Evaluation Question 4


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Evaluation Question 4

  1. 1. EVALUATION QUESTION 4How did you use new media technologies in theconstruction and research, planning and evaluationstages?
  2. 2. PREZI
  3. 3. PREZI I used Prezi to display my ideas whether it was evaluating or researching. It allows you to upload images and film clips from youtube alongside text which is a really good way of comparing different things.Prezi is like a mindmap with unlimited space, it is so much more creative than drawing things out by hand and also saves a lot of time.
  4. 4. MACS + NETBOOK
  5. 5. MACS + NETBOOKIn college I used the Apple Macs but at home I used myASUS netbook to research genres and film trailers andalso to make my products.Using a computer makes things a lot more organized,professional and definitely easier to edit than writingthings.
  6. 6. BLOGSPOT
  7. 7. BLOGSPOTI used Blogspot to record my ideas and findings in anonline diary. This is a new and modern way of showingthings. It can easily backed up unlike an exercise bookand can be accessed from any computer with the internet.If I had done my project by hand it would be very difficult tokeep it consistent and also the printing costs of everyimage I have used would be expensive.
  9. 9. MICROSOFT WORDI used Microsoft Word to keep track of my progress, whenI have finished a piece of work I highlighted it green. Thisis an easy way to see what is left to do and what needs tobe finished. It also shows the order my blog needs to bein.I also made the questionnaire on Word as it looks smartand organized but it was also really easy to edit thedocument and add bits in.The model release forms were also created using Word.
  10. 10. YOUTUBE
  11. 11. YOUTUBEI used Youtube to access existing trailers of similar genres.I researched professional texts but also previous work byother students so I know what level my work should be at.By researching these videos I established forms andconventions set by my chosen genre and also gainedideas to use in my own film.I kept a document of my progress by uploading videos toyoutube that I would then embedd into a blog post.
  12. 12. PEARL AND DEAN
  13. 13. PEARL AND DEANI used the business section of Pearl and Dean for mysecondary audience research. I looked at the targetaudience of other films with a similar genre to the one Icreated.
  14. 14. UK TRIBES
  15. 15. UK TRIBESThe UK Tribes website is also where I performed mysecondary audience research. I used this information toplan my own target market and find out their likes, dislikesetc.From this I created a mood board for my target audience.
  16. 16. IMDB
  17. 17. IMDBI used IMDB to get a background on the film marketingcampaign I researched over the summer. I used it to findout the storylines of the films but also for the institutionalcontent such as the budget, production or distributingcompanies.
  19. 19. MICROSOFT EXCELI used Microsoft Excel to create a pie chart in which Ishowed the distribution of audience on the films Iresearched on pearlanddean.comThe pie charts were really easy to make compared tomaking them by hand with a pencil, compass andprotractor. The information can be edited really easily andeven the colours can be changed to suit the needs.
  21. 21. MICROSOFT POWERPOINTI used Powerpoint to create a slideshow of information.Over the summer I made one on genre study whichhelped me choose a trailer to make and also one for thedifferent ways of marketing and distributing a film.It allows you to add text and images to the slides andcreate a series to form a little show of information.
  22. 22. SLIDESHARE
  23. 23. SLIDESHARESlideshare is where I uploaded the powerpoint presentations so I could embed them into my blog posts.
  24. 24. CAMERA – FUJI + TRIPOD
  25. 25. CAMERA – FUJI + TRIPODI used this camera for both still images and movingimages. I think this camera is really good quality andproduces good film.First of all I researched other films and recreated the shotsin various locations as a test to see what would work wellin my trailer. This was just a practise so I could overcomeany problems before it was too late.I also recorded the storyboard to create the animatic.
  26. 26. FINAL CUT
  27. 27. FINAL CUTFirst of all in Final Cut I made a trailer using the ripple effect anddifferent layers of my chosen image. This was good practise for thedifferent editing ways you can use in video.I also used Final Cut to edit together a few update and progressvideos I had filmed of myself. I practised using the available toolsbefore editing the final product.My final trailer was edited using this software, by the time it came todo this I felt fairly confident in my skills and used various effects suchas fades, zooms, editing the brightness and contrast and also addedtext and images.It was really easy to cut and trim the shots and them piece themtogether to form the final trailer.For the first evaluation question I used a recorded video of my self andoverlapped it with snippets of my own and professional trailers tocreate a montage.
  28. 28. PHOTOSHOP
  29. 29. PHOTOSHOPI used this software to edit my images for the print products.Because I have used this before I felt like I knew what I wasdoing and could do it in a short amount of time. On thephotographs I used the healing tool, rubber, red eye, crop, textand also image adjustments like the brightness and contrast,curves and the levels.I used this to make my products too by layering text and imagesto form the final image.This is also where I made the stills for my trailer like the greenscreen and the two credit blocks.For the evaluation question 2 I made mock up marketingcampaign images, for example: my poster on the side of a busor a television.
  30. 30. GARAGEBAND
  31. 31. GARAGEBANDI used the software Garageband on the Macs to create asoundtrack for my trailer. There is a huge library of soundsto chose from and then you edit them together and cutthem up to get the sound you want.Using this was really easy as I have no access to a bandthat could record live music for my and also I think thesoundtrack I created fits better with my genre rather than alive set.
  32. 32. PHOTOBOOTH
  33. 33. PHOTOBOOTHOn the Macs I used photobooth to record myself in videoupdates. I spoke about the progress I was making andwhat I will do next.I talked to the screen to keep a record of my ideas andthem published the video on youtube.
  34. 34. FIREFOX
  35. 35. FIREFOXI used the internet browser Firefox to download videosfrom youtube using an add-on called ‘Video DownloadHelper’ I used this mp4s for the evaluation question tocreate a montage to compare my trailer and professionaltrailers.