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  • 1. MultiChannelMarketing:Thoughts, Advice& Tips fromSilverpop
  • 2. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Unlock a whole new range of possibilities… Facebook is approaching 1 billion users. Smartphone sales have surpassed PC sales. Foursquare is adding 1 million users a month. W hat does today’s more social, more mobile and more demanding buyer mean for market- ers? It means they must be everywhere their customers are, integrating social, mobile and local initiatives with email campaigns, where nurturing of relationships and conversions may be more likely to occur. Whether it’s a retail store check-in triggering an email with a discount, an online registration spark- ing an SMS reminder, or an on-site iPad form that gives registrants the option of using their Facebook or Twitter login, Silverpop helps today’s marketing departments build tightly coordinated programs across channels, delivering the right message at the right time. This Multichannel Marketing compilation highlights key Silverpop thought leadership pieces on the topics of integrated social, mobile, local and email marketing. You’ll learn how to: • Capture and leverage rich behavioral • Employ social media to expand your reach data across a wide range of channels and connect on a more human level • Use triggered, personalized messages • Tap into the power of customers’ location to to increase engagement and deliver more relevant content drive revenue • And much more… CAProgram Automation MPAIGN AUTOMATION Lead Management Campaign Measurement Advanced Segmentation Marketing Database Location Location Location Location Mobile Mobile MobileMobile Location Mobile WebWebWeb Web Social Social Email Email Social Social Social Web Email Email Email Multichannel Messaging Services Partners Support Reliabilit y Security Performance © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 2
  • 3. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop mobile+social-local+email Thought Leadership Mocial © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 3
  • 4. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Get Your Mocial Mojo Working: Effectively Integrating Email, Social, Mobile and Local T he way we communicate is moving—literally. Smart phones are outselling PCs, and tablet sales are expected to outpace desktop sales by 20131. This shift has changed when, where and how we communicate—no longer primarily on stationary office computers, but instead on all things mobile. Liberated from the desktop, users are shouting about their newfound freedom from the rooftops—or more accurately, from their mobile devices. They’re checking in on Foursquare and Facebook Places to meet up with friends and get the latest hot deals. They’re posting pics and updates on Twitter and LinkedIn. They’re using gee-whiz apps to enhance their experiences. And more than any other mobile activity, they’re interacting with their email inboxes2. Silverpop refers to this convergence of mobile, social, local and email as “mocial.” And in a world gone mocial—more than 600 million Facebook users, 200 million Twitter users, hundreds of thousands of mobile apps—marketers must change the way they interact with customers and prospects. But although the screens may be smaller, the possibilities for engagement are larger than ever. What Does Mocial scenarios in which the same person prefers different Mean for Marketers? forms of communication depending on the message. For example, a traveler might want SMS for flight Social media sites, email, apps, text messages— delay notifications, email for upgrade and mileage people are checking and interacting with these all status, and a Facebook feed for airline promotions. day long. And where you live and travel is becoming a key aspect of communications, with check-in sites Despite the explosion of social and mobile, email con- and location-based services such as Gowalla and tinues to play a critical role in how we communicate. Groupon adding new wrinkles to how There are nearly a billion more email accounts than companies are marketing to customers social network accounts worldwide3, and email is the and prospects. preferred method for commercial communication for nearly three-fourths of adults4. Perhaps as a reflection This explosion of new communica- of this, businesses—particularly smaller ones—typi- tion channels means that different cally have far more email subscribers in their databases buyers are accessing information in than Facebook fans or Twitter followers, with Silverpop different ways. A 22-year-old research pegging the median ratio of email subscribers may get info via an app on his to Facebook fans at roughly 70:15. phone, while a 54-year-old may access similar material So what does mocial mean for marketers? Ultimately, via an email on her desktop it’s about understanding the interplay between these computer. This diversi- channels and leveraging each to strengthen the other, fication of channel thereby increasing customer engagement, moving preferences is prospects through the sales cycle and boosting rev- also creating enue and loyalty. Here’s a guide to making it happen. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 4
  • 5. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Determining Your Mocial Growing Your Email Database Strategy and Goals Through Social and Mobile With mobile and social growing rapidly, many Social and mobile attract a new group of engaged marketers have been scrambling to bulk up their customers, so use these channels to add followers, mocial presence, throwing up Facebook and Twitter friends and influencers to the email channel, where profiles, hastily creating iPhone apps and stuff- nurturing of relationships and conversions may be ing sharing links in emails. Whether the culprit is more likely to occur. Here are five ways to get the list- disorganization, a lack of resources or pressure from growth party started: the C-suite, some marketers are entering the fray • Make sure you have an email opt-in form/ with little foresight into how the medium will mesh link on your company’s Facebook page, with their overall strategy. According to Silverpop along with any other key social networks research conducted in April 2011, less than half of that appeal to your target audience. It’s marketers have target list volume goals for social easy to customize many social network pages media site likes and followers, blog subscribers to include email subscription forms, yet compa- or mobile app downloads. And even fewer track nies often fail to do so. Remember to follow the frequency/reach of sharing, engagement and senti- same best practices you would when building ment in social media channels5. opt-in forms elsewhere, such as not forcing new Before you start tossing money and resources into subscribers to fill out a detailed form right at the mocial pursuits, consider start. Instead, ask only for key information, suchUpgrading Your Preference Page how to best align mocial as name and email address, key demographic in-B ecause they give subscribers the power to choose what channels businesses use to communicatewith them—which may depend on the type of message media goals and strategies with your core business and formation (gender, age/birth date, location) and interests/preferences (dogs versus cats, snow-being sent—preference pages are more important marketing objectives. Think boarding versus cross-country skiing)—data youthan ever. Yet many companies are neglecting this about what channels are need to deliver relevant emails out of the gate.critical part of their messaging programs. According to best suited for sales, cus-Silverpop research, less than one quarter of businesses • Include email opt-ins on your shareworthy tomer support, promotions Web pages. Sending an email with content thatthat deploy a communication preference center offercommunication channel options for Facebook or Twit- and thought capital. Which begs to be shared? As your compelling contentter. And only about one in 10 offer an SMS option5. are best for retention, and makes it way around the Facebook universe and which will be strongest as Twittosphere, your company will be exposedMoving forward, as more digital communicationchannels and platforms spring up alongside email and acquisition tools? to an exponentially larger group of new (butconsumers become increasingly “channel-choosy,” Once you’ve gotten a better likeminded) customers and prospects. And if thisoffering these options could be the difference between content is housed on a Web page, make sure the feel for how email, mobile,strongly engaging a customer or prospect and havingthat contact opt out. As appropriate, offer several social and local fit into page has a prominent opt-in inbox so you cantypes of communication channel choices at opt-in, your overall business and potentially capture these new email addresses.throughout the relationship and as an alternative to marketing objectives and • Tweet followers to join your email list. Pe-unsubscribing. And consider adding a preference center how you’ll measure success,link on your social media sites in addition to placing it in riodically send a tweet to your followers invitinga standard location in every email message you send to you can better decide what them to join your email list. Get creative and seesubscribers. goals make sense for each how you can incent them within 140 characters. channel. For example, you might decide that your Facebook page’s primary • Capture emails via SMS. A live event can be focus should be on distributing broadcast messages. a great occasion at which to invite attendees to Or perhaps growing the fan base and driving them text their email address to a certain number to join your email program. Or, simply send a text to your website makes the most sense strategically. directly to your SMS subscribers inviting them Or maybe you want to get Facebook users to opt to sign up for your email program by replying to in to your email program. Whatever you decide, your text with their email address. remember to revisit these goals periodically to see how you’ve done and whether it’s time to revise • Use app downloads to build your email your initial objectives. list. Whenever someone downloads your app, © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 5
  • 6. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop give them the opportunity to provide their of recipients, and then through the magic email address and opt in to your messaging of social sharing find a new audience of very program. Then, follow up with engaging con- similar recipients ready to act. But beware: tent like an app welcome program. It’s not enough to simply slap social-sharing icons in an email and expect your message to Making Email More Social take the Web by storm. The growth of social media networking sites If you want your content to go viral, has had a significant impact on how brands and you have to understand what motivates consumers interact. And it’s forcing marketers to your subscribers to share, target the change their approach to email, or else risk getting right networks, educate recipients about lost in the clutter. Here are three ways you can the social-sharing process, and deliver meet and exceed subscriber expectations by mak- shareworthy content (see sidebar). Then, ing your emails more social: you’ll need to test, analyze and refine your • Humanize your mar- messages so you can optimize design, linkMaking Your Messages keting content. The location, etc. for optimal sharing.Shareworthy good news is that social • Make email a dynamic content platform.H ow can you craft emails that translate well to the social landscape? Step one is laying astrong foundation by building trust and engag- media helps businesses put a human face on Think of email as a template into which you can organize content from ecommerce solu- their marketing efforts. tions, product review solutions and recom-ing with your customers through highly relevant, And this is now crucial mendation engines via APIs. These integra-personalized content. for success, with custom- tions enable you to build dynamic messagesNext, figure out what motivates your customers. Do ers and prospects accus-sales, giveaways or educational content resonate rich in the peer content that today’s buyers tomed to social media look to when researching purchase decisions.most strongly? Once you’ve got a message that youthink is shareworthy, design the entire email around dialogues expecting a By pulling this more social content into yourthe sharing concept. A short, focused email centered more personable interac- emails, you not only engage recipients moreon a single subject is usually best. Make sure the tion with call-to-action link is prominently strongly, but you encourage them to then The “bad” news? When engage in social behaviors themselves, suchplaced, and don’t be shy about inviting recipients toshare the content to their networks. sending email, there’s as posting their own reviews. a lower tolerance forGive customers a good reason to share your Extending the Reach communications thatpromotional emails with their friends, and youcan turn them into a powerful extension of your sound like they’ve been of Social and Mobileacquisition and awareness efforts, helping you to written and approved by Used strategically, email can extend the successreach highly qualified prospective customers who an ad agency, legal team of your other mocial channels—first by promotingshare the same interests as your brand’s most or PR department. Withengaged email recipients. these channels, and second by increasing that in mind, incorporate engagement and encouraging ongoing use of education, personality these channels. Don’t miss the opportunity to and peer recommendations in your promo- tional messages and lose the corporate speak. kick-start and grow your social, mobile and local Additionally, break up your message cadence marketing efforts through email: with messages designed simply to inform, en- 1) Promoting channels: Use email to grow fol- tertain, surprise and provide value rather than lowers and fans, increase app downloads and/or sell. These messages build brand engagement explain the benefits of your local check-in program. and loyalty, which leads to greater conversion Place graphical icons and related text (e.g. “Like from your promotional messaging. us on Facebook”) for social networks and check-in • Encourage social sharing in your emails. services in your emails, and explain the benefits Email offers an unparalleled way for you to of your SMS program, mobile app, etc. along with deliver relevant content to the perfect group links for signing up or downloading. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 6
