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Freud Jeop

Freud Jeop






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    Freud Jeop Freud Jeop Presentation Transcript

    • 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 The Mind Sigmund Freud Feral Children Behavior
    • In Freudian Psychology, every infant’s mind was considered this or extremely impressionable, remaining so into their early adulthood 100
    • This portion of the brain is responsible for our personality traits which could be permanently altered due to injury as seen in the case of this individual 200
    • Briefly explain the 3 levels of “consciousness” in Freudian Psychology 300
    • Briefly discuss the three levels of personality and the driving forces behind them 400
    • Freud developed this type of psychological analysis which entailed this type of procedure 100
    • This form of analysis developed by Freud was done by providing word prompts and having the patient record responses that first occurred to them 200
    • Freud often incorporated this drug into his psychological sessions in pursuit of this type of cure 300
    • In Freudian Psychology this term is used to describe a personality disorder in cases where a individual targets others that display certain characteristics that the individual hates about themselves 400
    • When debating the development of Feral Children one must take into consideration these two forces, usually stated in opposition, that help use learn 100
    • 200 A leader in the field of linguistics, Noam Chomsky, says that one must take into consideration this aspect of an individual prior to the Feral experience to truly understand the impact of that experience on learning
    • Describe the three types of Feral Children 300
    • 400 This hypothesis tries to explain why Feral Children cannot develop grammar after a certain stage of their early teen years, it was supported by the case study of Genie
    • When humans engage themselves in conversation we abide by a certain set of these to understand each other 100
    • 200 Provide an explanation of both positive and negative reinforcement
    • This psychological test is usually given to people standing trial for violent crime that are trying to use an “insanity” plea 300
    • A male that fantasizes about his mother during his developmental years and is infatuated with her could have manifestations of this complex in his adulthood 400
    • The brain's ability to learn from experiences
    • Instructions
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      • Click mouse to stop theme song and go to the game board
      • Click on a number to go to that question
      • Hit “esc” to stop ‘think time’ music
      • Click on blue bar to hear ‘time’s up’ sound
      • Click on green button to go back to the game board