Results from questionnaire 2nd half


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Results from questionnaire 2nd half

  1. 1. As comedy is shown to the most popular we may consider doing a film trailer for a spoof film; this therefore has the potential to fit with many genres and therefore attract a larger audience. This supports that one of the audience’s favourite media consumptions is film and TV, which ensures that enough people in the audience will want to watch our film trailer!Results From Questionnaire 2
  2. 2. It’s good Paranormal activity has These results again come up a confirm that the few times, as majority of I did for an participants from intertext the questionnaire which means (who were in our we know target age group) people like watch TV and the techniques films. This shows used in the them as media film. Also The consumers of film Shinning, (what we’re something we interested in) can research meaning we know into, as this they will be seems a interested in popular watching our choice. trailer.Results From Questionnaire 2
  3. 3. This shows us that this audience like horror and thriller films that involve a lot of suspense and excitement. But also the idea of entertainment from uses and gratification theory (a chance to get away from everyday life). So we can focus on these in our narrative to ensure that the audience are attracted to the film.So overall audience’s dislike it This response was predicted and awhen horror or thriller films have conventional idea that intertexts havegore which looks unreal or shown (The Amityville Horror and Theunnecessary. They also dislike Awakening). The other characters’when the parts of the narrative are results also help us decide on whichunconventional (long build ups, characters to use, as teens, males andunclear endings). So this gives us villains were also popular.something to consider while Results From Questionnaire (3)filming.
  4. 4. As this shows a very high percentage prefer the secondidea, we will plan our narrative more to this; but maystill link the other idea into the second.Mainly the participants in the questionnaire like thisidea because it’s different from films they’ve seen inthe past; this is important because it gives us thepotential to create something that’s unconventional butthat’s still going to be popular. Results From Questionnaire (3)
  5. 5. Gender 0% 0% percentage of male 23% percentage of female 77%Results From Questionnaire (1)As Pie Charts
  6. 6. Age Group 10 to 13 under 10 0% 0% 30+ 23%26 to 29 0%21 to 25 0% 14 to 16 54% 17 to 20 23% Employment Not employed 38% Employed 62%
  7. 7. not Interested In The Media? atsometimes all rarely 0% 0% 0% most of the time 15% definatley 85%
  8. 8. Horror Or Thriller? horror 0%neither 31% thriller 46%horror/thriller 23%
  9. 9. war Genre Tastes science 2% western fiction 2% 6% musicals comedy 9% 20% historical horror 4% 2% thriller drama 11% 18% fantasy documentry 11% crime action 7% 4% 4%Results From Questionnaire (2)As Pie Charts
  10. 10. magazine Types Of Media Consumed 5% other 0% TV music 21% 15% newspaper 3% radio 5% books 15% internet 18% films 18% Hours Speant Watching TV under 2 (weekly) 0% above 10 18% 2 to 4 28% 8 to 10 27% 5 to 7 27%
  11. 11. 9 none Films Watched (monthly) to 0%120% above 12 0% 6 to 8 under 2 36% 37% 3 to 5 27%
  12. 12. Types Of Characters That Makefemale Horror Or Thriller Filme Effective 8% male 12% children heroes 32% 8% villains 20% teenagers older people adults 12% Pandora 4% 4% 0% 0% s box 10% killers point of view 90% Our Trailer Ideas
  13. 13. Uses and GratificationsOur trailer would create social interaction and integration because it’s from the killer’s point ofview, which is unusual for a horror/thriller film and would therefore provide the audience withsomething to discus. It would provide entertainment from the suspense and other feelings ofuncertainty that would come from the narrative. Also because our audience is teenagers we willmake sure there are some teenage characters for the audience to personally identify with; thisthen attracts them more to the film, making them want to watch the whole thing.Hypodermic SyringeWe, as the producers will ‘inject’ ideologies into the audience in terms of how real we make ourtrailer (moral panic) and the suspense, thrill and excitement involved.Audience Theories For Our Trailer
  14. 14. Two-Step FlowThe audience’s views may be influenced by other people, such as friends, family andstars, people who we look up to and admire. On the other hand people who are critics can alsohave an influence on people’s opinions; for example if there was a bad review about afilm, someone might not want to see it because they think it’s rubbish, like the critic. So itdepends on those people’s opinions whether you decide to see a film, if they’re good then youare more likely to see it.Polysemic Readings:Preferred: That the audience will find the trailer full of excitement and enigma, that they wantto watch to whole film. that it’s good because it’s different to other films and goes againstconventions but is still effective.Oppositional: That the audience will find the trailer boring and not very scary, perhapsbecause it’s too unrealistic and doesn’t look professional enough. Audience Theories For Our Trailer
