Samsung 3D LED TV - UN60D8000.


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Samsung 3D LED TV - UN60D8000.

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Samsung 3D LED TV - UN60D8000.

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from ====Its true, this is Samsungs first 60 Inch flat screen TV. Sizes that are already out there within the8000 range embrace forty-six, fifty-five, and sixty-five inch screens.So what is the purpose behind this? Well, there was a "hole" in the Samsung display size betweenthe 55 and 65 inch screens, feeling is the purpose behind this move is the Sony XBR at60 inches which has sold very well indeed. So, having missed a trick, I believe Samsung felt theywanted to plug the gap.The Samsung UN60D8000 3D LED TV has been designed to give a strong viewing experience onits sixty inch screen. It produces full high-definition images at 1080p in both two and threedimensions. Its "Broad Color Enhancer Plus" know-how makes colors and images remarkablyvivid. Further technical advances with "Ultra Clear Panel" also help coloration brightness andproduce a highly defined contrast. It also helps defeat that age-old flat screen drawback of picturedegradation from glare. The results a really gorgeous image that has a very definite "wow" factorthe first time you watch it.In addition to producing extraordinarily vibrant colors, this LED TV additionally ensures deep, richblack tones and vivid whites. To make your contrast even better this Samsung 3D TV utilizes"Micro Dimming Technology" to shut down the black areas of the screen producing a 25,000,000:1contrast ratio...the best Samsung provide.Another innovation incorporated into this 3D LED TV, to boost picture quality, is "Clear MotionRate 960". Samsung have deeply researched refresh rates, picture processor speed, andbacklight know-how to supply televisions with an incredibly Clear Motion Rate. This means thattheyre capable of handling high-pace images with no visible distortion or degradation of quality.This is definitely a push forward in Tech from Samsung, designed to provide them an "edge" overmanufacturers such as Vizio and LG. Nevertheless, its still "active" 3D expertise versus thequickly increasing momentum of passive 3D.The technology contained throughout this 3D TV is designed to offer you the optimum viewingexperience in either 3D or 2D mode. You get free active shutter 3D glasses with the TV (just twopairs) so youre set up for proper 3D from the outset. Certainly active shutter glasses have had nothad the best press (significantly from spectacle wearers) but Samsung say they have updated thedesign and they are much lighter and more comfy now. Samsung also say they now fit overnormal glasses easily. They also have an extended battery life, another innovation that was badlyneeded.So, this TV undoubtedly provides an incredible viewing experience, but it is more than a simpleTV, it is a complete entertainment centre. It is a web prepared 3D LED TV with inbuilt Wi-Fi. ItsSkype enabled, that means that video calls can be made with all of the clarity that the televisionsextensive technology delivers (if Skype stays robust which it has done too well lately).
  2. 2. And this TV is a "Smart" TV there is a huge downloadable library of content straight available fromthe Internet. This offers you a large catalogue of films, music and social media to plug into. The setadditionally benefits from its own integral Internet browser for surfing. Any media which is DLNAenabled can be seamlessly used through the TV. And you can transfer gadgets content wirelesslyto the Set utilizing Samsungs AllShare technology.In the unlikely event that you may wish toconnect up something else...there are the usual 4 HDMI inputs plus 3x USB ports an Ethernet andpretty much everything else you might need.The Samsung UN60D8000 3D LED TV is a continuation of Samsungs impressive array of highquality television sets. Smart TVs are definitely more than just a TV...they act as completeentertainment hubs in the home. And this particular Samsung TV includes the full gamut of optionsthat anyone could expect. No matter what you do with it, this TV comes up trumps, from Sport toInternet, from 2D to 3D it delivers on every level and to an extremely highly indeed.Theres no doubt that we are in tough times with the current economic situation and TV grosssales figures reflect this, however if have the budget and are looking to upgrade your TV, theSamsung 3D TV UN60D8000 ticks every box possible!For more great Samsung LED TV Reviews check out the link above, for more general LED TVReviews visit our main site. All reviews are honest and through personal viewing47 of 50 people found the following review helpful4.0 out of 5 stars This TV is one of the bestI bought this TV from Amazon and received it the next day via UPS. I hooked it up and it worksflawlessly. The set-up is amazingly simple, the TV is very easy to set up and put together.Everything is explained in detail and gives video demonstrations. I went ahead and calibrated theTV using a calibration DVD and the TV offers some of the most superb and realistic...his review is from: Samsung UN46ES8000 46-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Silver)(Electronics)I bought this TV from Amazon and received it the next day via UPS. I hooked it up and it worksflawlessly. The set-up is amazingly simple, the TV is very easy to set up and put together.Everything is explained in detail and gives video demonstrations. I went ahead and calibrated theTV using a calibration DVD and the TV offers some of the most superb and realistic picture qualityI