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  • 1. Welcome to TalkFreelyHere’s everything you need to know to get started....
  • 2. First, set-up yourprofile to help peopleconnect to you. Click on your name
  • 3. Update the necessaryfields and upload an avatar or photo
  • 4. Next, click on My Groups
  • 5. Joining groups enriches the content you can see and participate in
  • 6. Now click Home and you will seecontent relevant to your Groups
  • 7. Next click on Challenges A Challenge is a call to action or questiontargeted at your groups
  • 8. Review the Challengeand click here to viewthe existing ideas that have been offered to meet the challenge
  • 9. Your experience and insight isvaluable, so tell uswhat you think of the ideas byrating. 1 is poor, 5 is great
  • 10. If you can add value tothe idea, click the Add Comment button
  • 11. Add your comment
  • 12. Or click here toadd your own idea
  • 13. You can add your ownChallenge. It could be as simple as “my customer asked methis, but I don’t know how best to answer, any ideas?”
  • 14. Add yourchallenge, set the time you want people to respond by and which of yourGroups you would like to engage
  • 15. You can also shareinformation, feedbac k, articles, industry news or simple updates with your colleagues
  • 16. You can choose to post to allor just some of your Groups
  • 17. Ideas don’t need to relateto a Challenge. If you have a flash of inspiration, enter your idea here
  • 18. Then Share it with yourcolleagues and friends.The more support your idea gains through ratings andcomments, the better it will become, and the more likely it is that it will bubble to the top
  • 19. That’s it, you are now ready to get started....