  • 7. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop 2) Increasing engagement and promot- Deploying Integrated ing ongoing use: Amassing followers, fans and Programs Across Email, downloads is great, but it doesn’t mean much if Social and Mobile these contacts lose that loving feeling after the ini- Your customers and prospects are moving in tial contact. Consider, for example, that 26 percent and out of different mocial channels throughout of mobile apps are only used once5. To drive return the day, so a multichannel approach should traffic and build engagement, try using email to: significantly increase the chance of communicating • Announce the launch of a new contest on your message. But some companies make the Facebook mistake of operating their various marketing • Welcome downloaders to a new app with an channels in separate silos. With some marketers email campaign that provides tips on how to launching new mocial programs ad hoc, there’s get the most out of it a danger of messaging being fragmented, with • Remind subscribers to take advantage of your channels failing to leverage one another to better Foursquare, Gowalla or Facebook Places engage customers. check-in promotion • Encourage subscribers to Tweet their With that in mind, aim to integrate mocial efforts thoughts on an upcoming event using a whenever possible, capturing email addresses via special hashtag you’ve chosen Facebook, driving your Twitter followers to your Bottom line: Email provides marketers a unique blog with a teaser tweet, and blogging about ability to deliver dynamically targeted messages an exclusive SMS promotion—and vice versa. in a one-to-one fashion, so take advantage of this By reaching out across a variety of touch points capability across your email program—including in a thought-out, strategic fashion, you achieve extending the reach of social maximum impact, driving greater ROI across email, and mobile. social and mobile channels. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 7
  • 8. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Using Mobile, Social and Local to Build Your Email Database The possibilities for strategic, integrated campaigns between email, social, mobile and local are endless. But many companies don’t have a plan for getting those social and mobile users to opt in to their emails, where nurturing of relationships and conversions may be more likely to occur. Here’s how you can use “mocial” channels to build your email database: 325 Add QR codes to print materials (bags and bag stuffers, print ads, catalogs, store signs and other point-of-sale promotions) million users that link to a simple online registration page. 483 Create a unique “Email Opt-in” tab on your company or brand’s Facebook page and add an email registration form. million users 100 Promote your email program on your Google+ page. million users 140 At regular intervals, include tweets teasing to your email program in your Twitter stream. million users 4.5 Promote SMS to email opt-ins on POS signs, ads throughout the store or in mall locations or transaction receipts. billion users 105 Capture email addresses during Facebook and Foursquare opt-in registration for check-in promotions such as sweep- stakes, scavenger hunts and million users loyalty programs. 500 Promote your email program both on your blog homepage and within the blogs themselves. million users 400 When users download apps, prompt them to sign up for your email program directly or by connecting via a social registration such as Facebook. million users 150 Promote your email program on your LinkedIn page. million users Sources: © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 8
  • 9. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 9
  • 10. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Thought Leadership Locatio Email Social © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 10
  • 11. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Getting Personal: 5 Tips for Humanizing Content I sn’t it nice when you walk into your favorite restaurant and the staff knows your typical order down to the smallest of details? Or when the salesperson you recently met with remembers your name, favorite color and dress size? Or when you enter your local florist and the owner offers personalized recommendations based on your spouse’s preferences? Let’s face it: Getting one-on-one personal attention beats dealing with a faceless corporate entity any day. But many companies, after decades of sending generic marketing and advertising messages to the masses, have been slow to personalize and humanize their online content. That’s a big mistake. With the rise of social media and accompanying corporate pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, customers and prospects now move quickly and effortlessly between your company’s social presence and photos of their best friend’s recent vaca- tion. So, their expectations for how businesses communicate with them have changed accordingly. Moving forward, the most successful marketers will be those who stand out by infusing their content with a more human feel. Here are five tips and tactics guaranteed to strengthen your messages and delight your subscribers: offering incentives to get them to like you. Yet inboxes are cluttered with messages promising “20% Off and Free Shipping.” Those messages are an important part of the communication and promotions mix, but would you ever limit your communications with neighbors to “Want to buy some Girl Scout cookies?” With that in mind, make sure your email arsenal also includes messages designed simply to inform, entertain, surprise and provide value rather than sell. For example, a packaged goods company might offer favorite recipes from the staff, a technology company Combining a friendly, conversational tone with a personalized could author a how-to white paper that doesn’t hype message is a savvy way to cut through the clutter. its own product, and a cruise operator can recom- 1 mend travel, packing and on-shore dining tips. Bot- Lose the robotic corporate speak. In today’s so- tom line: Listen to the questions that your customers cial age, there’s much less tolerance for commu- nications that sound like they’ve been written and and prospects have, and then use your emails to help approved by a legal team or PR department. Check to provide answers and insight. see if your emails have a relentlessly sales-y tone, and read copy out loud to ensure it sounds conversational rather than overly stiff or formal. Remember, it’s no longer about shouting your message, so spend less time talking at your customers and prospects and more time paying attention to their behaviors and listening to them via social networks, community fo- rums and surveys. And then talk to them the way you would, well, talk to another human being. 2 Place more emphasis on content that educates and solves problems. Within social circles, people know there’s more to building relationships than telling others how great you are and Delight your customers with educational content that enhances their experience. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 11
  • 12. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop mining social networks, call centers, blogs and com- munity forums for ideas. You can also use individualized emails to request reviews, then set up a system of rules so that these reviews are dynamically pulled from APIs and content platforms. By populating personalized emails with these reviews according to each recipient’s interests or purchase history, you’ll deliver messages that are more relevant and engaging to recipients. Don’t forget to send a thank-you “review posted” noti- fication, including social-sharing links and inviting the recipient to post their review to his or her social net- work. Having your customers talk about your products for you instantly humanizes your brand in a way that even the best promotional copy can’t match. In addition to using customers’ voices to tell your story, Differentiate yourself from the competition by letting try introducing your audience to your team through your corporate personality shine through. words and pictures. Include stories and anecdotes 3 Make your voice distinctive, engaging and about how your employees have interacted with your yours. In many cases, a purchase decision products or in your product area. For example, an is based on brand preference and customer outdoor gear company might include a blurb about experience rather than the difference between two Bob’s big camping trip to Yellowstone National Park. products. And considering that your subscribers are Consider including the employee’s actual signature at likely receiving emails from several competitors that the end for a nice personal touch. sell products or services like yours for about the same If you’re a service company—or sending a customer price, a little personality can be the determining factor service-related message—including an image of an for whether they remember and anticipate your mes- actual representative can be a powerful way to engage sage or hit “delete.” your audience. Put simply, people like to do business Humanizing means being memorable and engaging. with people. 5 Your corporate personality and voice should be the Measure success differently. An email focused logical extension of your company, brand image and on education or entertainment may not drive presence in the marketplace. Humor is often an effec- the same number of leads or sales within 24 tive way to add a humanizing voice to your messages, hours as one promoting deals or discounts. So, how do but that’s only one tactic. What works for one com- you measure success? Look at social-sharing figures, pany may not be a good fit for yours, so think of your email opt-ins and decreases in churn levels. Also, personality as an extension of your company’s unique consider the impact that increased engagement can core values and build around that. have on future emails, looking for overall lift as a result 4 Incorporate customer and employee of these non-promotional messages. With many savvy voices into your messages. Customers and marketers placing greater emphasis on customer re- prospects place tremendous value on peer tention, adding humanization to your messages can be opinions and reviews—more so than on ads1. Take a highly effective way to increase loyalty and lifetime advantage of this trend by leveraging user-generated value, so factor that into the equation as well. content such as peer reviews and testimonials to give For more tips and tactics, visit our your emails a more human feel—and increase revenue Marketing Resources and Best Practices page. in the process. Don’t despair if you think you’re weak on content. Try 1- Nielsen, “Global Online Consumer Survey,” 2009 © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 12
  • 13. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Time Is Money 10 Tips for Optimizing Email Timing and Frequency W ith more people trying to squeeze more activities into a finite amount of time, it’s no wonder that people say “time is money.” And for marketers with less margin for error than ever, timing is literally money. So how do you deliver the right message at the right time and ensure your revenues don’t melt away faster than a clock in a Dali painting? Here are 10 tips for getting the timing and frequency of your emails right: 1 Make relevance your first priority. Relevance trumps everything, so before agonizing over optimum frequency, ask yourself how you can send You don’t want your carefully crafted message to get buried below 30 other emails. To avoid this scenario, use new email technology that optimizes send times more relevant email more often with fewer resources. by analyzing recipient behavior on a rolling basis and Sending 10 emails in a week might be fine if they’re then predicting the ideal email delivery time for each highly relevant, personalized messages that mesh address on a mailing list. Armed with this informa- with recipient interests and/or are behavior-driven, tion, you can automatically send messages to each while two generic messages might be seen as spam- recipient based on when he or she is most likely to be my. Once you’ve mastered the fine art of relevancy, checking email, thereby driving click-throughs and then you can worry about fine-tuning frequency. conversions. 2 Engage new contacts within the first 30 days with a welcome campaign. Whether they’ve just purchased a new pair of shoes or are entering a 4 Match nurturing messages to stage in the buy- ing cycle. If you’re delivering one type of content at a time when the buyer is looking for another, you’re 90-day service trial, it’s essential to engage subscrib- creating a disconnection rather than nurturing a ers while they’re interested and highly engaged. relevant dialogue. Instead, segment campaigns by Reach out immediately with a stage of the relationship, specifically tun- multipart welcome campaign ing different email messages and that introduces new offers based on both explicit subscribers to all the and implicit indicators of benefits of your email your customer’s readi- program; highlights ness to purchase. For your website, social example, messag- media pages and SMS ing might change offering if applicable; throughout a invites them to tell you customer lifecycle more about themselves; as follows: and provides links to help- • “Interested” ful resources you offer. Phase: Welcome 3 Deliver email when people are most likely to be in the inbox. messages, education- al and best practices content, promotions for first purchase © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 13
