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This book is about my journey forward. This is my heart in written words binded into pages of a book.

It is filled with a collection of my thoughts and views on design, the world and life itself - through words, photographs and films. The photos you see in this book are from my journeys around the world and also of my other works and projects that I have done over the past years.

I do hope that this book will give you a glimpse into what I believe in, my passion and drive, as I share a little bit of myself with you.

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F o r w a r d

  1. 1. ziqqsayshello f o r w a r d
  2. 2. 01 T h e J o u r n e y F o r w a r d /09 Road to Design 02 H e a r t + S o u l /20 Passion /22 Film: Design? /24 Social Business /26 Film: ART//DESIGN /28 A Celebration of People & Design /30 Film: Design Philosophy /34 Merchandise /36 Outreach Cambodia 2014 /38 Singapore Design Week 2014 03 B r e a d + B u t t e r /44 Experience Design Studio /46 Salad Stop Experience /50 Singapore Botanical Garden Shop /52 Singapore Exchange (SGX) /54 Sentosa Mobility Experience 04 V i e w f i n d e r /60 The First Time /61 India /71 Cambodia /81 Vietnam /91 Qatar 05 T h e i r W o r d s /105 Mini Testimonials /112 Thank You
  3. 3. 04 This book is about my journey forward. This is my heart in written words binded into pages of a book. It is filled with a collection of my thoughts and views on design, the world and life itself - through words, photographs and films. The photos you see in this book are from my journeys around the world and also of my other works and projects that I have done over the past years. I do hope that this book will give you a glimpse into what I believe in, my passion and drive, as I share a little bit of myself with you. A U T H O R ‘S N O T E
  4. 4. 06 I am an anthropologist and an interaction designer focusing on creating meaningful experiences through design. I carry out field studies, where I not only observe and document people in an environment but live with them, so that I can understand, empathize and design to improve lives. Film to me is a powerful tool for storytelling and a way for me to let people see my observations and connect with them in a more intimate way. My work involves careful, critical thinking rather than visual masterpieces. I have huge interests in Anthropology, Human Behavior, Philosophy, Psychology, Interaction Design, Human-Centered Design, Emotion Design, Product/ Industrial Design & Smart Architecture. I aspire to become a teacher one day. I live to get inspired, share, educate and hopefully inspire others as well. I believe that designers are more than just people who make things look pretty. We are thinkers, creators, inventors and we have the potential to change the world. Yours, ZIQQ P R O L O G U E
  5. 5. 01. THE JOURNEY FORWARD 2013 / Rohtang Pass, Indian Himalayas Life in itself is a beautiful journey; a journey of self-realization, discovery, love, hope and faith matched up with an eclectic balance of fear, challenges and mountains of obstacles. Our stories are defined by the steps that we take, the decisions that we make and the very destination we hope to arrive at. Here is my journey.
  6. 6. 1. I first started out with Art. I was very expressive through my doodles. I was, however, a social introvert while growing up. 2. I didn’t talk much, but observed a lot, which in turn gave birth to my social consciousness. Soon, it was no longer about translating observations, but also feelings, which were connected to my thoughts. I found myself rambling about a lot of things. I wanted to change things to make them better but didn’t know how to do it. 2012 / Mui Ne,Vietnam 10
  7. 7. 3. As fate would have it, I found myself studying Design. In school, I was introduced to various approaches of Design. This was when I realized that my observations could actually influence and change things because I had the people I was designing for, at the very heart of my Design solutions. 2012 / Mui Ne,Vietnam 4. I had this growing curiosity about Design. I borrowed my friend’s camera and headed out to meet practicing designers from different design backgrounds across the country. Though they were all from different disciplines, they all spoke a common language - Design is about creating an experience. 2012 / Enroute to the floating village, Brunei 12
  8. 8. 2012 / Brunei 5. I not only learned about Design as a subject, but I saw Design as a way of life. I saw meaning and value in Design and wanted to share my love and passion with both Designers and Non-Designers. I now run a social business where I collaborate with other creatives to not only practice Design, but also educate, inspire and cultivate Design as a tool to solve real-life problems. 14
  9. 9. “For a young man his age, ZIQQ has shown an exemplary amount of character and maturity. Values to him are more than just catch phrases and nice-to-haves. He lives by them on an everyday basis in and outside of work. He wears his heart on his sleeves and has opened up to me about the many challenges he has had in his family. Despite these challenges he has risen to the occasion and decided to make a difference in the world around him.” - Ken Yuktasevi, Director ONG&ONG Experience Design 16
  10. 10. 2012 / NhaTrang,Vietnam 02. HEART + SOULIn the next few pages I will share with you my passion, aspirations, hopes and dreams. These are the things that get my heart beating fast, and the motivation that fuel my soul. It gives meaning to the work that I do and reminds me of why I am here in the first place.
