat movie Beat Street was so misleading (W. Braunstein, J. Rencher, A. Quiles, L. Dorrell)Cos some of the breakers I knew were stick up kids that leave you cold & bleeding Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/Meyhem Lauren Music (ASCAP)/It wasn’t a happier time - New York was a fuckin mess QLeeChan Music (BMI)/Almetta Drew Publishing (ASCAP)Little yellow envelopes stuffed with skunk & cess Produced by AyatollahThen I’m in the back of the B train with a 4 finger ring & a gold rope Additional production by Scott StalloneDidn’t look like a rapper, I looked like somebody that sold dope Cuts by DJ EclipseAnd maybe I did, cos back home was no hopeOr maybe because Rakim said he was no jokeAnd I wanted to be just like the godExcel in my skill level plus life was hardDawg, it was more realer back then - You would either deal or rapThe industry snatched from Brooklyn - I steal it back
  11. 11. Power ft. OC & Cormega(OC) (ILL BILL)Yo! Behind the scene regime callin’ shots Another record label snitched but fuck it - You know itWaving bait in front of have nots One love, kid - No, I’m not doing a bidLost souls from back blocks Try to throw me under the bus & ruin the kidEverybody in their hood, feeling they all can rap But came back with full fronts & exclusive kicksThinking it’s a way out the trap Stay a step ahead - Always adapt, evolve, surviveSchool is lame, feelin’, they have nothing to gain Sharpen your knives, in other words, sharpen your mindAll they know is guns & cocaine That’s your most valuable toolI can recall a moment in time when suits despised Rap always stay alert & wide open to learn at all timesSaying it was noise & nonsense The actual truth - Make opportunites happenOnce it became a voice fo the people Whether you’re a full-time student or rappin’They saw dollar signs, artists got signed you’re responsible for your actionsLow level opinionated A&Rs from Arkansas had no clue what was going on No complaints - You ain’t got no time for thatFast foward, cats shot to stardom (minus skill) nowadays I really can’t call it Cos time’s money & you’re in the red, not in the blackEvil seeds in place Get in where you fit in - There’s more power in packsAll I’m seeing is a wasteland built off drugs, money & self hate pop ‘em before they pop us in a shower of gats From corporate back lots to crack spots, stock ops to chop shops(CORMEGA) Way before you popped out your mom’s boxI might front but I won’t go backwardI’m every slave’s dream, I own my mastersUnlike most rappers, even if I don’t go platinum NOTES ON “POWER”I live like I did, that’s all that matteredThey said I couldn’t do it, I did it, independent I’ve had three major label deals since 1996 and every one of themWith lyrics & dope producers for listeners - Potent music has been a huge headache. Putting out music independently hasNo excuses - Only a chosen few show & proving to be always been my path. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been a fan ofTrue to cultures influence, resulted in mogul’s affluence corporate politics. Maybe I like knowing my failure or successRevolution’s the only solution - Get back to basics hinges on something tangible; something that, for better or forStop chasing the illusion of vultures looming worse, I built myself. One thing I know for sure - I sleep betterCausing confusion - Regain the focus you losing knowing I own my masters, my publishing & control my ownThe goal is improving the future of our culture & children destiny. Every artist deserves that kind of power.The vocally gifted artist supposed to be winningBut those who be spinning are dick riding more then the womenCausing division by ignoring the feelings of fans who know what is missing (W. Braunstein, O. Credle, C. Mckay, L. Muggerud)Hip Hop in it’s purest existence Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/Soul Assassins Music (ASCAP)/ Organimz Music Inc (BMI)/Cormega Music (ASCAP) Produced by DJ Muggs Additional production by Scott Stallone Cuts by DJ Eclipse
