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Working with arcgis online
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Working with arcgis online


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Working with ArcGIS Online Deane Kensok Jim Mason
  • 2. Introductions • Who are we? – Deane Kensok, Program Manager for ArcGIS Online Kensok, – Jim Mason, Product Engineer for ArcGIS Online – Rob Shanks, Product Manager for ArcGIS Online • Who are you? – ArcGIS Desktop User? – ArcGIS Explorer User? – ArcGIS Server User or Developer? – ArcGIS Online User or Developer?
  • 3. Session Agenda • Overview of ArcGIS Online • ArcGIS Online Content – What Content is Available C – How you can Use Online Content • ArcGIS Sharing g – How you can Store and Share Info Online • ArcGIS Online Infrastructure – How it’s Built to Scale and Perform Please complete the session survey!
  • 4. ArcGISA Complete & Integrated GIS Platform… ArcGIS Desktop Server Mobile Online Explorer Mobile A Complete Integrated System GIS Desktop • ArcReader • Work Group p • ArcGIS Mobile • Base Maps GIS • ArcView • Enterprise • ArcPad • GIS Tools • ArcEditor • Web ADFs • Web App’s • ArcInfo • Web SDKs • Web SDKs Web • Engine • Explorer • Communities • Explorer p Online GIS Server GIS . . . For authoring, publishing & using geographic knowledge
  • 5. ArcGIS Online provides … A Set of Web-based Resources… ArcGISto Extend and Enhance the ArcGIS User Experience Online• Includes Set of Online Content & Applications – Online GIS Content & Tools for the ArcGIS User • Mapping, Geocoding, Routing, etc. – Data Delivery Applications – Online SDKs for building web maps• Now Includes tools to Find and Share info for ArcGIS – System for Storing & Sharing Geographic Information Online – Simple Web Maps and Web Apps that you can Build and Use
  • 6. ArcGIS Online Content Types • Maps & Layers p y – Base Maps & Overlays – Powered by ArcGIS S y G S Server • Use in ArcGIS Desktop & Explorer • Use with JavaScript, Flex, Silverlight, REST • GIS Tools & Tasks – Online Tools Built into ArcGIS Software • Use in ArcGIS Desktop & Explorer – Tasks for Building Custom Applications • Use with JavaScript, Flex, Silverlight, REST, SOAP 6
  • 7. Content Summary • Imagery – World Imagery g y – USA Prime Imagery – Bing Maps Imagery • Streets – World Street Map – Bing Maps Roads • Topographic – World Topographic Map – USA Topographic Maps • Thematic – Demographic Maps 7
  • 8. World Imagery • Worldwide Imagery at 15m Resolution or Better • USA Imagery Mosaic of 1 2m or Better Imagery 1-2m – USDA NAIP, USGS DOQQ & Cities, U.S. States & Counties • International Areas at 1m or Better Imagery – Imagery for Major Metro Areas & Selected Countries 8
  • 9. Recent World Imagery Updates • Updated United States Imagery p g y – Updates to over 40% of United States • Substantial New International Imagery – Adding 1m Resolution Imagery for ~700 World Metro Areas • GeoEye Ikonos Imagery y g y Paris P i Athens Rome Moscow
  • 10. Demo of World Imagery Map
  • 11. World Street Map • World Street Map down to ~1:100k Scale – Highway and Major Roads for City Level Mapping • Detailed Street Map to ~1:10k in Selected Areas – North America, Europe, Japan, and other Regions • ESRI Map Template Now Available to Author Your Map! ESRI Developer Summit 2008 11
  • 12. USA Topographic Maps • Scanned USGS Topo Maps at 1:250k, 1:100k, and 1:24k – National Geographic TOPO! and i-cubed eTopo Maps • World Physical Imagery for Small Scale Levels ESRI Developer Summit 2008 12
  • 13. World Topographic Map – New! • New Topographic Base Map Now Available – Compiled to Uniform Cartography from Best Available Sources – Collaborative effort with User Community to add detail/coverage • Being built by ESRI and ArcGIS Users for ArcGIS Users ESRI Developer Summit 2008 13
  • 14. World Topographic Map • Map Coverage of Initial Release p g – Worldwide Topo Map to ~1:1m – USA Topo Map down to ~1:20k – Selected Cities down to ~1:1k 1:1k • Portland, OR and Philadelphia, PA • Map Templates Now Available! – Use to extend or customize map • New Framework for Publishing Many Thematic Layers – Demographics, Soils, Geology, Protected Areas, etc.