  11. 11. 2013 / Agra, India My passion has always been about people and design. I am the founder of ‘Design Says Hello’, a movement I started in 2010 to educate the public on the impact of design, which has evolved over the years into a social business. Being trained in anthropology and interaction design, I am a strong believer that great design is able to make the world better when it addresses the hearts and needs of people and has a sense of timeless beauty. Over the past years, ‘Design Says Hello’ has grown into a place where we not only talk about design and it’s philosophy but also practice it.We are a community of designers who believes in the same dream - to want to make the world better through design. We are a platform where we get inspired by people and try to inspire others back. I have given talks in school to spread the big dream of design, and collaborated with other non-profit organizations and are actually in the midst of putting together our first outreach project to Cambodia in 2014. “What’s your passion?” 20
  12. 12. Stills from ‘DESIGN?’ film. www.designsayshello.com/films SCAN TO WATCH FILM Directed, Produced and Edited by N.ZIQQ Subtitled by NICOLA NG I started ‘Design Says Hello’ in 2010 with the sole intention of sharing more about design with people who were not necessarily designers. I had gotten really curious about how our society viewed Design as a purely aesthetic-driven industry. I decided to work with practicing designers to get them to speak more about design and their profession across the different design disciplines and I captured their thoughts on film. I wanted to share their (designers) collective voice, as all of them spoke from the heart and with such great passion. I pieced the footages from all the 15 interviews and managed to turn it into an hour long documentary called ‘DESIGN?’.The film got viral and it was aired on local mainstream media OKTO Channel. The film has garnered over 10,000 views online. www.designsayshello.com www.facebook.com/designsayshello FILM : DESIGN? 22
  13. 13. 2013 / Manali, India I have always found it challenging to explain to people ‘what’ I do, but I can however explain ‘why’ I do it. I do it because I always strive to want to make things better for others and design is a tool I use as a catalyst for change. I was taught to give, because giving is in itself a beautiful gift. I’ve always wanted to help those who are in need because I’ve experienced hardship myself, and I know how tough life can get, but even so, I know for a fact that whatever difficulties I may have faced in my life is nothing in comparison to some of the things that the rest of the world are going through - like war, and simple things like having access to clean water, proper sanitation, healthcare - there are bigger world issues out there. The very idea that there will always be somebody who is in need, pushes me to want to do all I can to help. I may not be able to change the world completely, but at least I know I’m trying to make it better. “What do you do?” 24
  14. 14. Stills from ‘ART//DESIGN’ Official trailer. www.designsayshello.com/films SCAN TO WATCH FILM Directed, Produced and Edited by N.ZIQQ Assistant Director, ELLIOT SNG Cinematographer, JUFFRIE FRIDAY Sound Engineer, FADHLI RAMLI Music Composition, SHAUN BENJAMIN After Effects, SAMUELTEO PEK CHAI The OfficialTrailer was released on 26 November 2012 and the very first webisode was released in early December 2012.The film has released 6 Episodes and garnered 4,800 views and counting. The film was featured in local creative magazine ‘Culturepush’ and ‘ActuallyMag’. After a two year hiatus due to National Service, I decided to take on another fruitful journey. In June 2012, I managed to gather a better equipped production team to follow me on my design journey. I was more confident to push this new project to another level. I got hold of fellow Artists and Designers from different creative fields to share about the differences/ similarities between Art and Design. It has always been an enriching journey to learn from veteran professionals and I am very fortunate to be able to document their thoughts and notions on film. The very idea of filming all these interviews is so that I can share and broaden our Design knowledge and continue to grow our creative society, not only with Designers but with Non-Designers as well. I had the chance to do this when I was invited to screen ‘ART//DESIGN’ at Republic Polytechnic, School Technology for the Arts where I was also invited to give a talk, to share my journey in the hope of inspiring all the young aspiring Designers. FILM : ART //DESIGN 26