  • 14. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop • “Engaged” Phase: Reminders of upcoming events, targeted content based on website page visits, loyalty programs, pricing and fea- 8 Send cart and form abandonment emails quickly. To maximize the effectiveness of abandonment initiatives, act fast—research by the ture comparisons, testimonials Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggested • “Lapsed” Phase: Surveys, incentives to revisit the majority of leads go cold within one hour. In website, promotions to encourage purchases general, the quicker you connect with the customer 5 or prospect, the better your chances of success, so Vary frequency based on length of buying try sending your first cart or form recovery message cycle. within an hour or at the latest 24 hours of abandon- A prospect who indicates a short purchasing time- ment. Remember to monitor click-throughs, conver- line is likely to be more receptive to a higher email sions and unsubscribes to ensure you’ve nailed the frequency than someone with a longer time frame. optimum timing. So, consider setting up different campaigns based on a prospect’s propensity to buy, sending emails more frequently to those with short buying cycles and less 9 Vary message content to compensate for increased holiday sending frequency. With shoppers spending more money during the holiday frequently to those with long buying time frames. 6 season, many companies ratchet up email frequency Create new email streams to give subscribers in an effort to realize the visions of revenue danc- more control. Looking to increase frequency ing in their heads. But even deal-hungry shoppers but worried about the list churn that can accompany can become numb to repeated messages touting a boost in message volume? Divide your single email free shipping and the like, so consider varying your stream into multiple email streams, giving subscribers content between sales-focused emails (“30% off the ability to opt in and out of each. For example, a today!”) and educational messages (“tips for better cookware company might offer individual streams for holiday baking”) to keep your communications fresh sales offers, new product releases and cooking tips, and engaging. while a B2B software company might offer streams for new white papers, weekly tips and software demo opportunities. By doing so, you give subscribers the 10 Provide frequency options as an alternative to opting out. In some cases, subscribers may find your information valuable but want to dial control to put on the frequency brakes whenever you push down on the volume accelerator, thereby down how often they hear from you. To maintain re- decreasing costly list turnover. lationships with these valuable customers and pros- pects, provide alternatives to unsubscribing. If your 7 Test intervals to determine ideal cadence for cross-sell and recommendation emails. subscriber simply needs a break, for example, new marketing technology enables you to offer contacts Sending post-purchase cross-sell/upsell and recom- the chance to temporarily pause their subscriptions. mendation emails is an immensely powerful way In addition, consider offering subscribers alternative to boost engagement and revenue. But since the frequencies such as once per week or month if, for optimal timing will vary based on product lifecycle example, you usually send a daily message. and customer buying frequency, test a few different time frames for when you send follow-up emails to For more marketing best practices, visit see what generates the highest ROI. Silverpop’s Resources page. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 14
  • 15. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop 10 Email Creative Tips for Boosting Opens, Clicks and ROI A t its best, an email blends multiple elements into a seamless, engaging whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. By creating aesthetically pleasing messages in which design, layout and creative elements complement the text, you’ll engage customers and prospects more strongly, resulting in increased opens, click-throughs and conversions. Here are 10 tips to help you tap your email creative genius and build messages that connect with subscribers and drive revenue: 1 Review click heat maps. Regardless of relative importance, every link in an email is essentially a call to action. To help you “trim the fat” and make experience by using alt tags, making sure emails are typically less than 600 pixels wide, and including key messaging in the top-left corner. Also, an emerging your messages more effective, use click heat maps to practice to consider is to use style sheets that will analyze prior nurture campaigns and email programs adjust size of images and text to be optimized for and learn where people’s eyes go within your mes- screen size. 4 sages and the call to action they take. Then, remove Design for touch. With the explosion of touch- all nonessential links and distractions and place the screen tablet devices and smart phones, a new primary call to action in the most prominent position challenge has emerged for email marketers—design- based on your review. ing for the fingertip as a mouse. Email marketers need 2 Build structure with strong borders, color accents and white space. With multitasking subscribers already bombarded by screen clutter, to rethink the placement of hyperlinks, avoiding put- ting them too close to each other, which causes great frustration for users. Incorporating clickable content keeping recipient eyes focused on your message is blocks that are at least a fingertip’s width apart is an a challenge. Use strong borders and color accents to emerging best practice design approach. 5 provide a visual structure that can survive images being Take advantage of pre-header text. Is “View as blocked. Also, avoid the urge to pack as much Web page” the first words you want Smart Phone content as possible into your messages and users (and some email client recipients) to see? Hope- instead allow room for white space, fully not. Instead, use this space to briefly promote which provides a safety net if text or state the main call-to-action link so that someone renders unexpectedly, increases using a mobile phone can quickly see what you’re of- readability and forces you to fering. By using this text to complement your subject focus on quality over quantity. line, you’ll entice more subscribers to open. Remember: In the cluttered inbox, less is more. 6 Get the text-to-image ratio right. A message with a low text-to-image ratio is more likely to be 3 Keep mobile top of mind. Whether you flagged as spam and render poorly and less likely to be delivered or get its point across. But how can you market to consumers or tell if your message ratio is on target? Some market- businesses, more people ing platforms will give you a flag in your spam score if are checking email on the text-to-image mix is not properly balanced. If you their mobile phones than discover or suspect that the balance is off, you can ever. So, ensure a positive subscriber copy all the text in your message into a text file, save © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 15
  • 16. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop the document, and then check the file size. Compare or middle of an email increased sharing more than that to the total file size of all the images in your another. Whichever approach you take, test and test message. In general, to optimize for deliverability again, and make sure that the social network pages you should have at least 3,200 bytes of text and a you send them to align with your other marketing text/image ratio of 30:70. To help achieve this ratio, channels. 9 make sure you optimize all images so they are the Make it easy to unsubscribe. Using tricks to smallest file size possible. make it difficult to opt out will backfire with 7 Use video wisely. Consumers are increas- ingly watching video online, and today there are more ways to highlight video content, such as a decrease in trust and an increase in spam com- plaints. Instead, label your unsubscribe link clearly, and use a text link so readers can see it even with product demos and tutorials, thanks to the advent images disabled. Locate the link in the same place of video gifs. But since active video is often blocked in every message, preferably in an email administra- by email clients, consider a player image that links to tive footer, unless you’re having deliverability is- a browser-based video and test extensively to see if sues, in which case you might also consider placing readers are interacting with your video content and the link near the top of your message. Finally, make whether using video as a call to action is effective for sure to include “Change Email Address” and “Up- you. By only including relevant video and combining date Preferences” links, which will help you mini- it with social links, you can maximize viral impact and mize list churn and retain subscribers who just want recipient engagement. to change an aspect of their relationship with you. 8 Enhance the social-sharing experience. It seems like everyone’s slapping social icons in emails these days, but if you have shareworthy 10 Include user-generated content. Today’s consumers are increasingly basing their pur- chase decisions on the opinions of peers rather than content and want to ensure a rewarding user experi- on the adjectives in your marketing emails. Add cred- ence, it’s best to design the whole message around ibility and impact to your messaging—and potentially the sharing concept. To do so, build a short, focused draw email recipients into your social media conver- email centered on a single subject and include icons sations—by populating your messages with testi- to join social networks in your messages (“Like us”) monials and ratings from product/service reviews, and encourage recipients to share content (“Share to events, promotions and more. By including content Facebook”). Remember to use both graphical icons such as customer ratings, quotes from social forums, and text in your social calls to action. And keep in featured member recipes, member profile modules, mind that a Silverpop study showed that there is no polls and feedback, you’ll transform your email into “correct” number of social-sharing links to include a hotbed of “sideways marketing” in which your sub- in your emails, and found no conclusive evidence scribers help sell, educate and promote your products that placing social network links at the top, bottom and services to each other in your messages. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 16
  • 17. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Thought Leadership Location Social © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 17
  • 18. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Social Studies Using Social and Mobile to Capture, Communicate and Understand D uring the last few years, social and mobile forms of communication have blown past the “fad” stage and become entrenched as a way of life, with 750 million Facebook users, nearly 200 million Twitter accounts and smart phone sales surpassing PC sales. And the trend keeps rolling with the emergence of Google+, the explosive growth of local check-in services like Foursquare (more than 10 million users) and the proliferation of mobile apps (25 billion downloads forecast by 2015). Are you keeping up, or are your social and mobile initiatives dustier than a neglected MySpace account and as old-school as a flip phone? With customers making social and mobile a part of their daily lives, it’s more im- portant than ever for marketers to be where their customers are, integrating these channels with their overall marketing efforts to better build lists and capture data, listen and communicate more effectively, and gain increased insights into subscribers’ social-sharing habits. To do so, you’ll want to focus on three key areas: acquisition, interaction, and analysis and reporting. SOCIAL ACQUISITION 1 Offer a social sign-in option. 10 uses Facebook for this purpose, for example2. Whether a visitor to your website is coming directly Stand out from the crowd and utilize your corpo- from a social network or is just one of the millions rate social media pages to add followers, friends of people who make social a part of their daily lives, and influencers from social channels to the email offering the option of signing in with a social login channel, where you can gather numerous key data (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) as an alternative to filling points—and where conversion and nurturing of out a form has several benefits. First, not only does it relationships may be more likely to occur. Con- strengthen the social perception of sider teasing your email program via Twitter, for your brand, but it makes the visitor’s example, and include an email opt-in form on your sign-in process easier, a key advan- company’s Facebook page or blog—using Web tage given research form builders, it can be done in less than an hour. 3 indicating that 75 Use mobile to gather info at percent of consum- physical locations. ers are bothered by Those people at your store front or special event website registrations and that you’ve traditionally had no way of collecting will change their behavior as a info from—or at best an inefficient process for result.1 Second, new marketing doing so? technology can automatically sync the visitor’s social login Tap the power of today’s integrated marketing with records in your marketing platforms and take advantage of this foot traffic: database, improving your data • Via tablet/iPad/kiosk: Present in-store in the process. customers with a short form and gather 2 Use social sites to build your list. Many companies fail to use so- key data, which you can later sync to your marketing platform to help deliver more relevant content. cial media channels as a source • Via SMS: Encourage people to opt in to of email opt-ins—only about 1 in your email program via text message, then © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 18