  12. 12. When I Die ft. TIA THOMASI left you outside the gates of heaven - They wouldn’t let me inI waved goodbye as you stepped withinIt’s like hell on earth without you near, I named my daughter after youSo when she smiles it’s sorta like you’re still hereIt’s kinda crazy how time flies - 25 years since my grandmom diedBut it feels like just yesterday when we was all laughing togetherthose happy memories are so vivid, they’ll last me forever& yet you’re still here somehow - I still feel your presenceI credit you for my inner strength - I feel it in my essenseIn my soul, in my inner being, in my genetics WHEN I DIE ft. TIA THOMASI wouldn’t exist if you hadn’t persisted through the trenches of TING TRYERSI wouldn’t have been a lyricist, I owe you every sentence (W. Braunstein, T. Thomas,Every verse I’ve ever written - Your energy is kinetic P. Phillips)Though I’ve grown up, I’m still heartbroken, aching to cry Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/Hoping you’re the one holding open those gates when I die Brielle Publishing (ASCAP)/ Soul Brother #1 (ASCAP)I left you outside the gates of heaven - They wouldn’t let me in Produced by Pete Rock forI waved goodbye as you stepped within Soul Brother #1 ProductionsIt’s like hell on earth without you near. I named my label after you Additional production +So when I rhyme it’s sorta like you’re still here Hammond B3 by Scott StalloneIt’s been a year - Still in shock about exactly what happened to youMade a song for you called “My Uncle”I was just rapping to you, just talking to youI just saw you at my mother’s house, I can’t believe I just bought a coffin for youWe always feared that you would die from an overdoseGod knows you loved to do drugs, it swallowed you wholeBut in the end, drugs didn’t kill you, cancer didWhy do good people die young? I don’t know what the answer isAll I know is I worshipped you as a scrappy kidBeing around you made me feel cooler than rapping did& that’s pretty fuckin cool, trust meI was embarrassed when you started smoking crackHonestly, it crushed me - Swept in under the rugStarted smoking weed & popping acid but managed to not do the uglier drugsWe grew apart after my grandmother diedHomeless, in & outta jail, we stopped relating to each others livesBut years later, we connected once againNot just as nephew & uncle, but as homies, we were friendsThough I’ve grown up, I’m still heartbroken, aching to cryHoping you’re the one holding open those gates when I die
  13. 13. Severed Heads Of State ft. El-PLet’s play Dungeons & Dragons on mushrooms & acidLike Ricky Kasso, smoke angel dust & kill these hippie assholeslight the chemicals ablaze - Relevance appraisedVenomous exchange of terrorist acclaim - Inheritance of hateSevered heads of state in a parade of chanting SatanistsActs of heinousness are sprinkled on our plates like bacon bitsSwallow while you raise your fist in protestYour true emotions camoflagued like God - It’s convenient like we’re all guilty as charged or just simply involvedOften brainwashed by quick money, loose women & cars (W. Braunstein, J. Meline)But maybe that’s the way we’re meant to be - Ignorant mutants for nukes Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/Trapped in a matrix ruled by shooters in suits Definitive Jux Music (SESAC)I think we’re more than that, I’ll quarterback Produced by El-P forTime to clean our house & take our corner back Productomart Inc.Put a message in the music - This is more than RapOr at the very least, it could be & it should beso I gotta pay it forward cos I learned alot from Chuck D& Henry Rollins - College was an empty promise for meMusic’s influence was way more honest to me -Or maybe that’s just my excuseBecause I dropped outta high school at 14 to pursue musicIt was all a dream(EL-P)Live in a still from the worst movie ever’s worst sceneAntagonists stand proudly in the stench of all their dirt sheenLooks like God and them forgot to take their happy pills again, screamCos every sheisen eater from your nightmares getting top creamMud is the name you been given - Shit is for dinnerYour average beginner might wanna take a fetal positionI feel that, nothing’s promised but static & dirty conscienceOr waking up like the dawn is the start of another problem that’s real factTrust me the dustedest type of function’s you having to sit thereGrumbling while dummies run the discussionSo I’m a master of the numb it down drown the voices choiceEvery drug invented got attention from me, desperate to avoid the noise& I never learned a fuckin thing except I don’t know fuckin shitAll that I ever had was madness & the luck to get the chance to spit & I’ll take thatCos by my calculations that’s as good as any day jobThought I told you that I’m fucked, why you suprised I always stay hard
