ZOETWITT Spring Summer Lookbook


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Spring Summer Lookbook

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ZOETWITT Spring Summer Lookbook

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  9. 9. Page 1: Page 10: Grandma Cardigan worn over Kissing Bustier in soft Nixie Shirt Dress with shirt sleeve belt and metal leather with Prairie Priestess Skirt. Jersey Basic Short. Page 2: Page 11: Floating Empress Coat over Nostalgia Shorts with leather Xantho Chiffon Tunic with leather back detail under waistband. Oxidized Shard Crystal Necklace Rhoswyn Vest with striped lining and keyhole surprise, over Vintage Bra. Zenaide Triangle Cross in rock crystal. Worn with Jersey Basic Short. Page 3: Floating Empress Coat with creamy leather belt. Page 12: Amethyst Cuff in brass. Tricolor Leather Mini with Fabula Jersey Shawl and Amethyst Lilith Necklace. Tricolor Leather Mini Page 4: worn with Fabula Jersey Shawl layered over Creamy Silk Chiffon Dress layered over Jersey Crop, Jersey Flutter Tank and Silk Circle Hip Tank and Pastel Pink Slice Skirt in silk and leather. Bow Shorts in Amethyst Lilith Necklace. cotton and leather with Draped Tee. Page 13: Page 5: Zipper Minidress with gold zipper, Epesse Wrap in jersey Jersey Crop worn with Nostalgia Print Ballerina Skirt and and silk with leather detail in back. Empress Quartz Necklace. Catherine Tee with leather shoulder inlay, Imperia Silk Jodhpur Pants. Page 14: Lola Ruffle Top, Imperia Silk Jodhpur Pants. Page 6: Creamy Silk Chiffon Dress layered over Jersey Crop, Page 15: Pastel Pink Slice Skirt in silk and leather. Crop Pioneer Floating Tee in organic cotton and silk chiffon worn with Tee worn under Iridessa Silk Romper with Jersey Basic Shorts and Arwen necklace in quartz and Tricolor leather belt. chain layered with Moonstone Crystal necklace. Page 7: Back Cover: Xantho Chiffon Tunic with leather back detail over Basic Vintage Bra and Ice Cream Shorts in leather with quartz Tank Dress in Nude. crystal embellishment at waistband. Imladris necklace in moonstone, sterling silver, and leather. Page 8: Luella Silk Blouse with Orla Cotton Pants. Arrowhead and Quartz Necklace. Page 9: Adelaide Polka Dot Shorts in cotton, Leather THE EMPRESS Stripe Crop. Rossa Jersey and Chiffon Dress. Made with affection in NYC17
  10. 10. ZOETWITT295 Fifth Avenue Suite 712New York, NY 10019(212) 679-7888(757) 515-8363 2 0 1 1