  • 19. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop use progressive forms to collect more data once new technology to push a single message across you’ve secured the initial email address. Bonus multiple channels at the same time. 5 perk: no more worries about employees incor- Work mobile into the mix. rectly typing email addresses. Send a text alerting subscribers to a Facebook • Via mobile app: For the millions accessing contest, use local check-ins to drive in-store sales, info on the go, use your app download process and deliver an email welcome program that provides (if applicable) to capture email opt-ins. tips for getting the most out of your mobile app. • Via local check-in. Use fun “To-Do” lists via local Since your customers are likely moving in and out check-in services such as Foursquare to engage of multiple channels throughout the day, cross- customers and tease to your email program. promoting your message across platforms will help maximize your chance for success. SOCIAL INTERACTION 1 Observe conversations and strike up dialogues. Status updates, poll responses and forums focused on a particular industry subset or product niche can be SOCIAL ANALYSIS & REPORTING 1 Monitor social sharing and adjust messaging accordingly. deep resources for finding out more about your target Which emails and offers are being shared most audience. Listen and engage in a way that’s appropri- frequently, and to what social networks? Monitoring ate for the social network and the discussions taking the performance of your initiatives in these terms place there, sharing educational, problem-solving over time provides key insights that enable you to content and positioning your company as a helpful tweak messaging to maximize sharing. Discover resource. what content is inspiring your contacts to share with 2 their networks—and what isn’t—and adjust to ensure Make your content more shareworthy. you’re delivering the most engaging info and promo- Figure out what motivates your customers to tions. Also, consider building campaigns focused share—discounts, giveaways, breaking news, tips and around whatever social network is most popular with advice—and then deliver it. Hot deals are good, but your customers, based on number of shares, conver- so is educational info that solves problems and makes sions and, if applicable, number of social sign-ins. life easier, so mix it up and see what extends your message reach the farthest, while keeping an eye on delivering relevant, personalized content. 2 Identify influencers and advocates. These persuaders can have a huge impact, so 3 treat your most active social sharers well by directly Make it easier to share. and regularly engaging with them. As an alternative If you have a message you think is shareworthy, to just blasting your entire database with share call- design your entire email around the concept, promi- to-actions, consider using dynamic content to deliver nently featuring social-sharing links and prepopulating special offers and highly shareworthy content specifi- these links with a message (including hashtags) that’s cally aimed at these social influencers. You’ll boost suitable for sharing. Include Facebook “Like” or Twitter loyalty and encourage them to share even more. “Follow” buttons in every email and insert share op- tions into your landing page offers, how-to guides and For more tips and tactics for incorporating social and white papers to further expand your message reach. mobile into your marketing mix, visit Silverpop’s multi- 4 channel marketing resources page. Streamline message distribution. Delivering the same content across multiple channels has traditionally required time-consuming manual effort and cross-departmental coordination, Footnotes sometimes leading to disjointed messaging. Now, 1-Blue Research, Consumer Survey, Dec. ‘10 marketing platforms are making it much easier to 2-“Silverpop Mocial Survey: How Companies Are Us- deliver integrated initiatives, so take advantage of this ing Social, Mobile, Local and Email,” May ‘11 © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 19
  • 20. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Social Sign-In, Progressive Profiling & Other Ways to Build a Powerful Database I n the new era of marketing, the best marketers will be the best listeners, learning to absorb and act on information about contacts rather than shouting marketing messages to the masses. This listening process involves several aspects, including inviting your customers and prospects to tell you about them- selves, making it easy for them to communicate with you, and paying attention to their behaviors. Armed with a powerful behavioral database, you’ll be able to send them highly relevant messages that will engage them more strongly, nurture them through the buying cycle and build loyalty. Here are six tips for collecting data that drives revenue: 1 Mastering the Social Scene: Using social sign-ins and opt-ins to build your database. more likely to occur. Consider teasing your email program via Twitter, and include an email opt-in form on your company’s Facebook page—you With the popularity of social networking sites continu- would be a trendsetter, as only about 1 in 10 com- ing to rise, many marketers are looking for ways to panies are currently doing so.2 tap into this phenomenon. One way to do so is by offering website visitors the option of signing in with To maximize your social efforts, strive to make their social login (e.g. Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) your content both shareworthy and shareable. instead of creating a new account at your site. Not By delivering compelling content and making it only does that strengthen the social perception of easy to share—e.g. by including Facebook “Like” your brand, it makes the visitor’s sign-in process or Twitter “Follow” buttons in every email, adding easier, a key advantage given research indicating that share call to actions into your white paper and eb- 75 percent of consumers are bothered by website reg- ook pdfs, inserting share options into your landing istrations and will change their behavior as a result.1 page offers and incorporating share call to actions In addition, new marketing technology can automati- into Webinar and event reminder emails—you can cally sync the visitor’s social login with records in exponentially expand your message reach, bring- your marketing database, improving ing new customers and prospects into the fold and your data in the process. building your database in the process. Beyond official com- pany websites, mar- keters should use their 2 Location, Location, Location: Gathering info on the spot. corporate social media Today’s marketers need to be where their cus- pages to add followers, tomers are—and that includes offline. Foot traffic friends and influencers at trade shows or retail stores offers an excellent in social channels to the opportunity to gather data about customers email channel, where and potential customers. With new marketing you can gather numer- technology, you can use iPads to gather contact ous key data points—and info at these physical locations—with or without where conversion and wireless connections—and then sync to your nurturing of relationships may be marketing platform later. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 20
  • 21. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Another option is to encourage event attendees ment on your blog, check in via Foursquare, down- and in-store customers to opt in to your email load a white paper or follow you on Twitter? These program via text message. Don’t worry about and dozens of other online behaviors are all critical not having all the profile data you want—you can in gaining a full understanding of your contacts. collect that later with progressive forms. And as an added bonus, the texting option takes the on- location email sign-up process out of the hands of 4 You Asked What? Using progressive profiling to gradually collect data. Asking people for their entire life history when they company representatives, freeing up valuable time register on your site, subscribe to your email news- and eliminating errors the can occur when employ- letter or download your Webinar can overwhelm ees manually type in an email. customers and prospects, leading to a dissatisfying Finally, consider that millions of people are now experience and even form desertion. Instead, use accessing information via mobile applications when progressive profiling to ask a few questions each they’re on the go. If you’re one of the many com- time a contact fills out a form, gradually collecting panies that has introduced or plans to introduce a data as you build the relationship. mobile app, use the app download process as an Make sure to prepopulate any progressive Web opportunity to capture email opt-ins. form fields with information you’ve already gath- 3 Pay Attention! Tracking online behavior ered, and ask the most important questions—the right from the start. ones you’ll need to deliver relevant content—first. In general, asking a few questions at a time will Every day, anonymous people come to your website to strike a happy medium between collecting critical peruse your product and service offerings. But just be- information and asking contacts to fill out a long, cause you don’t know who they are, doesn’t mean you tedious form, risking abandonment before the don’t know what they care about. When they sign up transaction is complete. for your newsletter, fill out a form or otherwise register on your site, Web tracking enables you to connect their email address to their future online behaviors, provid- ing valuable learnings about these customers that you 5 Give ‘Em What They Want: Building out your preference center. Fed up with spam and irrelevant message clutter, can use to send them more relevant content. Even bet- customers today are demanding that companies ter, new Web tracking technology enables you to con- communicate with them on their terms. As a result, nect these new subscribers to actions they took on your one of the most integral aspects of data collection site before opting in. Now, instead of sending a generic and subscriber engagement is a strong preference email—or one with information that a new contact has center where contacts can update and provide new no interest in—you can increase your chances of con- information about their interests and how they prefer necting more quickly by immediately putting them into you communicate with them. From the start of your an email track designed for their interests. relationship with customers and prospects, outline Tracking behavior on your website is smart, but don’t the benefits of your preference center, highlighting it limit it to what pages people visited. Did they com- in any welcome messages you send. Subsequently, Progressive Profiling in Action: Trend Micro Europe Trend Micro Europe, a global leader in cloud security, wanted to clean up and improve the quality of data intelligence on customers and prospects so it could upsell or cross-sell other solutions from the Trend product portfolio. To help achieve these objectives, it created a drip campaign in which customers were encouraged to answer profile questions in order to receive a personalized IT security report. To help gradually build the profiles, it used Silverpop’s Progressive Profiling feature. The campaign saw a high profile completion rate, drove significantly higher traffic to Trend’s online stores, and contributed to noticeable sales increases for its SMB division. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 21
  • 22. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Preference Centers in Action:, the world’s leading online fabric store selling customer-measured fabric, wanted to help ensure customers only received engaging content in their emails. It developed a robust preference center that enables subscribers to indicate the types of emails they would like to receive, the types of sewing preferred and their sewing expertise level. Understanding the preferences of its customers at a detailed level has helped the company send consistently relevant messages, and as a result, has halved the number of email opt-outs. keep your preference center’s visibility high by linking to it marketers to set up surveys that move respondents in every email message and putting it in a standard loca- through different question paths based on their an- tion. If your company has a Facebook page, consider add- swers to previous questions—tailoring the questions ing a link to your preference center there as well to further to the specific buyer. increase its visibility. The benefits? Marketers have to ask respondents Your preference center should allow contacts to easily fewer questions to get the same amount of informa- change their personal interests and list preferences and tion, resulting in higher levels of survey completions. provide a simple way to change their email address. Plus, you can set up countless different branching In addition, it should enable them to alter the chan- scenarios that enable you to get very specific in the nels through which you talk to them (e.g. email, SMS, data and preferences you collect, which you can then Twitter, etc.) and the frequency with which you com- use to send highly targeted communications. You municate with them (e.g. monthly, weekly or daily). And could branch based on product, product line or busi- speaking of frequency, your preference center should ness unit. Or you could do so based on industry. give contacts the option of temporarily pausing their Regardless of how you use these more sophisticat- subscription rather than opting out entirely. ed surveys, you’ll generate valuable customer data 6 A Penny for Their Thoughts: Daring to in- quire what people think (and want). that will enable you to dialogue more effectively with contacts. Surveying prospects and customers about their likes, For more tips and techniques, visit Silverpop’s mar- dislikes, needs and desires is a savvy old-school tactic to keting best practices and resources page. gain insights that allow marketers to better send rel- Footnotes evant campaigns and increase engagement. Today, new 1-Blue Research, Consumer Survey, Dec. ‘10 technology enables you to take this technique up a notch and create more sophisticated surveys that incorpo- 2-“Silverpop Mocial Survey: How Companies Are rate branching and advanced logic options. This allows Using Social, Mobile, Local and Email,” May ‘11 Surveys in Action: King Arthur Flour To gain deeper insights into its customer preferences, King Arthur Flour utilizes Silverpop Survey in conjunction with Engage to gather data from survey responses to send targeted messages based on subscriber preferences. For example, King Arthur will send subscribers an email that links to a survey with questions such as, “For which holidays do you like to bake?” With this data, King Arthur Flour targets customers with follow-up messages, such as a personalized Halloween recipe email to subscribers that expressed interest in receiving recipes for that holiday. “Our goal was to send more targeted emails to our customers,” says Halley Silver, director of online marketing, King Arthur Flour. “This approach is clearly resonating with our subscriber base, as we had a 150 percent increase in ROI.” © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 22
