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Meet the teacher evening09

  1. 1. Welcome to Grade 4! Grade 4 Team: Jennifer Cox Dan Allen Jenifer Simpson Jan Vinclair
  2. 2. Units of Inquiry Mathematics Homework Language Parent Participation Field Trips Communication Production Other School Policies PYP EssentialsGrade 4Overview for 2009-2010
  3. 3. Primary Years ProgramUnits of InquiryI. Sharing the Planet Learn, Care, Challenge, LeadII. How the World Works WeatherII. Who We Are Body SystemsIII. How We Express Ourselves The ExpressionistsIV. How we Organize Ourselves The MarketplaceV. Where We are in Place and Time Adventures Through Time
  4. 4. Learn, Care, Challenge, LeadCentral Idea: Maintaining a community where allmembers feel valued, safe and respected is theresponsibility of all in that community.
  5. 5. Everyday MathematicsSkill and Concept Areas: Basic facts Operations Calculator Numeration Geometry Data Algebra Reference Frames Mental Math StrategyWe will focus assessments on the secure skills outlined in Everyday Mathematics.
  6. 6. Math Units: Naming and Constructing Geometric Figures Using Numbers and Organizing Data Multiplication and Division; Number Sentences and Algebra Decimals and Their Uses Big Numbers, Estimation, and Computation Division; Map Reference Frames; Measures of Angles Fractions and Their Uses; Chance and Probability Perimeter and Area Percents Reflections and Symmetry 3-D Shapes, Weights, Volume and Capacity Rates
  7. 7. LanguageIn Grade 4, Language consists of reading, writing, spelling, listening and speaking.Reading: fiction, non-fiction and poetry literature circles and small group instruction research skills, reading for information and comprehensionWriting: variety of purposes, including writing to entertain, recount, explain, persuade, inquire and instruct. writing process: planning, drafting, conferring and publishingSpelling: Explicitly taught each week. Base words, affixes, etymology, common letter strings, etc. The English spelling system is highly ordered, coherent and consistent Includes word study and vocabulary developmentSpeaking and Listening: listening to others, presenting information verbally
  8. 8. Home Learning We believe that when extending learning at home, children should be engaged and stretched to think creatively. More than just “doing work,” students should be involved in investigating, inquiring and gathering information in a variety of ways. This year, Grade 4 will introduce learning logs as a means of extending learning at home. Learning logs may be in the form of a journal, a response on a class blog, or another format your child chooses to express his or her learning. Learning logs will be handed out on Mondays and returned to school by Wednesday of the following week. Students will be given a menu of tasks designed to get them thinking and to show their thoughts in varied formats. The main components of the learning logs include the following:  Math: connected to math units of study and designed to include investigations, memorization of basic facts and/or projects.  Unit of Inquiry: open-ended tasks, research or inquiry as connected to classroom learning.  Language: reading logs, responses to literature, blog comments or written tasks and word investigations. We encourage fourth graders to learn independently; however, they may need occasional support from an adult in the beginning. Focus on reflection and action. If home-learning becomes a battle, let’s talk.
  9. 9. Day Trips: TBD Overnight Trips Anzere 21-25 September 2009 Ski Trip Davos, 17-19 March 2010Field Trips
  10. 10. Other Important DatesWelcome back barbeque: 28 August at 3:45Goal Setting Conferences: October 6thTeacher Work Day (No school): October 19th and November 19th and 20thOctober Break: October 10th – 19thDecember Break: December 19th – January 10thWinter Break: February 13th – 22ndGrade 4 Production: TBDStudent-Led Conferences: March 4th As some dates may change, please check ZISSpring Break: March 27th – April 11th Links for currentAscension : May 13th -14th information.Whit Monday: May 24 thLast Day of Class: June 17thMusic Presentation Dates
  11. 11. Communication  E-mail  Communication books  Phone Tree- developed by room parents  Conferences  Reports  Portfolios  Blogs-  Newsletters- beginning of each unit
  12. 12. Other School PoliciesAbsencesSnack and Lunch (healthy snack only)After School Care ProgramBirthday parties
  13. 13. Thank you!