Comparative and superlative of adjectives


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Comparative and superlative of adjectives

  1. 1. Mrs. FB Kh The Comparative And Superlative Of Adjectives
  2. 2. What is an adjective
  3. 3. There are two types of adjectives Regular adjectives Irregular adjectives
  4. 4. Regular adjectives are divided into two groups Short adjectives Contain One syllable Long adjectives Contain two or more syllables
  5. 5. What is a syllable A syllable is the sound of a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) that is created when pronouncing a word. The number of times that you hear the sound of a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) is equal to the number of syllables the word has.
  6. 6. big fast One syllable One syllable One vowel sound /i/ One vowel sound /æ/ modern /Ↄ/ /ə / Two syllables happy /æ/ /i/ Two syllables important horrible /Ↄ/ /ə / /Ↄ/ /ə / /ə / /i/ Three syllables Three
  7. 7. Making Comparisonsof There are two forms comparisons The comparative The superlative
  8. 8. There are three forms of the comparative The The The comparativ comparativ comparative of e of e of superiority inferiority equality Less….. than as……… as than more … than
  9. 9. The Comparative of Superiority Is used to compare between two items: people, animals, places or objects to say that one item has a LARGER amount of quality than the other
  10. 10. The Comparativ e of Short Adjectives
  11. 11. For 1-syllable adjectives, JUST add “er” to the Joe Tom end. oe is a smart J boy. BUT Tom is smarter than Joe.
  12. 12. Adjective Comparative Clean Cleaner New Newer Cheap Cheaper Tall Taller
  13. 13. If the 1-syllable adjective ends with the letter “e,” JUST add “r” to the end. Examples: nice------ nicer / wise----wiser Algeria is larger than Egypt.
  14. 14. If the 1-syllable adjective has a C-V-C pattern, consonant vowel consonant Double the consonant and add “er.”  July is hotter than June.
  15. 15. For adjectives with two syllables, ending in – y, DROP the “y” and add “ier.” pretty--Who is prettier prettier Aishwaria Rai or Katrina
  16. 16. Adjective Comparative Happy Happier Funny Funnier Dirty Dirtier Healthy Healthier
  17. 17. The Comparative of Long Adjectives
  18. 18. For adjectives that are 2 or more syllables, use “ more ” + the adjective to make the comparative form. Example: Adjective--comfortable How many syllables m (p)fə(rtək ə that it ə contain? 1 b2 l 3 4 Travelling by plane is more comfortable than travelling by
  19. 19. Adjective Comparative Valauble more valuable Beautiful more beautiful Expensive more expensive Active more active Famous more famous
  20. 20. The Comparative of Irregular Adjectives
  21. 21. Irregular Comparatives Good is an irregular adjective. In the comparative form, it changes into BETTER Sarah’s grades are better than Mark’s
  22. 22. Adjectives Comparatives Good Bad Far Old Much Better Worse Farther / further Older/ elder More ( uncountable nouns) Many More (countable nouns)
  23. 23. The Superlative of Adjectives
  24. 24. The superlative is used to compare one item to more than two items: (people, animals, places or objects) to say that one item has the largest amount of quality than all the other items.
  25. 25. The Superlative of Short Adjectives
  26. 26. For a one-syllable word, add the suffix –est to the word Long-the longest / Sweet- the sweetest Cool- the coolest / Rich- the richest Smart- the smartest Often times it is necessary to double the final consonant. Big – the biggest Hot- the hottest Fat- the fattest
  27. 27. If the one syllable word ends with an “e” you only need to add an Fine- the finest Nice- the nicest Simple- the simplest st . If a two-syllable word ends with a “y” then change the “y” into “i” and add -est. Funny- the funniest Happy-the happiest
  28. 28. The Superlative of Long Adjectives
  29. 29. Words that contain two or three syllables are preceded by the word most Beautiful- the most beautiful Famous- the most famous Dangerous- the most dangerous The peacock is the most beautiful bird in the world.
  30. 30. The Superlative of Irregular Adjectives
  31. 31. Messi is Ronaldo is better better than them than all. Ribery. He is the best. Ribery is a good footballer.
  32. 32. There are some adjectives that have irregular forms meaning that the superlative can’t be formed by adding the suffix -est or by using the word most . Good----------- the best Bad----------------the worst Far-----the farthest / the furthest Old-----the oldest / the eldest