Presentation on Input and Output Devices


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Presentation on Input and Output Devices

  1. 1. n Do you ever wonder how information gets into your computer and how comes out in a form you can use ? It is possible with
  2. 2. Input Devices Definition : “An electromechanical device that can be used to enter data and instructions into a computer.”
  3. 3. Keyboard “A keyboard is a human interface device which is represented as a layout of button or keys.” It has some Features as • Typewriter keyboard with numeric keypad • Special purpose keys • Toggle and combination keys
  4. 4. Definition : “An input device used to control a pointer on the screen.” Mouse: “mouse can be used to Control and manipulate cursor movement on monitor.” Types of Mouse : i) Mechanical or wireless ii) Optical iii) Cordless
  5. 5. Some pointing devices are Trackball Pointing Stick Joystick Touch Pad Touch Screen Light Pen
  6. 6. Optical Input Devices “optical input devices that uses light as a source of input. They eliminate the need for manual entry of data, thus accuracy Scanner: increases. “scanners can be used to copy the image or text on paper into a digital format that can be used by the computer.”
  7. 7. Other Optical Input Devices are: Optical scanners Flatbed Portable Bar code readers: “a barcode reader is an electronic device which is used for reading printed barcodes. This device directs a light beam across the bar code while it measures
  8. 8. Character and mark recognition devices Scanners that recognize special characters & marks Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) Optical-character recognition (OCR) Optical-mark recognition (OMR)
  9. 9. Audio Input Definition : Devices record the analog “audio input devices sound and convert it into digital form for further processing.” Some Audio input devices are : Voice recognition microphone Musical Instrument Digital
  10. 10. Video Input Definition : “ video input devices that can be used to entering full motion recording into a computer .“ Some video input devices are digital camera video capture
  11. 11. Output Devices Definition “output devices can be used to receive information from the computer “ The output can be in two forms: Soft copy Hard copy
  12. 12. Monitor Definition “a monitor is a peripheral device which displays computer output on a screen . Screen output is referred to as soft copy”  Features  Resolution-pixels  Dot pitch  Refresh rat  Size  Types of monitors Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)  Liquid crystal Display (LCD) 
  13. 13. Printer Definition “a printer is a peripheral device that produces a physical copy or hard copy of the computer’s output.” Types of Printer : Impact Printers • Dot Matrix Printer • Daisy Wheel Printer Non Impact Printers • Laser Printer • Ink-Jet Printer • Thermal Printer
  14. 14. Plotter Definition “a plotter is an output device that is used to produce high quality graphics in a variety of colors.” Types of Plotter  Flatbed Plotter  Drum plotter
  15. 15. Audio output Devices Definition “audio output devices can be used to translates audio information from the computer into sounds that people can understand.”  Common audio output devices  Speakers  Headphones
  16. 16. Projector Definition “projector can be used to displays computer information on big screen so that many will able to see the show.”
  17. 17. Computer Output Microfilm (COM)  This technology is used to record computer output as a microscopic film images.  Information is recorded on a roll of film.  COM devices are used applications where there are large volumes of data.
  18. 18. Combination Input and Output Devices Many devices combine input and output capabilities  Fax machines  Multifunction devices  Internet telephones Telephony  and Voice-over IP (VoIP)  known as  Terminals
  19. 19. Fax machines Definition : “a fax machine refers to a device or equipment that does telephonic transmission of scanned material. It scans the original document and converts it into a bitmap. It then uses electronic signals to send the document to another recipient. “
  20. 20. Terminals  An input and output device  Connects to a mainframe or server  Types of terminals  Dumb terminal  Intelligent terminal  Network terminal  Internet terminal