  15. 15. • Gender: Male and female• Age: 15-21• Education: Minimum of GCSEs, preferably A levels or further education• Occupation: Unemployed or part-time work• Income: Low, £200 maximum per month• Media Interests: Watches 5-8 hours of TV per week and 3-6 films per month• Demographics: E, students, casual workers and unemployed• Psychographics: Most likely to be strugglers, mainstreamers and explorers• Nationality: In particular western civilizations, British, American…• Religion: Agnostic• Marital Status: Single or short term relationships.• Hobbies and Interests: Particularly media such as TV, music and internet; other interests such as gaming and magazines (rather then books). Audience Profile
  16. 16. Planning My Text Genre: Horror/Thriller
  17. 17. • A horror/thriller film trailer based on the lines of Pandoras box or a special object, which links to demonic possession of a character. The main character being an innocent girl; a conventional character for horror/thriller films.This was the least popular option from the survey, but we may includesome parts of this idea.OR…• Or a horror/thriller film trailer in the killers point of view, his perspective of why they are a killer, you see everything the way they see it. The killer would be the hero and the villain; the victim of possession. This is unconventional of horror/thriller films and so makes this idea new and more exciting for the audience. First Ideas
  18. 18. 1. Innocent girl walking her dog, her dog wonders into the church yard.2. The dog disappears around a corner, she hears a creaking inside the church that makes her investigate inside.3. A shadow/ cloaked figure moves down the side of the wall and disappears.4. Girl calls out but no answer.5. Shadow/figure possesses her (use cuts to black, like in Cloverfield film trailer).6. Starts going mad (shown in black and white and using mirror effects) and is unaware of this state. She can’t remember when she’s normal.7. She starts killing her family (not necessarily shown in trailer).8. Starts to realise (using flashbacks), she sets up a hand held camera to record what’s happening.9. Seeks help to fight demon (from friend/sister).10. Realises she can’t and kills herself (left as a mystery: if it was her or the demon inside her). Narrative Ideas
  19. 19. • In Her Eyes Final font:• Through Her Eyes• Point Of View• Perspective• Nightmares (final title)We need a title that gives away the idea of a killer’s point of view; so these titleideas portray this. It’s also unconventional to do this in a horror film and willtherefore attract more of an audience. On the other hand the title ‘Nightmares’suggests some of it is real and some is not; this can be worked out during thetrailer by the audience and perhaps attracting them more as they want to work it Title Ideasout.
  20. 20. 1. Girl (the main character) - The Villain and the hero, the victim of possession (name: Madeleine Blackwell).Actress: Anna Self, studies drama at GSCE, 14 years old, fits in withthe normal image, innocent; these factors are conventional ofthriller/horror films.2. Sister/friend- Amy Blackwell, acts as the helper/friend (propstheory), is killed by Madeleine.Actress: me, actually sister of Anna, as Im playing her sister in thetrailer it will look more realistic.3. Extras- people in the background, around Cabot Circus and school. Characters
  21. 21. Anna Self- Madeleine Zoe Self- AmyActors
  22. 22. • Church (In Burnett)- where demon possesses Madeleine. A setting the audience can relate to and is an iconic location associated with fear.• Ellie’s house (big and in rural area)- where family deaths occur (not necessarily shown), Madeleine and Amy’s home.• Surrounding woods- where she could wake up from a killing, with blood down her front, or a chase.• An urban setting, Bristol Cabot Circus (somewhere with houses, roads and people)- normality, to make it relatable and real. More interesting as there’s a wider range of settings.• School- scene where Madeleine is with friends, goes crazy. Locations/Settings
  23. 23. Wellsway School Cabot Circus, BristolLocations
  24. 24. Our local woodsLocations Ellie’s house
  25. 25. Costumes• Simple, everyday wear (jeans and T-shirts), relevant for context. Makes it look real and believable which our research has shown to be important to horror/thriller, also conventional.Props• The dog is one of the main props, it allows the audience to relate to the characters, making it seem more realistic. Costumes And Props
  26. 26. After chasing her dog into a church she should never have goneinto, Madeleine Blackwell’s life takes a turn for the strange. Shestarts having blackouts and terrifying, vivid nightmares that may notbe nightmares at all.Madeleine is lured into a church after her dog disappears, it’s theplace where the mysterious shadow will possess her. As her frenziesbegin, she has no memory of what happens when they finish. Sheends up destroying her family and friends. Her sister keeps hersecret, but when things get out of hand it ends up destroying her too.Her closest friend attempts to help as she begins to develop a memoryof what’s happening in her states of madness. But when the pennydrops she realises she can’t fight it any more and she takes her ownlife… or did the demon inside her? Final Narrative
  27. 27. Storyboard