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Ladistribution betapitch-final-edit

  1. 1. We distribute web applications Beta Pitch Berlin - Mai 2011 (version 2.0 final pdf edit)La Distributionʼs mission is to distribute web applications.Think of us as an App Store for web applications.
  2. 2. The Founder François Hodierne Ex-Parisian. Based in Berlin. Ex-Netvibes Chief ArchitectIm François Hodierne, Founder of La Distribution.Iʼm originally from France and now based in Berlin for more than one year.In Paris, I was formerly Netvibes Chief Architect.Netvibes was all about widget distribution. And after quitting my job at Netvibes 2 years ago, I decided to work on something bigger: webapplication distribution.
  3. 3. Web applications are taking over the worldWeb applications are taking over the world. With HTML5, web applications are now competing on par with native apps. Soon, there will be nothingleft on our desktop, everything will run through a web browser. Even on the mobile, native apps will progressively disappear.A revolution is happening right now.And we want to be part of it! We want to fuel this revolution!
  4. 4. A new distribution modelAnd, when everyone is talking about SAAS, were betting on a different distribution model.Its in fact an evolution of a very old one, where developers make their software available for download, and where the software is installedsomewhere by customers.Itʼs a great model.Because many developers dontʼ want to run a service. Itʼs complicated and a lot of responsability.And many customers want to be in control, use their own domain name, choose their hosting.But today, this model is painful.
  5. 5. Discovery 00:05:25You have to discover the app you want to install.
  6. 6. Download 00:07:30
  7. 7. The Readme 00:12:50Understand the Readme.
  8. 8. Upload00:17:45
  9. 9. MySQL00:20:35
  10. 10. Config File 00:27:47
  11. 11. Done ... 00:35:27And eventually, youʼre done.
  12. 12. Why can’t we make it simple?Why canʼt we make it as simple as installing applications on an Iphone?
  13. 13. Choose the application you want to install from our marketplace. Click.
  14. 14. Click.
  15. 15. Done!
  16. 16. But it’s more than that ...Honestly, maybe its not the first time youre seeing that. But itʼs more than that. We want to remove every friction and make the user experiencestraightforward.
  17. 17. You have one unique user account for everything, and only have to sign in one time.
  18. 18. You always have a common user interface around so youʼre never lost.
  19. 19. Hosting Agnostic • Shared, Dedicated, VPS, PAAS, ... • Amazon, Rackspace, 1&1, ...But more important.Weʼre hosting agnostic and can distribute applications on every kind of hosting.
  20. 20. Open MarketplaceAnd weʼre building Open Marketplace.Weʼre bootstrapping it with popular open source web applications.And soon, it will be open to every developers.Publishing an application will bas as simple as pushing to Github.
  21. 21. Control SimplicityNo one hit the sweet spot like us. Combining Simplicity & Control.
  22. 22. Market Size 1 000 000+ developers opportunity 100 000 000+ customers opportunityThe market size is huge.Everyone need to install a web app one day. And were the shortest and easiest path to that for customers.
  23. 23. Revenues • Apps and Extensions (marketplace) • Services (subscription) • Partnerships with hosting providers (affiliation, revenue shares)We get a cut on the applications and extensions well sell from our marketplaceCustomers will pay for extra services like monitoring, automated backups, automated updates.And more interesting.Weʼll partner with hosting providers.Well make money when OUR customers register to their services. And well make money when THEIR customers install applications from ourmarketplace.
  24. 24. Where we areWeve build the technology that allow us to install web applications so easily.Its Open Source and can be downloaded and used by everyone. Users love it.Now we have to build the marketplace.To allow developers to publish applications. To connect with every hosting platforms we can.And let customers register, create their space, and start installing web applications like crazy.
  25. 25. What we needFrom now, Iʼve bootstrapped everything myself.But, we have this big opportunity ahead, and we should now accelerate, open our marketplace to customers within X months.For this reason, weʼre currently setting up a seed investment round around XXX. It would allow us to to hire X developers.
  26. 26. We’re redefining how people interact with web François Hodierne @ladistribution #ladistribution @znarf