Who I Am


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A short powerpoint presentation about myself and my peculiars.

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Who I Am

  1. 1. My given name is Jonathan Daniel Oden. I was supposed to have an additional Korean middle name, but alas, my parents failed to fulfill my grandfather’s wishes.At the time of this presentation’s creation, I reside in Ambler, PA
  2. 2. GoogleWhen I typed in different variations of myname, I found people who weren’t me. Theywere attorneys, doctors, even a music artist(beat me to it). You pretty much can’t find meon the internet
  3. 3. Family StuffMy dad’s side has been here in America for areally long time, and my mother’s side isbasically a bunch of medical complicationsfrom Korea(thanks, mom).
  4. 4. Bridges Surveys According to these surveys, I am an INFP.I am artistic and reserved. I enjoy a less structured environment.
  5. 5. What others say about me.• “You speak only when you have something to say.” Conor McAteer• “Pensive.” Ryan Tancredi• “You have lots of potential, smart, you see things differently.” Mom + Dad• “Quirky sense of humor, very talented, own sense of style, very bright.” Susie 이모• “You’re funny. Now stop bugging me.” Dean (Brother)
  6. 6. Positive Traits• Open Minded, Tolerant• Creative• Imaginative• Patient• Determined• Thorough• Musical
  7. 7. PassionsI have a passion for music and philosophy. That’s about it.
  8. 8. Personal DreamsI will not tell you, because they are personal. And you thought you would find out. Ha.
  9. 9. Professional DreamsI would like to become a professional touringmusician (basically I want to be in a band).Either that or a sound engineer/Foley artist.
  10. 10. Talents/SkillsI happen to be very good with music.I can act pretty well.I’m good with philosophy and theology.I can do math pretty well.
  11. 11. Things I don’t want to do again.• Volunteer for things I do not want to volunteer for.• Run for more than a minute ata time. I have severe asthma.• Go to Hershey Park. I havesevere allergies.• I don’t want to live near myparents, grandparents, aunts, etc. I’d like to be away from home for an appreciable amount of time
  12. 12. Closure Who am I?I am Jonathan Daniel Oden and I don’t need to be anything else, thank you very much. Contact Info: 220 Chestnut Lane, Ambler.215-285-1894. <jonathan.d.oden@gmail>.com. Thanks for your time.