  • 23. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop The State of the Social Universe: What Marketers Should Keep in Mind, from 4 Experts Who Can Help You Reach for the Stars I n the words of Disney’s lovably resolute Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear, social media is rocketing toward “infinity and beyond.” From forums and blogs to robust social networking sites that seem to multiply overnight, everything has gathered momentum along the way and propelled modern life into another dimension. For brands interested in harnessing its power to further their goals, social media of- fers enormous opportunities. But navigating this cosmos, with its constellations of emerging stars and its universe-like reach, requires more planning and strategy than ever. One aspect that has emerged through all this connectedness is the power of the individual. The virtual social footprint available for individuals to access via social media has shifted branding power (along with an amplified voice) to the customer. Suddenly, the audience is involved not just in buying products and even reviewing them, but also in real-time brand assessment. While many brands are recognizing this and finding ways to take full advantage of it, opportunities to do more—to do better—still exist. A study by the Chief Marketing Officer Council released in 2011 found a disconnect between what consumers want when they “like” a brand on Facebook, for example, and what marketers think they want. Sixty percent of consumers responded that they wanted to interact with other customers and share their experiences. Yet only 24 percent of marketers seem to understand this. In fact, the majority of marketers (57 percent) responded that consumers “like” their brand if the “content is agreeable.” Similarly, 40 percent of consumers answered that their last experience with social media was positive but they had left wanting more.1 It is the modern consumer’s motivation to engage that can be simultaneously thrilling and unnerving for marketers managing brands in the digital age. Those who are savvy, however, and capitalize on this willing audience, offering it the “more” it’s looking for, are sure to see measurable results. To get the best glimpse of the current state of the social universe and how brands can fully mine its resources, Silverpop talked with four experts in various segments of social media. They shared their insights on where things are now, what trends are emerging, what marketers need to emphasize, and how they can make the most of it all. Although each has specific ideas for getting the most out of social media, all agreed that while businesses can’t waste time dithering about their social campaigns, neither can they afford to jump in without some research and a strategy that defines and targets their main goals. Good business sense should always prevail, and social media, with its myriad benefits and innova- tive strengths, should always be viewed as a way to further smart marketing. As our first expert, Hanson Dodge Creative’s Sara Meaney, puts it: “Busi- ness has always been a social endeavor. We do business with brands we like and trust. The emergence of social media hasn’t changed the drivers of business success, but it has changed how businesses interact with potential customers. Those who embrace and master new technologies will emerge as market leaders.” © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 23
  • 24. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop We’re an on-the-go society, and thankfully smartphones have risen to the occasion, allowing us to talk, email, socialize, shop and even evaluate that shopping experience from one device. It’s no wonder that social media and email are experiencing a true integration. The channels that were once distinct and served different purposes to largely different demographics have begun to melt into one another. This is opening new doors to brands eager to combine the most practical aspects of email—like its reli- ability and ever-present place in our lives along with its rich format—with social media’s fun, interac- tive and demographic-delivering components. Hanson Dodge’s Sara Meaney hails the smartphone’s proliferation as the No. 1 driver of the social media-email convergence and believes businesses who find ways to make their email-based market- ing programs the most mobile savvy will be the ones that experience the most success. “People check email differently on mobile phones than on laptops, and businesses will have to tailor their outreach to that if they want to be successful,” she says. “We can’t overlook the importance of being mobile-device oriented.” Meaney points to the need for email design that’s mobile-friendly, emphasizing that short attention spans are part of the mobile package. Smaller snippets, fewer calls to action and imagery that’s fat- finger-friendly are all aspects businesses must keep in mind to be most successful with their consum- er-outreach campaigns. And those campaigns, Meaney predicts, will continue to combine all manner of social media elements, including so-called “gamification,” which uses game-like mechanics and psychologies to engage more users for things like loyalty points and other rewards. With all the social options available today, however, Meaney cautions companies to be precise in how they use them to ensure they’re reaping the intended results and not just overwhelming or frustrating consumers. “Most marketing emails are trying to appease too many email consumers at one time,” she says, explaining that businesses too often muddy messaging (and spoil their intended goals) by combin- ing too many options and calls to action. “It’s more important than ever to ask, ‘What’s the primary purpose, and what’s the focus behind it?’” Similarly, the convergence of mobile with social media puts an added responsibility on businesses to manage their consumer relationships with integrity. Opting in and signing up for email should not mean an onslaught of irrelevant messages. Meaney refers to it as “honoring the relationship” and says companies should keep tabs on emerging technologies that provide more specific demographic information that can help them tailor their email campaigns. “We have to be better about gauging people’s level of interest and then send them the appropriate level of communication,” she says, adding that the communication must be relevant and valuable. “We should be aware of the number of times we’ve knocked on the door—no matter that we have the key.” © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 24
  • 25. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Perhaps nowhere is the convergence of social and mobile more evident than in the fast-emerging arena of location-based marketing. Like social media itself, the GPS is a life-changing development that has completely al- tered the way we’re doing everything. The ability to find and be found is now the backbone of our modern culture, and nowhere is the progress—or the marketing doors it’s opening—more apparent than when it collides with the social universe. Because consumers are always somewhere, finding them and reeling them in is the bedrock of marketing. And that’s why Asif Khan, founder and president of the Toronto-based Location Based Marketing Association, says location-based marketing is not just here to stay but should be viewed in terms of cross-platform appeal. “Location is part of every kind of media, which makes every form of marketing essential to location-based mar- keting,” Khan says, adding that businesses should think “horizontally” about their location-based campaigns to make them both more effective and measurable. This comprehensive approach lends itself well to email because it’s a rich format with a robust platform capable of presenting consumers with a more personal experience, Khan says. Additionally, location-based marketing has the added advantage of working within parameters and permissions set by customers, which takes much of the guesswork out of who the potential customer is and what he or she might be interested in. With its movement among companies during 2011, location-based marketing likely is just heating up, and Khan believes retail will continue to be the primary training ground for this sector since it’s where consumers are most socially active and motivated to act. For retailers looking to capitalize on the recent traction, he has some advice. “Before you jump into location-based marketing, you should think about your goals and ultimate objectives and use location-based marketing strategies and tools to manage those,” he says, explaining that retailers should consider ways to connect the power of the social universe with that of GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to increase foot traffic, then sales. The convergence can tell marketers where shoppers are and what they’re looking for. “The last piece of that, and where email has a huge role to play, is the loyalty component,” Khan says. Shifting to the perspective of a consumer, he asks a series of rhetorical questions he counsels companies to also consider: “How do you keep me coming back? How do you build a relationship with me? How do you continue an ongoing dialogue?” The answers to these questions come from merging creativity with business sense as it applies to today’s social universe, Khan contends. Turning 10,000 Facebook “Likes” into sales isn’t magic, it’s about knowing where those 10,000 potential consumers are in relation to your store at any given moment. Using location-based marketing’s check-in data in real-time to trigger email offers and tailored messages is an excellent way to draw people in and build an ongoing relationship, Khan suggests. In fact, the checking-in routine opens a world of possibilities for marketers. Plying the demographic information voluntarily supplied here all but guarantees offers will be relevant, which, in turn, significantly bolsters the type of reciprocal relationship necessary in today’s consumer-savvy market. Further, the check-in is an excellent opportu- nity to offer an email opt-in, which helps build databases. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 25
  • 26. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop In the end, location-based marketing is offering businesses a host of ways to be more relevant, Khan says. “My core belief is that people will engage with all of social media at the level that it benefits them. It must be relevant to the individual and offer true value,” he says. “Location-based marketing can play a huge role in that effort. When campaigns are designed well and specific to the targeted demographic, they can have enormous impact.” To Khan’s “measurable and effective” entreaty, Doug Camplejohn couldn’t agree more. The CEO of San Francisco-based Fliptop believes this is where social intelligence can make a huge difference in email mar- keting, especially. In fact, social marketing intelligence is one of the newest stars in the social universe, having emerged from its nebulae in the last two years. The term refers to the process of gathering valuable demographic intel- ligence from the information entered into social networks, and it holds infinite potential for companies looking to kick their engagement marketing campaigns into warp speed. As Camplejohn explains, “Social intelligence helps brands fill in the missing data about their online sub- scribers; understand the overlap between Twitter, Facebook and email followers; and pinpoint their most engaged and influential customers.” Companies like Fliptop are creating ways for brands to do just that, building Web platforms that mine social data to increase brand popularity, audience reach and, ultimately, sales. “The most robust options provide rich social and demographic profiles about customers—including loca- tion, employment information, influence and the social networks where they engage with your brand,” Camplejohn says. While traditional analytics models that gathered customer information have existed for years, solutions designed specifically to gather intelligence from social media are more flexible and able to respond to the real-time marketing demands of today’s landscape. Social intelligence models take full advantage of the information people share voluntarily about themselves across the social media spectrum, including networks, blogs, forums and chat rooms. At no time has there been a better resource for discovering prime demographic information, such as buying preferences, brand preferences and general lifestyle choices. For email marketing, this allows brands to turn databases into powerful contact profiles that give them a leg up on the always-important marketing aspirations of relevance and creativity, not to mention the ability to improve audience segmentation and targeting. “I think we’re just beginning to see the possibilities for using social data to personalize sales, marketing and support interactions,” Camplejohn says, adding that while applications that enhance email and marketing automation have led the way, innovative uses of social data are appearing in other applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM). Like Meaney and Khan, Camplejohn also believes taking a step back in the early stages to create a plan that targets the primary goal is critical to long-term success. “It’s always important for marketers to focus on what objectives they are trying to achieve, and then see what data and tools support those goals,” he says. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 26
