Zoom Meida & Marketing: Fitness Retailers Deck


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Zoom Meida & Marketing: Fitness Retailers Deck

  1. 1. zoommedia.com ZoomFitness: Driving Sales at Sports Retailers
  2. 2. The ZoomFitness Video Network™ is seen on multiple overhead screens and can be heard through the ambient audio system throughout Zoom’s health club locations. • Branded for each specific fitness chain • Music that members workout to • Health & wellness content • Sports schedules • Health club promotional announcements 2 The ZoomFitness Network Video advertising options include Commercials or non-sound Digital Signage. Zoom Television Commercials & Digital Signage Backlit Billboards Experiential Programs Zoom also offers fixed media advertising and customized experiential programs.
  3. 3. Retail Targeting ZoomFitness TM has national coverage with the ability to geo-target around specific retail locations. • 2,000+ Health Clubs • 140+ DMAs
  4. 4. MRI:Doublebase 2012 Base = A18+ “zoomfitness network” (study of Nielsen On Location Measurement of ZoomFitness, October 2011 in MRI via Clear Decisions) ZoomFitness TM delivers 30 million active, upscale adults that spend heavily at sports retailers and on athletic brands. Shops at Sports Authority Index 217 Shops at Dick’s Sporting Goods Index 193 Shops at Foot Locker Index 125
  5. 5. Fitness Consumers are Avid Consumers of Active Apparel Spent $100+ on Running Clothing Index 374 Spent $150+ on Athletic/Workout Wear Index 278 Spent $150+ on Sports Clothing Index 219 Source: GfK MRI Doublebase 2012 “ZoomFitness network”, base A18+
  6. 6. Fitness Consumers Spend on Sneakers & Athletic Shoes Spent $75+ on Athletic Shoes Index 189 Bought 2+ Pairs of Athletic Shoes/Last 12 Months Index 157 Athletic Shoe Brands Bought in the Last12 Months: Source: GfK MRI Doublebase 2012 “ZoomFitness network”, base A18+ Puma Index 163 Nike Index 149 Asics Index 247 Adidas Index 146 New Balance Index 127
  7. 7. Dick’s Sporting Goods OBJECTIVE To raise awareness and drive purchase intent of Dick’s Sporting Goods among fitness consumers EXECUTION DETAILS Integrated media campaign reached out to active consumers in the ZoomFitness network • Backlit billboards in main areas of the health club • Classic billboards in male and female locker rooms • TV commercials with sound (5 different creatives) RESULTS • 25% top of mind awareness • 40% unaided ad recall • 61% purchase intent ZoomFitness Case Study May 2013 Program
  8. 8. Target C9 ZoomFitness Case Study January 2013 Program OBJECTIVE To create awareness and drive purchase intent of C9 by Champion workout apparel, sold exclusively at Target EXECUTION DETAILS Integrated media campaign in ZoomFitness network • Digital Signage Video Spot • Target C9 backlit billboards in main workout areas of health club RESULTS • 69% purchase intent • 29% unaided recall • 66% overall ad recall
  9. 9. Lady Foot Locker April 2013 Program ZoomFitness™ Experiential OBJECTIVE To create awareness and drive consumers to shop at Lady Foot Locker retailers EXECUTION DETAILS Lady Foot Locker branded classes • Pre-established exercise classes customized and re-branded to incorporate Lady Foot Locker • Class instructors serve as brand ambassadors • Custom signage, club schedules, product sampling RESULTS • 51% purchase intent • +76% lift in purchase intent • 61% of the test group said they would recommend the Lady Foot Locker brand • 82% of the test group said they would participate in a Lady Foot Locker workout class again
  10. 10. New Balance ZoomFitness Campaign Recap OBJECTIVE To increase awareness of celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak’s, new exclusive New Balance 997 training sneaker. EXECUTION DETAILS ZoomFitness integrated media campaign ran in NYC gyms for 4- weeks. • Commercial spots featuring Harley Pasternak sharing exercise and wellness tips • Digital screens also pulled live Twitter feed from the New Balance/Harley Pasternak training event happening in NYC February – March 2013 Program