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TV Drama - Ethnicity
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TV Drama - Ethnicity


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  • 1.  What are the common stereotypes of the following:  Black people  White people  Asian people  Gypsies  Polish
  • 2. Black people Travellers/AKA gypsiesUsually linked to black men Usually Irish/foreign (Bulgarian/Romanian)Crime We associate them with fun fairs, live in caravans, Taking over peoples land/destroy itLiving in slums They make a mess and stealOn welfare Lacking in educationNeed help from community Wear vests and jeansLess intelligent Women wear big dresses and hooped gold earringsOver sexualGood at sport or dancing, but not academic subjects Polish PeopleWhite people Cheap labourDumb blondes PoorGreedy Have young familiesMaterialistic Own kebab, chicken, pizza shopsBusinessmenMiddle/upper class Take all of our jobs. e.g. builders/cleanersPosh/ well spokenCant danceAsian peopleDoctorsEngineersMathematiciansNewsagents- small businesses – entrepreneurIgnorantExtremely smart peopleDisrespectful towards womenLarge families often living un der the same roofHighly religiousIndian people are portrayed to be culturallybackward, as compared to western sensibilities
  • 3.  Shesaid that all stereotypes have a bit of truth about them which makes them plausible. For example, she said that most terrorists are Muslim but, not all Muslims are terrorists.  g&NR=1A stereotype is normally viewed negatively Positive representations are called corrective stereotypes which is where new ideas are created about a previous group to change our view about them.
  • 4. Benetton are famous for their controversialadverts…what are the connotations of thisimage?
  • 5. What are the connotations of thisimage?...who is the criminal?!
  • 6.  Timed note taking activity (as in the exam) Discuss the extract
  • 7.  10 minutes for each technical area 5 minutes for an opening/concluding paragraph  Discuss the ways in which the extract constructs the representation of ethnicity using the following:  Camera Angle, Shot, Movement and Composition  Mise-en-Scène  Editing  Sound
  • 8.  Read through your essay Look back at your notes and see if you can improve your essay by adding the following:  Technical area specific terminology  Media specific terminology (verisimilitude, diegesis, counter type)  Do all your sentences make sense?  Have you used punctuation/correct grammar  Can you link in any theory?
  • 9.  Print off your essays, without your name on them… Hand them to me Homework:  Mark the essay using the marking criteria (on Learnzone at the top of topic area 2)  Give them a mark for each of the areas and add them up to give a final out of 50  As well as this marking criteria I want you to look for the following:  Have they followed the 3 point paragraph structure?  Have they extended this to any/all of the following?  Comparison to an opposing representation  Link to another micro area that re-enforces that representation  Link to a theory