  • 27. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop With its abundance of options for engaging current customers and drawing in new, social media has the potential to overwhelm brands trying to navigate it all. Like the proverbial candy store, its bonbons and confections can distract even the best-intended. Ann Handley, chief content officer for MarketingProfs, ranks messaging at the top of her list for ways to be smart about social media. “Absolutely the first thing is to create compelling content and think about your story,” says Handley, co-author of the 2010 book Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, and Webinars that Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business. All companies and all brands have a story, maintains the former print journalist. Handley has made a name for herself by helping businesses craft language that connects them to their intended audience and builds relationships. To her, working within the social media universe shouldn’t begin until a busi- ness commits to strong content that’s relevant to the intended customer base. That message should also be trumpeted consistently across all channels, from email campaigns to blog posts to pages on social networking sites. “The reality is that your story is the cornerstone of marketing these days. Talk about who you are, what makes you unique and how your products or services help people,” Handley says, adding that the digital age has provided businesses with a wealth of channels where they can distribute their stories. Brands should agonize over tone, recognizing that the voice that emerges will speak —or not speak— to their audience for the long haul, she adds. “Sometimes I hear companies talk about their social media strategy, and they start the conversation by talking about technology, then eventually get to their content,” she says. “They need to flip that. Content is key. Pay more attention to it than the bells and whistles.” Once there’s a commitment to the content itself, there must be the same dedication to publish- ing it. Blogs that sit idle, static Facebook pages and lax Twitter accounts are wasting valuable space and branding opportunities, Handley says. She’s equally indignant about social media that has little interaction on it. “You need to work to fix that,” she presses, circling back to strong content and making sure that messaging is entertaining, educational and offers lots of tie-ins and links. Blog posts, for example, should work to engage people and build potential customers (or follow- ers who turn into clients) at the same time. An entry about services could include sidebars, how-to guides, where to go if you have questions and even related articles. Creating concentrated, relevant material helps build momentum, she says. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 27
  • 28. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop “Engaged followers don’t just happen, they’re nurtured, and brands have to spend time and energy figuring out how to do that best,” Handley says, adding that determining where their customers are and what social channels they’re using can save a lot of time and resources. “Know who you are and where your customers are,” she says. “There’s blogging, there’s Facebook, there’s LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and a host of others. Depending on your audience, though, you may have more potential in one or a few of these channels.” Once these basics are covered and enough compelling content is consistently published to the right channels, other areas of digital marketing are more apt to fall into place, says Handley. “This is a sphere that’s not going anywhere,” she says about the social universe at large. “It taps into our innate tendency to be social and offers some amazing tools for connectivity. Being online is the way people are connecting, are socializing, are doing business—not to mention it’s the way we’re making purchasing decisions. That’s a shift in behavior that’s here to stay.” Without a doubt, the social universe is a realm where today’s marketers want to be, but with its seeming endless options, it can be an overwhelming place to tread. Its growth and traction in the last year alone demonstrates its place in today’s culture, but knowing how and where and when to tap into it isn’t always obvious. Too often this can result in an approach that doesn’t match a brand’s priorities and, ultimately, doesn’t produce the desired results. Like everything else that impacts good business, smart marketing with social media relies on knowing what the goals are to begin with. Taking the time to review your strategy and defining a master plan can save countless hours and resources. Additionally, knowing your audience and applying smart communication tactics that are focused on the right channels for that audience will ensure you’re getting the most out of your social media campaign. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 28
  • 29. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Thought Leadership Location © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 29
  • 30. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop 7 Tips for Getting Started with Location-Based Marketing W hen was the last time you were in a public place and didn’t see someone with their phone out—tex- ting, accessing an app or surfing the Web? As smartphone sales have eclipsed PC sales, people are increasingly doing their research, communication and social networking on the fly, using their mo- bile devices to find anything, anytime, anywhere. And with every mobile status update and app download, con- sumers are becoming more comfortable about sharing their own location via Foursquare or Facebook check-ins in exchange for more relevant data and offers. This shift has presented exciting opportunities for companies to tap into the power of location-based marketing, using customers’ real-world behaviors and location to reach them when it’s most relevant. Here are seven steps for getting started: 1 Claim your venues. The first step you’ll need to take is to visit Foursquare’s website, search for your venue’s page, Foursquare to learn about the check-in habits of your customers. Do you have a lot of people checking in, or very few? What times of day are most popular for and click on the link on the right-hand side of the check-ins? What percentages of check-ins are being page inviting you to claim a venue. You’ll be asked sent to Facebook and Twitter? And do you have loyal to provide some contact information, which Four- customers checking in multiple times over a short pe- square will use to verify that you’re authorized to riod? This information will give you some ideas when manage that venue on Foursquare. You’ll also need you’re deciding what check-in promotions to start to specify your Foursquare user ID, enter the URL of with and what your customers expect when your venue, and provide a link to your venue’s they check in. website’s contact page, or your venue’s page on Yelp, Google or Citysearch. Foursquare’s staff will then review 3 Start running specials on Facebook and Foursquare. Now the real fun begins. It’s time to try of- this information to determine if you’re authorized to claim the fering mobile coupons, prizes or discounts venue, a process that typically to people when they check in, rewarding takes seven to 10 days. Once ap- loyal customers and gaining new ones proved, you’ll be able to edit title in the process. You might try offering and address information, view a discount with purchase (“Spend analytics and offer specials. $50 and get 10% off”) or a freebie (“Buy two entrees and get a free dessert”). 2 Monitor analyt- ics and reporting from Foursquare. In your excitement, remember to keep a sharp eye on program execution, training in-store staff Once you’ve claimed to help ensure a positive your venues and people customer experience. begin checking in to your establishment, you should use the reporting tools on © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 30
  • 31. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop 4 Start responding on Twitter. When customers check in at your stores via Four- square and share those check-ins on Twitter, they’re 6 Incorporate location into your overall marketing strategy. In today’s multichannel world, it’s imperative effectively endorsing your brand. Keep the conversa- that you integrate your marketing efforts across tion going and engage them by sending a response channels, eliminating data silos. Location-based via Twitter. Depending on your marketing platform, marketing campaigns, with their seamless replies can be set up to send automatically and at the integration between mobile (check in at a location), intervals of your choice (e.g., first check-in shared, social (share your check-in with friends) and third check-in shared, fifth check-in email (receive promotions related to your check- shared, etc.). Make sure to keep your responses in), are a savvy way to connect with today’s interesting and authentic to continue a positive consumers. Got a customer that’s checked in to customer experience. your physical store locations but never visited 5 Increase sophistication with promotions such as loyalty programs, sweepstakes or your ecommerce store? Send that person an email inviting them to visit your online store. For ambitious marketers, the possibilities for cross- local offers. channel promotion are endless. Once you start getting more comfortable with location-based initiatives, you can put even more magic into your marketing efforts by building creative 7 Review analytics and adjust your campaigns. campaigns that differentiate you from the competi- A tried-and-true email marketing best practice is to tion. Examples might include: tap your reporting and analytics tools to drill down into campaign performance, then use these • Loyalty programs: Boost store traffic, in- learnings to optimize future campaigns. The same crease engagement and garner valuable data is true for location-based marketing initiatives. on your most frequent customers by rewarding Try testing and experimenting with the following them for signing up and checking in to your campaign attributes: locations using Foursquare or Facebook. For example, you might reward a customer with • Frequency of offer (e.g., delivering an offer a “10% off” coupon at sign-up, a free drink for every second, third or fifth check-in) the third check-in, a free sandwich for the fifth • How long it takes (e.g., customers receives check-in and a free meal for check-in No. 10. their first prize on the second check-in versus • Sweepstakes: Looking to create excitement the fourth) around your brand, increase store and venue/ • Type of offer (buy-one-get-one free, percent event traffic and provide new opportunities off, exclusive deals, etc.) to grow your email list? Offer prizes based on • Segmentation by location when or how often someone checks in to a • Distance away (e.g., for local offers, sending a location with Foursquare or Facebook. With the promotion to everyone who checks in within a lure of a prize lurking behind every check-in, one-mile radius versus a five-mile radius) customers will be more engaged than ever. The key is to mix it up and find the perfect formula • Local offers: If you want to drive store traffic to for surprising and delighting your customers in ways specific places, considering setting up a virtual that will encourage them to share their excitement, radius around that location. When someone transform them into brand ambassadors and checks in within that radius, automatically deliver ultimately drive revenue. an enticing offer via email. In addition to increas- For more tips and tricks on location-based marketing, ing foot traffic, you’ll build brand awareness. check out our blog and Resources page. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 31