  15. 15. A Celebration of People & Design Photos by JESSICA ANG In September 2013, we held a birthday bash to celebrate Design Says Hello’s 3rd anniversary.We wanted to bring the community and design under one roof, and we were all pretty happy with the turnout! I opened the event with a keynote speech where I shared with the audience on the journey of Design Says Hello and our dreams and vision. It was also a day where I shared my philosophy on design. We screened ‘Our Philosophy’ film that took me close to 5 years to write. It was personally a big moment for me as I have always been the one behind the camera listening to what people had to say about design and I finally found the confidence to share my view. I invited my talented musician friends from Cashew Chemists & Pleasantry to rock the night away with amazing tunes and good vibes. I had a lot of fun, and I wish to bring the community together again in a more meaningful way. A Celebration of People and Design 28
  16. 16. Stills from ‘Our Philosophy’ film. www.designsayshello.com/films SCAN TO WATCH FILM Written and Directed by N.ZIQQ Cinematography and Editing by ELLIOT SNG Additional Footages by JUFFRIE FRIDAY Narrated byYUJI KUMAGAI Design Says Hello: Our Philosophy “Design. It is something much bigger than ourselves. But it never boasts, brags or thinks highly of itself. It encourages you to think of others before yourself. It humbles you, for it is selfless. It teaches you to empathize and to connect with the hearts of the people. Design teaches you to appreciate the beauty of the world. And it has that desire to continuously make the world better. Design is brave. It is not afraid of failure, for failure sometimes teaches us more than success. And as much as design would like to think it can change the world. It can’t. Cause the one that can, is you. Which is why we believe that one should design with humility, for humanity.” 30
  17. 17. “As someone whom I believe is a ‘creative leader that designs’, ZIQQ has already demonstrated leadership and entrepreneurship as illustrated by the starting of ‘Design Says Hello’ which is focused on social causes. This platform is a platform to influence the hearts and minds of people to be more empathetic, humble and caring. It reflects his values for humanity and the world. At the end of the day, I believe he will continue to make a positive impact on the world wherever he is” - So-Young Kang, Founder and CEO Awaken Group 32
  18. 18. Liyana Meer rocking our bag! www.designsayshello.com/merchandise Prior to our event in September 2013, we designed a new line of merchandise which we launched in conjuction with our 3rd anniversary. We started making stickers, badges and bags with the sole intent to also raise some funds for our project in 2014 to Cambodia. 34
  19. 19. 2014 / AngkorWat / Bakong High School /Tonle Sap Lake / Siem Reap, Cambodia Outreach 2014 I have been in conversation with a couple of social organizations from Siem Reap, Cambodia ever since our announcement of the outreach project in 2013. After months of emailing back and forth, I finally met up with them. In collaboration with another local organization from Singapore; ReallyArchitecture (re:ACT), we headed down to meet up with ‘Friends International’ and ‘Caring for Cambodia’ in Siem Reap, Cambodia March 2014. They brought us around and showed us the situation on the ground. I made it a point to understand the situation better as many a times when we design, we forget context, which is crucial in such a cultured- historical country such as Cambodia. It was an eye opening experience and I was really amazed with the works that the social organizations were already implementing on the ground. It’s also nice to hear that they are now collaboratively working with the government to improve the standard of living of the community by imparting life skills and knowledge that can help the community be more independent and more self-sustaining. I am glad I made the trip down as I am now more aware of what I can do for them.There are definitely potential design opportunities that we can work on. But as this is an ongoing project, I will share more once we’ve got something going! 36
  20. 20. 2014 / Speakers at the Singapore Design Business Summit Singapore Design Week 2014 As part of Singapore DesignWeek 2014, I was invited to speak at the Singapore Design Business Summit held at the National Design Centre. I was asked to share my journey and experience in the design industry with students and businessmen. It was truly a humbling experience for me to be able to share the stage with other great speakers as I spoke about my journey and views on designing responsibly. 2014 / Sharing my journey at the Singapore Design Business Summit 38
  21. 21. “ZIQQ’s humility and willingness to learn from others is as inspiring and refreshing as his desire to give and impart. As the Founder of ‘Design Says Hello’ he has given talks to advocate his views on design to various communities, from students at his alma mater, Montfort Secondary School, to the wider populace at the Microsoft User Experience Singapore. He has also contributed to the community design workshops and events conducted by my non-profit organisation and is very active in the social design scene.” - Jan Lim, Co-Founder Participate In Design (P!D) 40
  22. 22. 03. BREAD + BUTTER These are projects that I have had the privilege to work on during my time at ONG&ONG, Experience Design Studio. They range from projects related to transport and wayfinding, to food and hospitality, to workplace strategy and design. I gained considerable experience working on these projects using the design thinking methodology to deeply understand users’ needs and translating them into holistic integrated solutions. 2013 / Shimla City, India