  • 15. Demo of World Topographic Map
  • 16. ArcGIS Online Subscription Services • Use with ArcGIS Desktop, Server, and Mobile p, , – Annual Subscriptions per User (or user equivalents) • I iti l Subscriptions Services include: Initial S b i ti S i i l d – USA Prime Imagery g y • High-resolution imagery for USA – Bing Maps (formerly Virtual Earth) • Road maps and imagery for world
  • 17. USA Prime Imagery • Satellite Imagery (15m) g y( ) – i-cubed eSat Imagery • USA Imagery (1m or better) – Aerials Express, USGS, USDA • Online Metadata Available 1m (or better) Imagery is a Mosaic of Public Source Imagery plus Recent Commercial Imagery
  • 18. Direct Access to Bing MapsGlobal basemap seamlessly integrated with ArcGIS• Up-to-date, multi-scale basemap (aerial imagery, roads, hybrid)• With 9.3.1, Bing Maps are … , g p Included at No Cost with ArcGIS Desktop, Desktop as part of maintenance Available by Subscription for use in ArcGIS Server & APIs – Free 90-day evaluation built-in Quick- Quick-start GIS projects with ready-to-use content ready-to-
  • 19. Thematic Maps • New USA Demographic Maps g p p – Collection of Maps based on Current Year Data – Maps for 12 Essential Variables Initially Population People Economics Population Density Median Age Household Income Daytime Population Diversity Home Value 1990-2000 Change Household Size Unemployment 2000-2009 Change Labor Force Participation 2009-2014 Change • Includes Over 200 other Variables to Query & Report
  • 20. USA Demographic Maps (in Web Mashup) Mashup)
  • 21. Online GIS Tools Built into ArcGIS Software • Tools in ArcGIS 9.2+ • Place Finder – World Gazetteer • Address Finders – North America – Europe • Route Finders – North America – Europe 22
  • 22. New GIS Tools for ArcGIS Users and Developers • ArcGIS Locator Services – Street Address Geocoding Services • North American and European Streets – World Places Geocoding Service • Countries, Cities, Admin Areas, Landmarks, etc. • ArcGIS Routing Services – Multi-Point Routing and Driving Directions • North American and European Streets • Free Services for ArcGIS Users – For internal or external, non-commercial use – Subscriptions available for commercial use, batch geocoding
  • 23. ArcGIS Online Resource Center • Find & Preview Services •SService Info & Coverage M i I f C Maps • Getting Started Info & Links • Blog with News & Alerts • Tools to Order & Download Data 24
  • 24. DataDoors for ArcGIS • Application to Order and Download Data for Offline Use
  • 25. ArcGIS SharingNew F tN Feature of A GIS at 9.3.1 f ArcGIS t 9 3 1
  • 26. ArcGIS Sharing • Is a way for ArcGIS users to easily organize and share geographic information h hi i f ti • Encompasses new features and capabilities – ArcGIS Online 9.3.1 – ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1 – ArcGIS Explorer 900 • Enables you to easily store or share GIS data, maps, data maps and tools using ArcGIS Online as central repository • I l d ESRI content and user content Includes t t d t t
  • 27. What can you share? • Layers – Map and globe services p g – Layer package and layer files (.lpk, .lyr) (.lpk, .lyr) – Explorer layers (.nmc) (.nmc) •M Maps – ArcGIS Desktop maps (.mxd, .3dd, .sxd) (.mxd, .sxd) – Explorer map ( nmf, .ncfg) (.nmf ncfg) (.nmf, .ncfg – Published map files (.pmf) (.pmf) – Web map • Tools – Services (geocoding, network analysis) – Explorer add-ins (.eaz) add- (.eaz ( eaz)