  14. 14. 120% Darkside Justice ft. Jedi Mind Tricks(ILL BILL) (CHORUS)Fuck the machine, I’m raging against the broke lifeI love the cream - My satans inflate the coke price (VINNIE PAZ)My demons & devils do the things that I don’t like This a perfect murder scene& I detach myself from ‘em, I know it’s so trife A perfect murder by the perfect personmurder, assault, wild outta control type Brujeria verse, perfectly cursing the virginWorshipping at the altar of Ralph like a Lo Life What’s the faculty of energy? Perfect exertionDress correct - Heavy Metal emperor roll tight Call me majesty - My words are converged in a serpentI’m obsessed with death - Heltah Skeltah like Sean Price Pussy bol left the war, they call it desertionLoad the tec, hear the sound of thunder I am dirty, I am opposite every detergentNo respect - I’m Boba Fett like Bounty Hunter If it isn’t Grey Goose, then it’s certainly bourbonNo remorse - Megaforce Records - Seek & destroy I write my rhyme in Beirut with a burgundy turbanWe kill ‘em all, zip up the bag, bring ‘em to the morgue Hardbody Rap - Punch you in the chatter boxBring ‘em to the coroner table & cut ‘em open, look inside of ‘em I would never walk the hallways unless I had a oxWhat the fuck were they thinking? Someone lied to them That’s the reason why they put me in a padded boxSold ‘em a dead dream, listening to philosophers I woulda never been a problem if I had my PopsGoing against me? Victory is impossible I’ll pull a mufucka card like a magic shop Mossberg mean spittin several metal magic shots(CHORUS) The heater hit the fuckin flesh like a cattle prod My physical body’s the vehicle for wrath of GodBlood money & death - Darkside Justice - Trust nothing except Darkside JusticeFuck love & respect - Darkside Justice - 120% Darkside Justice (CHORUS)(JUS ALLAH) NOTES ON “120% DARKSIDE JUSTICE”My raps scary, it escaped from my blackberryYa rap stays trapped, it’s fake & imaginary I always been a addict for sneakers & fly gear. I’m a deadstockMy rap full of gats & bad vocabulary Jordan hoarder & a Polo P-wing king. I was probably the firstMy rap has drug tracks in blood capillaries rapper to rock Supreme and I still do. Another one of my favoritesIt’s all cemeteries & about mortuaries is a Japanese brand called Bounty x Hunter. “120% DarksideI ain’t saying anything out of the ordinary Justice” is their slogan. Big ups to JMT & C-Lance for helping meNot unusual it’s the cult’s itinerary make this grimy salute. Throw it on & destroy something.Attending funerals with adult contemporaryWeapons put you in blessings whenever necessaryGuns straighten paper better than a secretaryWith just one shot, turn a jock into a jerry (W. Braunstein, J. Bostick, V. Luviner, C. Lanciani)The glocks that we carry turn the Rock into a fairy Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/Murder for no reason other than monetary Black God Publishing (ASCAP)/The Devil made me do it, it’s involuntary Pazmanian Devil Music (BMI)/C. Lanciani Publishing (BMI)I keep clips of newspaper obituaries Produced by C-LanceBehind a bookcase, with a trick dictionary
  15. 15. Canarsie HighYoung mother smoke crack while her baby crysYoung brother sell crack, carry baby 9sBaby face gangstas wile out, commit crazy crimesTaking anything they want, without shame or prideStray bullet hit a pregnant mom in Bed StuyLead fly - Final destination - Her death arrivesWas she in the wrong place or was she meant to die& whoever’s responsible, they’ll never findFuck flippin’ burgers, servin’ milk shakes & frieskids commit murders living in these last days & timesWhite kids, Black kids, any race applysShooting up their high school, Satan in their minds (W. Braunstein, W. P. Mitchell)We see everything & yet we’re forever blind Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/Society turn away & protect your eyes The Large Professor Music (ASCAP)Like a horror movie but you can’t press rewind Produced by Large Professor for Paul Sea ProductionsBare witness to reality or step aside(CHORUS)Are we learning how to live or learning how to die?Building nuclear weapons & learning how to fly - I never graduated high schoolI got my G.E.D. in the 