have seen yet. The 3D is also much improved and its nice they threw in 4 pairs of glases with it. Ihave found that if you follow the directions that they show you very clearly in the demonstrationsand follow the process, the TV responds very accurately and very well. The motion controls areprobably the only thing that needs a very little amount of work, but I mean, compared to a Kinect, itbasically works the same way and is not more or less accurate then the Kinect, either. The TVsblack levels are the best I have seen for an LED set, coming close to the best of Plaasmas,motion rate is extremely enhanced and 3D performance has no visible crosstalk or juttering as inold sets. All in all, this is the best performing and high-est tech TV set available. Its also extremelyfast with the dual core processing, everything you do is a snap. Apps load very quickly, internet isdecent and the TV responds well. I have not had any issues from a weeks use of the TV. It hasworked flawlessly.***UPDATE*** after further testing I have found one flaw. The media hub works well, however,
  3. 3. Netflix has an issue. It will only work half the time. Half the time it will not load a video and the TVwill reset, the other half it works fine. I havent lost any settings yet, however, it is annoying. I havereduced to 4 stars sInce it isnt the end of the world and will likely be fixed with a simple softwareupdate. I watch a lot of Netflix, so Samsung, I know you will read these first reviews. This softwarebug with Netflix needs to get fixed. I am an advanced tech lead for Sprint, Ive already triedeverything to T/S the issue and other people reviews state the same. However, my TV has not hadits settings reset like others. This is my only small complaint, everything else works fine.***UPDATE #2*** There was some kind of update to the TV last night and the resetting seams tohave stopped during Netflix and seams a bit more responsive, for now, but still not a guaranteethat its fixed. Im not sure what kind of update it was because the damn TV is so fast, I didnt see itlong enough before it was done. Im pretty sure I will need to wait and test it more. However, itseams to have stopped. The other thing I have noticed is that the LED lights at the bottom of thescreen in the middle seam brighter then the rest of the lights, but this is only noticeable in pure100% darkness, which youll see anyways, because its still and LCD anyway you look at it. I havealso purchased a PN51E8000 TV for downstairs, it appears that the PN51E8000 has much darkerblacks in pure darkness, in fact, its not far off from an OLED, however, Ill post a review of thatone later.***UPDATE #3*** it appears that the reset issue with Netflix only appears when the smart hub hasissues connecting with Samsung. I have noticed that on weekdays, it works fairly well and canconnect to apps just fine. However, on weekends, it appears Samsungs servers cant currentlyhandle the traffic as I seam to get "network interference" issues and most apps wont connect,even though my connection to the Internet is fine at 25mbps+ and when the apps are havingdifficulty and you try to get on Netflix, it has trouble playing videos and gets stuck and then resets.Other then these few small issues I have had with the TV and the connection to Samsungs mediahub, I continue to be blown away by the stellar 3D, the ridiculous crispness of the picture and thesmooth motion rate and I have gotten use to the voice commands. I was originally havingproblems with it recognizing my voice, but after turning down our fan in our room, it seams torecognize my voice very well now. So Samsung, hear me out... The network interference problemshave to get resolved and Netflix needs to be updated so it simply rebuffed instead of turning off theTV. If this happens, Ill be a happy camper.***UPDATE #4*** alright Samsung techs, heres one for ya and even though this doesnt actuallyreflect my review of the TV itself, im not sure where the problem lays. I have an iPad as well astwo iPhone 4ss, all running iOS 5.1. The iPhones work great with the remote control, they alwaysfind the tv and connect and work well. However, the iPad 2 Samsung remote does not work. It willwork right when you connect and allow it, but as soon as you dont use it for awhile, it stopsworking and never reconnects, it gets an "unknown network error" and disconnects. I was sofixated on getting it fixed that I even hard reset my iPad 2 and reinstalled the app and it still does it.The only way I am able to use it is if I go into the TV settings to network all share and delete theiPad from the allowed list and re-add it, until it stops working again after I dont use it for awhile.Samsung, it is an absolute necessity that this is fixed ASAP!! I use my iPad to browse the netwhile I watch tv and having the Samsung remote on it to control the Tav is essential. I am a totalmulti tasker! Gosh I hope they read my post.***UPDATE #5*** the Netflix app has no reset now in almost two weeks and we watch Netflixalmost on a daily basis... It has work flawlessly. The set seems to be performing much better after
  4. 4. a few weeks break-in (normal). I think this a great set, but Samsung still needs to update the iPadremote app so it can actually work. I think this TV and PN51e8000 will be our last TVs for a fewyears until OLED TVs become mainstream in 2014-2015. Manufacturers say they will havemainstream 55inch sets for around $2k. Until then I might actually look into the evolution kits thatwill come out to upgrade its features, if they are a good price, I might pick one up. If not, thenthese will do until OLEDs are it.