Expression of happiness


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Expression of happiness

  1. 1. Expression of HappinessCreated by : Cristian Angga Jumawan dan Dian Hidayat
  2. 2. Expression of Happiness
  3. 3. Expression of Happiness
  4. 4. Expression of Happiness
  5. 5. I can’t say•I’m happy…… how pleased Great!•I’m / delighted I Terrific!(very)pleased / am about it Fantastic!(really) delighted I am so glad(about)…. to hear that It’s the most beautiful I love it What a I like it very place I’ve wonderful much ever seen. day
  6. 6. I’m happy to hear thatHahahaha…….I’m (very)pleased / (really)delighted (about) it.
  7. 7. I can’t say how pleased / delighted I am about it I am so glad to hear that
  8. 8. Great! Terrific!Fantastic!
  9. 9. It’s the mostbeautiful placeI’ve ever seen.
  10. 10. What awonderful day
  11. 11. I love itI like it very much
  13. 13. I’d love too You are right Responses I think so I do, too
  14. 14. I’d love too
  15. 15. I do, too
  16. 16.  Angga : Dian, I want to give you a good information Dian : What’s that? Angga : You are admitted in Harvard University Dian : Are you sure? I am very happy. I feel like in the seventh sky. Swim with acrobatic whale. Angga : I am happy too
  17. 17.  Hilal : Hi, Najmi! Haven’t seen you for a long time. How is it going? Najmi : Oh, hi Hilal….. It’s great, thanks. How is everything with you? Hilal : Well, I’m fine. As a matter of fact, I was promoted as a manager. Najmi : Wow, that’s really great. I’m glad to hear that. I’m sure you will have a good career. Hilal : Thank you. And how about you? I’ve heard you are a secretary now. Najmi : Yes, you’re right. That’s what I want since I was young. Najmi : Have you ever heard that Icha and Doni are getting married? Hilal : Oh, really? What a surprise. I’m very pleased to hear that. When is the wedding? Najmi : Next week. Will you come to their wedding party. Hilal : Of course. How about you? Najmi : I’ll go there with my husband. Well, if you want we can go there together. Hilal : All right. Pick me up at 1.
  18. 18. Showing Attention Showing Attention Expression that used for giving act of directing one’s thought For Example: •You look fantastic •You are different today •You look brilliant
  19. 19.  Expressing of getting one’s attention (Hilal is watching radio in the living room. Najmi comes.) Najmi : Pardon me, Hilal. Hilal :Yes? What happened? Najmi : Can you turn the radio down? I want to phone Deny. Hilal : No problem. Najmi : Thank you very much. (Telephoning her friends, Najmi walks into the dining room where her mother and father are eating.) Mother : Do you want to have more, dad? Father : No, I am full. Najmi : I’m sorry for interrupting you, but I want to tell important news. Mother : What is it, dear? Najmi : Mom, dad. Deny will propose me next week. I hope you will agree. Father & mother : Oh, that’s very good news. Of course, we don’t mind of that.
  20. 20.  Asking for attention • Excuse me, I wonder if I could trouble you …. • May I have your attention, please? • Excuse me, …. • Sorry to trouble you. • Sorry to bother you. • Look at me! • Look what I’ve got here. • Look here. • Look! • Hey! • Attention, please! • Excuse me! Showing attention • I see. - Tell me more about it. • Oh, yes. - Really? • Mmm... - Oh, my God! What happens next? • A ha... - And then what? • How interesting! - What’s next? • I know what you mean. - Is that all? • Oh, oh! - Indeed? • Well, well, well… - Oh, no!
  21. 21. I see. - Tell me more about it.Excuse me, ….May I have yourattention, please?
  22. 22. Sorry to botheryou.Sorry to trouble Oh, oh! - Indeed?you. Well, well, well… -Excuse me, I Oh, no!wonder if I couldtrouble you ….
  23. 23. Oh, yes. - Really?I know what youmean. - Is that all? Hey! Attention, pleas e! Excuse me! Look at me!
  24. 24. Wow, A ha... - And then what?Look what I’ve got here.
  25. 25. Look!
  26. 26. Howinteresting! - What’s next?
  27. 27. Look at me! Look here. Look!A ha... - Andthen what?
  28. 28. Mmm... - Oh, my God!What happens next?
  29. 29.  Dian : Hello Angga! How are you? Angga : I’m fine thank you. And you? Dian : I’m fine too.You know Ngga? Yesterday, I joined breakdance competition. It was so fantastic. I met so many beautiful girls in there. I also met some old friends. I won the competition and I want to save that. And bla…. Hello? Excuse me, I wonder if I could trouble you …. Angga : Oh, yes. - Really? Sorry, I guess I have to go now, because my father have already waited. Thanks Dian Dian: ok Bye