Head Start Program Governance Training 101


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Head Start Program Governance Training 101

  1. 1. HEAD START PROGRAM GOVERNANCE 101 Presented by Zoe Brown - 3D Training – 10/30/10
  2. 2. Region V Head Start TA Network Learning Objectives Recall Head Start facts • Who’s Who • Historical principles • Values & Benefits • Program regulations Examine changes in Program Governance • Appendix A • The Head Start Act • 2011OHS Monitoring Protocol
  3. 3. Region V Head Start TA Network Social Competence Parent Involvement Comprehensive Services Historical Principles
  4. 4. Region V Head Start TA Network Empowerment Learning Quality Diversity Wellness Nurturing Collaboration Inclusion Advocacy Continuity
  5. 5. Region V Head Start TA Network Educational  Early reading and writing norms  Less grade repetition  Higher graduation rates Benefits of Head Start
  6. 6. Region V Head Start TA Network Economic • $9 savings for $1 spent • Decrease Medicaid costs $198/Family Benefits of Head Start
  7. 7. Region V Head Start TA Network Health • Increase health and dental services • Improved behavior • Reduced mortality rates of 5 – 9 year olds Benefits of Head Start
  8. 8. Region V Head Start TA Network Define the objectives and characteristics of a quality Head Start Program Articulate a vision of service delivery for young children and families Present minimum requirements which agencies must implement to operate a Head Start Program Provide a regulatory structure for the monitoring and enforcement of quality Head Start Performance Standards
  9. 9. Region V Head Start TA Network Head Start Federal Regulations  1301 – Grants Administration  1302 – Selection, Funding, Re-funding  1303 – Appeals  1304 – Program Operations  Subpart A – General  Subpart B – Early Childhood Development and Health Services  Subpart C – Family and Community Partnerships  Subpart D – Program Design and Management  Subpart E – Implementation and Enforcement
  10. 10. Region V Head Start TA Network Head Start Federal Regulations  1305 – Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment and Attendance  1306 – Staffing and Program Options  1307 – Reserved  1308 – Children with Disabilities  1309 – Facilities  1310 – Transportation  1311 – Head Start Fellows
  11. 11. Region V Head Start TA Network Information Memorandum (IM)  Communicates a variety of matters including program tools, models, and techniques for program development  October 27, 2010 - Qualifications for Early Head Start Infant and Toddler Center-based staff Program Instruction (PI)  Provides procedures and methods for implementing program policies; adds details to program regulations or policy guide requirements, and conveys guidance information for actions Head Start Programs are expected or required to take  October 26, 2010 - Application Procedures for Locally Designed or Specialized Delivery Models Other Federal Regulations
  12. 12. Region V Head Start TA Network  Oversight of quality services for Head Start children and families  Making decisions related to program design and implementation Governing Body Policy Council Head Start Program Governance
  13. 13. Region V Head Start TA Network Key Definitions of Appendix A  A. General Responsibility. The group with legal and fiscal responsibility that guides and oversees the carrying out of the functions described through the individual or group given operating responsibility.  B. Operating Responsibility. The individual or group that is directly responsible for carrying out or performing the functions consistent with the general audience and oversight from the group holding general responsibility.
  14. 14. Region V Head Start TA Network Key Definitions of Appendix A  C. Must Approve or Disapprove. The group that must be involved in the decision-making process prior to the point of seeking approval. If it does not approve, a proposal cannot be adopted, or the proposed action taking, until agreement is reached between the disagreeing groups.  D. Determined locally. Functions as determined by the local governing body and in accordance with all Head Start regulations.
  15. 15. Region V Head Start TA Network The Head Start Act On December 12, 2007, President Bush signed Public Law 110-134 "Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007" reauthorizing the Head Start program. This law contains significant revisions to the previous Head Start Act and authorizes Head Start through September 30, 2012.
  16. 16. Region V Head Start TA Network
  17. 17. Region V Head Start TA Network Reflection Time 1. What changes will Lorain have to make in their practices to fulfill the different requirements under reauthorization? 2. What questions/concerns do you have about your role/responsibilities under reauthorization?