Branding, destination management and social media to promote wilderness destination


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  • But do we actually deliver on this if we keep focusing only on verification?
  • SLIDE FOR POTENTIAL PARKS - We at PAN Parks Foundation cannot do this alone but need your support Bullet1: wilderness info on already planned infrastructure, part of interpretation Bullet2: projects specifically developed to promote a wilderness feature e.g. PAN parks wilderness trail Bullet3: you already organise events, let us join in and promote your specil activity/feature that way! Bullet4: we provide international promotion: press appearances, website, online promotion BUT for all this we need your input with information, sometimes very specific but we believe developing, collecting this kind of information will also help you in your future work
  • SLIDE FOR POTENTIAL PARKS - Note for you: Each pic comes in with a mouse click Website with VISIT section onn travel info Conservation related media to promote your excellence in wilderness mgmnt Travel media esp in UK, NL, Ger High-quality visibility focusing on wilderness
  • Some wilderness values that can be experienced in PAN Parks
  • Ways to explore PAN Parks
  • Other special exciting activities in PAN Parks
  • SLIDE FOR POTENTIAL PARKS - After you’ve covered verification, be prepared not only to comply with requirements of verifiers but doing communications work for us as a priority in our partnership. First bullet: we will promote your park as an area with special wilderness feature – this will be the added value of your park! Second bullet: in formulating your interpretation towards visitors you will promote the wilderness values, area that make your park special Third bullet: in the field infrastructue (boards, trails) also need to have wilderness focus – if relevant so it is more than just placing the logo and info, we’ll need to develop ideas with wilderness focus in mind
  • FOR FR PURPOSES Launched this project and set out an ambitious goal
  • FOR FR PURPOSES The Million Project aims to protect 1 million hectares of wilderness in Europe by 2015
  • FOR FR PURPOSES Launched this project and set out an ambitious goal
  • Board + EU/EP + WWF
  • Branding, destination management and social media to promote wilderness destination

    1. 1. The importance of branding,destination management and socialmedia in the promotion of Europe’swilderness as non-traditional touristdestinationZoltan Kun, Executive DinosaurPAN Parks FoundationFulufjället NP ©Vitantonio Dell’Orto/
    2. 2. What we do • PAN Parks works to protect Europe’s wilderness , the continent’s most undisturbed areas of nature • the only European-wide organisation focusing on the protection of wilderness areasPaanajärvi NP ©Viktor Gritsuk
    3. 3. Conservation successes Over 560 000 ha of wilderness Wilderness momentum • European Parliament’s special report on wilderness • European Commission- ‘Agenda for Wilderness’ • Wilderness in Biodiversity©iStock/Graeme Purdy Strategy
    4. 4. Our challenges Tourism vs wilderness! 1. Wilderness is un-known in Europe – the role of branding & network 2. Destination management (12 destinations) – the role of incoming operators 3. No marketing budget for strong communication – social mediaArchipelago NP © Seppo Keränen
    5. 5. Branding and Network We need your support in promoting your area as a PAN Park! • PAN Parks visibility in the field focusing on wilderness • special projects on in the field wilderness communications • common events to raise profile of wilderness • providing us information for online promotion and media activityMajella NP © Barbara Mayer
    6. 6. Branding & Network European Wilderness Preservation System Küre Mountains NP
    7. 7. Branding & Network • Visit PAN Parks and use services of local partners! • Share your experiences! • Donate now! • Support our campaigns!Oulanka NP © Paavo Hamunen
    8. 8. Branding & Network...outcomesMajella NP © Bruno D’Amicis
    9. 9. Destination Management
    10. 10. Destination Management • Stroll through the largest untouched beech forests of Europe CENTRAL BALKAN, Bulgaria • Hike in steep canyons and among majestic peaks MAJELLA, Italy • Explore immense jungle-like virgin forests BORJOMI-KHARAGAULI, Georgia • Walk on water in endless boglands SOOMAA, EstoniaMajella NP © Bruno D’Amicis
    11. 11. Destination Management • Track wildlife -lynx and beaver in Soomaa, Estonia -wolf and chamois in Majella, Italy -bear and wolf in Fulufjället, Sweden -birdwatching: eagle, vulture • Experience the forces of nature -‘fifth season’ in Soomaa, Estonia -recovering nature in Fulufjället, Sweden • Hike using GPS -Peneda-Geres offering real backcountry experienceSoomaa NP © Arne Ader
    12. 12. Destination Management • Enjoy amazing panorama • Go on husky safari • Combine sea kayaking and hiking • Snowshoe in summer • Hike an underwater trail • Go rafting • Take a wilderness survival tourOulanka NP © Paavo Hamunen
    13. 13. Where to start? Visit • Explore our parks, adventure tips • Browse photo galleries, video gallery • Find ways to connect, support Sign up for our monthly Wilderness NewsMajella NP © Bruno D’Amicis
    14. 14. Social Media Facebook - ( Twitter – ( YouTube - ( Balkan NP © NicolasCegalerba
    15. 15. If you join, ... ... we’ll promote WILDERNESS together! Your park will ... • become a destination offering unique WILDERNESS experience • communicate its WILDERNESS values in the field • develop tourist infrastructure relating to WILDERNESS and PAN ParksMajella NP © Bruno D’Amicis
    16. 16. The Million ProjectOulanka NP ©Hannu Hautala
    17. 17. The Million ProjectOulanka NP ©Hannu Hautala
    18. 18. Join The Million Project! We can protect the last pieces of Europe’s wilderness together for future generations!Paanajärvi NP ©Viktor Gritsuk
    19. 19. Get Involved – virality!Oulanka NP ©Hannu Hautala
    20. 20. PAN Parks works to protect Europe’swilderness, the continent’s mostundisturbed areas of nature