  23. 23. OXD is the Experience Design Studio of Ong&Ong with the sole purpose of providing a more holistic human-centric design approach that creates beautiful experiences that is not only limited to designing spaces but products, systems and strategies. I resonated very well with the studio’s philosophy of wanting to make things better for people.The leadership are a testimony to what I believe good design should be, that is having a heart to listen and to be empathetic to the people we are designing for. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with such amazing colleagues and inspiring directors. Experience Design 44
  24. 24. It was my first time doing ‘Food Photography’, and I had a lot of fun doing this shoot. It was also nice to see how these photos were translated into a signature feature in the space in the form of a beautiful curated wall of photos that reflected the brand’s values and beliefs. The Salad Stop! project gave me a whole new perspective on healthy eating. I got a glimpse into the food industry. I learned the importance of ethical sourcing and farming - to truly be a responsible food consumer and sourcer. Apart from designing all of Salad Stop!’s new outlet, we redefined the new customer experience using Design Thinking. Being the design researcher and strategist in this project, I interviewed many people, who like me were oblivious about healthy eating. I began to understand and empathize with the clueless and at the same time got inspired by the other extreme end of the spectrum - the health concious; the advocates. Through various ‘discover’ techniques such as, on-site observations, interviews, shadowing and workshops, we understood deeper the underlying needs of our users. It was important that we understood and empathised with how people saw Saladp Stop! as a brand.We saw the opportunity for Saladp Stop! to transform its customers by communicating their story better through stronger brand values - that is to express the ‘Why’ of their business in a more intentional and intimate manner, hence creating a stronger brand experience. Armed with user insights, we then translated it into an overall design strategy that gave design direction for the entire project. And from initially being clueless and oblivious about food and healthy eating (I have never really liked vegetables), the project transformed me as a person as I actually started eating healthily by the end of the project! Salad Stop! 46
  25. 25. Salad Stop’s Chevron Outlet / Photos by Ong&Ong At the 2014 Singapore Good Design Award Ceremony, SaladStop! bagged the industry Singapore Good Design Mark awarded by Design Business Chamber Singapore.We also had a special mention by Deputy Prime MinisterTharman during his opening speech at the official launch of Singapore DesignWeek and National Design Centre. I am truly grateful and blessed to have been a part of the core team designing the entire experience for SaladStop! 48
  26. 26. Singapore Botanic Gardens Shop/ Photos by Ong&Ong Retail design was something new to me. It was interesting as I had to try to get into the mind of a consumer. Understanding their behavior and shopping habits, yet at the same time reminding myself on how design can influence their process. I found it interesting to learn about how people behave while they shop - what made them choose to buy things? It’s really to the point of trying to understand the psyche behind consumerism. All in all our design process led us to insights and I came up with an overall strategy that spoke of how the space can potentially engage with consumers through 3 signature touchpoints.These signature touchpoints will be unique to the shop and contributes to the retail experience. Singapore Botanic Gardens Gift Shop 50
  27. 27. Prototyping break-out spaces, to workshops with staff from all the different departments - gave us design confidence to come up with a design that can enhance the SGX experience. Our team was engaged to design a collaborative work environment, and also create a platform where the client could in a more meaningful way connect with the public. We started the project not having much knowledge about the Stock Exchange but we got a bit more educated after the project.We spoke to staff, higher management and I even got a chance to speak with Magnus Bocker, Chief Executive Officer of SGX! He has a great vision for SGX and was truly open to design concepts and ideas that were built from ground up. One of the most memorable part of the project was when we prototyped the idea of having a cafe at the forecourt.We set up a pop-up cafe at the forecourt of SGX and served free coffee to staff and public in exchange for their ideas and thoughts on what the forecourt could potentially be.We received great feedback which helped us affirmed our initial ideas. Even in all the formalities of an organization, I’ve realised that behind every organization or brand is a human being just like me and you.We all have similar needs and desires and the only way for us to grow as an organization is to truly understand each other in the most human way possible - that is being empathetic, genuine, transparent and authenthic. I can not wait to see the new space and the new outlook for SGX in the coming years. Singapore Exchange (SGX) 52