10th grade & ran around Canarsie highYoung baby girl gave birth to baby girl13, brought a little baby in this crazy worldI see the same story, every block, every boroughEvery town, same situation very thoroughVery sad, baby girl never knew her DadBroken home, broken soul, ready to attackYoung dad doesn’t even know that he’s a father& some do, but don’t care or care to even botherPlenty good parents too, but bad situationsYoung dad went to war in a distant nationProud American that wanted to participateSent home in a box or in a crippled stateWe see everything & yet we’re forever blindSociety turn away & protect your eyesLike a horror movie but you can’t press rewindBare witness to reality or step aside(CHORUS)
  16. 16. World PremierIt was a commercial on the DNA & Hank Love show “The Future Is Now” joint “Rock Stars”, unforgettableIf you was there you know about the Lil Rascals studio The way he flipped “Above The Clouds” on the hook was incredibleIn Jamaica, Queens - Doctor Def - Dude was a clown Society Is Brainwashed - Mind Your BusinessBut back then it was probably the cheapest studio in town This is a “World Premier” and I designed the lyrics like a grimy awardI went from watching Video Music Box with Ralph McDaniels When it’s time to recordTo rocking 30 thousand people surrounded by cameras I attack the beatbreaks like a viking with a swordFirst rhyme in ‘82, first band, ‘87 So throw ya muthafuckin’ hands up in the air like you don’t careFirst time we played it through I doubt it was very impressive And make some noise for DJ PremierBut we kept on practicing and we got better with timePractice makes everything perfect, now in my veteran primeAnd it’s bigger than hip hop or being clever with rhymesCos I actually feed my seed with these endeavors of mine (W. Braunstein, C.E. Martin)And it’s taken me ‘round the world several times Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/It’s crazy what hard work & being focused can achieve, It’s amazing Gifted Pearl Music (ASCAP) Administered by KOBALTMy uncle’s favorite group was Gang Starr - I wish he was here Produced by DJ Premier for Works Of Mart Inc.Rest In Peace to Howie & Guru & salute to Premier Cuts by DJ PremierThis is “The Grimy Awards” - When it’s time to recordI attack the beatbreaks like a viking with a swordSo throw ya muthafuckin’ hands up in the air like you ain’t careAnd make some noise for DJ Premier(CHORUS)Say Preemo! (Preemo!) Everybody! Say Preemo! (Preemo!)I went from dreaming about working with Extra P & Pete RockPut my mind to it & now they’re blessing me with heat rocks ACID REFLUXSame thing with Muggs, the same thing with Preemo & the BeatnutsMy dream team - Inject them in your blood stream, you’ll bleed drugs (STU BANGAS REMIX - iTUNES BONUS)Done four with Preem, but this one gots to be my favorite (W. Braunstein, S. Hudgins)Was a fan before “Mass Appeal” or “Daily Operation” Billion Dollar Bill (BMI)/ Thorton Melon Music (ASCAP)Since before they dropped “Just To Get A Rep” Produced by Stu BangasI been a fan of Gang Starr ever since “Words I Manifest” Cuts by DJ EclipseAnd what’s my favorite Preemo joint of all time?It’s either “Kick In The Door” or “N.Y. State Of Mind” or“Ten Crack Commandments” or “Take It Personal”Too many bangers to choose from - He’s too versatile
  17. 17. All songs recorded by: Scott Stallone at Found Sound, Philly, PA and Eden Braunstein at Busy B Studios, Kill Devil Hills, NC except“World Premier” recorded at HeadQcourterz Studios Ltd. (NYC) with additional recording by: Rick DeLisi at his house in Amsterdam,Netherlands and scratches recorded at DJ Buzz’s house in Vienna, AustriaAll songs mixed by: Scott Stallone at Found Sound, Philly, PA except “Acid Reflux” & “Canarsie High” mixed by Large Professor atIn Ya Ear, Queens, NY.All songs mastered by: Peter Humphreys at Masterwork Recording, Philadelphia, PAArtwork by: SKAM2?Photography by: Eden BraunsteinGraphic Design by: Donna McLeer for Tunnel Vizion MediaManagement:  DJ Eclipse for Pay To Winn Management  Email contact: itsdjeclipse@gmail.comManufactured and distributed by:Fat Beats Records110 Bridge St. 3rd Flr. Brooklyn, NY 11201Tel: 718-875-8191 Fax: 718-875-9297Directed and produced by:Uncle Howie RecordsTo contact us, write to: info@unclehowie.comFor ILL BILL t-shirts, hoodies, hats & more, go to: