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  • 1. TETANUSJhonnyLópez
  • 2. Clostridium tetani•The Tetanus is a disease provoked by a powerful neurotoxina, the exotoxinatetanospasmina, which is produced by the bacterium Clostridium tetani. This onepenetrates in the nervous fibers peripheral motorboats up to coming to the nervouscentral system and generates violent muscular contractions.•In 1889 it was isolated of a human victim by Kitasato Shibasaburo¿ WHAT IS ?
  • 3. ¿ SINCE IT CONTRACTS?•It interferes to the body across wounds opened by contact with the land,contaminated manure, for courts or penetration with some rusty object, also it can befor bites of dogs, etc.
  • 4. TYPES OF TETANUS Local tetanus Cephalic tetanus Widespread tetanus Tetanus neonatal
  • 5. SYMPTOMS•Respiratory Problems are begun by slight spasms in the muscles of the jaw•Respiratory problems.•Slavering•Excessive perspiration•Fever•Spasms of the hand or of the foot•Irritability•Impede to swallow•Uncontrollable micturition or defecation
  • 6. Photos
  • 7. TREATMENT•The wound must be cleaned well and eliminate the source of the toxin, to withdraw thedead fabric and to stop exposed to the air since the oxygen kills to the anaerobicbacteria (without oxygen).•It is necessary to to administer human antitetanic immunoglobulin to neutralize thecirculating toxin that still has not joined the nervous completions•Before the penicillin was used to reduce the quantity of bacteria but they saw that nottape-worm no effect in the neurotoxina that produces it.•Nowadays Metronidazols employment is recommended in replacement of the penicillin,since the latter possesses effect antigaba that might have activity sinérgica with thetetanic toxin.
  • 8. PREVENTION The tetanus can get ready by means of the vaccination. A reinforcement ofthe vaccine is advisable every 5 or 10 years.