Worldwide distribution of food

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  • 1. WorldwideDistribution of Food { What does it mean?
  • 2. Number of hungry people in the world 925 million hungry people in 2010 ticles/Learn/world%20hunger% 20facts%202002.htm#Number_o f_hungry_people_in_the_world
  • 3. Why are so many people hungry?• Your objective is to research and try to find at least two problems people around the world are having with ineffective distribution of food.
  • 4. Food Miles: A problem ora necessity? • What can you discover about food miles? First of all, what are food miles? • Try to find out at least one positive example of the importance of food miles and at least one example of the negative effects of food miles.
  • 5. How do I show mylearning? You can choose the format for presenting the information that you have found. It can be done using technology or in any other manner. Please discuss your plans with Mr. Davis so he can approve your plan. Have fun!
  • 6. Shows Show Show knowledge of knowledge of at knowledge of at the numerous least two least one different different problem problems Unable to show problems currently currently an currently affecting the affecting the understanding affecting the distribution of distribution of of at least one distribution of food worldwide. food problem food worldwide. Explain what worldwide. currently Explain what food miles are, Explain whatHow food is affecting the food miles are, as as well as give food miles are,distributed world distribution of well as give an an example of as well as givewide food example of how either how food multiple worldwide. food miles have miles have a examples of Does not have a a negative negative impact how food miles clear impact on our on our world or have a negative understanding world and also one example of impact on our of what food one example of how food miles world and also miles are. how food miles have a positive how food miles have a positive impact on our have a positive impact on our world. impact on our world. world.Rubric
  • 7. Research Sites and VideosYou can use these to help research about the Worldwidedistribution of food:Children’s Rights Portal’s food issues- distribution video Miles