  28. 28. We conducted a handful of workshops to understand and get up close with staff who runs the trains. I had the privilege to work with John Rehm, founder of Singapore’s IDEO office, practicing architects and business strategists to develop and enhance the guest experience for the mobility and experience of the Sentosa Express system, which included producing concept designs for the stations, trains and the different touchpoints within the station. I was the design researcher and videographer for the team who did most of the documentation of the processes, observations and interviews. I even directed and produced a film to give the clients a feel of how the new experience would be. I also designed the new interfaces where I did a lot of wireframing and mapped out the guest experience touchpoint maps. I learned that there are many parts that makes an experience - from the first touchpoint of making a decision on what ticket to buy, to the staff you interact with and to the entire space contributes to the entire experience. Sentosa Mobility Experience 54
  29. 29. ”Having served as part of IDEO’s Asia leadership team and founder of their Singapore office, I’ve had the opportunity to hire and evaluate many young designers in the region. From a raw talent, ability to learn and grow, and character as a person, ZIQQ stands out among the many talented individuals I have met. He has my strongest possible endorsement and my full faith that he has a very promising design career ahead.” - John Rehm, Founder IDEO Singapore 56
  30. 30. 04. THE VIEWFINDER It’s funny how the mind works. How we are able to feel something at one moment and lose it all the very next. I guess the reason why I love being behind the camera is because I can somehow have that moment forever captured in the form of a photograph/film. I guess it is safe to say that I see things in films and sometimes in 50 frames per second. Here’s a collection of my photographs and films - which you may have already had glimpses of throughout this entire book.
  31. 31. I remember vividly the very first time that I felt it. It was around evening time, the sky was in a pale tint of orange, all ready for sunset. I looked out from the car towards the sea as though watching an old film from my windscreen with flickering burn effects rendered by each passing lamppost. We pulled over, drawn by the roaring sounds of the sea. I walked, and with each step that I took, it amplified. I took deeper breaths, slower steps. It weakened my heart but at the same time it made me feel alive. I finally stood there, as though they drew a line for me not to cross, the line where the sand was divided from the sea.There I was facing the Persian Gulf, an extension of the Great Indian Ocean. It was amazing. Half of me wanted to jump right in and see what God had in store for me in the unknown; the other, just wanted to run back towards the car to feel warm and safe. A concoction of emotions, an adrenaline rush, ran through my scrawny sixteen-year-old body, making me shiver with a high as I looked up towards the vastness of the ocean. Now older, I still get the same damn feeling. From the South China Sea in Brunei to the Persian Gulf in the Middle East and the surfer’s paradise of the Bali Sea, they are all great reminders that there are things out there bigger than us.To be able to feel small is truly a humbling experience and the very reason why I travel. Climbing up the temples in Phnom Penh Cambodia, the Sand Dunes in Mui NeVietnam, 1300feet up in the Indian Himalayas and to the active volcanoes in Bandung Indonesia, all so to be reminded that I am nothing but just a fraction, makes me feel alive. The First Time 60 2013 / Himalayan Resort, Manali, India
  32. 32. INDIA 2013 / Hyderabad, India 2013 / Agra Fort, India
  33. 33. 2013 / Agra, India 2013 / Agra, India 64 India was simply magical. Started down south in Hyderabad, I ended up in beautiful Manali at the heart of the Indian Himalayas, North of India. I have experienced, seen and felt many things throughout this journey, but no amount of film or photograph can capture the beauty of India at its most authentic and purest form.
  34. 34. Top: 2013 / Agra-Kalka Railway, India Bottom: 2013 / Kalka-Shimla Railway, India Bottom: 2013 / Mumbai, India Top: 2013 / Delhi, India 66
  35. 35. 2013 / Shimla City, India 2013 / Rohtang Pass, Manali, India 68
  36. 36. 2013 / Indian Himalayas
  37. 37. CAMBODIA 2014 / Siem Reap, Cambodia 2014 /Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia 72
  38. 38. 2014 / Siem Reap, Cambodia 2014 / AngkorWat, Cambodia 74 Cambodia to me has been one of the few countries that I started to fall in love with over time. Its past, present and future captivates me. The people are optimistic and their architecture is timeless.
