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The Catalyst Playbook from includes a comprehensive investigation of best-practices on your website and many other social media and online marketing vehicles.

We will look at your:
- website front page
- website usability
- blog
- Contact Us & About Us pages
- Mobile website
- Domain names
- Selling Your Product
- Email Marketing
- Facebook
- YouTube
- Location-based Services
- Twitter
- Google Plus
- LinkedIn

When your report is delivered we will spend two hours consulting with you to go through the highlights and answer any questions.

At that point you are welcome to use the Catalyst Playbook as your To Do list for online marketing or talk to us about our Consulting and Coaching programs.

Cost for the Catalyst Playbook: $999

or contact me: 1.855.388.2419 x 204

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Catalyst Playbook from Travis Allison

  1. 1. Evaluatingyour OnlinePresenceCompany Name
  2. 2. Travis is an online marketingstrategy advisor who specializesin the private school and smallbusiness industries. His workwith focusses on usinginexpensive online tools to reachout to potential clients who arelooking for unique businessexperiences for their clients.Putting one of Travis programs inplace means that you will end upwith more of the RIGHT clients.Travis produces the Principals onPrinciples podcast and othermultimedia content for ourclients.Travis is an international speakerand trainer who helps businesses,schools and non-profitorganizations simplify the use ofonline social tools. He believesthat a good strategy is moreimportant chasing after the new,shiny internet bauble. His motto:Consume Less and CreateMore. He firmly believes thatLEGO is an essential youthdevelopment tool. He hopesyoull forgive him writing this allin the third person.AUTHOR:Travis Allison
  3. 3. Results OverviewYour Score at a Glance// Page 5Element EOP Average Your ScoreWebsite Homepage 0/9 0/9Website Usability 0/14 0/14Blog 0/10 0/10Search Engine Optimization 0/6 0/6Contact & About Us Pages 0/17 0/17Mobile and Domains 0/10 0/10Selling Your Product 0/9 0/9Email Marketing 0/11 0/11Facebook 0/10 0/10YouTube 0/13 0/13Location-Based Services 0/10 0/10Twitter 0/8 0/8Google Plus 0/11 0/11LinkedIn 0/8 0/8Total 0/146 0/146
  4. 4. The purpose of a good website home page is for auser to:✓ give text and design clues to the type of businessyou are✓ allow users to self-select - “We are already clients”or “We are interested in becoming clients”✓ allow quick access to the most importantinformation, such as your phone numberKey Catalyst:Website Homepage// Page 5
  5. 5. Evaluating Your Online Presence// Page 6Element Present?1. Design style gives clues to your business’ specialty2. Logo links to Home Page3456789GRADE 0/9Catalyze YOUR BUSINESS MARKETING✓ general ideas to improve your online marketing✓ concepts to help you understand the theory behind these suggestions✓ industry specific suggestionsWebsiteHomepage
  6. 6. Good website design so often only focuses on the lookof the webpage and undervalues the way people willuse that site.Key Catalyst:Website Usability// Page 7
  7. 7. Evaluating Your Online Presence// Page 8Element Present?1. Website compatible with all browsers2. Quick load time34567891011121314GRADE: 0/14Catalyze YOUR BUSINESS MARKETINGWebsiteUsability
  8. 8. A blog is an easily updated section of your websitewhere people check for regular news. You maychoose to call it whatever fits your business culture.A blog is essential because Google ranks websites thehighest that update often.Key Catalyst:Blog// Page 9
  9. 9. Evaluating Your Online Presence// Page 10Element Present?1. Content management system that is easy to use2. Regular posts (at least weekly)345678910GRADE: 0/10Catalyze YOUR BUSINESS MARKETINGBlog
  10. 10. The trick to great search engine optimization for abusy business is to focus on 2 or 3 keyword phrasesand implement the 20% of strategies that will bringyou 80% of the possible results.Key Catalyst:Search Engine Optimization// Page 11
  11. 11. Evaluating Your Online Presence// Page 12Element Present?1. Page titles properly formatted: Keyword Content - Business2. Pages begin with subtitle inside a <H1> tag34560/6Catalyze YOUR BUSINESS MARKETINGSEO
  12. 12. There are several important elements to your ContactUs page. The purpose of this page is to provide quickadministrative access, in multiple formats, to yourbusiness information.About Us is where you show parents your WHY - whatmakes the business, and it’s people, special.Key Catalyst:Contact & About Us Pages// Page 13
  13. 13. // Page 14Element Present?1. Link is labeled as “Contact Us”2. Business’s physical location345678GRADE: 0/8Contact Us PageElement Present?1. Welcome Video (60-90 seconds long)2. Professional Photo of Senior Staff Members3456789GRADE: 0/9About Us Page
  14. 14. Mobile access to your website (and social mediaproperties) is only going to grow in importance. Atpresent almost 1/3 of all internet traffic is from amobile device.Domains are important branding elements for modernorganizations and businesses.Key Catalyst:Mobile and Domains// Page 24
