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Meet the teacher 201314
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Meet the teacher 201314


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  • 1. WelcomeWelcome to Gradeto Grade 5!5! All information from this evening’s presentation will be shared on the Grade 5 blog.
  • 2. Who Are We? Dan Allen Alice Sikora Jan Vinclair Will Kirkwood Jenifer Nelson Caroline Francois
  • 3. Transition 0 Grade 5 – 6 0 Pre-teens 0 Support - Homeroom teachers and Jill Wagner Most of all… ENJOY Grade 5!
  • 4. Communication at School. 0 Blogs – class and grade = primary communication tool. Grade blog will have curriculum updates every unit. 0 Parent contact teacher - email 0 Recess – wet weather gear 0 Change of routine information: fill in the form online before 12.00 on the day of the change. The teacher will be told of the change. Changes must be made by parents through this form: - parent portal – ls wadenswil – quicklinks – change of routine form
  • 5. Blogs 1. Parents - Check regularly and comment! 2.Sharing Learning Logs – “Passion project” – start week 3
  • 6. Learning Paths (portfolios) 0 Individual 0 4-6 times a year 0 Based on personal goals – PYP trans-disciplinary skills 0 Shared on student blog 0 Across all subject and learning areas 0 Parents will be invited for regular updates / sharing 0 Information Session: Friday 4 October, 08.45
  • 7. Social Skills Accepting Responsibility Respecting Others Cooperating Resolving Conflict Group Decision Making Adopting a variety of roles Research Skills Formulating Questions Observing Planning Collecting Data Recording Data Organizing Data Interpreting Data Presenting Research Findings Communication Skills Listening Speaking Reading Writing Non Verbal Communication Self-Management Skills Gross Motor Skills Fine Motor Skills Spatial Awareness Organisation Time Management Safety Healthy Lifestyle Codes of Behaviour Thinking Skills Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation Dialectical Thought Metacognition Trans-disciplinary Skills
  • 8. PYP Information: 0 Introduction to the PYP Workshop – 27th September, 08.45 0 Programme of studies can be found through the ZIS website 0 Check curriculum pages!
  • 9. Units of Inquiry: Grade Five 2013-14 Regular blog updates How We Express Ourselves: Motion pictures entertain, inform and inspire. Sharing the Planet: Food issues have a global impact. How we Organise Ourselves: Social Media affect how we access, process and share information. Year long unit. How the World Works: Under construction Where We Are in Place and Time: PYP Exhibition Who We Are: Self-awareness allows individuals to achieve well-being (transition)
  • 10. LiteracyReading Guided Reading Shared Reading Novel Study Independent Reading (In class, and at home) Exposure to different genres Library Writing Writing to: Explain Recount Persuade Describe Entertain Speaking and Listening Oral Presentations Group Work Formal and Informal interactions Awareness of Audience Listening Skills Blogs!
  • 11. Math PYP STRANDS: Number (base 10 system, counting; reading and writing numbers; identifying place-value; comparing numbers; working with fractions) Shape and Space (exploring 2- and 3-dimensional shapes; classifying polygons) Data Handling (collecting, organizing and interpreting data using tables, charts and graphs) Measurement (using tools to measure length, capacity, weight and volume; telling time) Pattern and Function (exploring number patterns, rules for number sequences, relation between numbers and attributes)
  • 12. Location:
  • 13. Councillors: Each group of students is under the care of a Village Camps Group Councillor all week. These leaders are: Qualified Specialists Experienced with school groups Experienced in Environmental Education Enthusiastic, kind and caring
  • 14. Activities: •Team work and group games •Hiking •Rock Climbing •Shelter Building •Map Reading •Full evening programme
  • 15. Accommodation, Chaperones weather and food! Two chalets - boys and girls separately. 4-5 children per room. En suite bathrooms. Chaperones = eight adults from school. Three full meals a day and snack for the bus journey there and back. Can be changeable in the mountains! Check Swiss Meteo for weather updates
  • 16. What must you do? Inform the nurse of any medical or food issues well in advance. Help your child to pack sensibly, according to the list provided. Students may bring electronic games/iPods for the bus but they will be collected once we get off the bus. Cell phones are banned by Village Camps. Discuss “homesickness” or separation anxiety with your child as necessary. Be enthusiastic and look forward to the trip together with your child! Packing list will be posted on blog this week.
  • 17. Times & Contact Details: 0 Departure: 9:00 Monday, September 23rd 0 Arrival back at ZIS: 16:00 Friday, September 27th Village Camps SA CP 24 CH – 1854 LEYSIN Tel. +41 (0)22 990 9460 Fax. +41 (0)22 990 9464 Mobile. +41 (0)79 632 40 52
  • 18. Mrs Francois, EAL Language Acquisition BICS(Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills) : from 2 – 3 years to acquire. CALP(Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency) : from 5 – 8 or more years to acquire. Developing literacy takes time.
  • 19. How can I help my child? In your home language: 0 Read to or with your child, 0 Ask about the Math, Language or Unit of Inquiry being studied in class – draw out specific vocabulary, 0 Discuss a wide variety of subjects at an appropriate level, 0 Encourage your child to do research.
  • 20. More information? Language Acquisition and EAL programmes: Friday 6 September, 2.15pm – 3.15pm Please look on the EAL Blog:
  • 21. What’s next? Meet your teacher and other parents in the classroom. Sign up for room parents Grade 4 parents will be arriving for their meeting, so please clear the car park promptly at 19.00 Confirm e-mail addresses.