  39. 39. 2014 / AngkorWat, Cambodia 2014 / AngkorWat, Cambodia 76
  40. 40. 2014 / AngkorWat, Cambodia 2014 / AngkorWat, Cambodia 78
  41. 41. 2014 / AngkorWat, Cambodia
  42. 42. VIETNAM 2012 / Mui Ne,Vietnam 2012 / Mui Ne,Vietnam 82
  43. 43. 2012 / Mui Ne, Sand Dunes,Vietnam I took a trip with no plans. I did not know where I would have my next meal or where I was going to sleep for the night but with all these uncertainties came assurance. It is amazing to see just how things work out naturally for you - the works of something greater than you. It is like blind-folding yourself, while a stranger guides you.Traveling by yourself gets you to look at and take on the world very differently. You listen to yourself more, you listen to the world more.You let the world take control of you, as though you have surrendered to fate. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. The vastness of the world will overwhelm you, it will make you small, it will humble you. It will let you realize a lot about yourself - it is enriching. Well, I always believe that before you find your other half, you have got to find your part of the half first.You got to know yourself inside out, before you learn to get to know another.You got to learn to love yourself, before you learn to love another.You got to learn to trust yourself, before you learn to trust another.You got to learn to be strong for yourself, before you learn to be strong for another.You got to learn to be responsible for yourself before you learn to be responsible for another. It all begins with you. Note to Self 84
  44. 44. 2012 / Mui Ne,Vietnam 2012 / NhaTrang,Vietnam 86
  45. 45. 2012 / Ho Chi Minh, SleeperTrain,Vietnam 2012 / Da Lat,Vietnam 88
  46. 46. 2012 / NhaTrang,Vietnam
  47. 47. QATAR 2006 / Qatar, Doha 2006 / Qatar, Doha Market 92
  48. 48. 2006 / Qatar, Doha 2006 / Corniche, Qatar, Doha 94
  49. 49. 2006 / Qatar, Doha 2006 / Qatar, Doha 96
  50. 50. 2006 / Qatar, Doha 2006 / Qatar, Doha 98
  51. 51. 2006 / Qatar, Doha
  52. 52. My journey has not always been easy or smooth, but I have been blessed to see the world and given the opportunity to experience many things. I am not a rich man nor the greatest of men, but I will give all my heart and soul to the things I love and to the things I care about. 102
  53. 53. 05. THEIR WORDS Thank you for believing in me.
  54. 54. “I have known ZIQQ since 2009 when I taught him for 2 modules in Republic Polytechnic. He was an excellent student and graduated Top of the Class for Diploma in Design for Interactivity in 2010 and I have kept in contact with him till now. Though he does not come from a well-to- do family, he has a positive attitude and great passion to inspire others like him to live their dreams. He has much potential to be a role model to the community.” - Kong Chee Chiong, Programme Chair Diploma in Design for Interactivity, Republic Polytechnic “What differentiates ZIQQ from other students I have taught, is that he sees Design not only as a profession, but as an agent for social change and improving lives. The qualities that he possesses - empathy, social skills and mindfulness - are qualities that cannot be taught.” - Ng Ling Ling, Academic Staff Diploma in Design for Interactivity, Republic Polytechnic 106
  55. 55. “As an individual, ZIQQ holds a rare passion for design and sincere belief that design can make the world truly better. His natural innate curiosity about people and the world around him, humility and sensitivity to design, I believe reflects his enormous potential to be a successful designer.” - Mark Wee, Director ONG&ONG Experience Design ”ZIQQ has also been actively participating in community discussions, talking about his experiences to schools and industry events to inspire the community. At such a young age, ZIQQ has shown that he has the heart and commitment to become a great source of inspiration for people young and old. As he matures, I see great potential for him to grow as a person, a leader and as a proud Singaporean-at-heart that contributes to the nation in his best capacity” - Hong Khai Seng, Principal Consultant Foolproof Singapore 108
  56. 56. For the full testimonial letters, please see the attached document that came with this book. If not, you can always ask me and I would be more than happy to pass it to you! T E S T I M O N IA L S 110
  57. 57. Once again, to everyone who has been part of this journey with me, thank you for all your support and guidance. I would not be where I am today without all of you. I am forever grateful for your contributions and impact in my life. I truly am blessed. T H A N K Y O U 112
  58. 58. Copyright 2014 ziqqsayshello For enquiries: ziqq@designsayshello.com