KU Architecture Incoming


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This is a slideshow designed to prepare students about to study Architecture at Kingston University

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KU Architecture Incoming

  1. 1. Welcome to Kingston University School of Architecture & Landscape
  2. 2. ‘ London is the best place in the world to be a student As a student in London you will have access to unrivalled resources to support your study and your experience in this city will be unequalled in opportunity, study and life’ www.studylondon.ac.uk
  3. 3. Exploring London  Kingston is just 25 minutes from the centre of London Galleries Museums Buildings Public Spaces Bookshops Art Shops Bars & Cafes Performance Street Markets
  4. 4. Exploring Kingston  Kingston has a lively student community, you will find a wide range of social and cultural opportunities and many local amenities Riverside History Shops & Markets Cafes & Bars Nightlife Open Spaces Leisure Student Life
  5. 5. Knights Park Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture Facilities Design Studios CAD Suite ArchiLab Workshops Photography Learning Resource Centre Stanley Picker Gallery Student Support Centre
  6. 6. KU Studios, Workshops & Facilities Find out about our opening times at http://www.kingston.ac.uk
  7. 7. Studios & Workshops The design studio will be your home for the next year, this is the place where you will make and show your work, where you will engage with your tutors, discuss ideas and learn with your fellow students It is your space - make it work for you The workshops are a very important resource for students of architecture, they are well equipped and there for you to use 5 days a week
  8. 8. KU Gallery & Students Union Stanley Picker Gallery at Knights Park http://www.kingston.ac.uk/picker/ Go to Kingston University Student Union find out what is happening on campus http://www.kusu.co.uk/
  9. 9. Knights Park Student Support Centre The Student Support Office is based on the ground floor at Knights Park right next to the first year studios Student Support Coordinator Diane West offers guidance on both academic and non-academic matters and can refer you to appropriate central services such as Health & Counselling, Disability & Dyslexia, Finance and Accommodation
  10. 10. ‘ Let the experience begin!’ Frank Gehry, Architect
  11. 11. Studying Architecture at Kingston What are my Modules? Design Modules Design Investigation Design Development Design Resolution Design Techniques and Digital Media Portfolio and Evaluation Support Modules Sustainable Thinking Material Thinking History and Cultural Studies Study Skills
  12. 12. Studying Architecture at Kingston Design Modules - What to expect Design Briefs You will be given a series of design briefs prepared by your tutors. The projects that emerge will vary in intensity and programme - from making a casting to designing a building At the beginning of each project the brief will be presented to the year in the lecture theatre
  13. 13. Studying Architecture at Kingston Design Modules - What to expect Tutorials From 11am until 5pm every Tuesday & Thursday in the Design Studio you will meet with your tutors to discuss your current design work Each student will have two tutorials a week, either individually, in pairs or in groups
  14. 14. Studying Architecture at Kingston Design Modules - What to expect Reviews & Crits Taking place at the end of (and sometimes during) each project. You will present your work to tutors, fellow students and visiting critics This is your opportunity to get feedback on your work and experience a wide range of ideas and approaches
  15. 15. Studying Architecture at Kingston Design Modules - What to expect Portfolio This is how you demonstrate your progression through the design modules. It should be a coherent, considered document of your project work The portfolio is how you will be assessed and as such you should take care to document your processes as well as including all completed work
  16. 16. Studying Architecture at Kingston Support Modules - What to expect Lectures and Workshops First Years have lectures and workshops at Knights Park on Mondays and Fridays for Support Modules Assessment for these modules will be based on the submission of coursework
  17. 17. Studying Architecture at Kingston Study Trip First Year Students can look forward to a study trip to a major city during Semester Two. Support materials guided tours and itineries will be provided International students will need to make arrangements for visas where required
  18. 18. Studying Architecture at Kingston Preparing to study Architecture What will I need?
  19. 19. Recommended Equipment for Design Studio: Sketchbooks Camera Scale Ruler Metal Ruler Parallel Motion Adjustable Set Square Technical Pencils & Drawing Pens Paper Masking Tape, Glue & Fixing Spray Cutting Knife & Blades Portfolio Note: Most of these items will be available at the Kingston University Art Shop and also in a specially priced bundle from Pullingers in Kingston
  20. 20. Additional Equipment for Design Studio: Charcoal, Pastels, Inks Pencil Crayons & Paints Coloured Papers & Card Tube for carrying drawings Film & Photographic Paper Drawing Curves & Stencils Modelmaking materials: Card, Timber, Wire, Metal, Plaster etc Collage materials: Images of people and places, surfaces and textures The above items are suggestions and not definitive
  21. 21. Additional Equipment for Design Studio: Computers It is not essential for you to have your own computer for First Year. There is a laptop leasing service at Kingston University and a fully equipped CAD suite at Knights Park Software you will be learning to use: AutoCAD Adobe Creative Suite (including Illustrator & Photoshop)
  22. 22. Additional Equipment for Design Studio: Software You can buy student versions of software from online suppliers like: http://www.pugh.co.uk There are additional Autodesk products like Maya (modelling and rendering) and Viz (rendering) that are free to students Register at: http://students2.autodesk.com
  23. 23. Kingston upon Thames Some Useful Shops Pullingers Art Shop 25 Fife Road KT1 1SB Tatters Haberdashery 14 Castle Street KT1 1SS Wickes DIY Store 153-161 London Rd KT2 6NU Kall Kwik Printers 179 Clarence Street KT1 1QT Note: More useful addresses can be found via the KUSAS Blog and Angela Ford’s Suppliers and Contacts Book available at Knights Park
  24. 24. Year One Architecture at Kingston What students say 'My experiences of Architecture first year at Kingston have been varied and truly amazing: I have discovered so much about the different aspects of architecture and design whilst meeting people who have become, not only colleagues, but good friends’ John Stiles (First Year 2006/07) ‘ Working in the studio environment really helps you get to know everyone and learn from each other in the first year’ Ted Swift (First Year 2005/06)
  25. 25. Kingston University 2007/2008 Keep checking http://kusas.blogspot.com/ We look forward to seeing you soon All work shown on this slide show was produced by students of Kingston University Architecture First Year 2006/2007
  26. 26. This presentation was prepared by Zoe Jones as part of a Kingston University School of Architecture & Landscape Learning and Teaching Project, coordinated by Joanna Bailey (2007)