  • 28. Sharing Your Work – Layer PackagesA new method for sharing ArcGIS data • Easily created E-mail DVD • Multiple ways to share • Directly usable Shared Folders ArcGIS A GIS Online ArcGIS Desktop Packages Your Data and Cartography dC t h
  • 29. ArcGIS 9.3.1 Layer PackagesEasily shared, brings ArcMap cartography to everyone • Create using ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap & ArcGlobe) (ArcMap ArcGlobe) • Share via E-mail, network, DVD, or ArcGIS Online E- ArcGIS Desktop ArcGIS Explorer
  • 30. ArcGIS Sharing makes it easy to publish GIS to a wideaudience • ArcGIS Online Sharing • Layer packages • Other data Use in ArcGIS Desktop And Explorer Author using ArcGIS Desktop • Maps, globes Serve with • Geoprocessing ArcGIS Server
  • 31. Demonstration:ArcGIS Sharing
  • 32. Key Points for Sharing • ArcGIS Online includes many ready-to-use maps ready-to- maps, layers, and tools which can be discovered and used via the Web. • ArcGIS Online offers a central repository for storing and sharing your maps, layers, and tools • You can manage, organize, and control what you store and with whom you share it
  • 33. ArcGIS OnlineInfrastructure Jim Mason
  • 34. System RequirementsCapability: p yPublish Map Services for use in ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Explorerand Web ApplicationsCapacity:C iSupport > 1,000 Concurrent UsersAvailability:A il bilitProvide 24x7, 99.9% AvailabilityPerformance:Sub-second Response on Server & High-speed access by UserFlexibility:Rapidly Deploy New and Updated Maps
  • 35. System ImplementationArcGIS Server:Use to Create and Publish Cached Map ServicesRedundant Servers:R d d tSMultiple Instances of Web Server, ArcGIS Serversand Data AppliancesAT&T Networking:High Bandwidth and ReliabilityAkamai Acceleration:Web Acceleration and Local Edge Server Map Storage
  • 36. ArcGIS Online System Architecture Users Web / ArcGIS Servers Data Appliances
  • 37. Users Windows 2008 IIS 7 ArcGIS Server 9.3.1 931 Data Appliances
  • 38. Users Web / ArcGIS Servers Windows 2003 Storage Server RAID 5
  • 39. ArcGIS Data Appliance pp
  • 40. USA Prime Imagery g y Collection
  • 41. Street Map Collection p
  • 42. Custom Volume
  • 43. Users Web / ArcGIS Servers Data Appliances
  • 44. Users Web / ArcGIS Servers Data Appliances
  • 45. Geographically Distributed Akamai Servers
  • 46. Summary: ArcGIS Online offers … Maps & Data – Online Maps and Map Templates (base map frameworks) o ESRI, Commercial, and User Maps GIS Tools – Geoprocessing services (drive time, geometry, etc.) – Location services (geocoding routing) (geocoding, A Platform for Web GIS – Web SDK’s o JavaScript, Flex, and Silverlight – Web Applications oSSearch and Share, Web Mapping, Data Ordering h d Sh W bM i D t Od i o Utilize cloud computing and hosted ArcGIS servers / storage
  • 47. Additional ResourcesQuestions, answers and information… , • Meet the Team –Visit us at ArcGIS Online Island in ESRI Showcase • Other sessions – ArcGIS Online Plans • Thursday, 10:15am-11:30am, Room 6 B 10:15am- – Getting Started with ArcGIS Explorer • Thursday, 1:30pm-2:45pm, Room 6 E 1:30pm-