  • 32. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop 5 Tips for Launching a Successful Check-in Promotion By Adam Steinberg (@adams472), on November 17th, 2011 I ntrigued by the fact that more than 1 billion people have now “checked in” at a location via Foursquare? If so, you’re not alone: Businesses of all shapes and sizes are launching new programs to engage customers through check-in services such as Foursquare and Facebook Places. Whether you’re creating a short-term campaign or long-term loyalty program, it’s critical to consider a variety of factors before launching your program. Here are five tips to help you create a successful check-in program. 1 Create a Unique Program While check-in programs are still relatively new, you can differentiate your brand by offering more than just a “10% off” coupon for every check-in. For instance, why not engage your customers by launching a check-in-based contest that offers a grand prize to the winner? Or perhaps you want to help your customers explore multiple locations. In that case, think about launching a check-in based scavenger hunt. Want to incorporate check-ins into your loyalty program? Why not have a special seat in your restaurant for the mayor? Think about how you can enhance your location-based marketing campaigns by offering a unique spin on your check-in program. 2 Make Sure Your Program Matches Your Goals Is your goal to drive in-store traffic? Create buzz on social networks like Foursquare or Facebook? Attract nearby customers? Drive awareness for a specific product? A location-based marketing program can support any of these initiatives, but it’s critical to structure your program to properly support these goals. For instance, if you’re seeking to bump up in-store visits during the holiday season, a check-in contest may be an ideal solution for you. If your goal is to attract nearby customers, a proximity-based messaging program would be ideal. If your goal is to promote a specific product, consider how to incorporate this product into the messaging and prizes associated with your program. 3 Think Through Fulfillment Sure, it sounds easy enough to reward guests for checking in, but how are employees in your stores going to know what a check-in is or how to fulfill a check-in reward? How do they enter a check-in reward into your point-of-sale system? How do you track rewards at the corporate level? You should have answers for all these questions before launching a check-in program. 4 Integrate Check-ins with Your Other Marketing Systems Check-in programs are a phenomenal way to start relationships with your customers and boost © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 32
  • 33. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop participation with your brand, but you also need to think about how to integrate check-ins into your traditional programs. To that end, make sure you’ve eliminated data silos and integrated your location-based marketing pro- gram with your email marketing platform so that when people opt in, your other systems recognize this and can capture that behavior. 5 Measure and Optimize As with any new marketing program, you should measure and analyze your check-in programs, tracking metrics such as total check-ins, loyalty per user, social influence (how many friends these people have), email opt-ins and participation in your other marketing programs. Because location-based marketing is a new, transformative way to reach customers, it will take some time to optimize your programs. Don’t be afraid to seek feedback from customers and modify your location-based marketing programs to generate your desired outcome. In addition, as location-based marketing continues to evolve, it will be important to continue experimenting with the latest tools and tactics. More Location-Based Marketing Resources: 1) Blog: “4 Ways to Work Check-ins into Your Marketing Mix” 2) PowerPoint: “Follow Them! Location-Based Marketing Tips and Techniques” © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 33
  • 34. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop 4 Ways to Work Check-ins into Your Marketing Mix By Loren McDonald (@LorenMcDonald), on November 9th, 2011 I n today’s mobile, multichannel world, it’s more important than ever to be where your customers are. And increasingly, that means on smartphones and tablets, where more and more people are check- ing in at retail locations or business events. Foursquare, for example, is adding a million customers a month, and a recent Digital Omnivores report indicated that in the last month nearly half of tablet users shared their location using a location-sharing site. For marketers, location-based check-ins offer an opportunity to deliver astonishingly relevant messages that engage customers and prospects based on where they are, build loyalty and drive revenue. And they also present exciting opportunities to integrate with other channels such as email and Twitter. What Are Check-ins? Check-ins are location-based sharing via mobile device, performed most frequently via Foursquare and Facebook Places. Once users “check in,” their location is broadcast to friends in their network (if they so choose), and the user can view tips, offers and other information about nearby places. For users, check-ins provide a new social outlet as well as a chance to gather valuable information about the location and, in some cases, special offers. For marketers, they offer a valuable opportunity to reach customers in the real world, gather data and increase brand awareness. For example, let’s say there’s one user that checks in to a downtown fast-food restaurant for lunch four times a week, and another that checks in to an upscale bistro on the weekend. These check-ins tell you volumes about their lifestyle and what services or goods they might want, helping you to tailor your marketing. There’s also a distinct social aspect to check-ins, with people sharing tips and leaving reviews for their friends to read. For businesses, that means that adopting location-based marketing has the added ben- efit of having customers do some of the marketing on behalf of the location, adding a human voice that even your best promotional copy will have trouble matching. For digital marketers, there are many different ways to work check-ins into your messaging mix, but here are four that clients have found particularly effective: 1) Sweepstakes What They Are: Prizes based on when or how often someone checks in to a location with Foursquare or Facebook. How They Work: Participants opt in to the sweepstakes using their Foursquare or Facebook accounts, and then your marketing platform confirms their sign-up with an automated email confirmation. Par- ticipants then check in via Foursquare and/or Facebook, and you monitor the results and select a winner based on the check-in criteria you’ve established. Benefits: Creates excitement around your brand, increases store and venue/event traffic, provides new opportunities to grow your email list. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 34
  • 35. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Real-life Success Story: A retail client used a sweepstakes to drive 11,000 check-ins over a four-week period. And here at Silverpop, we offered a $100 American Express gift card for Agent ROI attendees who checked-in–and notched a 40 percent participation rate. 2) Loyalty Program What It Is: Campaign that rewards customers for signing up and checking in to your locations using Foursquare or Facebook. How It Works: Generally, participants will receive a reward at sign-up (e.g. “10% off next purchase” or “Free latte”) and then will receive rewards at various intervals. For example, a free drink for the third check-in, a free sandwich for the fifth check-in and a free meal for check-in No. 10. Benefits: Boosts store traffic, increases engagement and loyalty, provides valuable data on your most frequent customers that you can use to more strongly engage them. Real-life Success Story: A retail brand utilized a loyalty program to successfully drive more than 10,000 check-ins in its first month. 3) Local Offers What They Are: Special offers delivered to people when they check in nearby your locations. How It Works: You set up a radius around a location and the offer you want delivered, and when some- one checks in within that radius, they automatically receive the offer via email. Benefits: Drives store traffic, builds brand awareness, keeps your brand top-of-mind Real-life Success: Several restaurants have seen redemption rates between 5 percent and 15 percent. 4) Twitter Messaging What It Is: An automated or manual reply to guests via Twitter. How It Works: You connect your Twitter account to your marketing platform. When someone shares his or her Foursquare check-in with friends on Twitter, your marketing platform tells your Twitter account to send a personalized response. Examples might include, “@LorenMcDonald Thanks for visiting! Let us know how your experience was” or “@LorenMcDonald Thanks for visiting! Want to receive future deals? Sign up for our emails here:” Benefits: Additional customer touch point, be where your customers are, expand message reach. Real-life Success: Clients have seen a 30 percent click-through rate on Tweets sent to guests that check-in at brand-owned stores. In addition to these examples, check-ins can also be used to drive email sign-ups, facilitate customer service, increase product awareness and much more. Regardless of how you use check-ins, knowing where your customers and prospects are at a specific time presents unique opportunities to deliver highly personalized, relevant content, so savvy marketers should make sure they’re setting time aside to strategize about how you can incorporate location-based campaigns into an integrated, multichannel marketing strategy. Interested in learning more about check-ins? Read about Silverpop’s acquisition of location-based marketing platform PlacePunch, and download our Agent ROI presentation, “Follow Them! Location-Based Marketing Tips and Techniques.” © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 35
  • 36. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Thought Leadership © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 36
  • 37. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Moosejaw Outdoor Retailer uses segmentation and targeting to increase open rates by 80%. The Company Moosejaw Mountaineering offers products from leading outdoor manufacturers including The North Face, Arc’teryx, Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, and Black Diamond as well as under its own Moosejaw brand. The company serves a diverse customer base including serious outdoor enthusiasts, active individuals pursuing an outdoor lifestyle, and high school and college students who are passionate about the Moosejaw brand. Moosejaw engages its customers through its leading ecommerce site, seven retail stores, wacky print catalogs, mobile commerce site, and extensive social media presence. The company was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan. The Problem Moosejaw underwent an extensive review of top email marketing service providers, intent on finding a solution that would allow them to grow the revenue from their email program and integrate with other systems to create a cart abandonment program. With an already engaged userbase, Moosejaw needed a solution that would give them the flexibility to be creative and to engage with their communications and test various aspects of their emails, without being overly complex or time intensive.The Challenges• Usability issues impacted ability to run tests on email The Solution campaigns• Maintain cart abandonment Moosejaw looked at a number of email marketing solutions, selecting Silverpop Engage due program to capture to its overall ease of use, as well as top features like Dynamic Content, Programs, Reporting, potential lost sale revenue Segmentation and Send Time Optimization. After implementing Silverpop Engage, Moosejaw completed a Coremetrics LIVEmail integration with Engage, giving them the ability to takeThe Benefits• 40% average open rate and advantage of their existing web analytics data. “The integration between Silverpop Engage 5% conversion rate from and Coremetrics was very straightforward, and enabled us to quickly start remarketing to cart abandonment emails potential customers” said Eoin Comerford, SVP of Marketing & Technology for Moosejaw.• Increase usability facilitated testing on a variety of Beyond their cart abandonment program, Moosejaw sought to integrate a human element campaigns, improving to their marketing campaigns, both with the tone and style of their emails as well as through overall results• Segmentation and social media channels. Moosejaw uses Dynamic Content to make their mailings relevant targeting allowed for 80% to both in-store and online shoppers, and segmentation to test subject lines and offers to increase in open rate over various portions of their database. Building on their Moosejaw Rewards loyalty program, the traditional broadcast emails company tested programs with loyalty points against those without, and tried a variety of subject lines that best fit the company’s persona versus more traditional product and brand oriented messages. The Results By segmenting their database to send more targeted messages, Moosejaw saw average open rates for their broadcast emails increase by over 80% for some segments when compared to © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 37
  • 38. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop an unsegmented email. Additionally, they see average open rates of over 40% on their cart abandonment emails, sent to online shoppers one day after abandoning a cart. By using Dy- namic Content to include images of abandoned cart items within the email, Moosejaw ensures the email is both timely and relevant, capturing average click-through rates of over 35% and conversion rates as high as 5%. Furthermore, through their various testing, Moosejaw has been rewarded with even more impressive metrics on some of their more unique campaigns. By running subject line tests against equally-sized database segments, Moosejaw learned that their subscribers are more likely to engage with emails that have subject lines based on Moosejaw’s “Madness” brand- voice, earning a 32% increase in open rates and 16% higher click rates than messages with subject lines related to various product offerings or discounts. Additional testing based on the amount of Moosejaw Rewards loyalty program points a user has, showed the company that users with points had higher open, click and conversion metrics than those without points. “In one particular test, we saw users with points had 125% higher open rates, 168% higher click rates, and our conversion rate was up a whopping 461%, showing us that engaged users who buy into our brand, even a little bit, can provide a huge boost to our bottom line” says Comerford. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 38
