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Services marketing hu-unit-1-part-2 Services marketing hu-unit-1-part-2 Presentation Transcript

  • Services MarketingBy Himanshu UpadhyayMBA/BBA-SpecializationMBM3/BBM2
  • Why Service Marketing?1. Service Based Economies-Developed in response to the tremendousgrowth of service industries, resultingin their increased importance to the U.S.and world economies.-In 2003 the service sector represented justover 80% of total employment.
  • Why Service Marketing? Cont..-Trade in service is growing worldwide.-American Express, McDonald’s, andMarriott Hotels, together with many smallservice companies, are exportinginformation, knowledge, creativity, andtechnology that the world badly needs.
  • Why Service Marketing? Cont..2. Service as a Business Imperative inManufacturing and IT-As banking, transportation, and healthcare industries evolve and become morecompetitive, the need for effective servicesmanagement and marketing strategiescontinues.
  • Why Service Marketing? Cont..-Manufacturing and technology industriessuch as automobiles, computers, andsoftware are also recognizing the need toprovide quality service and revenueproducing service in order to competeworld-wide.-Example: General Electric and IBM
  • Why Service Marketing? Cont..3. Deregulated Industries and ProfessionalService Needs-Specific demand for service marketingconcepts has come from the deregulatedindustries and professional services.-Large service industries, includingairlines, banking, telecommunications havebeen deregulated by the U.S. government.
  • Why Service Marketing? Cont..-Professionals like physicians, lawyers,accountants, engineers and architects havealso demanded new concepts andapproaches for their business as theseindustries have become increasinglycompetitive.
  • Why Service Marketing? Cont..4. Service Marketing is Different5. Service Equals Profits-Through the 1980s and early 1990s manyfirms jumped on the service bandwagon,investing in service initiatives andpromoting service quality as ways todifferentiate themselves and createcompetitive advantage.
  • Why Service Marketing? Cont..-Investments were based on faith andintuition by managers who believed inserving customers well and who believedin their hearts that quality service madegood business sense.
  • Why Service Marketing? Cont..-Marketing Science Institute suggest thatcorporate strategies focused on customersatisfaction, revenue generation, andservice quality may actually be moreprofitable than cost cutting strategies.