Austrian Embassy in London: Visa Information for Tourists to Austria


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Austrian Embassy in London or Austrian Embassy in United Kingdom. Check out the site for the Embassy Information includes address, phone number, fax number, email address, opening time, officers and the Ambassador. People will find the information such as who requires the Austrian visa, Austrian visa requirements, Austrian visa fee and the official Austrian visa application form as well.

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Austrian Embassy in London: Visa Information for Tourists to Austria

  1. 1. Austrian Embassy in London: Visa Information for Tourists to Austria
  2. 2.  On hearing Austria tourism, people almost instantly think about unique culture and winter sports. These are also the most typical word phrases to describe this attractive Central European country.  The country is located in the center of Europe and surrounded by Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, Liechtenstein and Germany.
  3. 3.  Along with Switzerland, this country refers to the capital of winter sports in Europe. The most attractive tourist things of Austria contain its historic cities, superior ski resorts and magnificent mountain scenery panoramas.  According to tourists that have ever enjoyed their trips in Austria, the most popular attraction here is winter sports.
  4. 4.  A great collection of ski sports is offered to welcome all winter sport visitors. Most of ski resorts in Austria are medium-sized, unlike the luxury resorts in France and Switzerland.  Some may think that it is a disadvantage but in fact, a lot of tourist found out the good points of this. These resorts are much cheaper, cozier and friendlier. This make more people have chance to enjoy their vacations in a ski resort without paying too much.
  5. 5.  Cycle tour on the famous routes that go along the largest rivers is another tourist attraction of this country.  The route from Passau to Vienna is the most interesting route of cyclists. The route is even said as the most important cycle path in Europe. During the summer, there are thousand of cyclists gather on the route to enjoy the tour.
  6. 6.  Musical heritage is another Austria's tourist attraction which draws thousands of music lovers from round the world every year to enjoy classical jazz, music, operas.  Especially, in every summer, the country hosts a wide range of music festivals for people of all tastes and ages, the most popular is Salzburg Festival. Beside Salzburg Festival, a wide assortment of other music genre: rock festivals, folk festival and pop festivals.
  7. 7.  Generally, Austria is a great destination for all tourists. If you have chance of a trip to Austria, do not miss the chance. Just prepare for the trip as soon as possible, pack your package and book a flight ticket. Don’t forget to learn about the Austrian tourist visa, you may ask the nearest embassy or check out the info on the internet. For example, you want to learn more about Austrian Embassy in London or Austrian Embassy in United Kingdom, visit this site: embassy-in-london-united-kingdom.html