  15. 15. // Page 25Element Present?1. Website is based on “responsive design”2. Email marketing design is based on “responsive design”345GRADE: 0/5Mobile MarketingElement Present?1. .com version of whole name2. .net, .co and .org versions of whole name345GRADE: 0/5DomainsCatalyze YOUR BUSINESS MARKETING
  16. 16. There are many aspects to a great website that isfocussed on marketing a product - the highlights ofwhich we have covered in this EOP.Selling business on the web has some uniquerequirements - potential clients must know, like andtrust your organization in order to be confident intheir choice.Key Catalyst:Selling Your Product// Page 15
  17. 17. Evaluating Your Online Presence// Page 16Element Present?1. Photos and/or video of the products or services23456789GRADE: 0/9Catalyze YOUR BUSINESS MARKETINGSelling YourProduct
  18. 18. “When you say toyourselves ‘wecouldn’t be anyweirder’... then youare starting to beremarkable.”-author Seth GodinEvaluating Your Online Presence// Page 17
  19. 19. Probably the single most effective (and incrediblyunder-utilized) marketing tool for a business is anewsletter that focusses on making potential clientscomfortable with choosing your business product.Key Catalyst:Email Marketing (newsletter)// Page 18
  20. 20. Evaluating Your Online Presence// Page 19EmailNewsletterElement Present?1. Email newsletter available to read on website234567891011GRADE: 0/11Catalyze YOUR BUSINESS MARKETING
  21. 21. Facebook is a natural avenue for businesses to reach outto current and past clients and staff.How can businesses use this as a tool to convert “Like-rs”in to purchasers?Key Catalyst:Facebook// Page 20
  22. 22. Evaluating Your Online Presence// Page 21Element Present?12345678910GRADE: 0/10Catalyze YOUR BUSINESS MARKETINGFacebookMarketing
  23. 23. Video sites, and in particular, YouTube is a strong toolfor marketing because it is so popular internet users.A full video channel can help your business reachpeople across the spectrum of your ideal clients.Key Catalyst:YouTube// Page 22
  24. 24. Evaluating Your Online Presence// Page 23Catalyze YOUR BUSINESS MARKETINGYouTubeMarketingElement Present?12345678910111213GRADE: 0/13
  25. 25. “It’s getting easierand easier toDIFFERENTIATEyourself - nopermission needed.”- photographer Chase JarvisEvaluating Your Online Presence// Page 26
  26. 26. Google has openly declared that location based search(people type in “thai restaurant” and Google displaysrestaurants close to their current location) is a hugefocus for the search engine giant.Business organizations need to include locationreferences throughout their material to take advantageof this fact.Key Catalyst:Location-Based Services// Page 27
  27. 27. Evaluating Your Online Presence// Page 28Element Present?12345678910GRADE: 0/10Catalyze YOUR BUSINESS MARKETINGLocationMarketing
  28. 28. Twitter is often the social network that is hardest tounderstand the return on investment, in both time andenergy.Depending on your ideal client it may be lessimportant to be on Twitter than another platform suchas Google Plus or Facebook.Key Catalyst:Twitter// Page 29
  29. 29. Evaluating Your Online Presence// Page 30Element Present?12345678910GRADE: 0/8Catalyze YOUR BUSINESS MARKETINGTwitterMarketing
  30. 30. Google Plus is an essential part of any businessmarketing strategy.Because Google puts so much value on the contentand links posted to Plus, it is becoming a vital strategyto any organization that hopes for good search engineplacement.Key Catalyst:Google Plus// Page 31
  31. 31. Evaluating Your Online Presence// Page 32Element Present?1234567891011GRADE: 0/11Catalyze YOUR BUSINESS MARKETINGGoogle PlusMarketing
  32. 32. LinkedIn can be a surprisingly effective place tomarket businesses because the users have highhousehold income (average salary is $109,000) andthe members are often responsible for the purchasingdecisions in their families.Key Catalyst:LinkedIn// Page 33
  33. 33. Evaluating Your Online Presence// Page 34Element Present?12345678910GRADE: 0/10Catalyze YOUR BUSINESS MARKETINGLinkedInMarketing
  34. 34. WHERE VOLUNTEER?: children’s schoolLIKES TO EAT: fine diningBRINGS HIM JOY: career and family, children being successfulWHAT WORRIES HIM: his children and the state of the worldWHAT DOES HE HOPE TO GAIN FROM US?: Safe, fun andrewarding summerCHALLENGES: timeWHAT ARE HIS GOALS?: happy daughtersWHO DOES HE TRUST MOST?: spouse, close friendsWHERE DOES HE GET HER INFORMATION?: Local Radio, LocalNewspaper, Regional Newspaper - State or Province wide, NationalNewspaper, Web News, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInWHAT OTHER IDEAS COME TO MIND?: They pay on time, feeltheir daughter is special, don’t mind sharing the place with friendsor familyEvaluating Your Online Presence// Page 35YourIdeal ClientGENDER: maleAGE: 36-45EMPLOYMENT: full-time employedEDUCATION: post graduatedegreeLIVING SPACE: home ownerVOLUNTEER?: yes
  35. 35. Call Social Catalyst519.532.7366travis@socialcatalyst.caor fill in your info here: you want anexperienced socialmarketer to helpimplement thesechanges?