Destiny and dreams


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this is a very useful presentation regarding destiny and dreams.

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Destiny and dreams

  1. 1. Destiny and dreams
  2. 2. Group members• Muneeb ur Rehman (Bsce01103208)• Umar Talal (Bsce01103134)• M.Farhan (Bsce01103114)• Arsalan Shaukat (Bsce01103092)• Zohaib ul hassan (Bsce01103042)
  3. 3. Contents:• Destiny• Questions arising in your minds• Destiny in life• Useful things• 7D’s• Dreams• Kinds of dreams• Dreams to destiny
  4. 4. DestinyThe events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.The hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future; fate.
  5. 5. Questions arising in our mind..  Is every event in a human beings life from the time he is born, till he dies is pre-determined?  Has that person no ability to influence any of those events?  Is that person just like any animal or like a robot programmed to perform certain fixed actions?  Are human beings just puppets, with unseen strings controlled by unseen hands?  Is the entire human world just a puppet-show then?  Different religions have different views regarding destiny… Lets discuss some of them..
  6. 6. Islamic perspective“Allah, the One and Only Creator of the entire Universe,knows the past, the present and the future of everycreature, He has created “If so …I can think, when Allah knows that a certain person isgoing to be a thief, is He not responsible then for makinghim a thief? Why does He not prevent that person fromthus going astray?
  7. 7. Continued…. Yes, Allah could prevent that person from going astray, if He would.But He wouldnt, because, in that case, He would Himself be actingagainst His purpose of creating mankind as His representative(khalifah) on earth .The representative had of course to be given some of the creativeand decision-making powers of the absolute Sovereign, to make himworthy of his title. And so was mankind - the representative - giventhose powers, to a limited extent. And to enable him to exercisethose powers, he had to be given the freedom of choice. And so wasthat freedom also given him.
  8. 8. Destiny in life• Strengthen determination• Hope for better• Betray from the right path• Lose determination
  9. 9. Can destiny be changed? “Destiny is done, no one at any state can change it” what do you think?
  10. 10. Destiny is in our hands..
  11. 11. Useful things..• Watch your words That become your actions• Watch your actions That become your habits• Watch your habits That become your character• Watch your character That become your destiny
  12. 12. Questions.• What if we know our destiny?• What if there won’t be destiny?
  13. 13. the 7 D’s forDetermining Your Own Destiny
  14. 14. Realizing your.……helping to bring out the Dreams!BEST in people…
  15. 15. Decision: Decide what you want, how you want it, and what you are prepared to do to get it.…helping to bring out the www.wlf-idc.comBEST in people…
  16. 16. Direction know which door or road will bring you closer to your goals
  17. 17. Discipline: Do whatever is needed to achieve your goals, even if and when you don’t feel like doing so.
  18. 18. DeterminationPursue your goals even when the going gets tough.Find others with similar goals and team up with them. Go for the gold!
  19. 19. Divine Help and GuidanceI asked for strength...And God gave mehardships to handle.I asked for wisdom...And God gave meproblems to solve.I asked for prosperity...And God gave me brainand brawn to work.
  20. 20. Development Seek new and better ways to achieve your goals. Learn from others who had pursued similar goals.…helping to bring out the www.wlf-idc.comBEST in people…
  21. 21. The Power of CHANGEDelight in achieving your goals.Reward yourself for meeting goals. Celebrate successes.Enjoy the journey as much as the destination.
  22. 22. Dreams:• Imagination of a person realistic or non realistic either in sleeping or in consciousness.• Realistic dreams .
  23. 23. Kinds of dreams• Daydreams• Night mare• Normal dreams• False awaking• Lucid dreams
  24. 24. Day dreamsScientific studies reveal that most peopledaydream for a whopping 70-120 minutes per day.During this time, you are only semi-awake - notasleep, but not fully checked-in with reality, either.It starts with a compelling thought, memory, orfantasy about the future, and your imagination runsaway. The longer you daydream, the deeper youbecomes immersed in your private fantasy land.
  25. 25. Normal dreams• Everybody in the world has normal dreams every single night. These dreams that arise out of REM sleep are essential to our survival we would die without them. Assuming you get eight hours of shuteye, you will dream for about 100 minutes, with longer and more vivid dreams occurring shortly before you wake up.
  26. 26. False Awaking• False awakenings are basically very vivid types of dreams. They begin in your bedroom, with you waking up, and somehow your conscious brain mimics every detail of the room, exactly as it should be. Unless you question your reality on waking (like many lucid dreamers) you dont stand a chance...
  27. 27. Lucid dreams• Lucid dreams are the best types of dreams and Im guessing the reason you are here reading this. Most lucid dreams arise spontaneously from normal dreams (called Dream Induced Lucid Dreams). All you need to do is teach yourself to constantly question your reality and you will become lucid much more often.
  28. 28. Nightmare• nightmares are considered to be normal types of dreams with a very scary twist. In nightmares, you dont know youre dreaming so the subconscious mind takes everything on board as if it were really happening. Some nightmares can be so vivid that the sensory system is triggered and you can feel certain types of pain.
  29. 29. Realistic Dreams• Dreams Aims/mission/goals• Dreaming about our future and career, becomes our aim.• We are very much keen to make them real and strive for their fulfillment.
  30. 30. Dreams to destiny
  31. 31. Quality of your dreamsPositive dreams and negative dreams.Determines your quality of life.Quality of life determines whether you would be able to achieve or not.
  32. 32. Dreams depend on your destinyOur destiny is independent of our dreamsBut our dreams are depending to our destinyat some extent.
  33. 33. Dont let destiny tochoose your dreams
  34. 34. Dare to Dream... Dare to Try…. Dare to Fail….Dare to Succeed!
  35. 35. Dreams /destiny