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Cafenumerique presents Facebook Privacy Settings by Zoltan Janosi
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Cafenumerique presents Facebook Privacy Settings by Zoltan Janosi


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Café Numérique presents Facebook …

Café Numérique presents Facebook
this is the 4th part (out of 5), regarding Facebook Privacy Settings.
Presented on Jan 13th 2010 @cafenumerique #cafeN, Brussels, Belgium.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Café Numérique Facebook Privacy Settings 13/01/2010 by Zoltán Jánosi #CafeN
  • 2.
    • 4 Categories + Friends and Network (including University, etc)
    Privacy Settings 1/2
  • 3.
    • New rules are supposed to make it easier and simpler to control your information…
    Privacy Settings 2/2
    • … but instead, big privacy failures have been pointed out by several org;
    • EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
    • ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California)
    • EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center)
    • … amongst many others.
    • You own your data BUT Facebook has the right to use it whenever they want
    • If you don’t change any confidentiality settings, by now, all your personal data are visible by everyone
  • 4. What has changed in Dec 09?
    • Your e- life is now public…
    • Name
    • Profile
    • Sex
    • State of residence
    • Friendslists
    • Pages where you are fan
    … and open. Everybody can now search and look into these data without any permission.
    • main settings that have changed
    • Search settings (on Google, etc)
    • Password protection layer not good
    • Publicly Available Information
  • 5. What he said last week
    • “ If he had to create Facebook today, public information would have been public , by default.
    • Public sharing has become a certain normality, and Facebook considers itself as a major playing actor in this continuously evolution of social norms.”
    • This is a radical change ! Facebook is not a closed platform anymore.
    Mark Zuckerberg Facebook founder
  • 6. What an ex-employee said last week
    • “ At Facebook HQ, one unique login and password gives access to any FB profile !
    • This is one of the biggest security lack, ever…”
    • What if any other major company does the same?
    Anonymous Ex-Facebook employee
  • 7. More info
    • Website:
    • Video Mark Zuckerberg with:
    • Tips & Tricks:
    • Café Numérique
  • 8. Thank you
    • Zoltán Jánosi
    • @janosizoltan
    • [email_address]