  • 39. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Dairy Queen Franchisor uses dynamic content and social marketing tools to drive fan club memberships, boost store traffic and increase customer satisfaction. The Company American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ), founded in 1962 and based in Minneapolis, Minn., franchises quick service restaurants specializing in frozen treats in the United States. ADQ operates as a subsidiary of International Dairy Queen, Inc. The Challenges The Challenge• Grow the Blizzard® Fan Club through relevant offers ADQ was looking for a new email service provider that could help it better target its subscribers and• Improve customer service grow its Blizzard® Fan Club (then 2.8 million members) in a short period of time through relevant for its fan club membe offers and excellent customer service. ADQ also faced the challenge of how to best handle the up to 2,000 fan club members callingThe Benefits• Increased fan club by its support center monthly with coupon-related questions. It needed a way to give its consumer almost relations team access to confirmation information about its Blizzard Fan Club membership and 1 million members in 9 customers who may have deleted emails containing coupons, without giving the consumer months• Campaigns with relevant relations team direct access to its email marketing platform. offers have led to up to 37% open and 83% click rates• Integration between The Solution Engage and coupon After a competitive selection process, ADQ chose Silverpop Engage. “We were really impressed partner expedites requests from fan club members with the user interface, and we saw a lot of value in both the social and landing page features,” said Jamie Guse, ADQ senior manager, digital marketing & social media. Once the whitelisting process was complete, Guse worked closely with their digital marketing agency, space150, to begin creating campaigns that would help grow the Dairy Queen® Blizzard Fan Club, gather data about new members and ultimately drive fan club members into the 5,000 plus Dairy Queen locations in the United States and Canada. A few successful examples include: • Customer Appreciation Day: The goal of this campaign was to drive traffic into Dairy Queen restaurants in January, a month which typically experiences lower traffic. This email campaign was optional for all Dairy Queen franchises, and each franchise could choose one of three potential BOGO email offers. Fan club members would receive a coupon for the store they specified that was the closest to their home during sign-up. Silverpop’s Dynamic Content functionality was used to personalize the store in the email, and relational tables were used to populate one of the three potential offers. • Summer BOGO series: This campaign was designed to increase the number of coupon prints via email to Blizzard Fan Club members by 300,000 and increase the number of fan club members overall by 300,000. In the campaign, Dairy Queen strongly encouraged fan club members to recruit other new fan club members. To help make their offer viral, Dairy Queen © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 39
  • 40. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop offered members signing up for the Blizzard Fan Club the option of posting a BOGO offer to their personal Facebook page, using Silverpop’s Share-to-Social feature. In addition, ADQ worked closely with Silverpop’s Professional Services team to solve its customer service challenge by building an external page that would allow the consumer relations team members to look up an email address, verify if the caller received a coupon email via Silverpop Engage, and resend the email with a new coupon code if necessary. One of the major requirements was integrating Silverpop Engage with ADQ’s couponing partner to make the process seamless to customers. The Results The Dairy Queen system has grown its fan club by almost 1 million members in the nine months since implementing Silverpop Engage. Its Customer Appreciation campaign was a huge success, with a 37 percent open rate and 83 percent click-through rate, which led to overwhelmingly positive results in terms of traffic into its stores. The Summer BOGO campaign was also an enormous success, with Dairy Queen exceeding cou- pon prints by 37 percent and fan club membership by 22 percent over the initial goals. The month in which the campaign took place was also the highest trafficked month in history. “We are very happy with the results of our recent campaigns,” said Guse. “It’s clear that targeting and relevant offers are key factors in the 30 percent growth of our Blizzard Fan Club in less than nine months.” The coupon partner integration was also a huge success. “Allowing our consumer relations team to access information in Silverpop Engage is a huge time saver that has helped us maintain cus- tomer satisfaction with the up to 2,000 loyalty club members calling into our consumer relations team every month,” said Guse. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 40
  • 41. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Mazda North American Operations Silverpop Engage puts the “zoom-zoom” in Mazda’s marketing campaigns The Company Mazda. The name stands for uncompromising quality, outstanding value and an exhilarating driving experience. Mazda has a targeted marketing strategy that includes email and direct mail with its “Hand- raisers”—individuals who express interest in receiving information about Mazda and its vehicles. The Challenge The highly competitive automotive industry requires marketers be able to rev up their campaigns from 0 to 60 in no time flat. Mazda steered interested consumers onto showroom floors through a series of special events and promotions, each accompanied with an email campaign. That process, however, ate up staff time and drained resources. Additionally, the process failed to reach the marketplace in a timely manner and lacked the level of individualization achieved by more sophisticated campaigns. Mazda marketers realized they needed a better way to speed delivery of information to interested consumers. They wanted a marketing program that would be flexible enough to communicate vehicle information about each of the company’s 10 models, as well as provide a means to quickly and easily alter messages to meet the rapidly changing needs of a dynamic marketplace. Also, because auto consumers generally want to review a number of makes and models dur- ing the buying process, Mazda needed to be able to send out multiple messages to the same recipient without duplicating vehicle information already received. Clearly, the company had to shift gears to better maneuver buyers through the selection process. The Solution Silverpop burned rubber with the drop of the green flag. First, the marketing technology provider designed and built HTML email creative that delivered a consistent Mazda-branded look while showcasing the attributes of each of the company’s models. Silverpop then developed an intricate dynamic content program that creates a personal- ized message that includes details about the specific vehicle the consumer wants to learn more about. Silverpop’s dynamic content feature automatically replaces entire sections of a message, matching content to each recipient’s unique requirements, interests and needs. Dynamic content offers a dual benefit: It dramatically increases relevance and builds deeper connections with customers while at the same time achieving a high degree of automation that produces significant cost savings. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 41
  • 42. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop The Results The Handraiser marketing program helps drive Mazda enthusiasts through the purchase cy- cle. The program has been cruising along since May 2005 and has been picking up speed ever since. The email campaign exceeds average industry performance, with open rates averaging around 80 percent—or 18 percent higher than auto industry averages. Click-through rates are running well above 45 percent. The company estimates that nearly 3 percent of consum- ers who receive messages through its Handraiser program end up driving a new Mazda off the showroom floor. Mazda is now working to implement new programs that further utilize Silverpop’s rich dynamic content capabilities. © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 42
  • 43. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop Online personal finance service provider uses segmentation and Send Time Optimization to engage customers and increase open and click rates. The CompanyThe Challenges• Email provider lacked is the nation’s leading online personal finance service, providing more than 1.5 million capabilities to enable users a free, easy and intelligent approach to money management. is tracking more relevant conversations with than $175 billion in transactions, $47 billion in assets and has identified $300 million in potential customers• Desire to ramp up email savings for its users. program to increase customer retention• Need for flexibility to The Challenge perform in-depth testing and analysis to improve With 3,000 new customers signing up each day for’s personal finance service, email email performance communications are fundamental to engaging with the company’s burgeoning customer base. However, its former email provider didn’t have the sophistication needed to increaseThe Benefits its focus on customer engagement and service its growing customer base.• 10% increase in click rates using Send Time “We wanted to ramp up our email marketing and increase our volume significantly,” said Lisa Optimization feature Friedman, senior director, marketing, “One of our core values is to ‘quantify ev-• Up to 2x higher-than-average open and click rates via erything,’ so it was important to have an email solution that enabled us to easily analyze our extensive segmentation customer data and find the most effective ways to engage with our customers based on specific• Doubled size of email program within six months behaviors or events.”• customers save millions of dollars annually in fees through transaction The Solution messaging After a competitive selection process, chose Silverpop Engage for its “innovative prod- uct features and ability to meet our goal of doubling our email volume within the first six months of implementing the solution,” Friedman said. also has implemented Silverpop’s Transact offering for both automated and event- based triggered messages based on changes in a customer’s finances. Looking to connect more strongly with’s customers, Friedman performed extensive A/B testing to see which messages and content resonated within its customers. Based on these findings, she made incremental changes that enable to better engage with its cus- tomers every day. “We focused our efforts on having relevant conversations with our customers during all aspects of the customer lifecycle, from the welcome email to reactivation campaigns,” Friedman said. As part of her testing, Friedman considers multiple factors including email length, content and use of specific themes, such as a Mother’s Day promotion that encouraged custom- ers to get their mothers to sign up for the company’s services. She has also incorporated dif- ferent features of Silverpop Engage, including Send Time Optimization, which sends emails to © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 43
  • 44. Silverpop MultiChannel Marketing: Thoughts, Advice & Tips from Silverpop recipients’ mailboxes at the times when they’re most likely to open and act upon them, and the Share-to-Social feature, which allows recipients to share their emails via social networks of their choice. As an extensive user of Silverpop’s Transact solution. sends out more than 30 differ- ent types of personalized messages. These include: • Automated emails -- such as personalized weekly and monthly summaries sent to every customer • Triggered alerts based upon changes in customer financial accounts, such as when a cus- tomer’s budget has exceeded its limit, unusual spending is detected on a credit card, or a low balance is detected on a checking account. “One of’s differentiators is that we can alert customers via Transact when a specific event occurs within their finances that needs their immediate attention,” Friedman said. “As a result, these transactional emails allow our customer base to save millions of dollars in finance charges and fees yearly.” The Results doubled the size of its email program within the first six months of implementing Silverpop Engage. “One area where email has had a significant effect has been in re-engaging with lapsed customers,” Friedman said. “In fact, our targeted email campaigns have led to the re-engagement of thousands of users.” Understanding that it was necessary to engage with its customers based upon their needs, sends targeted messages with relevant content to highly defined segments, such as users of its iPhone app or Yahoo app. “Targeted segmentation and relevant messag- ing has been very successful for us,” Friedman said. “We recently launched a campaign to Mint. com customers that are iPhone app users to announce our new iPhone application. For those customers that we knew owned iPhones, we first tested the message to a small por- tion of our list using two different subject lines. The winning subject line – with a 25% higher click through rate -- was sent to entire list of iPhone users. Overall open and click rates for that mailing were twice as high when compared to average open and click rates.” also continues to reap benefits from Silverpop’s Send Time Optimization feature. “We tested Send Time Optimization by splitting our recipient list, sending half our list the email at a specific time, and the other half with Send Time Optimization enabled. In the group where Send Time Optimization was enabled, we saw a 10 percent increase in click rates,” said Friedman. “We were pleased with the results and continue to use Send Time Optimization on all our mailings.” © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. PAGE 44