Media evaluation question 2


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Media evaluation question 2

  1. 1. MEDIA EVALUATION QUESTION 2By Zoran Markovic
  2. 2.  My ancillary texts (magazine advert and digipack) are very closely related to my music video, which is done by the images, themes and the identity of the band. My digipack and magazine adverts are created with images of the band, which relates to my music video because the band perform in it and this was done to ensure that the band seem like stars. The shots of the band in black and white are used in the digipack to show a connection with the music video because in the video the band performance parts are shown in black and white. The band and album name stand out on the magazine advert and in the digipack advert to reinforce the bands identity. An image of the digipack is used on the magazine advert to show a relation between the two media products.
  3. 3.  I have researched digipacks and magazine adverts from different bands such as „Foo Fighters‟ and „Arcade Fire‟. We used bands of the same genre, in order to make sure that our media products fitted into the genre. This then allowed me to use these ideas as inspiration when I was constructing the layouts of my digipack and magazine advert. In my magazine advert, I included, reviews, ratings, links to the band‟s website, links to social network sites and a release date etc. The links to social network sites will appeal to my target audience of teenagers because they are the group of society who use these websites the most. The use of including reviews and ratings was to persuade the audience to purchase the product, so that they spend money. For my digipack I included the record label logo, parental advisory logo and track listing etc. The layout for my magazine advert and digipack was used on purpose so that the all of the text was clear especially the band name and album name, and also so that the images stand out.
  4. 4.  My digipack and magazine advert were also connected because I used similar images which had similar editing done to each so that they related to each other. The edited images are also similar to some of the shots in the music video as they have also been edited to look similar. Also the text used on the ancillary texts for the band and album name were the same to create a connection between the two media products. The rest of the text was different to the band and album name but the same as everything else. As well as the same font being used for my ancillary texts, the colours of the font used were same, again to establish a connection between the media products. The images used for the digipack and magazine advert all contain the band members and part of the music video does as well, this is to enhance the band‟s identity. Throughout my media products, I managed to achieve continuity without being too repetitive.
  5. 5.  The costumes used for in all of our media products are similar to each other to show a connection and also fit into the genre of indie and also shows the youthfulness aspect of our media products to relate to our target audience. The lighting used in the images and shots we have taken is similar to show the similarity between them, so that this style of lighting will be associated with „Kagoule‟. “a star is an image constructed from a range of materials” – Richard Dyer. We have conformed to this theory by related our media products (music video, digipack and magazine advert) together, to create the star image. The images chosen for our digipack and magazine were chosen to promote the band and also so the audience can familiarise with them by making the band seem friendly.