How To Get Promoted, Do What You Want, Make More Money or Quit!


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A presentation made by Joe Webb of DealerKnows Consulting and Christian Salazar of DealerFire. "How to Get Promoted, Do What You Want, Make More Money, or Quit!"

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How To Get Promoted, Do What You Want, Make More Money or Quit!

  1. 1. Twitter: #DD14 #MeFirstDigital Dealer 14: PresentationHow to Get Promoted,
  2. 2. Twitter: #DD14 #MeFirstDigital Dealer 14: PresentationDo What You Want,
  3. 3. Twitter: #DD14 #MeFirstDigital Dealer 14: PresentationMake More Money,
  4. 4. Twitter: #DD14 #MeFirstDigital Dealer 14: PresentationOr Quit.
  5. 5. Who is Joe Webb?H2DB: DealerKnowsTwitter: @zonewebb
  6. 6. Who’s Christian Salazar?H2BD: DealerFireTwitter: @christians82
  7. 7. A couple quick questions.H2DB: Audience
  8. 8. Upward mobility.H2DB: Ascension
  9. 9. Get Promoted.H2DB: Promotion
  10. 10. Be vocal.H2DB: Talk
  11. 11. H2DB: TalkH2DB: TalkDefine the need.New OpportunityorExisting position?
  12. 12. H2DB: TalkH2DB: TalkShare examples with ownership.Proof of skillCompare with stores,not with people
  13. 13. H2DB: TalkH2DB: TalkProve yourself.
  14. 14. H2DB: TalkH2DB: TalkLike the taste.
  15. 15. H2DB: TalkH2DB: TalkTalk of time investment.Will you have to retainyour current duties?Will you be able todedicate more time?What time frame beforeyou show results?
  16. 16. H2DB: TalkH2DB: TalkJob description.What I want to doorWhat I would do
  17. 17. H2DB: TalkH2DB: TalkWhat’s in it?Job TitleSalary RangePurpose of PositionList of Duties to be PerformedHierarchySkills PossessedWork Location and Hours
  18. 18. H2DB: TalkH2DB: TalkIndispensable?
  19. 19. H2DB: PreparationFind your replacement.
  20. 20. H2DB: PreparationMake your pitch.
  21. 21. H2DB: DutiesDo what you want.
  22. 22. H2DB: DutiesFun stuff.
  23. 23. H2DB: WhereDiscrepancies.ReputationNo Social EngagementCompetition20 Group
  24. 24. H2DB: WhenSave time.
  25. 25. H2DB: WhenOff hours.
  26. 26. H2DB: ProofShow successes.- Specific Examples- Timeline- Effort- Reasonable Expectations- Use VisualsImproved reputation?Increased social engagement?Captured market share?Generated $ Dollars $ ?
  27. 27. H2DB: WriteMarketing plan.What’s the problem?Who is the target customer?What is the competition doing?What is the dealership’s proposition?How will it generate business/dollars?What is the budget?What is the timeline?Who will be handling what duties?What is the communication strategy?What is the content plan?How will it be measured?What will be the anticipated results?
  28. 28. H2DB: DoDive in.
  29. 29. H2DB: MoolahMake more money.
  30. 30. H2DB: PerformDo your job better.
  31. 31. H2DB: EffortTry harder.
  32. 32. H2DB: EffortPayoff.
  33. 33. H2DB: LearnEducate yourself.Don’t wait for someone elseSeek it outPay for it
  34. 34. H2DB: BossManage yourself.
  35. 35. H2DB: BossNegotiate.
  36. 36. H2DB: Pay planGet a raise.Show profitabilityGet existing examplesDevise multiple new examplesBase it on current worth, notexpectationsBase it on others at thedealership vs. profitability tothe storeShow trendsGet another offerBe humble / Be confident
  37. 37. H2DB: QuitWhen all else fails.
  38. 38. H2DB: QuitFour reasons.Better opportunity for upward mobilityResponsibilities more in line with your passionMore moneyUncomfortable work environment
  39. 39. H2DB: QuitYes it is.
  40. 40. H2DB: QuitBefore you do.Get another offerTalk to your repsDon’t use “quitting” as a playDocument yourselfBack-up your intellectual property
  41. 41. H2DB: QuitWhen you do.Give fair noticeMake it about personal goals,not personal feelingsDon’t burn bridgesOffer to train a replacementHand over all credentialsStay positiveDo your job
  42. 42. H2DB: QuitWhat you’ve gotten.
  43. 43. H2DB: QuitWhat you want to do.
  44. 44. H2DB: QuitWhat you want to do.
  45. 45. H2DB: QuitWhat you want to do.
  46. 46. H2DB: QuitWhat you want to do.
  47. 47. H2DB: QuitWhat you want to do.
  48. 48. H2DB: QuitBe free.
  49. 49. H2DB: FinJoe and Christian.